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Sun 27 December 2020 | 13:30

Including top facts about Aaron Ramsey, the talented Welsh player, the following article will attract your attention. Then follow us here as we uncover some of the more fascinating and top about the box-to-box midfielder that you probably did not know.

Having a different role to play, each player positions on the field in the expected place. Among the positions, the midfielder is one of the most significant ones, also known as the football team's backbone. By playing a disciplined defensive role and or breaking up attacks, they can make the whole squad powerful. So, no wonder why managers focus a lot on footballers playing as midfielders, and by paying millions tried to bring in the best ones.

However, it needs a longer time to describe how a midfielder affects having a more unified and coherent squad, and hard to explain who is the best one. Instead, by introducing Aaron Ramsey, a famous, successful, and well-known midfielder, Sportmob answers these questions

Aaron Ramsey is a midfielder who has earned his place in the football hall of fame with the renowned profession, which he has had with some featured clubs, including 


Nottingham Forest


, and 

Cardiff City

The high level of fame stimulates so much curiosity to know more of the 

top facts about Aaron Ramsey

, the current Juventus midfielder. By the following article, you will know Ramsey better, the midfielder whose name is among the best football world midfielders. The following top facts about Aaron Rasmey will bring you a full account of notable events from his childhood till now. 

Top Facts about Aaron Ramsey You Might Not Know

In this article, Sportmob will present a full story of Aaran Ramsey, the Genius's best-known player by his nickname Rambo. Before going through some of the more in-depth and top facts about Aaron Ramsey, take a look at the shortlist containing some basic facts that you might like to know. 

  • Full Name:

     Aaron James Ramsey

  • Nickname:


  • Date and Place of Birth:

     26 December 1990

  • Age:


  • Height:

     5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)

  • Weight:

     76 kg 

  • Marital Status:


  • Current Team:


  • Jersey Number:


  • Nationality:


  • Salary and Wages:

     £400,000 a week (accurate as of 2019)

Observing how fast the most brilliant stars of the 2010s are getting older is so hard to accept. The superstars such as 

Lionel Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo

, and

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

 are the heroes that the football world and its fans do not want to admit they are over their thirties also Zlatan entered in his forties. Although no one likes to imagine the football world without these brilliant players, the entrance of younger but exceptional players helps to relieve our pain. 

Aaron Ramsey Childhood

Born in Caerphilly, Wales, the United Kingdom, in December 1990, Rasmey grew up in a four-people family. He spent his childhood with his parents, Kevin and Marlene, and grew up alongside his little brother, who is just one year apart from him.

Rhymney Valley Comprehensive School in Caerphilly County Borough is the school he joined as a child. His first introduction to football refers to the time Rasmey attended a Urdd training session at Caerphilly at his 9, although the favorite sport of 

Aaron Ramsey childhood

 was rugby.

Playing as a winger for the Caerphilly youth development program, Ramsey took part in rugby when he was a schoolboy. Ramsey's playing in a youth match against rugby league side, St. Helen, caused the scouts to approach him. Unfortunately, despite their effort, Ramsey signed a contract for Cardiff City's youth academy, which had stolen him from his school at his 9.

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Aaron Ramsey Family Life 

Being from Wales by origin and just like Gareth Bale, Ramsey is proud of coming from middle-class Welsh family background and having parents born and brought up in the historic town, Caerphilly, South Wales. 

The notable point about 

Aaron Ramsey family life

 is that he has a friendly relationship with them. Love relaxing with Kevin Ramsey, his dad, and celebrating his parents' birthdays on his Instagram account shows how much Aaron is close to his family member. During the international break and or his injury, the only way of keeping Ramsey busy and relax was visiting home, his parents, and his only brother. 

One of his entertainment, which Ramsey prefers to spend his breaks by, or walks himself from injury, is enjoying a spot of clay pigeon shooting with Josh, his little brother, whom he had spent most of his life. 

Aaron Ramsey Wife

Aaron Ramsey wife

, Colleen Rowlands, is the pretty blond girl and Ramsey's childhood sweetheart, which Ramsey got married to at Caldicot Castle in Monmouthshire, Wales on 8 June 2014. Their wedding had two features which had made it different from usual ones. They had asked their guests to donate money to the Parkinson UK charity instead of bringing gifts to them, and the other feature was jetting to his wedding in style on a chopper. 

The new couple went to Venice to spend their honeymoon, and by posting several messages on social media, shared their feelings with the fans.

Aaron Ramsey Children

Aaron Ramsey children

 are three cute kids which the 2nd and 3rd ones are twins. Ramsey and Colleen, his wife, celebrated the birth of their first child in 2015. After his birth, Ramsey shared many beautiful photos of him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, that below we have shared a photo of both Rambo, the father, and his son. Seven months later, Sonny, his sweet son, started to crawl, while Ramsey could not be at home and enjoy the moments. 

Though being far away because of Euro 2016 was so tough for the Wales star, three years later, Ramsey and his wife welcomed twins, Teddy and Tomas, and had got the chance of spending enjoyable times with his children.

Aaron Ramsey Strange Fact

Series of strange coincidences caused a cheap shot trend about the Welshman. During the time Ramsey was in Arsenal, the death of a long list of famous people at the day or a few days after a Ramsey goal spread a terrible rumor about him.

The bizarre coincidence looked like a danger for celebrity lives, such as what happened to some of them. The following is a list of famous people whose deaths coincide with the date or few days after Ramsey's goals.

Scoring in a 1-0 win against 

Man United

, on 1 May 2011, was just one day earlier the death of Osama Bin Laden. He was a political man and the founder of al-Qaeda, responsible for the attacks on the United States on 11 September.   


  • Colonel Gaddafi, a Libyan revolutionary, politician, and political-theorist, died on 20 October 2011, the day after Ramsey's goal in a 1-0 win against Marceline. 

  • The death of Whiney Houston, an American singer, actress, producer, and model, coincided with the day Ramsey scored in a 2-1 win against Sunderland, 11 February 2012.

Steve Jobs' death came three days later, on 5 October 2011, Ramsey's goal in a 2-1 defeat against 


. The well-known man was the chairman, chief executive officer, and co-founder of Apple Inc.


  • 30 November 2013, the day Ramsey scored two goals in a 3-0 win against Cardiff, coincided with Paul Walker's death. Paul Walker was an American actor, famously remembered for his role as Brian O'Conner in The Fast and Furious franchise. 

On 11 August 2014, the day after which Ramsey scored in a 3-0 win against 

Man City

, Robin Williams, an American stand-up comedian, and actor, died. 

Ramsey's goal scoring in a 3-1 win against


and David Bowie's death occurred one day apart. Ramsey scored on 9 January 2016, and David Bowie, the English singer, songwriter, and actor, died on 10 January 2016.


  • 6 March 2016, Nancy Reagan, an American film actress and the 40th president's wife of the United States, died. That was the day after Ramsey had scored in a 2-2 draw against Tottenham. 

On 13 January 2016, in a 3-3 draw against 


, Ramsey scored a goal. The day after, Alan Rickman, an English actor, and director, fame for playing many roles on stage and screen, died.

Television Icon Bruce Forsyth died on 18 August 2017, six days after Marsey's scoring goal against 


. Bruce was a British presenter, actor, comedian, singer, dancer, and screenwriter, whose career lasted more than 75 years.

  • On 22 October 2017, Ramsey scored a goal in a 5-2 win over Everton. Unfortunately, two days later, Robert Guillaume, an American actor famed for his role as Isaac Jaffe on Sports Night and as Benson on the TV-series Soap and the spin-off Benson, and also for voicing the mandrill Rafiki in The Lion King, passes away. 

Though having no scientific basis in the 2020s, 

Aaron Ramsey strange fact

, such as many baseless topics, have been published on the Internet. 

Aaron Ramsey Instagram and Social Media

Aaron Ramsey Social Media

 is active, and he has a varified 



, and 


 accounts. The Wales star has shared a variety of photos from different sports occasions, his wife and children. Also, posting some photos about nature and animals shows he is interested in something other than sports, world wildlife. 

Regarding how much he is active in social media, comparing the number of his followers, followings, and posts shows that

Aaron Ramsey Instagram

account is probably the most active one by 4.2m followers, 145 followings, and 855 shared posts than on other platforms.

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Aaron Ramsey Salary and Net Worth

Among the players from Wales, the market value of £19.80 million ranked him number one and number 67 among all players worldwide playing as a midfielder. 

Signing a contract with Juventus in 2019 earned a whopping salary of 22 million euros per year for the brilliant and skillful midfielder. Crunching the numbers shows Aaron Ramsey earns €60.109 (£54,340) per day and €2,505 (£2,264) per hour. Judging by the numbers about 

Aaron Ramsey net worth and salary

 we will see that to earn as much as he does in one month, people might need to work at least 55.2 years. 

By making several million per year, Aaron Ramsey net worth is approximately 26 million euros (23 million euro), which over the coming years, he will increase to more than double. Playing in Juventus has worked as a making money opportunity for him, which earns an almost scary amount of cash per year. Since he is playing now and not still that old, his estimated market value is 47 million euros (42 million pounds), considered a notably high one. 

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Aaron Ramsey House

Aaron Ramsey, the Arsenal star, has bought a five-bedroom property whose original price is £4.5 million, on the outskirt of Cardiff, while he bought it for £1.4 million off. The Premier League footballer bought a stunning house, including a longhouse that boasts gardens with fountains, a three-hole golf course, tennis court, and a five-star hotel standard outdoor pool. 

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Aaron Ramsey Career in Summary

Cardiff City is the club which started to play as a schoolboy and spent eight years there. Due to his age, 16 years and 124 days, he was chosen as the club's youngest ever first-team player.

Showing his brilliant performance by appearing in 22 games for the senior team, the young player made him stand out from the top and most famous clubs, including Arsenal, 


, and Manchester United. On 10 June 2008 and after the meeting officials with mentioned clubs, Ramsey decided to join Arsenal, the club for which had paid £4.8 million to Cardiff City. 

Being talented and having excellent performance prepared the opportunity of making progress, and like Jack Wilshere and 

Theo Walcott

, Ramsey could quickly gain first-team under Wenger. 

Unfortunately, in February 2010, in the match against 

Stoke City

, Ramsey broke his leg, which led his career to stall. Having spent two loan spells away from Arsenal, Ramsey returned to full fitness and could re-establish himself as a usual star. 

Ramsey's career history is full of achievements, honors, and unforgettable moments, which needs a longer time to be described. Whatever presented here was 

Aaron Ramsey career in summary

, and the rest is current history.

Short List of Interesting Facts about Aaron Ramsey

  • At age 24, Ramsey signed a modeling contract with Elite Model Management London. Adidas is one of the other sports companies that has sponsored Ramsey, though New Balance is the company that has linked up with Ramsey. Furthermore, Ramsey has been the brand ambassador for McDonald's since 2014.

Considered as one of the top facts about Aaron Ramsey, he was the youngest player to ever play for Cardiff. Joining Cardiff as an eight-year-old boy, Ramsey grew up in Cardiff's youth academy, and while playing in the English Championship, he made his debut for the senior team in 2007. Although by 16 years and 124 days, Ramsey was the youngest player in the club history, the former Fulham man, 

Matthew Briggs

, with 56 days apart, was the youngest player to ever play in the Premier League. During the only season, which Ramsey played for the Bluebirds, he helped reach the FA Cup Final. 

Signing a $7.5 million contract for Arsenal, as a teenage boy, who just was 17, is included in the list of 

top facts about Aaron Ramsey

. His dazzling playing style for Cardiff, Ramsey had attracted the attention of top English Premier League teams, and just after a short time, they started to come calling with Cardiff.

Manchester United and Cardiff agreed on a transfer fee, and while Everton was in the mix, Ramsey decided to join Arsenal for $7.5 million. Following Ramsey's choice, Arsenal announced its refusal about loaning the player back to the Bluebirds.

Though, in the procedure of agreeing upon once a Premier League team is usual to raid the lower division for a younger player. As the result of tackling from Stoke's

Ryan Shawcross

, Ramsey suffered fractures in his fibula and tibia. His broken leg, which happened in February 2010, led to a temporary halt in Ramsey's progress with the Arsenal first team. Following the issue, and during Ramsey's recovery, Arsenal loaned him to Cardiff for a month.

  • One of the other top facts about Aaron Ramsey is his scored goal of the season candidate in the Champion League. The 4-1 won of Arsenal against Turkish club Galatasary advanced it to the knockout stages, though Monaco eliminated it later on away goals. How Rasmey played and scored in the match looked extraordinary, as Ramsey told BBC it was unbelievable which by watching back he had got it was further out than and called it his best goal. No wonder Ramsey labeled it as his best goal, reaching 53 miles per hour and taking 1.1 seconds to reach the goal deserves the best-goal title.  

  • There are few players appreciated for the power of their shots and their ability to curl the ball. Though Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi are the two best examples, in this case, they are not the only ones. Watching Cristiano Ronaldo scoring rocket shots or following Messi scoring stunning free-kicks might make you not consider any other goal and goal scorer. Watching astonishing Ramsey's goals might show you have not paid attention, how amazing he scored the following freak goals that could be a candidate for the best ones of the season.

Ramsey's goal versus Liverpool in the Premier League in 2013-2014, his goal versus


in the UEFA group stage in 2014-2015, and his goal versus England in U21 are the goals that can change your minds about the best-scored ones. Suggesting to watch the scenes of the mentioned goals, Sportmob put them among the top facts about Aaron Ramsey.

In the article, 


tried to present a review of

top facts about Aaron Ramsey

, including his personal life before fame, family life, and so many on and off-pitch little known. Meanwhile, if we have left some memorable points, let us know in the comment section.

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