Inter Milan And Juventus Gambling Sponsorships After Ban

Thursday07 January 2021 | 7:11
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Gambling and football tend to go hand in hand since there has been an ongoing culture of predicting the odds of almost every outcome in a match. Football is the prime market for the betting companies and sponsors to ply their trade.

After the passing of the Dignity Decree which came into full effect on the 19th of July, it has had severe effects on football since most of the teams thrive on sponsorships without which they would lose out on a lot of revenue. 

The Serie A teams that have been affected by the enforcement of the law include Lazio,

AC Milan


Inter Milan

, Juventus, and Roma. Juventus has had the most lucrative sponsorship deals over the last eight seasons with Fiat paying the Turin Club €17 million per annum for promoting the Jeep brand via the league. 

Serie A Loses Money After Gambling Ads Prohibition 

The enforcement of the law has left the Italian football clubs in a dilemma due to the

ban on all advertisements and sponsorships related to gambling

. This law created disparity with the other countries in terms of the abroad advertising contracts and Italy started facing major competitive disadvantages. 

Heavy fines of a minimum of €50,000 were introduced in the law regarding any disobeys and all existing sponsorships were given a stipulated period of time to end their contracts. Serie A Clubs may lose up to $816 million due to the ban which will be a major loss of revenue for the country itself. 

FC Juventus Sponsors 


This Maltese based company is one of the most popular betting brands that has partnered with Juventus aiming towards innovation and dynamism. It aims to offer fans the most enjoyable and progressive betting and gaming experience. 

The players are offered innumerable choices of sports, types of betting, markets, and gaming content. To attract fans, this brand includes prize giveaways and exquisite creations for an even closer and big-time opportunity to experience Juventus up close. 


This digital mindset global technology and English betting company featured at


has joined hands with Juventus to enhance the global dynamism and advancement. The aim of this merge is to deliver innovation, entertainment, and connecting with the fans of the club. This sponsorship would have its impact around the globe with the aim of inspiring people. 

The digital activations will be displayed via television and on the LED system within the Allianz Stadium. Both Parimatch and Juventus have similar ambitions in terms of expansion and reaching out to millions of fans and this sponsorship would boost up the club’s popularity altogether. 

Inter Milan Sponsors 

SDY Sports

SDY Sports, an Asian operator has partnered with Inter Milan Sports for a two-year contract. The agreement includes many marketing initiatives Several digital marketing schemes and opportunities will be implemented including the LED boards display promoting the sponsors around the pitch during the home games at Stadio San Siro. 

Geolocation technology has been incorporated in the boards. The strong global fan base would be of great help as it would generate revenue for the club after the ban on gambling sponsorships. 


Inter Milan has announced a partnership with StarCasino on the 29th of October, 2020. StarCasino, a component of the Betsson group, has been awarded the “Best Marketing Campaign” in the EGR Italy Awards, 2020, and has innovative content being created for the fans of the club. Inter Milan will allow screen time for their sponsors on the LED boards at San Siro and would feature them on their official website. 

The main objective behind this partnership is to create top-notch entertainment by increasing innovation and activities for the fans. It would provide content on social networks to show their commitment towards all their fans. Another focus is to expand its range of contents and propose modern and engaging football information circulated in an organized manner. 

Concluding Thoughts

Thus, all the football clubs have started to get alternative sponsorships from other countries in order to build up the revenue that they have lost out on due to the Dignity Decree enforcement. While this might be a mammoth task since the rat race to get sponsorships from global giants is a challenge owing to numerous clubs and

sports segments looking for such sponsorships

. While the top clubs might find alternate sponsors, the medium level clubs are in a fix. 

As for the sponsors, incorporating innovation is of top priority since all these sponsors have a neck to neck competition for providing their A-game and doing justice to their contracts. Football clubs were an obvious choice for gambling companies because of their massive appeal and fanbase. And with the football clubs taking an exit, the marketing plans for these casino companies need to be realigned and channelized. That’s another facet of the upcoming challenge.

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