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Wednesday13 January 2021 | 8:30
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A detailed look at Diogo Jota biography including his general information, life story, style of play and career statistics.

Diogo Jota is a professional player who is currently playing for Liverpool Football club and Portugal National team. Over the past few seasons Jota has established himself as one of the hottest prospects in Europe.

A graduate of Porto's famous academy, Jota made a name for himself at in his second season at Porto's senior side after scoring 12 goals in 34 games. His Joined Premier League club, Wolver Hampton and was one of the team's best players in each one of his three seasons. He won the EFL Cup with Wolves in the 2017–18 season.

Jota's biggest breakthrough came at the summer of 2020 as he joined the defending Champions, Liverpool. The Portuguese goalscorer wasted no time to prove his quality among some of the world's best players. Jota scored 9 goals in his first 17 games for the Reds across all competitions. However, a serious injury ruled him out for two months.

At 23 years of age, Diogo Jota is considered among the best forwards in Europe after his impressive performances for Liverpool. In total, Jota has scored 80 goals and has provided 40 assists in 233 matches. He has also won one major trophy, the 2019 UEFA Europa League with Portugal's national team. Stay tuned to read more about Diogo Jota biography and professional life.

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All You Need to Know about Diogo Jota Biography

In the following article, we will have a look at Diogo Jota biography which includes his career and personal life. We will go deep into every aspect of his personal and professional life to see why he is considered as one of the best forwards in the football world.

Diogo Jota Information

We will start our article on Diogo Jota biography with some of his general information including his Diogo Jota bio, physical stats, personal info and footballing information. Stay tuned to read more about Diogo Jota bio.

Diogo Jota Bio

  • Full Name: Diogo Jose Teixeira da Silva
  • Nickname: Jota
  • Profession: Professional Footballer

Diogo Jota Physical Stats

  • Weight: 73 Kg
  • Height: 1.78 m (5 ft. 9 in)
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown

Diogo Jota Football Information

  • Position: Forward
  • Jersey Number: 20
  • Professional Debut: 2014

Diogo Jota Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: December 4, 1996
  • Birth Place: Porto, Portugal
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Nationality: Portuguese

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Diogo Jota Early Life

In this section of our article about Diogo Jota biography we will present you with the most interesting facts about Diogo Jota childhood and family background as well as his where he took his first steps as an amateur footballer.

Diogo Jota Birth date is December 4, 1996. It is interesting that Diogo Jota shares his birthday with France legendary forward, Jean-Marie Pfaff who is also born on the 4th of December.

Jota was born in Porto, Portugal to Joaquim and Isabel Silva who were sport fans themselves and helped both of their sons on the early stages of their footballing journey. Diogo has a younger brother, Andre who has also started his amateur career at Porto's academy.

Diogo joined his first football academy, the Gondomar's academy in Porto at the age of nine. He impressed his coaches' right from the start and within a couple of years earned himself an entrance to Porto's youth academy.

Jota's ability to score freely was apparent from the early stages of his amateur career. According to one of his managers at Pacos de Ferreira academy, He once had to play two games during one weekend and he scored 5 goals in less than 100 minutes of play.

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Diogo Jota Profile

In This part of the article, we will concentrate on Diogo Jota profile which includes Diogo Jota style of play, goal celebration and the reception he has got from media, fans and his colleagues.

Professional debut season at Pacos de Ferreira

Diogo Jota professional career started in 2014. He made his debut for Paços de Ferreira against Atletico S.C at the Portuguese Primera Liga. His first professional career goal was scored in a 3–2 win against Academica de Coimbra. Jota became the youngest player to score a double for the club in the top tier in the process.

Atletico Madrid move and the loan spell with Porto

Jota stayed at his first club, Pacos de Ferreira for the next two seasons. In total, He scored 15 goals in 45 games in all competitions for the Primera Liga club.

He then signed a contract with La Liga giants Atletico Madrid in 2016, but was loaned immediately to FC Porto. His one season stay at Porto was relatively good as he scored 9 goals in 37 games across all competitions, including a first-half hat-trick in a 4–0 away victory against Nacional.

The controversial move to Wolver Hampton

In 2017, Jota moved to the Championship side, Wolverhampton Wonderers, much to the agony of Porto supporters who believed that if he wanted to leave the club, he should have gone to a bigger club than Wolves. However, Jota defended his decision and stated than he wanted to have a new challenge in his career.

Time showed that Jota made the right decision as his three season spell at Wolverhampton was a huge success. Jota scored 17 goals in his debut season and played a key role in Wolves first promotion to Premier League since 2012.

The talented forward was amazing in his next two season with the Wolves, scoring 10 and 15 goals respectively. Jota even wrote his name in the club's history books after scoring his team's first European goal since 1980 in the game against Crusaders.

His best individual performances for Wolver Hampton came at the end of his time at the club as he scored two consecutive hat-tricks in Europa League against Besiktas and Espanyol. While his most memorable game was when netted three goals in the 4–3 home victory over Leicester City and became the second Portuguese player to achieve the feat in the Premier League after Cristiano Ronaldo 11 years earlier.

The 20-21 Season, the biggest cornerstone of Jota's career

The 20-21 season seems to be the most successful season of Diogo Jota's career. He joined Liverpool in the summer of 2020 after scoring a total of 44 goals in 131 games during his three season spell with the Wolves and winning the Uefa Europa League with Portugal in 2019.

He has been an instant hit with the Reds, scoring the clubs 10000th goal in their history and becoming the first Liverpool player since Robbie Fowler in 1993 to score 7 goals in his first 10 games. He was also the first player to score in each of his first four home matches for Liverpool in the Premier League.

Jota started his Premier League debut season with a very impressive streak. He scored a record 7 goals in 10 Premier League games for Liverpool, including a hat-trick against Atlanta in the UCL and the club's 10,000th goal in their history, against FC Midtjylland at the same competition.

Jota's link up with Sadio Mane and Muhammad Salah at the front line of Liverpool's attack has been amazing and he even had taken the place of Bobby Firmino in the starting line-up before his injury in December.

Diogo Jota has played 17 games across all competitons so far into the 2020-21 season. He has scored 9 goals, but is yet to register his first assist for Liverpool.

Diogo Jota's best performance of the season so far was in a 5-0 win against Atlanta in the 20-21 Champions League In which he scored his first hat trick for Liverpool.

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Style of Play

Diogo Jota is known for his speed, finishing and work rate. He is a versatile player and can be effective in several positions up the pitch. Jota is good on one-on-one situations and can pass the opposition players easily with his speed and dribbling skills. He is also a tireless player when it comes to pressing the defenders and is quick in making decisions in key moments of the game.

Diogo Jota main position on the field is the left winger. During his career he has played 124 games as a left-winger. He has also played 47 games as a second striker And 43 games as a center forwards.

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Diogo Jota is considered to be among the best forwards of the football world at the moment. He has been praised by his coaches for his finishing, work rate and defensive qualities. His contribution to the team's defensive play from the offensive line has been great both at Wolver Hampton and at Liverpool.

Even the best players in the history of football have faced criticism from their coaches and fans at some parts of their career. In the case of Diogo Jota, he was criticized the most because of his inconsistency in front of the goal. He has a habit of going on amazing goal scoring streaks and then he does not score in many games.

Here are some of the most interesting quotes from footballing figures on Diogo Jota:

“Diogo has a great projection and stands out for his one-on-one ability and his versatility because he can play in several positions.” (Jose Luis Perez)

“I think Diogo is going to the right place and we wish him all the best, knowing that it never be forgotten, especially by our fans, all the memorable moments that Diogo provided.” (Nuno Espirito)

He’s a player who gives us so many options to use him .He is 23 years old, still far away from being kind of a finished article, so much potential. He has the speed, he can combine, can defend, and can press.” (Jurgen Klopp)

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Goal Celebration

Goal celebration is one of the most important aspects of every player's career. Some footballers tend to change their goal celebration every now and then, while some others are known to have a signature goal celebration.

The general rule is that Footballers use the chance of celebrating goals to send messages that are important to them. For some, it is only a chance to show some fun gestures. Others celebrate their goals with messages to their loved ones, and then there are those who celebrate their goals by sending societal and political messages to the society.

Diogo Jota goal most famous goal celebration is his 'Alphabet celebration', which is unique and has only been done by the player himself.

Jota used this celebration for the first time after his goal against West Ham on October 2020 as he celebrated by putting his fingers together to form the letter "M".

After scoring in his next game for Liverpool, against Leicester, he once again celebrated by making a letter with his hands, this time into the shape of the letter "A".

Jota's goal celebration went viral very fast as fans tried to figure out the meaning of his gestures. Some assumed that Jota is either is building up for a proposal to his girlfriend or is spelling out the name of his soon to be born child.

Another fan thought Jota is thanking the players who assisted him and two others guessed that he is paying tribute to Mesut Ozil or Markus Rashford. Many of the Liverpool fans hoped that he is making a gin to show that Killian Mbappe will join Liverpool in 2021.

Media sources had their own theory that Jota is spelling out 'Massarelos', his hometown in Portugal which is located near the city of Porto.

The reason Diogo Jota chose this goal celebration as still unclear as he was injured soon after and has had not the chance to continue forming whatever his message is.

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Diogo Jota outside football

Now is the time to know more about Diogo Jota life outside of football. What are their hobbies outside football? How do they like to spend their free time and what are their favorites in the field of art?

Diogo Jota favorite activities outside football are playing video games (Especially FIFA), spending time with his family and friends and walking with his god, Luna. Jota is highly skilled player in FIFA. He even won a charity tournament in 2020 after beating Trent-Alexander Arnold in the final.

Diogo Jota is also constantly active in social media. His Instagram account is @diogoj_1. He has around 1 million followers on Instagram. His twitter account is @DiogoJota18.

Stay tuned to read our section on Diogo Jota life story, Personal life and career statistics.

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Diogo Jota Personal Life

One of the most interesting part of SportMob's article on Diogo Jota biography is about his personal life. In this section we will have a look at Diogo Jota immediate family, love life and children. We will also present you with some information about his philanthropy activities and legal issues.

Family, Children and Relationships

Diogo Jota was born at 14 of December 1996 in the city of Massarelos, which is located near Porto, Portugal. His parents are Joaquim Silva and Isabel Silva. Diogo Jota parents were both football fans and they encouraged their son on his journey to become a footballer. Diogo is the first child of their parents. He has one younger Brother, Andre who is a player at Porto's youth academy.

Diogo Jota nationality is Portuguese. What is interesting about his name is that Jota is a nickname; "Diogo Jota" means "Diogo J." in Portuguese, the shortening of Diogo Jose.

Diogo Jota first public relationship was with Rute Cardoso, a model with whom Diogo first dated when they were in high school. Both Diogo and Rute were born in Porto and attended the same school. They started their relationship in 2013 and has been together ever since.

The couple has been supportive of each other in their careers. Rute Cardoso has attended many of Jota's games. After Jota finalized his move to Liverpool, Rute reacted by commenting "of course you will never walk alone" on his announcement post. Diogo, on his part gave his medal to Rute After winning the Championship title with Wolverhampton, as a sign of appreciation for their love.

The couple is yet to be married, but they soon will welcome their first child, a boy who is set to arrive in February 2021.

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It is really interesting to know if Diogo Jota has had any background in humanitarian work and philanthropy. Diogo Jota religion is Christianity. There are no information on whether he considers himself a religious person or not. In 2020, He participated in a charity FIFA20 tournament and won the competition ahead of now his team mate, Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Jota was crowned best Premier League player in FIFA 20 after winning the ePremier League invitational charity tournament. After a five-day tournament, Jota won the final by a golden goal against Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold. He scored 17 goals on his way to the final. The tournament was broadcasted live by Sky Sports and Thousands of people watched the live event online.

The award went to #PlayersTogether initiative, created by Premier League players to generate funds for the National Health Service and distribute them where they are most needed during the coronavirus crisis.

Legal Issues

While some footballers have certainly gotten into legal disputes with various people and organizations, Diogo Jota has had no legal disputes throughout his life.

Our section on Diogo Jota personal life has ended here. Any new information about his personal life will be published here at SportMob.

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Diogo Jota Career Statistics

In this section, we want to take a look at Diogo Jota career statistics both on the club and international level.


A look at Diogo Jota Career Statistics shows why he is considered among the best Forwards in the football world.

Overall, Diogo Jota has played 233 Games for four clubs (Pacos de Ferreira, Porto, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Liverpool) during his career. He has registered 80 goals and 40 assists to his name.

Diogo Jota best season individually was the 2017-18 Season in which he scored 18 goals across all competitions and assisted 6 times in 46 Games.

On the other hand, Diogo Jota had the weakest season of his career in terms of goal scoring stats in his debut Season when he played only 16 games and could only manage 2 goals.

Jota has scored 7 goals in 10 matches across all competitions for Liverpool so far in the 2020-21 season.


On the international, Diogo Jota career stats shows that he has registered 3 goals and 1 assists in 8 games for Portugal National team. He was also a member of Portugal's Olympic team and it's U19, U20 and U21 teams. In total scored 14 goals in 30 matches for Portugal youth teams.

Diogo Jota was first called up to Portugal National team in 2019. He made his international debut in November 2019 when he came on as a substitute for Cristiano Ronaldo in a 6–0 win over Lithuania in a UEFA Euro 2020 qualifier. He scored his first goal in a 4-1 against Croatia at 2020–21 UEFA Nations League A. two weeks later he scored a brace in a 3-0 win against Sweden.

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Diogo Jota Honors

We rap up our article on Diogo Jota biography with a look at his honors and achievements.

Diogo Jota celebrated his first trophy in the 2017-18 season when he won the EFL Championship with Wolver Hampton Wanderers. His first individual honor was winning the award for Liverpool Player of the Month in October 2020.

During his career, Diogo Jota has won a total of 5 collective and individual awards, the most important of them are PFA Fan’s Player of the Month: November 2020, Liverpool Player of the Month (October 2020 and November 2020) and UEFA Nations League (2018–19) although he did not play in the tournament.

His most successful season collectively was the 2018-19 season in which he won the UEFA Nation league with Portugal and secured himself a contract with Liverpool.


source: SportMob