Best Dortmund Forwards of All Time

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Dortmund is the only team that can challenge Bayern's position as the ruler of German football. Dortmund has always been able to strengthen its team by scouting and flourishing young talents. Let's review the strikers who have excelled in this football school.

Dortmund fans are unique in the world of football. They enthusiastically encourage the players to attack and win. With the best facilities and football knowledge, this club has been able to train talents such as




. Some of these talents not only become stars, but also become one of the

best Dortmund forwards of all time

. These are the forwards who hear the roar of Westfalen fans after opening the opponent's goal. For Dortmund, the club willing to raze the opponents,


best forwards ever are lethal weapons. Let's have a look into the history of Dortmund's armory.




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Best Dortmund Midfielders of all time

Here are some of the best Dortmund forwards of all time:

Dortmund is a football academy and it's the main course is attacking footballing philosophy.

Frank Mill

Frank Mill was a part of the 1990 FIFA World Cup winning squad of West Germany. He began his career when he was six years old at Eintracht Essen. He began his senior career in

Rot-Weiss Essen

in 1976, and in five years, he scored 74 goals in 120 games and 40 of those just in his 38 appearances in 1979–80. He was the top scorer in


. He was wasting in the second league, so in 1981, he moved to Monchengladbach under manager Jupp Heynckes.

For the five years as the striker, he scored 71 goals. In 83–84 season they made it to


 as runner up, they lost on penalties against

Bayern Munich

. Mill scored the only goal in normal time for the team. Mill moved to Dortmund at the end of the 1985–86 season and became one of the

best ever Dortmund forwards

. He played 187 games for Dortmund and scored 47 goals in eight years.

Before Mill, Dortmund had to win three relegation play-offs to ensure its ticket for the first level. But in the first season of Mill as one of the best Dortmund forwards of all time, they ended up as the fourth-place in the league. He became one of the all-time best Dortmund strikers and earned his role as the captain. In 1989, they beat Bookie-favorites

Werder Bremen

and lifted the DFB-Pokal trophy. In his final years for the club, they made it to the UEFA Cup as runner up in 92–93 season.




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Best Dortmund Defenders of all time

Jan Koller

Koller is a former Czech striker who was noted for his height and strong physique. He started as a goalkeeper, but converted to forward position by the time his professional career began in

Sparta Prague

. In two seasons he played 29 games and scored 5, but caught the eye of Belgian football and moved to Lokeren in 1996. After a three-year success and finishing as Belgian first division top scorer in his last season, Koller moved to


In three seasons, they won the Belgian Super Cup twice and koller got the 2000 Belgian Golden shoe title. In 2001, he was bought by Dortmund after turning down


. For five years in the club, he scored 59 goals in 138 appearances and became one of the

best Dortmund strikers ever

. Due to his stature, He was named a towering forward or even a human lighthouse. In his first season as one of the best Dortmund forwards of all time, they won the Bundesliga championship. 

His training as a goalkeeper became handy in a game against Bayern, when the main goalkeeper got the second yellow card and Dortmund already had all their substitutions. Koller, who already scored a goal as the sticker, prevented Dortmund from receiving any more goals for more than 30 minutes. He was named the top goalkeeper of the week because of that game. 

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Karl-Heinz Riedle

Despite not being a tall striker, Riedle was named Air, due to his notable heading accuracy, jumping, and timing skills in the air. He started as a forward in the Bayernliga with

FC Augsburg

and in the 1985–86 season was the club top scorer with a total of 20 goals. After a season in

Blau-weiß Berlin

 and scoring 10 goals in 34 games, the club was relegated, as last. He signed a contract with Werder Bremen in 1987, which was led by the legendary Otto Rehhagel. 

He netted 18 times in his first season and became the second top scorer after Klinsmann. In three seasons, he scored 38 goals and won the 1987–88 Bundesliga title, 1988 DFL Super cup, and finished as runner up in two DFB-Pokals. Also, he became the top scorer in the 1989–90 UEFA cup.In 1990 he moved to


for a 13 million transfer fee, but his time in Italy wasn’t successful but in the 1992 UEFA European championship, he became the top scorer. In 1993 he returned to Germany and joined Dortmund. 

In four seasons as one of the

all-time best Dortmund forwards

, he appeared in 87 games and scored 24 goals. In his time in Dortmund, they won two Bundesliga titles, two DFL Super cups, and the 1996–97 UEFA Champions League. As one of the best strikers in Dortmund history in the champions league against


, he scored two important goals for a 3–1 success.

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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Aubameyang is one of the

Dortmund best forwards ever

, who currently is the captain of both


and Gabon national team. In 2007, he joined

A.C. Milan

’s youth team and scored against every opponent Milan played in his first season. For three seasons, he was loaned to






and Saint-Etienne and eventually signed a contract with them. From 2011 to 2013, he appeared in 73 games for


club and scored 35 times. 

He scored half of the team’s away goals and became the top scorer in Ligue 1. Also, in 2012–13 season, he ended second in the top goal scorer list after


and won the Ligue 1 best African player award. In 2013, he joined Dortmund and became one of the best Dortmund forwards of all time. In five years, he played 144 times and scored 98 goals for the club. 

During this period, Dortmund won three DFB-Pokals and finished as runner up in Aubameyang’s first season. They also won the DFL Super cup two times. He was on the CAF team of the year list for four consecutive years, and the UEFA Europa League squad of the season list in 2015–16. He became the Dortmund player of the season in 2014–15. Also, in Bundesliga, he was the player of the year in 2015–16 season and as the top scorer of the season he got a place on the Bundesliga team of the year list in 2016–17.

Lothar Emmerich

He was born on November 29, 1941 in Dortmund. Lothar Emmerich joined Dortmund when he was 19 years old and later became one of the

best Dortmund forwards of all time

. In the first season of the Bundesliga, he was a key player for Dortmund and had 16 goals in 29 caps. Lothar Emmerich was physically strong and became of his pace he occasionally played as a left winger. In the Cup Winner's Cup, Lothar Emmerich scored 14 in only nine matches and was a big part of Dortmund's championship. 

He was the Bundesliga top scorer for two seasons in a row, in 1965 and 967 with 31 and 28 goals, respectively. In 1964–65 DFB-Pokal, "Emma" netted four times in five matches including the final match against

Alemannia Aachen

, which ended with Dortmund's victory. Emma caped five times for West Germany and scored two goals including the equalizer against Spain in the 1966 FIFA World Cup. 

After being Bundesliga's top scorer for two consecutive seasons Lothar Emmerich scored 30 more goals in league games for Dortmund. Borussia Dortmund is the only club Emma played for in Bundesliga. As one of the best Dortmund forwards ever, Lothar Emmerich left Dortmund and went to begin a journey in Belgian football. He became the Belgian league top scorer in 1969–70 with 29 goals for







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Best Bayern Munich Players of All Time

Robert Lewandowski

Lewandowski, who is the captain of the Poland national team, is one of the

best Dortmund forwards of all time

. He is renowned for his positioning and technique and scored over 500 senior career goals for club and country. He began his senior career in 2005 in Delta Warsaw and in the following season, he was the Polish third division’s top goal scorer, helping

Znicz Pruszkow

win promotion. Also, the next season, he was the top scorer in the Polish second division.

In 2008, he moved to

Lech Poznan

and in his first season became the second top scorer in the Polish first division. The following season, he stole first place and helped his team win the 2009–10 championship. In 2010, he Joined Dortmund on a four-year contract and became one of the best ever Dortmund strikers. In 1331 games he scored 74 goals and helped the team win two Bundesliga championships, two BFB-Pokals, and a DFL super cup. Also, in the UEFA champions league 2012–13 season they finished as runner up.

In the same year, he became the VDV Bundesliga player of the season and got a place in the lists of Bundesliga and VDV team of the season. In his last season in Dortmund, he won the Bundesliga top scorer award and again was on the both VDV and Bundesliga team of the season lists. He truly is one of the best Dortmund forwards of all time.





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Bayern Munich Top Scorers of All Time

Friedhelm Konietzka

Friedhelm Konietzka was a coal miner before joining Dortmund and becoming one of the

best forwards in Dortmund history

. Dortmund was competing in Oberliga West because there was no Bundesliga yet. In the Oberliga West was the domain of

Schalke 04

, FC Köln, and Borussia Dortmund. Max Merkel was Dortmund's manager in 1958 when he first found out about Friedhelm Konietzka's football talent. 

Friedhelm Konietzka and Jürgen Schütz formed an awesome attacking duo. However, they didn't win any trophy for Dortmund in Oberliga West, but Dortmund finished the last season of the league as all time champion of the West. In 1963, Bundesliga started its first season. In the first minute of the first matches of the Bundesliga, Friedhelm Konietzka scored a goal for Dortmund against Werder Bremen. Dortmund finished in the fourth position while Friedhelm Konietzka scored 20 and was the second top goal scorer of the season. The fans gave him the nickname "Timo" after Soviet Union general Timoshenko. 

In 1964–65 and 1965–66, Timo was also the second goal scorer with 22 and 26 goals respectively. In 1965–66 he scored 26 goals for his new team TSV 1860 Munich, while Lothar Emmerich from Borussia Dortmund became the top scorer. In the league table, it was different and TSV 1860 Munich became Bundesliga champion and Dortmund finished in second place. Timo Konietzka scored 121 goals in 163 appearances. As one of the best Dortmund forwards of all time, Timo holds the record for the highest number of goals scored in one's first 100 appearances in Bundesliga. In his first 100 appearances in Bundesliga, he scored 72 goals for Dortmund and 1860 Munich. 

Stéphane Chapuisat

Swiss striker who was the main man in the 90's Dortmund and became one of the Dortmund best forwards ever. After a few years in Switzerland football, he went to Germany and joined

Bayer Uerdingen

. Ten matches and four goals was Stéphane Chapuisat's stats in Bayer Uerdingen. His next team was Borussia Dortmund. In 1991 Ottmar Hitzfeld became the new manager of Dortmund and Stéphane Chapuisat was the first choice forward for him. Stéphane Chapuisat scored twenty goals in his first season and helped Dortmund finish in second place in the Bundesliga table behind

VfB Stuttgart

On the goal scorer table, he finished also in second place with two goals less than Fritz Walter of VfB Stuttgart. Dortmund fans waited three more years to see their team's championship. Between 1991 and 1994, Stéphane Chapuisat was always Dortmund's top scorer and one of Bundesliga's best players. In 1994–95 he won the Bundesliga title with Borussia Dortmund. Despite his goal scoring rate was declining, Dortmund repeated the championship once again in the next season. 

As the two back-to-back champions of Germany, Dortmund reached the 1996–97 UEFA Champions League final. Dortmund defeated

Manchester United

in both legs of the semi-finals and it was turned for Juventus to taste defeat from Dortmund. After this glorious year, Ottmar Hitzfeld left the club and joined Bayern Munich. Due to Hitzfeld's rotating policy for team’s line-up, Stéphane Chapuisat couldn't get into the top scoring table. After Hitzfeld's departure, once again Chapuisat was back into his top scoring rate. He managed to score 102 goals in 218 games for Dortmund.

Manfred Burgsmüller

Manni Burgsmüller is the strangest name between the best Dortmund forwards of all time. He spent many years in struggling teams in the regional league. Dortmund was the first top flight team he joined. His career in Dortmund started as a 30 old newcomer midfielder. Despite that he played mostly as a midfielder, he scored like a center forward. For the people who think only strikers score goals, he was more than a striker. In his first season in Dortmund, he caped 26 Bundesliga and scored 14 goals. With a strong scoring potential, he gradually changed his position from midfielder to the occasional striker. 

In 1977–78 Bundesliga, Burgsmüller scored 20 goals that made him the third top goal scorer of the season. One of the darkest days of Dortmund history occurred that same season. On the final matchday of the Bundesliga season, Borussia Mönchengladbach faced Borussia Dortmund with the possibility of winning the Bundesliga championship by ten excess goals. Dortmund lost the match 12–0 and that is the biggest defeat in Bundesliga history. In that day, Manfred Burgsmüller was the team's captain. He remained in the captain role in Dortmund for the upcoming seasons. 

In the next two seasons, he appeared in 78 matches and scored 49 goals for Dortmund. Manni Burgsmüller had his best goal scoring in 1980–81. He opened opponents' net 27 times, and finished second in the Bundesliga goal scoring table, only two goals behind Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. He scored more than 15 goals for Dortmund every season, 135 goals in 224 Dortmund games and all of them were in the third decade of his life. Manni Burgsmüller retired at the age of 41 and won Bundesliga with Werder Bremen. 




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