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Timo Werner Biography

The 24-year-old player must have a rich work history, which his name is amongst the German professional footballers. Based on them, Sportmob has presented the following article about Timo Werner biography, a range of info from Timo Werner's on and off-pitch life.

Being fast, athletic, and playing as such a goal-scoring machine, are the features in Timo Werner's style of play that has put his name on the list of the best young players in the world. However, having a father who was an amateur footballer and a coach affected driving Werner to football. Wenger started playing football at an early age, and his brilliant performance earned him many awards and honors.

Joining the football world at the age of 6, Timo Werner deployed his skillful play at all youth levels, which promoted him to the U-19 side when he was 16. In all these years, Winger has left lots of memorable and exceptional scenes, which Sportmob has covered many related items to him in the following text, from 

Timo Werner date of birth

 to his achievements. So, to read more, stay with us in the article about 

Timo Werner biography


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All You Need to Know about Timo Werner Biography

When Timo Werner, famous as a born goalscorer, made his debut was only 17, which labeled him the youngest player in Stuttgart's history plays. Playing in the Europa League qualifying round match against Bulgaria's PFC Boev Plovdiv is one of the games he took part in on his 17. However, there are many other examples of notable plays in

 Timo Werner biography

, which we have mentioned here. 

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Timo Werner Information

The following article about 

Timo Werner bio

 contains the facts about his childhood, life story, and related facts about his professional life. In summary, this is an essay of the German football player's journey, from the time he was a child till now that he has become one of the glorious footballers. The German striker's fame is on serial goal-scoring and his speed, which has made him one of the fastest strikers in Europe. One of Werner's notable traits, which makes a difference between him and many other footballers, is his incredible goal ratio at every level.

Though the related facts about Timo Werner biography are a lot on the Internet, not being gathered in one report may not cover every detailed fact such as 

Timo Werner nationality

, legal issues, career statistics, and many other ones. 

Prepared the most available info in the article, Sportmob has willed to provide a complete review of his personal and professional life. As the first step, take a look at some general and detailed facts about Werner.

Timo Werner Bio

  • Full Name:

     Timo Werner

  • Nickname:

     Turbo Timo

  • Profession:

     Soccer Player

Timo Werner Physical Stats

  • Weight:

     76 kg

  • Height:

     1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)

  • Eye Color:

     Light Brown

  • Hair Color:


Timo Werner Football Information

  • Playing Position:


  • Current Team:


  • Jersey Number:


Timo Werner Date of Birth and Personal Info:

  • Date of Birth:

     6 March 1996

  • Birth Place:

     Stuttgart, Germany

  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Nationality:


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Timo Werner Early Life

Born on 6 March 1996 to Sabine Werner, his mother, and Gunther Schuh, his father, in Stuttgart, Timo Werner became the only child of his family. Not bearing his father's surname, "Schuh," must have wondered most of his fans.

This reason is that, though they have been together for a long time, they are not legally married so, Timo bears his mother's surname, Werner. Werner's father was a footballer, and now he operates a middle-class household that contains high values for teaching the youth.

Werner has learned five ideal moral values, respect for all, be generous and helpful, have a sense of responsibility, formulate the habit of sharing, and hurt no one. Being spent 

Timo Werner childhood

 beside his parents, Timo has discussed his humble upbringing, which has affected his character today. Werner has described himself as a humble son for his family at home and a loyal friend to his buddies when he is with them, not the famous footballer. 

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Timo Werner Profile

Like many successful players, whose resolutions root in their childhood, Werner's parents' effort has influenced how much he is golden now. Being known as the primary engineer of Werner destiny, Timo's father was an amateur footballer who later became a coach. When Timo was a child, he learned many related abilities in football from his father. Gunther Schuh, Timo's father, made his only son run up mountains to improve the features of endurance, strength, and athleticism in him.

In response, Timo, who was spending his childhood those days, had the mindest to incline to impress his father. So, Timo tried as much as he could to overwhelm his father, which had the role of a scary coach. Timo's speed is one of his skills, which he could gain and strengthen by those days' continuous running up the mountains, and make it one of his greatest assets these days.

How Schuh, Timo's father, practiced with Timo and guided him into being an attacker caused him to pick Mario Gomez, the former German forward, as a role model. Sticking the German strikers' posters all over his room during his childhood, Timo did not know he would be the legendary footballer, which in the future will play like his hero, Mario Gomez, in the national team. 

As Timo grew older, he became more and more convinced that football was the profession he should pursue. Alongside, his father let him enrolled with TSV Steinhaldenfeld, the club where Schuh was the coach of its higher junior team.

To stimulate Timo, his father applied a monetary tactic and moved him toward progress. Schuh had offered his small son extra pocket money for each goal which he scores. Though the tactic worked for Timo, it ended up becoming a very high-priced training.

No one could get how the eight-year-old boy can perform this brilliantly. The child, with strong shots, and uncomprehensive dribbles, and fast running, is the one who has now turned into a legendary, which can attract the attention of all public and professionals to his extraordinary performance. 

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Style of play

Timo Werner is the player whose nickname, Turbo Timo, is rooted in his acceleration and pace. Being a direct, energetic, and hardworking footballer in the position of forwarding, Timo Werner experienced playing as a winger when he had started playing in his youth before he switched to a striker or center-forward position. However, the intelligent German forward has some fame for his confidence and readiness to drop deep to recover the ball or link-up with midfielders.

Although people do not know Werner due to his physical, aerial game, and hold-up play, Werner is a talented goalscorer who can posse stunning movement off the ball. Furthermore, Werner's powerful and accurate shots with his right foot from both inside and outside the penalty area are the unique characteristics that make him different from other players his age. Preferring to cut inside from the left flank and shooting on goal with his powerful foot, Werner is amongst rare players who can cut inside from the right and striking with his left.

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Being widely considered very quick and notable in front of goal, Timo Werner is such a striking threat to defenders. According to Toni Rudiger's viewpoint, from 


, and in terms of attacking the defensive line, there are various similarities between Werner and 

Jamie Vardy

. Losing the ball by the mistakes of defenders will lead him to grab the ball and go with his unparalleled speed.

Explaining Werner's style of play and skills, Hansi Flick, Bayern Munich's manager, called him a prominent player because Werner always has the quota of scoring goals and assisting them in games. In addition to them, 

Ilkay Gundogan

, from 

Manchester City

, described him as a player who deserves respect.

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Goal Celebration

Some players are famous not only because of their excellent goals but for the exceptional goal celebration they have on the pitch. Amongst the memorable goal celebrations, the one of Gabriel Batistuta while playing for 


, or the one Eric Cantona did when he was Manchester United's striker, is the most well-known one.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic

propounded, making a heart shape with both hands as his goal celebration. Among the wide range of goal celebrations, Timo Werner has some most simple ones. One of them is sliding on his knees, such as what Didier Drogba and 

Eden Hazard

 often do.

Also, putting his hands behind his ears, it seems that he is listening more to how the crowd reacts to his goal. Players usually celebrate in this way if the crowd booed them or the player score against his former club, though club staff or players do this celebration rarely. Despite all the above doings, Werner blows a kiss to the crowd, like Catalan Armband and Carles Puyol, and jumps and punches the air, such as 


's celebration features. 

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Timo Werner Outside Football


Timo Werner life story

 has involved football, his real interest, he had some other activities outside football. Apart from the field he plays, football, since Werner is a loyal fan of Lakers, he prefers to spend his monies on traveling to the United States to watch the NBA. Also, Werner has another strange but funny hobby, which entertains him rather than football.

The Chelsea forward has a constant love for German Auto, which must be because he comes from a city known as the home of automobiles, Mercedes Benz and Porche. Due to enjoying spending time with cars, Werner wills to wear a top-shirt which matches his vehicle. 

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Timo Werner Personal Life

As most people believe, the strength of a household, like the backbone of an army, depends on members' loyalty to each other. Timo Werner brought up in a bedrock which his parent had built. In the continuous, we will uncover more about Werner's parents and other members of his menage. As mentioned in Timo Werner's early life section, Sabrine Werner is the German mother whose surname fits with her only child.

It seems that each of Werner's parents was responsible for one aspect of his life, sport, and education. The one who has the role of making ensure Werner's education matters was his mother. Thanking Sabine Werner, who wanted her son to become the minimum educated professional footballer, Timo could be a normal kid at school and do well there.

All Sabine's effort resulted when Timo graduated in 2014 at 17 as a Bundesliga player, despite missing half of his school hours because of his football commitments. Like Timor's mother, who was in charge of his education affairs, his father, Gunther Schuh, was responsible for his football ones. As observed earlier, Werner's father was a German coach who tried his dreams of becoming a pro to happen for his talented son, Timo Werner.

Finally, after a lot of practice, he could come true to his fathers' dream and lives as it. Timo grew up in a family with no siblings, which may be because he received so much attention from his parents. All in all, Timo's success has worked as a great thanks to all his parents' efforts, which by them he could gain the position he has now.

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Family, Children, and Relationship

It has been a long time which the legendary Chelsea forward, who is 24, is on dating a pretty model. The Stuttgart based model named Julia Nagler is one year younger than Timo. Despite their best effort to keep their relationship private, Julia has participated in many events with Werner, which has caused Werner's fans to become curious to know about them.

Though available info about the couple is so limited, based on how they have behaved, it is clear that Timo Werner is crazy about Julia and is so serious about her. Dating in Germany for quite a while, the couple later moved to London because Timo had joint Chelsea and was supposed to play there as a forward. Not being active on social media with Julia's name or maybe having a private account has led us not to know more about the couple. 


After joining Common Goal, Timo Werner, the Chelsea prominent player, has announced his willingness to help those in need as best as he can. Legendary forward proclaimed that he would dedicate 1% of his salary, which is about £4.6 million, to drive social change. Timo, which has transferred from RB Leipzig to Chelsea, noted that though the dreamy event has happened to him, all people are struggling with the Coronavirus pandemic's effect.

So, as a member of his society, Timo knows himself responsible for helping as much as he can. In the current situation, the world is struggling with the Corona Virus. The more stunning players involved, the more people will stimulate to donate money. Joining each prominent footballer to Common Goal may arouse fans' awareness, and if each fan donates 10 Euros, the final amount would be a massive sum. 

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Legal Issues

Legal issues are an affair, which can involve all people no matter they are ordinary or public. Intentional or unintentional people do something which may get them into trouble. Though there is no difference between famous and infamous people in this issue, prominent people's reputations caused them to seem more important than the others. So, all related affairs to them spread like a bomb on media. All in all, based on the spread of content on the Internet about Timo Werner, no legal issues are recorded for him.

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Timo Werner Career Statistics

The following section of Timo Werner biography is about his career statistics in club and international. 


Having played for TSV Steinhaldenfeld, Werner joined

VfB Stuttgart

's academy. His talent in football led him to join the U-19 team while he was just 16. the stunning young player could break the record of the youngest player of Stuttgart, Gerhard Poschner.

After gaining many achievements, and by Stuttgart's relegating, Werner promoted him to join 

RB Leipzig

. During his playing for the club, Werner scored and helped it against many feature clubs, such as 

Bayern Munich


Bayer Leverkusen

, and Fortuna Dusseldorf.

Finally, Werner ended his tenure with 95 scored goals, and by overtaking Daniel Frahn, Werner could become the club-record goalscorer. In 2020, Werner joined the English Premier club Chelsea and made his debut on 14 September against 

Brighton & Hove Albion

. Playing for Chelsea, Werner scored his first goal for the club against

 Tottenham Hotspur

. He also has participated in games against 


and Russian side Krasnodar. 


Representing Germany at the youth level well by scoring 34 goals in 48 matches, which has been one of the excellent career histories, Werner made his first appearance by a hat-trick. No wonder how two years later, he could find his place in the


team. Since starting playing for Chelsea, Werner has left a significant career history from himself.

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Timo Werner Honors

A large number of achievements for a player with this much proficiency, like Timo Werner, is not surprising. While being in RB Leipzig, Timo won the DFB-Pokal runner award. Before that, Timo had won the FIFA Confederations cup in 2017.

Furthermore, Werner has gotten several individual achievements, including Fritz Walter's gold Medal for U17 and the silver one for U19. Among the individual's honors, the Bundesliga Team of the Season and Player of the Month, FIFA Confederations Cup Golden Boot, and UEFA Europa League Squad of the Season are some of his excellent ones. 

All in all, as you read in 

Timo Werner biography

, he has built spectacular career history since his debut season with RB Leipzig in 2017-18 to now. In the bio text, despite presenting info about his career, 


mentioned other items, including 

Timo Werner religion

, nationality, and many details about his personal life. However, if there are any other ones our team has left, share them with us in the comment section. 

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