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Worst football teams in the world

Have you ever heard that the fans of a team are upset about the victory of their team? If not, stay with us until the end to find out what the worst teams in the world are!

When we talk about football, we all recall the excitement, wins, and awards bestowed upon the teams. There have been many powerful and affluent teams in the globe, with several accolades and achievements that have provided joy to their supporters.

Some clubs, on the other hand, have enraged their supporters owing to bad performance. Angry supporters have done bizarre things such as setting fire to the club president's car and demonstrating against their team.

When a club's fans enter the stadium, they all want their team to defeat the opponent in the greatest possible way.

But did you know that there has been a team in the world in which its fans have protested because of its victories? Well, you might ask why! Maybe the reason is the team itself! To answer this question, join us to find out more about the 

worst football teams in the world


The world's worst soccer clubs

Time to take a look at the list of the worst football teams in the world.

Grenchen FC (2014-15)

According to SportMob's list of the 

worst football teams in the world

, the Swiss team, Grenchen FC is next. The 2014-15 season was a nightmare for Grenchen fans as the team lost nine games in a row. The team ended the season with 23 defeats in 26 matches, conceding 66 goals.

Their worst loss came against Lucerne’s youth team, where they lost by ten goals. It is interesting to know that Renato Brun, the club's sporting director fired all 11 players who took part in the dreadful game. “No longer welcome at the club," was Brun's words. The players were upset about Brun's decision. “This borders on character assassination. If you lose 10-0, you can’t just blame the players,” said defender Dugagjin Dedaj.

It seems that with the results that this team had achieved, Brun's decision was understandable, as the heavy defeat to Lucerne was one of the Swiss team's nine consecutive losses.

It is time to take a look at the history of the club's honor. The Swiss club was founded in 1906 and since then won one Schweizer Cup. We conclude that this team is correctly included in this list of

worst football clubs in the world

, looking at the history of the Grenchen's honor.

AFC Aldermaston (2009-10)

The next team in the list of

worst football teams in the world

is AFC Aldermaston. The


club during the 2009-10 season shocked its fan by losing matches. The team's 40th loss took place on 8 April 2010 against Downton. The Atom men couldn't even manage to get a draw, leading to the disappointment of fans. 

The record of 40 consecutive defeats led to football fans calling the team worst English football team in history. "It is the record no team would want, but I suppose it has given the club a bit of attention," said Manager Adie Heath. Earlier, the record of 39 consecutive defeats held by

Poole Town


Stockport United


In that season the team leaked a whopping 150 goals, becoming one of the

worst soccer clubs in the world

. AFC Aldermaston poor performances in that season resulted in relegation to the Hampshire Premier League.

It might be interesting to review the club's honors. The Atom men were founded in 1952, and it is exciting to know that this team has not touched any trophy since then; its highest league position was 7th in Hellenic League Division One, so it is no surprise that the team is on our list of

the world's worst football teams


Longford (2016-17)

The next team in the list of the worst football team in the world is


. The club during the 2016-2017 season disappointed its fans. The team conceded 226 goals in that season, so they are deserved to be on the list of

worst soccer teams in the world


The team, which is one of the worst soccer clubs in the world, had lost every match, including strange results of 15-0, 16-0, and 17-0, making its fans angry. Their best result was against Wotton Rovers, where they lost by conceding just one goal.

The club's insurance admin, who turned as a goalkeeper, said that:"I am one of those people who never let their hopes get done, and I believe next season will be better." The keeper continued:  "I am one of those people who is never down. I think I’ve played all right this season. I’ve certainly had quite a bit to do."

Leyton Orient (1994-95)

According to SportMob's list of the worst football teams in the world, Leyton Orient is the next team. In the 1994-95 season, the British club just won one game of 15 matches. Tony Wood, Orient chairman, lost his fortune in Rwanda in 1994, pulled the British team into chaos.

When in February Leyton Orient conceded one goal in half time against


, John Sitton, the Youth team boss, sacked Terry Howard the team's captain in the dressing room and said: “You, you little c**t and you, you big c**t, when I tell you to do something, do it. We can have a right sort out in here. You can pair up, if you like. And you can bring your f***ing dinner – by the time I am finished with you, you will f***ing need it.”

At the end of that season, Sitton was sacked by Barry Hearn, incoming chairman, and the O’s ended the season at the bottom. It is interesting to know that currently, John Sitton is a taxi driver! Given their dreadful season, it's no surprise that this team is among the worst football clubs in the world.

It might be interesting to review the club's honors. The O's was founded in 1881, and since then, it has won Football League Third Division (1955–56, 1969–70), National League (2018-19), London Challenge Cup (four times), as well as 1911 Dubonnet Cup. It is worth mentioning that the O's biggest defeat occurred against Aston Villa (0-8) in FA Cup 4th Round.

Brechin City (2017-18)

According to SportMob's list of the worst football teams in the world, the Scottish club is in fifth place. The 2017-18 season was the team's debut season in the Scottish Championship. In the 2016-17 season,

Brechin City

ended 4th in the Scottish League One.

The Scottish team lost the first and last game of the season with bad results. The team only drew four times during the season and lost 32 more matches, becoming the first Scottish team to fail to win in a whole season in 126 years.

Despite a dreadful season, Darren Dodds, the manager of Brechin City, did not change. "We’ve never seen the heads go down. Darren and his team have done a great job maintaining morale in the dressing room," said chairman Ken Ferguson. Of course, we have to say that no one was willing to replace this coach, was he?

In that season, the team got just 4 of 108 points, making its fan angry. So it is no surprise that the team is on our list of

the world's worst soccer clubs

Tasmania Berlin (1965-66)

The next team in the list of worst football teams in the world, is a German team,

Tasmania Berlin

. During the 1965-66 season, the German club left a bad memory of that season in its fans' minds, as it was the first and only team's season in Bundesliga. It seemed Tasmania Berlin was not capable of competing at the top of the German football league.

The team conceded 108 goals and suffered a 9-0 defeat to Meidricher. Tasmania Berlin got only 8 points in that season, scoring just 15 goals. Unfortunately, the team also had financial problems that season.

They ended in 18th place and were sent to the Regionalliga Berlin (second-highest level of the German football league). It is worth mentioning that Tasmania Berlin set many Bundesliga records, like fewest goals, fewest wins, least points, and most goals conceded. The 1965-66 season was a nightmare for the German team's fans, as they were eliminated in the first round of DFB-Pokal. 

It might be interesting to review the club's honors. The German football club was founded on 3 February 1973, and since then, just won the Verbandsliga Berlin title on two occasions. All in all, it is not surprising that this team is among the world's worst football team.

Derby County (2007-08)

Derby County, the English team, is one of the worst football teams in the world, in SportMob's list. In the 2007-08 season, Billy Davies' team turned out to be very disappointing and shocked its fan. With one win, 29 defeats, and eight draws, it was a truly dreadful season for the Rams and its fan.

In that season, the team scored few goals and conceded a lot of goals. Derby got just 11 points, leading to the anger of the club's fans. The Rams started the season with a 2-2 draw to Portsmouth, and after the opening match, the team suffered four consecutive defeats including, a heavy loss against



Derby won a game against


, and the player took confidence, but in the next match,


thrashed the team by a 5-0 victory. Poor results led to Billy Davies's dismissal, and Paul Jewell replaced Davies; But again, nothing good happened to the team. 

"I came in on the first day of training expecting it to be buzzing with everyone looking to impress their new manager, but after one session, I turned to [coach] Stan Ternent and said: “We’re in trouble here. We’re in big trouble," said Paul Jewell.

In the 2007-08 season, Derby set the record as the Premier League's lowest points with 11. Of course, Derby fans do not like to remember the memories of that season any time soon.

Pescara (2016-17)

The next team in the list of worst football teams in the world, is the Italian team,


in the 2016-17 season. That season was the club's first season in Serie A, and it was a nightmare for the team's fans.

Pescara suffered a poor campaign, conceding 81 times and scoring 18 goals during the season. The Italian club, which is one of the worst soccer teams in the world, just won three matches during the season. It is worth mentioning that one of those was awarded to them after the Sassuolo side used an ineligible player. 

The angary Pescara's fans set two of the club's president, Daniele Sebastiani’s cars on fire.

This action of the fans of Pescara upset Carlo Tavecchio, the president of the Italian Football Federation. "On behalf of myself and the whole of Italian football, I want to express out maximum solidarity with you for the vile act which happened," said Tavecchio.

The Italian fans were so angry by their team's results that they disrupted the team's seasonal party before Christmas. Delfino Pescara 1936 finished that season with 20th place.

Let's take a look at to the history of club'd honor. The Italian club, which is one of the world's worst football teams, was founded in 1936 and since then it has won Serie B title on two occasions.

Ibis (1980-1984)

Now it is time to get acquainted with the world's worst soccer club, a Brazilian team, Ibis Sport Club. The club is known as the worst football club in the world as the team going years without winning in a match. The Brazilian team spent three years and eleven months from 1980 to 1984 without winning a single game.

The Brazilian club earned the record of the longest period any football club had gone without winning in the Guinness Book of Records.

In the 2017-18 season, Ibis won three consecutive matches, but it is funny to know that the fans were not happy. After one of their victories, fans gathered in front of a local bar where the players celebrating their success and demanded: " please stop winning."

Nilsinho Filho, one protest leader, said, "This is destroying our history. Even if we go on to win the Brazilian championship one day, no one will ever be able to take our title as the worst team in the world." Other Ibis fans complained about the team on social media. “This is a worrying situation in the long term. To stop being an icon and to be just another winning team. It is the coach’s fault.”

Now let's review the club's history to see why this team is at the top of the list of the worst football teams in the world. The Brazilian team was founded on November 15, 1938, and since then, just has won the Torneio Inicio title two times.

How did you like our article on the worst football teams in the world? Which clubs do you think should be added to this list? Comment down your views.

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