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Top facts about Adrien Rabiot

If you are interested in discovering top facts about Adrien Rabiot, the following article will be a good and complete one about his off and on the pitch life. To find out about Adrien Rabiot girlfriend, shocking salary, tattoo, and various other things scroll down and get the complete details.

Despite all the difficulties that came to Adrien's life due to his father's illness, not only did he not become disappointed, but he got motivated to try more. His effort was to succeed in football, which was also his father's dream. Like, many other famous and successful people around the world, Adrien tried hard, and though there were many blocks on his way, he continued and finally reached the position he deserves. 

Having spent some time in French academies, and being in England with Manchester City, the young French star turned professional back in 2012 and joined PSG, though, afterward, he went on loan with Toulouse in 2013.

Adrien got the opportunity of showing off his abilities with Les Parisiens and continued his work into converting to the first team starter with the French capital club. 

In the article, by describing his childhood story plus untold personal and professional facts, Sportmob has brought a full account of remarkable and top facts about Adrien Rabiot from his childhood till now. The article involves Rabiot's life story before he became famous, a short glance at his family background, as well as some other little known facts about his career.

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Interesting facts about Adrien Rabiot you need to know

Despite being a tactical intelligent player and composure in the field of play, everyone knows a little about the excellent midfielder, and few people remember Rabiot's great performances during his successful career. For this reason, Sportmob has gathered a group of top facts about Adrien Rabiot. So, let's start going through it. 

  • Full Name:

     Adrien Rabiot-Provost

  • Nick Name:

     Le Duc

  • Birthdate:

     3 April 1995

  • Birthplace:

     Saint-Maurice, France

  • Height:

     1.88 ( 6 ft 2 in)

  • Weight:

     71 kg

  • Current Team:


  • Playing Position:

     Central midfielder

  • Number:


  • Marital Status:


  • Nationality:


  • Ethnicity:


  • Net Worth:

     $100.000 - $ 1M

Following, we will look at the net worth, family life, relationship, and many other top facts about Adrien Rabiot.

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Adrien Rabiot Childhood

To start, let's take a look at

Adrien Rabiot childhood

. The story of Adrien Rabiot football life began the moment he was born, 3 April 1995. He was born in a family whose father is Michel Rabiot, and Veronique Rabiot is the mother. Being the child of a man who was a keen fan of football, led Rabiot's life to connect directly to the football world. The passion of Michel Rabiot, Adrien's father, was spreading to his son and even his wife, so they became actively included in the sport, consequently.

He brought his intensity to his family when Adrien was just five years old, and then as a father, he could dominate it. During 

Adrien Robiat childhood

, becoming a family affair such as cement, which bound the family's dreams and ambitions, football later became Rabiot love and made his career way.  

By all his football background, it seemed that Rabiot was mature enough to play competitive football, so he started to enroll at


's youth academy, where the young footballer committed to play for the next six years of his life. 

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Adrien Rabiot Parents

Adrien was not only a talented player whose parents and the club had recognized it in his early, but he was the son of a supportive mother who played the role of an agent for him. She has accompanied her son since he was in youth clubs and worked as a background guiding force. 

Being keen on making sure that Adrien's football career continues successfully, his mother played an instrumental role in withdrawing Adrien from 

Manchester City

 youth football club and when 

Paris Saint Germain

 had asked him to give more playtime. The painful issue about 

Adrien Rabiot parents

 is his father's illness suffering from locked-in syndrome. 

Unfortunately, the sickness took over Michel before Adrien rose to stardom, which his father has always dreamed of it about his son.

Being a long-time fan of PSG, Michel, who is happy with his son's performance and achievements, can only express his delight by moving his eyes because all his other muscles are not working. Adrien has spoken about how he feels concerning his father's sickness, by the deep emotional connection between Adrien and his father. While describing his feeling, Adrien recounts that no one can get what the illness is like unless you have encountered it.

Expressing how he senses the frustrating feeling since his father's stroke, Adrien is fighting with him too. Introducing Adrien to football, his father knows football very well, and since he has all his cognitive functions, he can show how much he is proud of his son by his look. 

Adrien Rabiot Girlfriend

Believe in real love and waiting for the one patiently, or be in the living embodiment of Alan Harper from "Two and a Half Men" either way, Adrien is not dating these days. So, the fact that the handsome Parisian footballer is single will be one of the other top facts about Adrien Rabiot. 

Although Adrien might be in a relationship, there is no available photo and facts about 

Adrien Rabiot girlfriend

. Despite posting his weekend picture on Instagram, Adrien prefers not to make public his personal life and keep privacy on related matters. Even if he is dating his girlfriend, he has not decided to reveal it, so the news around his girlfriend and affairs are far from social media yet.

Adrien Rabiot Instagram

Though Adrien has Kept apart his private life from the public, 

Adrien Rabiot Instagram

 activity has worked as a contrast to his conserved character. 

At the time of this post, the wizard footballer has a large amount of 1.9m followers, which in comparison with other platforms such as


with 139 followers, it is clear Adrien is more active on


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Adrien Rabiot Interests

Apart from football, the successful-25- year-old footballer has another case to like, too. Being considered as 

Adrien Rabiot interests

, dogs are the matter, which Adrien has an affection for them, and likes his dogs in huge and different colors. 

Adrien Rabiot Career in Summery

Moving to Paris Saint Germain Youth Club prepared the opportunity to show how much the young footballer was talented and played skillfully. In 2012, despite joining the youth club, Adrien made the club's first team. Displaying the notable performance at Paris Saint Germain First Team, including putting up fierce tackle and showing ball interception skills, made a consideration about Adrien as a French football spectacle.

So, being a player who could lead the French National football team in the future was recorded in 

Adrien Rabiot career

 history. Being loaned to Toulouse during Adrien's career at PSG caused him to confront the lack of playing time. However, Adrien has won many main tournaments, which we have explained in full in the following sections.  

A Glance at Adrien Rabiot International Career

Making his first appearance for the France under-21 team on 13 August 2013, and starting with


in Freiburg in a 0-0 friendly draw, 

Adrien Rabiot international career

 can be considered a mix of instability. 

His subsequent brilliant international appearance listed him as a standby player for the UEFA Euro 2016 squad. On 15 November 2016, Adrien made his debut for the France National Team against 

Ivory Coast

Unfortunately, after 78 minutes of the 0-0 friendly home draw, a hamstring injury did not allow him to continue, and instead, 

Thomas Lemar

 joined the game.

In May 2018, Didier Deschamps put Adrien on the reserve list for the 2018 FIFA World Cup squad. However, by sending an email to the coach, Adrien noticed he would not follow the training program and exempted himself. 

Although many people thought that Adrien rejected the call-up because the manager had put him again on the list, he was earlier for the EUFA Euro 2016 squad. The consideration accompanied Adrien's remarks in which he had replied to all guesses about his decision. He had not let people speak on his behalf about the relationship with the


National Team, and also had called the coach's choice not to respond to any sporting logic.  

Adrien Rabiot Glory Times and Low Points

Rabiot is a skilled footballer, which could earn a place in the France Youth National Team via his exploits at the junior level. Representing France at the U16, U17, U19, U20, and U21 level, Adrien could grab many attentions, and by his great passing made himself a player who other ones should watch out for him.  

Before going through the glory and low point of Adrien, it will be better to look at who and how helped him in the early steps of his entrance to the football world. Coach of the France youth side, Francis Smerecki, had an immense impact on the current generation of French talents. 

The former footballer passed away in 2018, and following all he did when Adrien was coming through the football, Adrien took to his social media platform to pay his respects and called him the man who helped shape his career. 

The domestic league was the period in which Adrien could show his excellent performance for PSG. Looking like a seasoned campaigner right since the start, Adrien had an integral role from 2013 to 2015, which PSG won domestic titles for three consecutive times.

On 13 March 2016, by scoring a goal in the 9-0 routing of 


AC, which earned them the league title despite being eight more games, he showed his skill for another time. 

Winning Coupe De France in 2014-15, 2015-16, and 2016-17 season, Adrien also won Coupe de la Ligue PSG in 2013-14 and the next two seasons. Since, at that time, he was only 22, so filling his treasury with such titles earned him a high-level position in the football world. 

Though strength points and extraordinary performances have always been permanent parts of top facts regarding players, mentioning low points in the list can work as the strong ones. 

Despite winning many titles with PSG, Adrien has continued changeable. Not scoring many goals for his side and not having a dominant performance consistently, Adrien failed to earn attention from more prominent clubs to get much more game time, considered one of the 

top facts about Adrien Rabiot


However, Adrien is a young player on his side, and by working hard on his game can make more progress, which can earn him leadership at his club and subsequently a step forward in his career. 

Adrien Rabiot Net Worth and Salary

Since the amount of money, which a famous footballer makes is a hot topic for most people in the football world, Sportmob will mention the issue as one of the 

top facts about Adrien Rabiot

. People are interested in estimating the amount of 

Adrien Rabiot net worth and salary

 as a successful midfielder who has the experience of playing in top clubs, including Paris Saint Germain and 



The whopping payroll of 8.9 million euros (7.7 million pounds) per year comes from the contract, which Adrien Rabiot signed with Juventus. By crunching the numbers, we got Adrien earns €44,121 (£38,084) per day and €1,838 (£1,587) per hour.

Comparing Adrien's salary with an average person in the UK leads us to the point that for earning the equal amount as the French player, gets in just one month, he needs to work for at least 21.3 years. 

As mentioned earlier, Adrien Rabiot, nicknamed Le Duc, has played for two of the world's biggest and most top football clubs, Paris Saint-German and Juventus. The net worth of the 25-year-old French footballer is close to € 60 million (52 million). Although Adrien, known as the Golden Boy of France, has confronted some issues which have affected his net worth. 

Falling off the train of addiction in recent years has affected Adrien's market value and decreased it to 35 million euros (30 million pounds).

Adrien Rabiot Tattoo 

Unlike many football players, who have tattoos on their bodies, Le Duc has kept his body neat and tidy, and there is no ink on all his muscles. Although some rumors might be on the Internet about 

Adrien Rabiot tattoo

, no photo supports it. 

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Adrien Rabiot House

Luxury houses of football players have always been one of the most searched topics about them. Even if Adrien, the Parisian midfielder, has switched to Italy, he still has so many valuable things in France, including his houses. Though they are notable items among the 

top facts about Adrien Rabiot

, no more details are available about them. Because of not being interested in sharing personal life on social medial, there is no photo regarding 

Adrien Rabiot house


Despite providing a full account of top facts about Adrien Rabiot, 


strived to prepare accurate and fair content about Rabiot's life story before he became famous, a short glance at his family background, as well as some other little known facts about his career. However, if there are any points in the article, which you think do not look right, please leave your explanation in the comment section. 

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