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Test- Facts about Maria Teresa Matus, Arturo Vidal’s wife

All the information about the woman who captured the heart of footballer Arturo Vidal are shown here. The woman is the mother of three children and is a famous Instagram figure.

Among immenent

facts about Maria Teresa Matus

is her popularity in Instagram as a star. She has the position among the most successful and richest Instagram influencers. She married Arturo Vidal, the famous football player of Serie A club

Inter Milan

and the

Chile national

team as midfielder. But do you know what happened to their love later? She co-founded the charitable organization "I Can". And there are more other interesting things about her life that you might not know. Let’s find out more about her.

Top about Maria Teresa Matus you might like to know 

In addition to being the wife and love of a the famous midfielder, Arturo Vidal, there are so many intriguing facts about Maria Teresa Matus, the 33-year-old Chilean, which you might like to know. If you are eager to know the top facts about Maria Teresa, stay with us during this article.

Maria Teresa Matus Childhood

Maria Teresa Childhood

is seemed to be private, since she did not publish any information on her childhood or family. She was born on 28 March in the Chilean state of Chile. She is from Chile but she has been spent her chilfhood in Barcelona, Spain.

Maria Teresa Matus current age is 33 years old (as of 2020).  

Maria Teresa Matus zodiac sign is Aries. Ram is the astrological symbol and The First House is the ruling house of Aries. Tuesday is the lucky day & 1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, 73, 82 is the lucky number for the Aries peoples. There are no other facts about Maria Teresa childhood; however, much info is available about her husband's life.

Maria Teresa Instagram

One of the interesting

facts about Maria Teresa Matus

is that she is so popular and has got her own fans.

She is best known as a Instagram Star. Maria Teresa


(@mariteematus) as a model and social media influencer known for sharing fashion, lifestyle, and family photos on her mariteematus account. One of the important facts about Maria Teresa Matus is the number of followers. Maria Tresa Instagram has amassed more than 558,000 followers on the platform. On TRENDCELEBNOW.COM, She is one of the successful Instagram Stars. She has ranked on the list of those famous people who were born on March 28, 1987. She is one of the Richest Instagram Star who was born in Chile.

Maria Teresa Matus ex-husband

Maria Teresa Matus ex-husband


Arturo Vidal

is a popular soccer star. Arturo Erasmo Vidal Pardo, born 22 May 1987, is a Chilean professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Serie A club Inter Milan and the national team of Chile.

Arturo Vidal added a new title to his trophy collection, Barcelona's 26th La Liga title, and he did not hesitate to celebrate it with his new girlfriend. This also confirmed rumours that they were together. this stunning girlfriend was Maria Teresa Matus.

 After starting in Barca's 1-0 win over Levante, Vidal, in his first season in Spain, and his children Alonso, Elizabetta and Emiliano participated in a ceremony managed by himself.  In that night  celebrations, Arturo Vidal went further and was seen with Sonia Isaza, with who it was rumoured that he has with towards the end of 2018.

that was the end for Arturo Vida and Maria Teresa love story. and Later they divorced.

Owing to his hard-tackling and rough, tenacious style of play, his displays during his tenure at Juventus led him to be dubbed Il Guerriero ('The Warrior'), Rey Arturo ('King Arthur') and La Piranha by the Italian press. In Chile, due to his seeming resemblance to the anime character in the same anime series, he is also known as Kinnikuman.

Vidal began his career with Colo-Colo, where he won three titles in Chile's Primera División. He moved to Europe, where he joined the

Bayer LeverkusenBundesliga team

and played for four seasons there.

 In 2011, Maria Tresa ex-husband then moved to Juventus, where he became widely regarded as one of the best midfielders in world football. 

He won the Scudetti at Juventus in all four of his seasons and was also instrumental to them in reaching the final of the 2015 UEFA Champions League.

After his performances, Vidal was named to the ten-man shortlist for the 2015 UEFA Best Player in Europe Award. Vidal returned to the Bundesliga on 28 July 2015, joining Bayern Munich and winning three consecutive Bundesliga titles.

 He signed for La Liga giants Barcelona after three years in Munich, where he captured his eighth straight league title.

Since his debut in 2007, Vidal has won 119 caps for the Chilean national team, featuring in the 2011, 2015 and 2019 Copa América tournaments, as well as the Copa América Centenario, the 2010 and 2014

FIFA World Cups

, and the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup, helping his nation to win the 2015 and 2016 Copa América.

Vidal is a tactically flexible and hard-working player capable of playing anywhere in the midfield, and in several different formations.

 In his early years, he initially played in several different defensive and midfield positions, before finally coming into his own center, with Juventus, either as a "mezzala" or box-to-box midfielder, roles in which he can assist.

Throughout his career, because of his crossing ability, he has also been used as a central defender, as a defensive midfielder, as an offensive midfielder, or even on the wing. 

 He is also able to play on either side of the pitch as a full-back or wing-back, while he has also played a more advanced role with the Chile national team on occasion, positioned as a full-back or wing-back.

He was also used as a second striker and, on occasion, as a bogus attacking midfielder.

Vidal suffered minor injuries when he crashed his Ferrari while under the influence of alcohol in Santiago on 16 June 2015, during the 2015 Copa América.

 He left the hospital in a police car and was called to court to face drunk driving charges. Vidal was granted a two-year driving ban on 8 July 2015, but that year he was allowed to continue playing in the Copa América.His cousin, Gonzalo Vásquez, is a former footballer who is now an engineer.


Arturo Vidal is a Chilean professional football player who gets a monthly salary of $500,000 and has an approximate net worth of $16 million. For his contract, which smashed the national record of $9 million, Bayer Leverkusen paid $11 million. In 2011, he signed a five-year deal with Juventus worth 10,5 million euros.

His four-year contract with Bayern Munich, signed in 2015 with a salary worth $40 million and a bonus worth $3 million, made him one of Chile's richest men. In the ranking of Chile's top 10 richest athletes, Arturo is ranked seventh. As for touring, he has a 495 Italia - a $80,000 luxury car produced by Ferrari.

Maria Teresa Matus and her ex- husband Arturo Vidal’s love story

Vidal has a deep love for horse racing. He spends a great deal of time watching races and betting on his favorite horses.

At home, Vidal owns a million-peso race of racing horses that, after retirement, will be the key fishing rod for the Chilean midfielder.

The most precious gift that horse racing gives to Arturo Vidal, however, is not money, but Maria Teresa Matus.

Vidal attempted to "attack" the beauties after meeting at the Club Hopico racetrack, despite the "owner-owned flower" being Matus. After a short time, Maria Teresa Matus falls into the arms of the Juventus star of those days. Heaven does not spare people.

They lived under one roof for five years, and finally they decided to officially get married.

Love is also bearing fruit here, beginning at the Club Hopico racecourse. Arturo Vidal agreed to hold a wedding at Club Hospice on December 27 after careful talks with the two families.

Vidal's wedding ceremony was a grand party with a budget of about 84,000 euros, according to the Chilean press (more than 74 million Chilean pesos).

The cost of a wedding, in total, is 50,000 euros. In addition, Vidal lost more than EUR 13,000 for the rental of the venue, EUR 4,000 for light money, EUR 8,000 for the singer's fees, EUR 6,7000 for the groom and clothes for the bride.

They'll even write an album. Only for the day of Happy Star Juventus.

Approximately 500 people were invited to Vidal and Maria Teresa wedding, including Juventus Club teammates and the Chilean national team, colleagues, relatives..

Among fantastic facts about Maria Teresa Matus is her wedding withArture Vidal. Their wedding ceremony was tinged with politics, with the participation of special guests, notably Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, Interior Minister Rodrigo Penailillo and Government Speaker Alvaro Elizalde.

 It was not only because he was a popular Chilean football star that Vidal was able to invite these three distinguished guests, but because he still had very good ties with politicians, especially President Michelle Bachelet. Listen to where, after holding on footwear, the Juventus star has entered the political arena.

Vidal said excitedly about his wonderful wedding: "I had a great time with the woman of my life." "We're one of the most beautiful couples, we have a happy family, and I'm going to go to church with the last woman I love."

Among surprising facts about Maria Teresa Matus is that, despite their deep love for each other, they decided to get divorced in 2018 after about a decade living with each other. The reason behind their divorce is not known.

For the first time Maria Teresa Matus spoke publicly of his separation with Arture in 2019. “You get married for life, but sometimes things don't work out and the unfortunate separation occurs.” This was what María Teresa Matus and Vidal faced two years ago.

Maria stated that after her marriage breakdown, the number of people who stayed by her side were counted by hand, and among them is her friend Cecilia Sáez who has been a great support in this process, for whom she only has words of gratitude.

"She supported me a lot, just as I did at the time when she broke up. I never thought she was going to compensate for me later. Everything I did for her, she returned to me. And the great support I felt from her and that I will always be grateful, is that she came for an important date that was the New Year (2019); she left her family, everything, to be with me on a day that was difficult for my children and for me, "she said.

Arturo Vidal received an unexpected greeting on Father's Day through social networks. And it is that his ex-wife published an image of him and dedicated a message to him during the celebration.

Among facts about Maria Teresa Matus is her Instagram account usage to upload to her stories a photograph of the Barcelona midfielder with two of her three children: Elisabetta and Emiliano, the youngest, as well as a "Happy Father's Day" and a crown of "King ".

Later, Vidal was shown with his children enjoying a day at the pool at home. The publication of "Marité" caused a sensation among her followers, while the woman demonstrated the good relationship that both maintain despite their separation.

The love break between Arturo Vidal and María Teresa Matus moved the Spanish press, who began to inquire into the love story of both, with a chapter forgotten by the majority of Chileans.

The Barcelona midfielder today shouts from the rooftops his love for the Colombian Sonia Isaza, being accused of having been unfaithful to the mother of his children. And Maria, spends the days with a solo vacation, who shows on Instagram that she maintains very good physique.

Maria Teresa Matus Children

Maria Teresa Matus Children

are Alonso, Elizabetta and Emiliano. Maria and Arturo became first-time parents to a boy they named Alonso in May 2009. A Few years late, in March 2014, the couple baptized their daughter Elizabetta and their third child is a boy named Emiliano born on May 2017. S among Maria Tresa children are two baptized offsprings.

Maria Teresa Matus current marital status

Usually, there are many theories that surround your favorite celebrities. The most frequently asked questions are: Is Maria Teresa Matus single or dating anybody, followed by who is dating Maria Teresa Matus? 

However,one of the main facts about Maria Teresa Matus is that she keeps his personal and love life private and prefers not to tell the details of  her marital status or divorce. But what is inferred from her Instagram stories, is that she is currently single and not dating anyone.

Maria Teresa Career

As stated before, Maria Teresa Career is being an Instagram star.

Furthermore, one of the top

facts about  Maria Teresa Matus

is that she is a native of Peñalolén, she studied Physiotherapy and is fond of dancing.

For a long time she dedicated herself to promoting work, taking advantage of her good presence. Thus he integrated several teams, among them that of the Costa Varúa nightclub. He also worked as the face of the famous cabaret “Diosas”.

Maria Teresa Matus net worth

Among the top facts about Maria Teresa Matus is that she is one of the wealthiest stars on Instagram in Chile. She lives in a country where the average GDP of 18.73 million people is $298.2 billion.

Probably, 2020 is the busiest year for Maria Teresa Matus.

Maria Teresa Matus net worth increased dramatically in 2020. However, depending on the source, her approximate net worth varies.

 We evaluated various sources and then determined how rich Maria Teresa Matus is using our own metric. So, how much is it worth to Maria Teresa Matus?

What's her annual wage, and how wealthy is she at the age of 33? We estimate the net worth, money, profits, and assets of María Teresa Matus for 2020-21 below:

Maria Teresa Matus Net Worth

in 2020 was about 1 Million dollars to 5 Million dollars.

 Her previous year net worth is estimated between 100000 dollars to 1 Million dollars.

Noted, we do not currently have ample details on vehicles, monthly/annual wage, etc.

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Maria Teresa Matus Houses and cars

Maria Teresa Matus houses and cars

and luxury brand in 2020 have not been stated anywhere. So there is no evidence about them.

It should be noted that today Maria’ house is based in Barcelona in a house that she shares with her mother and two women who help her with household things and her three children.

Although, like his children, he had become accustomed to Germany, he prefers Spain because the climate is warmer, the language and the beaches. In the case of the children, he concludes, "It was difficult to convince them. Now it's okay, they are happy."

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Maria Teresa Matus family

Maria didn't want to share any information about her parents. Therefore, details about

Maria Teresa Matus family

is unknown. As searched till now there is no information about Maria tresa family, her siblings, her mother or father. Nor is there any verified information about her ethnicity & religious views.

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Maria Teresa Matus body measurement

Most of the fans of María Teresa Matus want to know how tall María Teresa Matus is. Let's get this checked.

María Teresa Matus stands tall at the height 5 feet 9 inches. Her weight is approximately 158 lbs (71.6 kg). However,

Maria Teresa Matus body measurements

are not available right now.

Maria Teresa Matus ex-boyfriend

Before coming to Arturo Vidal, the beautiful Maria Teresa Matus was the girlfriend of the talented dancer Demis Reyes. Later on, dancer Demis Reyes,

Maria Teresa Matus ex-boyfriend

revealed that when she saw her wearing an expensive diamond ring, he believed his girlfriend had deceived him. Matus said he bought it out of his pocket when asked where the ring came from. Reyes didn't say anything, but inside, he figured not everyone who bought Vidal was coming here.

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Maria Teresa Matus Favorite things

In order to become more familiar with Maria Teresa Matus, we suggest the following information to know about

Maria Teresa Matus Favorite things

which can rarely be found in other websites.


Favorite Movies

: All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)


Favorite Actor

: Ralph Fiennes


Favorite Actress

: Juliette Binoche


Favorite Books

: The Castle


Favorite Writer

: Hans Christian Andersen


Favorite Colors

: Erin


Favorite Destination

: Italian Lake District,Sicily (Italy)


Favorite Foods

: tagliatelle al ragù alla Bolognese


Favorite Fruits

: Loquat


Favorite Singers

: Wilson Pickett


Favorite Songs



Favorite Sports

: Wood Chopping

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