More COVID-19 cases lead to Tottenham vs Fulham cancelled

Wednesday06 January 2021 | 7:55
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The Spurs were supposed to host Fulham at home this Wednesday evening. The fixture became the fourth to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Eight confirmed cases have been recorded across the Premier League since Tuesday.

The match scheduled between Tottenham and Fulham was postponed as a result of a recent outbreak of confirmed coronavirus cases within the club. On Wednesday morning, a decision was reached by the Premier League at a board meeting to call off the said fixture.

According to the EPL, Fulham requested for a rearrangement of the game. The reason given was an increase in positive tests to the coronavirus and more players with symptoms of the virus.

Covid Outbreak

It was also gathered that the league's decision was buttressed after consulting with medical advisors. The postponement was mainly to take precaution as well as treating the staff and players' health as a top priority.

COVID-19 and the EPL

Also, according to the Premier League, having low numbers of positive COVID-19 tests across the major clubs keeps giving the league more confidence in their 

COVID-19 protocols

. Making it easier for most league matches to continue as scheduled.

However, there's a considerable number of staff members and players with the virus amongst other clubs. The league further wishes victims a safe and quick recovery. And thankfully, the rearrangement of the match between Tottenham Hotspur and Fulham has been implemented.

This week, the fixture at the Hotspur Stadium is the second to be called off among the English top-flight.

On Tuesday, 18 new cases of the coronavirus were confirmed. The figure was said to spread across the league, which has been the highest figure this season so far.

Another fixture which was postponed earlier this week was that of Everton and Manchester City. The match was postponed few hours before kick-off because multiple positive cases were similarly recorded within Man City's camp.

Earlier this month, the match between Aston Villa and Newcastle was also postponed when Magpies' test came out positive. The game was supposed to have been played at the Villa Park on the 4th of December, 2020.

Another game that was affected was Burnley vs. Sheffield United on Tuesday. Sheffield Utd announced some positive coronavirus tests but regardless of this report, the game was successful. Remember, you can always watch upcoming football matches at 

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What's next for Tottenham

If the game between Spurs and Fulham occured, we could have witnessed Scot Parker's return after being tamed not to play Fulham's 0-0 draw vs. Southampton on Boxing Day. Well, a member of his household tested positive to COVID-19.

On November, Tottenham's victory against Manchester City was a stunning and effective counter-attack play. The goals came from the team's only 2 shots on target, with 34% ball possession.

Also, the stalemate with Chelsea was a sure great point to consider. Spurs' win against Arsenal was fabulous. The team didn't have any second-half shots, with only 23% ball possession. This clearly illustrates how worthy their North London adversaries were.

It is clear that the seven points gained from these three games could justify the approach and push the Spurs a few steps to the top of the league.

Even though the team recorded four matches without a win, the recent results still gives hopes that the Spurs could finish well at the top. They seem to be adapting to the situations and they could meet up their close rivals on the break.

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