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Top facts about Annekee Molenaar, De Ligt’s girlfriend

Coming from a football family, Annekee Molenaar is now dating De Ligt, the 21-year-old professional Dutch footballer. Keep reading the following article to know more facts about Annekee Molenaar.

Annekee Molenaar is a young model from Netherland. Annekee and

De Ligt

started dating in 2018, and they have been together happily ever since. Despite his age, De Ligt has been in a few serious relationships so far and got himself the reputation of a lady’s man! He started dating Annekee right after he broke up with his ex-girlfriend.

Annekee Molenaar and De Ligt look extremely hot together. There will be no surprise if they manage to draw everyone’s attention to themselves as they walk into any rooms because he is very handsome and she is an astonishing model. One of the most exciting facts about Annekee Molenaar is that she came from a football family.

Read on to know more facts about Annekee Molenaar:

This young model is in love with traveling and enjoys sunbathing. Annekee Molenaar body measurement is terrific, and it is what makes her so perfect for the modeling world. Besides her amazing photographs on the internet, there is more to her story. Stay with us to learn more 

facts about Annekee Molenaar


Annekee Molenaar biography

Annekee Molenaar was born on September 14, 1999. She was born in Zaandam, Netherland. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. The people born on this month are logical, practical, and systematic in their approach to life. They are perfectionists at heart who never stop trying or give up their dreams.

Some of the Virgos qualities are present in our Annekee as well because she never gives up on her dreams or stops trying. This is an exciting fact about Annekee Molenaar, De Ligt’s girlfriend. Besides, her high spirit is very inspirational.

Annekee Molenaar parents

 are very passionate, and they care so much about their children and their happiness. Her father, Keje Molenaar, is a retired football player who used to be active as a defender. He is now a lawyer and works for a Dutch law firm named Brada Abeln. Never stop trying defiantly runs in the family.

Annekee’s younger brother, Jip Molenaar, is also a football player born on February 15, 2001. He is a defender for

FC Volendam

. Annekee and Jip are very close, and they have excellent memories from their childhood. She also has another brother, max. 

Annekee Molenaar childhood

 is filled with happy memories of her and her two brothers.

For them, there is nothing more enjoyable than spending time with their family. This is truly an inspiring fact about Annekee Molenaar. Wherever they are or whatever they are doing, family always comes first for them. It is not a surprise for such supportive parents to have successful and goal-oriented children. This is an exciting fact about Annekee Molenaar. 

Annekee always wanted to become a model and work in fashion. Looking at the pictures of magazines growing up, she imagined how it would be like to live as a professional model. Annekee Molenaar parents witnessed her passion and dream at a young age. Consequently, they did everything they could to support her to the best of their abilities.

Annekee was featured on the cover of the Dutch edition of Vogue magazine in 2019. She is well-connected with other models like Sophie Milzink and Claire Rose Cliteur. In May 2019, they shared some pictures on Instagram. This was an interesting fact about Annekee Molenaar, Matthijs De Ligt’s girlfriend.

Her professional portfolio is also with several modeling agencies like Wilma agency, Mega Models, and Dominique Models. Her portfolio is so captivating and consists of remarkable photographs of posing in front of a camera, proving that she was born to become a professional model. This is genuinely a fantastic fact about Annekee Molenaar.

Annekee Molenaar body measurement

 is perfect for a model her age. Annekee is blond, and she has green eyes. She is 178cm tall. Based on her portfolio, her bust size is 82cm, her waist size is 62cm, and her hips size is 88cm. Her great complexion is the first thing about her that catches the eye.

She maintains a suitable diet and exercises regularly to stay in shape and take care of her impressive abs. Her stunning photographs are captivating and make you want to stare at her raw beauty for a while. This is a remarkable 

fact about Annekee Molenaar, De ligt’s girlfriend


She is a dog person and has two beautiful dogs, Cara Luna and Bella, which she takes with her on her trips and journeys. She loves traveling and enjoys quiet moments at beaches and in nature. Many of her amazing pictures on Instagram are from these trips and journeys. She is not usually alone on these trips and her boyfriend, De Ligt, accompanies her.

Annekee Molenaar love life

Annekee Molenaar and Matthijs de Ligt started dating in 2018 and have been together ever since. De Ligt has taken annekee with himself to events and parties, and Annekee keeps posting cute pictures of them together on Instagram. It seems that they are pretty serious about each other and of course so in love!

Based on Annekee’s posts on Instagram, we know that the couple is living together, and they live like a small happy family with their two dogs. Actually, they moved in together quite early after De Ligt bought an apartment for about 1.2 million Euros. 

She is still very young, so there is no evidence of 

Annekee Molenaar children

. Judging from her pictures and public status, we can observe that she leads a pretty healthy and happy life. Whenever De Ligt goes abroad, Annekee accompanies her. Since they started dating, she has been his supporter, and they have been together in various events posing for the media. 

Annekee shared a heart-warming photo of this small happy family on Christmas 2021. In this picture, you can see her, De Ligt, and the dogs. There haven’t been any rumors of engagement because they are both very young. But who knows? Maybe soon!

Annekee Molenaar social media 

Annekee started sharing her modeling base photos through Instagram in 2015. Soon after that, she became quite popular on social media. 

Annekee Molenaar social media

 is the base platform for her modeling activities. You can follow Annekee on Instagram with


to learn more about her life and career.

She has become quite popular on Instagram, and she has obtained 450k followers, which is a pretty impressive 

fact about Annekee Molenaar

. Becoming an influencer to her fan base, she has shared many aspects of her personal and daily life with her fans.

Annekee Molenaar net worth and salary 


Annekee Molenaar age

, she still has a long way ahead of her in the modeling business, and she can become even more popular any day. Her popularity has been boosted since she started dating De Ligt because obviously everybody wants to know who’s the lucky girl who has captured the heart of the star of Juventus. 

A successful model earns an average salary of thirty-two thousand dollars to forty-eight thousand dollars annually. There is no public evidence of 

Annekee Molenaar salary

, but we are sure that her future is burning bright. She hasn’t sponsored any particular products on Instagram, either because she hasn’t mentioned any paid partnership status yet. 


Annekee Molenaar net worth

 is not available at the moment. Matthijs De Ligt net worth is currently estimated at nine million euros, and his market value is 85 million euros. De Ligt plays for Series A club Juventus and the Netherland national team. He is obviously a great catch, isn’t he?

Annekee Molenaar boyfriend, Matthijs de Ligt

Matthijs de Ligt was born on 12 August 1999. He is Dutch football player who plays for Series A club


as a center-back. Matthijs is the firstborn son to his parents, Vivian and Frank. He was born in a town in Western Netherlands. After his birthday, his family moved to a city south of Amsterdam. It was in this town that he formed a deep affection for Ajax.

He grew up with his siblings and formed happy memories together. Matthijs and his brother both were


fans, and they watched all the games together. Observing their deep affection for the team, their parents took them alongside the Ajax stadium for strolls during weekdays. 

Matthijs was very good at tennis. He was introduced to football through his friend, who invited him for training. These training courses somehow changed his life because he wanted to pursue football as his professional career immediately after that. Although it took him a while to get used to the new sport, he was able to join FC Abcoude. 

De Ligt was at first very slow and out of shape but was a quick learner. During his time in the youth club, his performance excellently improved. His teammates and coach also admired him because of his sweetness and character. He stayed in FC Abcoude for three years.  

Matthijs De Ligt made his first debut for Jong Ajax in August 2016. He played the whole game during his first match. He managed to participate in 17 games in his first season. His performance obviously has been improved. Considering his age, he was the best player on the team, and he showed great promises for the future.

De Ligt was particularly excellent at handling the ball. One of the highlights of his time at Ajax 2 was meeting Luis Suarez. Based on what he said, it was one of the most memorable moments in his adolescence. There were talks of his transfer to


However, this never happened. It is said that it was due to De Ligt’s unprofessional behavior of the Ajax in revealing confidential news. In 2017, Ajax posted a photo of Matthijs De Ligt and Luis Suarez and wrote for the picture, “Next year, together in one team.”

Luis Suarez

used to play in Barcelona. This is why many fans were provoked to know more about the transfer. 

Fortunately, this unprofessional act didn’t end in a lawsuit, but apparently, it cost De Ligt his transfer. Matthijs De Ligt was the fastest and the most skilled in his rank. As he approached 17, he was promoted to senior football. He was also awarded multiple honors during that time, including the best player in the tournament for U17’s and later for U19’s.

He started his senior time in Ajax strong by scoring and making a power slam gesture against

FC Emmen

. After this match, he was awarded the second goal scorer behind Clarence Seedorf. Things got better and better for him from then. Many also started to admire his agility, playmaking, and ability to handle the ball.

Matthijs De Ligt became the youngest player ever to play in a European final. He showed great maturity in press conferences and in the face of a

Manchester united

Challenge. It was a remarkable fact about a 17-year old boy. In 2018, he became the youngest captain of Ajax after an injury to club captain Joel Veltman.

De Ligt’s dating life and a professional turning point

It was around this time that he started dating Annekee Molenaar. This news made his ex-girlfriend, Annick Diekman, a hockey girl who playing for HC Athena, a club in Amsterdam, very upset. Annick was also interested in acting, so she didn’t mind the spotlight. Annick and Matthijs started dating in 2014. Apparently, things didn’t work out between them. Finally, they broke up around the beginning of 2018.

However, things couldn’t have been better for Matthijs. He has always been crazy about Annekee. The media has spotted Annekee during several Matthijs De Ligt’s matches. They look adorable together, which is an exciting fact about Annekee Molenaar, Matthijs De Ligt’s girlfriend.

He also won the Golden Boy award, being the first defender to win this award. In 2019, he became the longest player who became the captain in a champion League knockout game against

Real Madrid

, which was truly remarkable. Besides, he bought a luxurious apartment and asked his girlfriend to move in with him.

In 2019, he scored the winning goal in the champion League quarter-final against Juventus. This was an excellent win for Ajax and a vital opportunity to showcase his talent. Not long after this game, Juventus has made offers to sign De Ligt for the team. In July 2019, De Ligt signed a five-year contract with Series A club Juventus.

He was extremely thrilled to make such a contract. His transfer from Ajax to Juventus cost €75 million to be paid in five annual installments. Sadly, in August 2020, Juventus announced that Matthijs De Ligt had undergone shoulder surgery, and his recovery would take around three months. Fortunately, his surgery was a success, and he started his recovery time.

Anneke Molenaar has posted pictures of the holiday that they have spent together. Matthijs was recovering from his surgery, and he was wearing a sling over his arm and some bandages on his chest. However, he wasn’t in bad condition. His girlfriend took care of him during this challenging time, which was an astonishing fact about Anneke Molenaar, Matthijs De Ligt’s girlfriend.

Matthijs’ health improved drastically during his holiday. He was ready to join the team again and resume his professional career. In January 2021, he posted a picture on Instagram and wrote in the caption, “Nice Way to start the year with 3 points.” His energy and inspiration are undoubtedly infectious.

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