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Top facts about Sarah Kohan, Javier Hernandez’s stunning wife

The LA Galaxy striker, Javier Hernandez, has a stunning wife. Sarah Kohan is a 26-year-old Instagram figure and model. Stay with us through the following article to learn interesting facts about Sarah Kohan.

Javier Hernandez

is the Major League Soccer club

LA Galaxy

striker. He is now married and settled down with the beautiful and smart Sarah Kohan. Sarah Kohan is from Australia and is very popular on Instagram and she successfully obtained over 1.5 million followers. 

Javier Hernandez had dated a few people over time, but he finally found his Mrs. Right and put a ring on her. Sarah and Javier look very attractive together and the fans are excited to know more about 

Sarah Kohan’s personal life


Read the following article to learn interesting facts about Sarah Kohan:

On March 20, 2019, the couple tied the knots. Although Javier is very famous and the media is crazy about the two of them, they try their bests to keep their relationship secret from everybody. 

Going through 

Sarah Kohan social media

, you can clearly see that most of her posts are about her daily life and her children. She doesn’t share a lot about her husband and their private relationship. 

Javier Hernandez is obviously a great catch. He is very handsome and he is doing well in his career. His net worth is $17 million. These facts about him are enough to make anybody interested in his spouse. Stay with us to learn many interesting facts about Sarah Kohan.

Sarah Kohan biography

In March 1994, Sarah Kohan was born in Sydney, Australia. She has dual Australian and Romanian citizenship. 

Sarah Kohan’s parents

 have always treated her with love. She can remember so many beautiful memories about her childhood playing with her sweet brother. Unfortunately, there aren’t any specific information about her parents.

This beautiful Instagram model is a Pisces (her Zodiac’s sign) and like most people born in this month is very generous and overly emotional. It is easy for her to leave an impression on the people that she meets. Many facts about

Sarah Kohan’s childhood

has been kept secret from the media.  

Sarah’s hair is bleached blonde and has an astonishing curvy body. She also has captivating brown eyes. Due to her pregnancy, Sarah Kohan body measurement is not accurate, but she is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. One stunning fact about Sarah Kohan is that after both of her pregnancies, she built up her body and took care of her skin. Being healthy and fit is very important to her.

Sarah has the soul of an explorer and adventurer. She has spent many hours exploring and pacing around Sydney’s beaches when she was alone. Everyone knew that she wouldn’t give up on nature as she grew older. Their assumption was true and she preserved her wild soul throughout her life. Undoubtedly, this is one of the 

top facts about Sarah Kohan, Javier Hernandez’s stunning wife

One reason behind Sarah’s enthusiasm for nature was her father, a known surgeon in Sydney. He took Sarah diving on the island nation of Vanuatu when she was 12 years old. This experience was one of the highlights of 

Sarah Kohan childhood

 and it seems that it was the start of her adventures. She is now a skilled diver, which is an impressive fact about Sarah Kohan.  

She pursued her enthusiasm as a child and throughout her adolescence, she kept on traveling. She decided to share her experiences with the rest of the world. That is why she started an account on Instagram and shared her photographs there.

In 2016, she started an account by the name of


and became a travel blogger living her dream. She traveled to exotic places and tasted wonderful adventures. During these travels and explorations, she took many photos of nature, animals, the stunning plantation, and of course, she poses beautifully in front of the camera and made many of the pictures irresistible. Her late account is now private. You can find her on Instagram



Sarah visited many places, such as Japan, the Bahamas, Tonga, Kauai, Bora Bora, Maldives, and Hawaii. She has taken and shared many photos of herself in all the exotic places that she visited. She can act like a daredevil from time to time swimming with sharks, diving with humpback whales, and feeding Iguanas.

Soon after she started posting pictures of her travels, many people started to become interested in her and her adventures. After a while, she was successful in attracting thousands of followers and this number kept on rising until it reached 1.5 million fans. This is truly an

awesome fact about Sarah Kohan

Sarah Kohan is not just a pretty face and a blogger. She is very intelligent and went to university to study law. This is an amazing fact about Sarah Kohan, Javier Hernandez’s stunning wife. At first, she aspired to become a doctor, but after six months she changed her mind. Of course, she is completely happy with her choice now.

She attended prestigious universities like Harvard and Colombia University as an exchange student. In 2018, Sarah was able to complete her degree specialized in international criminal law at Notre Dame in Australia. She is hoping to work one day at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. 

Sarah Kohan’s parents were really proud of her. Managing everything she does like her travels, social account, law school, and taking care of her children was truly difficult. But in the end, she was happy she could have such an opportunity to widen her horizons, which is one of the impressive facts about Sarah Kohan, Javier Hernandez’s stunning wife.


Sarah Kohan’s modeling work

Sarah has started her professional career as a travel blogger. She was able to obtain some sponsorship modeling jobs, which helped her gain more fame and popularity. She once stated that being nude is one of her favorite things and she enjoys taking nude pictures while posing in nature or beside animals. 

Her sweet and attractive complexion was always effective to draw everyone’s attention and her curvy stunning body successfully made her a stunning figure as an influencer on social media. little by little, she started working for various clothing, swimwear, and lingerie brands including KAOHS Swim and Frankie’s Bikinis. 

During the Miami Swim Week of 2017, she walked the runway and astonished everyone. She is also a partner of the global fashion brand, Fashionnova. Considering 

Sarah Kohan age

, she has had remarkable experiences and she keeps on living marvelously adventurous. 

Sarah always maintains her fitness through her travels and day to day life. Keeping your body fit is not as easy as it looks, especially when you are as interested as her in trying new food. She has tried different fitness clubs worldwide, so she is pretty much an expert.

Javier Hernandez, Sarah Kohan’s Husband 

Javier Hernandez is a Mexican striker playing for the Premier League club team West Ham United. He was born in June 1988 in Mexico into a religious catholic family. He is also very religious. He prays on his knees before every game and trust in God to drive the best result in his endeavors. 

He was born into a family of footballers. Both his father and grandfather were previously national-level players. His father was the primary reason for Javier to fall in love with football. He is commonly known with the nickname Chicharito. He is also Mexicans’ all-time leading goal scorer and gained many honors over the years. 

Javier started playing for the junior club level when he was 7 years old. At the age of 15, Javier signed his first professional contract with a local club. He showed excellent performance and remarkable agility in his movements. That was why he was selected for the national under-17 team. 

In 2010, Javier signed up with the Premier League club by

Manchester United

. He was the first Mexican who joined one of the leading Premier League teams. During his time at Manchester United, he was able to achieve many honors by depicting an impressive performance. He managed to score 20 goals during his debut season. 

Later on, he permanently left the team because of the arguments he had with the head coach. After spending two seasons in Germany, he signed up with the Premier League club LA Galaxy. He is well known for his speed and ability to handle the ball. 

Javier has shown marvelous performance during the national team matches many times and has been called for the World Cup as well. He is considered to be one of the score prolific players in the history of the

Premier League


Sarah Kohan net worth and salary

Sara is currently very successful and popular on social media. she has landed impressive modeling works and has earned much wealth. 

Sarah Kohan net worth

 has never been announced publically, but based on evidence, she is living a luxurious life. 

No information has ever been disclosed about Sara Kohan salary.

Sarah Kohan social media

is always active and filled with interesting pictures. Her jaw-dropping Instagram followers keep on attracting job opportunities for her. 

One of the impressive facts about Sara Kohan is that she managed to find her passion in life, stick to it and make a career out of it. Of course, she is still young and her life is ahead of her. Therefore, we could safely say that best is yet to come for her.

Sarah Kohan personal life

It is not a known fact how Sarah Kohan and Javier Hernandez have met each other, but according to sources, they have known each other since the 2018 World Cup. They started dating sometime around then, which is one of the

interesting facts about Sara Kohan

. They have been spotted together many times and on many occasions. 

Javier dated a few people before Sarah, but nothing sparkled with any of them. He just never felt happy and at peace with any of them. But dating Sarah was a totally different matter. For the first time in his life, he felt that he found someone he could start a family with and settle down.  

In 2019, Sarah and Javier got married in secret. They wanted to enjoy the happiest day of their lives only with family and close friends away from the city, crowds, and media. The news of their marriage was revealed only after they came back from their honeymoon. Unfortunately, we don’t have any information on the details of the ceremony and their honeymoon. 

According to many sources, Javier has always treated Sarah with so much care and love. They have been seen together on beaches and shopping malls. The fans believe that they are so made for each other. Apparently, they were ready for more serious commitment because, in late 2019, Sarah has informed everybody to be 40 weeks pregnant. 

They have two children now. Noah and Nala are 

Sarah Kohan children

 with Javier Hernandez. They welcomed their daughter less than a year after their son. They are extremely happy with their children and couldn’t be happier. Sarah has posted pictures of her beautiful children on Instagram. They are so adorable!

They are now living in the United States. Right after Noah was born, Javier left Spain to stay beside his family and to start a new chapter in his career. Sara excited as she was about her new house, has shared a few photos of it and the moving process. The house is very spacious and seems like a great place to raise the kids.

Later on, they shared a photo that showed Sarah’s belly and sonograms announcing her second pregnancy. As we mentioned before, one of Sarah’s favorite things to do is to take nude pictures. This is why on earth day, Sarah surprised her fans with astonishing nude photos of herself showing off her round belly.

She also shares some remarkable nude pictures of herself while pregnant which got her fans extremely excited. Baby Nala was born during the time of Corona. Of course, Sarah and Javier were worried about the health their kids. Fortunately, the baby was healthy and there was no sign of Covid-19 in any of them. 

Baby number one is now 18 months old and baby number two is ten months old. Sharah has explained how transformational it was for her to be a mom and how much she has learned during this short amount of time. In her opinion, being a mother is truly a blessing.

Everybody knows that pregnancy changes the form of a woman’s body. Some people believe it is impossible to find your way back to fitness. One of the most impressive facts about Sarah Kohan is that she never gives up. She has a fitness plan to follow to reach her ideal body. 

Sarah and Javier are extremely happy together and they have high hopes for their children. It is certain that Sarah will share her enthusiasm for nature and adventure with her children. She will keep on dreaming and enjoying her life to the fullest. As she wrote in the caption of one of her Instagram posts, she is extremely grateful for her family and life.

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