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Tuesday26 January 2021 | 10:30
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Throughout the years, many footballers have scored many goals to put their teams in the lead against their opponents. Some players have performed perfectly and netted more than the others. Here, we want to review the highest goal scorers in football history.

Football or in other words Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet. It is wildly supported around the world and is played by about 250 million players in over 200 countries and dependencies. Obviously, the main factor that makes this sport exciting is the players. Every year, capable footballers of every club and nation step on the pitch to help their team crown as champions in the season's leagues. Some individuals have done much more than others and became the key factor in their nation's success. Some, by defending, some by creating chances, and some by making the chances into goals.

To achieve the price of the competition, you must be able to beat other opponents. In football, you should do it by scoring goals and outranking your competitors. And of course, without the right players, this goal can't be fulfilled. In this article, we want to take a look at the

top goal scorers of all time

. These players, with their capabilities, had done or are doing the most important task of the matches perfectly; scoring goals. So check the list out to get to know these amazing footballers.

It's worth mentioning that in this article we have counted the individuals' international and club career goals. You must also know that for some of these players, the numbers were different from one source to another. However, we have tried to find the most reliable number to share with you. 

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Who are the highest goal scorers in football history?

So here are the

Players With The Most Career Goals In Soccer History

. Tune in, Enjoy, and be sure to read the to the end.

Uwe Seeler (575 goals in 649 games)

The first individual on the list is the German former footballer Uwe Seeler with 575 goals in 649 games. He is the first football player to be awarded the Great Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Born on 5 November 1936 in Hamburg, he started his career with his hometown,

Hamburger SV

, back in 1946. It's worth mentioning that his father also played for Hamburger. After 7 years with the youth club, he started his professional career with them in 1954, making his debut in a DFB-Pokal match when he was just under 18 years old. He scored four goals in that match.

Seller spent his whole career playing for Hamburger even when he was wanted by some foreign clubs. He won both the German football championship and DFB-Pokal once while he was in Hamburg.

Now you might ask about his performance for Cork Celtic F.C. Well that is an interestng story. In fact, though Seeler ended his active playing career in 1972, he went on the pitch once again in 1978 along with his former teammate Franz-Josef Hönig in a one-off sponsored event. However, the match turned out to be an official game in League of Ireland.

Seeler was a talented, prolific striker whose leadership, and consistency are praised. Plus, he is known for his overhead kicks, aerial abilities, and generally being a powerful forward. So we can say he really deserves to be among the highest goal scorers in soccer history.

Ferenc Deak (More than 576 goals)

With 576 goals, former Hungarian footballer Ferenc Deák is the second individual on our list of the 

highest goal scorers in football history

. He played his career from the early 40s till the late 50s. He spent his career with the Hungary national team and Hungarian clubs. The clubs that Deak played with are Szentlőrinci AC Ferencvárosi TC, Újpesti Dózsa, Egyetértés, Spartacus Budapest, BFC Siófok, and Egyetértés.

Born on 18 April 1998 in Budapest, Hungary, the Hungarian striker started his career with Szentlorinci AC in 1940 till 1947, where he averaged more than three goals a game. He scored 220 times in just 72 matches. After that, he went on to play  Ferencvaros, where he netted 200 times in just 140 appearances. Deak also managed to score 29 goals for his nation.

He eventually retired in 1957 and sadly died on 18 April 1998 aged 76 in his hometown, Budapest. Although Deak's accomplishments may have been overshadowed by his compatriot Ferenc Puskas, we can't deny that he is one of the highest goalscorers of all time.

Eusebio (623 goals in 639 games)     

Regarded as one of the

greatest footballers of all time

, Eusébio da Silva Ferreira was a Portuguese striker who played from the late 50s till the late 70s. He won a Ballon d'Or in 1965, was ranked the ninth-best footballer of the 20th century by the IFFHS, and with 623 goals in 639 games he claimed his place in

highest goal scorers in the history of football


Eusébio started his senior career with Sporting Lourenço Marques in 1957. He played with several clubs such as Benfica, Boston Minutemen Monterrey, and Benfica. By many, he is renowned as the

greatest Benfica player ever

. In his all-time career, he scored 41 goals for his national team Portugal and the rest of it was scored in his club career.

His debut for Portugal came on 8 October 1961 in a match against Luxembourg. From then till his retirement from his national team in 1983, he represented A Seleção 64 times.

Eusebio is praised for his speed which gave him the nickname black panter. His ferocious right-footed shots, technique, and athleticism are also some good abilities to talk about.

who do you think is next on our list of highest goal scorers in football history? Don't know? Well let's carry on.

Gerd Muller (735 goals in 793 games)

Known as the nation's Bomber, Gerhard "Gerd" Müller is the third

top scorer in the World cup history

, Bundesliga's all-time top scorer, and in total, the seventh

highest goal scorer in football history

. Muller scored 735 goals in only 793 matches. He was a fast, agile, and prolific striker who was named European Footballer of the Year in 1970, won a Golden Boot, and his name is among the Greatest.

Muller spent most of his career in

Bayern Munich

, scoring 365 goals within 427 matches in his career. His Speed, lethal acceleration over short distances, agility, and many more things, made him an important player for Bayern. Plus, he had some great teammates such as Franz Beckenbauer and Sepp Maier, which made Die Roten, even more, lethal. At the international level, he began his speel with Germany in 1966. Since then, Müller scored 68 goals in 62 matches, 14 of which were in the World cup. 

As one of the world cup best players ever, He was the highest goal scorer in World Cup for 32 years but he was surpassed by Ronaldo and Klose. But, we must mention that Muller had a better goal-to-game ratio and fewer appearances than both of them.

Lionel Messi (746 goals in 950 games)

The Argentinian legend

Lionel Andrés Messi

 has scored more than 746 goals in 950 matches he played and place himself among the

highest goalscorers of all time

. He is a record six-time Ballon d'Or winner, he won FIFA World Player of the Year, European Golden Shoe, etc, which tells how great he is.

He spent all of his club career with


and in the past few years he captains the team. At the international level, he started playing for his national team in 2005 and he captains Argentina in the past few years as well. So far with Barca he has made 753 appearances, assisted 284 times, and scored 648 goals. And with Argentina, he assisted 51 times and scored more than 71 goals within 142 games.

Messi began his professional career in 2003 after he got trained in Newell's Old Boys and Barcelona's youth clubs. Since then, we have seen this legendary footballer play for 19 seasons.

Having a short structure, Messi has great agility and is one of the quickest players. His balance, finishing, positioning, quick reactions, dribbling abilities, goalscoring skills, and so many other things justify his place in the list of highest goal scorers in football history. Time to move forward to the next name on our list of the top goal scorers of all time.

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Ferenc Puskas (746 goals in 754 games)

As one of the most famous footballers in the world, the Hungarian former footballer and manager, Ferenc Puskás is mostly known for his spell with

Real Madrid

. He was one of the key factors in Madrid's Team which dominated the 50s alongside Francisco Gento, Raymond Kopa, and Alfredo Di Stéfano. Some consider this team the greatest team of all time. With  746 goals throughout 754, he is Hungary's highest scorer, the sixth-highest goalscorer in Real Madrid, and in general, one of the top goal scorers of all time.

He started his senior career at Budapest Honvéd, a Hungarian club where he made 350 appearances, netting 358 times for Kispest during a 13-year spell. he won five Hungarian top division League titles with Budapest and also declared as the Hungarian top scorer four times. Then eventually, he joined The Vikings. With Los Blancos, he scored 156 times and won the Pichichi, which is awarded to Laliga's every season's top scorer, four times.

Puskas also played for not just one, but two national teams. He made 85 appearances for Hungary and also represented Spain in four matches. But it's worth mentioning that he only appeared in one World Cup with Hungary in which they became second. He scored some of the most beautiful goals in history and that's why there is an award for the most beautiful goals in his name. He is one of the bests ever and deserves to be on the list of the 

highest goal scorers in football history


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Pele (767 goals in 831 games)

The legendary Brazillian forward, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, or widely known as Pele, is the next individual on our list of the highest goal scorers in football history. He is considered as one of the greatests in football, named as the FIFA Player of the Century along with Maradona, named amongst the 100 most important people of the 20th century by Time, and also is one of the most successful and popular sports figures.

Pele is the world cup top scorers of all time with 12 goals, all-time goalscorer for Brazil, and Santos's all-time top goalscorer. In total, he scored 767 times in 831 games he played in his career and became the fourth

highest goal scorer in soccer


. Pele spent most of his club career with Santos making almost 500 appearances for them, then he joined New York Cosmos, where he only played for two years and eventually retired. In his international career, he played for Brazil for more than 14 years. He won three FIFA World Cup titles with them throughout his spell. In total, he represented Brazil in 92 games, scoring 77 goals.

Pelé has been praised as a complete forward and a prolific goalscorer. He is known for connecting the phrase "The Beautiful Game" with football. Despite being an amazing goalscorer, he was also a solid playmaker with vision and passing ability.

Romario (772 goals in 994 games)

Former Brazillian footballer Romário de Souza Faria played his career as a striker throughout the late 80s, 90s, and 2000s. He played for several clubs such as Barcelona, Valencia, PSV Eindhoven, and so on. In his all-time career, he made 994 appearances and netted 772 times, and claimed his place among the highest goal scorers in the history of football.

At the international level, he played for Brazil for 12 years, earning 70 caps and scoring 55 goals. Speaking of goals, He is Brazil's fourth top scorer and the third Brazilian league's top scorer. With Brazil, he won one World cup, two Copa América titles, one Australia Bicentenary Gold Cup, and one FIFA Confederations Cup.

At the club level, he scored more than 700 goals. He has played in different teams from different leagues and won many titles like Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, Eredivisie, La Liga, Qatar Crown Prince Cup, Campeonato Carioca, etc.

Romario is praised for his clinical finishing, techniques, and abilities. He also operated very well in the penalty area. former Barcelona coach Johann Cruyff described him as "a genius in the penalty area. "In addition, we can mention his dribbling skill, agility, his excellent balance on the ball, and so on, all of which justify his place on the list of highest goal scorers in football history.

Cristiano Ronaldo (778 goals in 1076 games)

Ronaldo, The five-time Ballon d'Or winner, one of the greatest players of all time, and now the winner of the player of the century at Globe Soccer Awards, scored more hundreds of goals throughout his career and placed himself among the Players With The Most Career Goals In Soccer History.

Within 16 years, he scored 778 goals in the1076 games he played. It's worth mentioning that Ronaldo was a playmaker throughout his career as well, assisting more than 266 times. At club level, most of his goals were scored during his Madrid spell. With the Whites, he netted 450 times. His other goals were scored with his other clubs including 118 with

 Manchester United

,85 with 


, and 5 goals with 

Sorting CP


In Sporting and Manchester's first season, he played as a traditional winger renowned for his dribbling and tricks like flip-flap.After that, he played a more offensive role, and when he joined Madrid and his defensive duties became more limited. We must state that most of Ronaldo's goals were scored when he was positioned as a Left Winger.

The Portuguese legendary footballer won numerous individual honors and it seemed that it's not enough for him. When he retires he will be easily placed among the legends just like he is placed among the highest goal scorers in football history.

Most recently it was said that with his scoring for Juventus during their Supercoppa Italiana clash with Napoli, he took his combined club and country goal tally to 760 goals according to some media outlets, which is one higher than our number one on the list, Bican with 759 goals. As we mentioned there is not an exact number on the football stars' goals, according to diiferent types of competitions! That's why FIFA does not keep an official record.

Bican like the other legends in the football world, has scored more that 1,000 goals during his career but the number includes amateur, unofficial and friendly matches with no doubt.

Josef Bican (821 goals in 529 games)

Former Austrian-Czech footballer Josef "Pepi" Bican is the

 all-time highest goal scorer in the world

. He played his career throughout the 30s,40s, and early 50s as a Striker. Within 20+ years he managed to score 821 goals in his national and club career. He and his teammates stated that he'd actually scored more than 5,000 goals! "Who'd have believed me if I said I'd scored five times as many goals as Pele?" he said.

The clubs he played for are including Rapid Vienna, Admira, Slavia Prague, FC Vítkovice, FC Hradec Králové, and Dynamo Prague. He also played for two national teams, Austria and Czechoslovakia. Unfortunately, there isn't a valid source mentioning his complete career statics, so we don't know how many times he netted in each team he played in.

Born on 25 September 1913 in  Vienna he started his youth career with Hertha Vienna youth team, a club that his father, who died when he was 30, had played in. Then after some years, he started his professional career with Rapid Vienna when he was 18 and started his journey to be the highest goal scorers in football history.

He had great pace, goal-scoring abilities, and ball control which goes back to his youth when he had to play with no shoes due to poverty and this increased his ball control skills. He retired in 1955  at the age of 42 and eventually passed away on 12 December 2001 when he was 68.

That's all on our list of the

 highest goal scorers in football history

. Hope you enjoyed it. 




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