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Thursday24 December 2020 | 17:30
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Football is thought to be the most famous sport in the world and as one of the most beautiful games out there, we see many great tricks and skills in it. In this article, we will share some top football tricks with you!

Football is often given the title of "The Beautiful Game" through marketing, promotional activities, and sports TV shows. The origin of the name stems from the 1950s when sportscaster Stuart Hall used it to define Manchester City's style of play. It was used in soccer in the '70s when Brazilian football genius Pele used the term in his book and made the phrase more popular than ever. Throughout the years, people throughout the world have referred to the sport using this name.

There are also great points in football — such as one player making a great play with creative skills which helps the team to achieve a huge win at the end of the game. The manner in which the biggest stars of the football conjure up a new trick, turn of skill for digging their way out of a desperate situation, and also immortalizing their role in the game's past in the process.

Many of the most classic and best football tricks like the "Cruyff Turn", the "Maradona Turn", the "Scissor Kick" and so many more are still being practiced across the world as fundamental football skills to a young generation of footballers. The rainbow flick is another more famous examples of best soccer tricks. These techniques and skills are the same ones that kids around the world aspire to imitate and refine in honor of the greatest players of football.

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To help you excel at football, we've come up with this list of just what we believe are some of the best soccer tricks in the game. But, there are far too many football tricks that should be of concern. Through all these years of playing football, how many times have you heard about any of these best soccer skills, and which one of these

best football skills

do you believe you are capable of doing?

Best Football Tricks and the Players Who Invented Them

One thing to note here before getting down to the list of best football skills is that many of these tricks are created by some of the greatest players in the history of football. In our list of

best soccer tricks

, we will also tell you the name of the player who created that trick and skill. Stay tuned to learn about some of the best football skills and who invented them.

The Mule Kick, Gianfranco Zola

The Mule Kick is a basic football trick that needs nothing else but taking the weaker footstep first, giving the opposing player the sign that the other foot will be standing with the ball. But it fools the opponent, enabling the ball to get to the stronger foot of the player to kick it for a pass, or to kick it for a shoot. Notably, it cannot be achieved when the player has the possession of the ball.

Though this is orchestration that compels a footballer to play the ball in this kind of manner, most footballers in the game's history have tried their luck with that, but perhaps the most popular of them is undoubtedly Zola's attempt versus Norwich.

he Dive, Jurgen Klinsmann

The most criticized and hated trick of our list of

best soccer skills

is diving; it has been used for a long time and is still generally used by football players in order to confuse the referee into giving them a penalty kick. The dive has been seen before, but it was first perfectly criticized in 1990 when Germany's striker Jurgen Klinsmann used it.

There was so much talk regarding Klinsmann's diving in the 1990 World Cup that he converted it into his goal celebration and frequently did it after scoring goals for Tottenham in the English Premier League. Regardless of if you love to "The Dive" or hate "The Dive" — it is amongst the most common tricks in the football and, when performed correctly, it may be one of the most successful ways of beating an opponent and one of the best football skills.

The Flip-Flap, Rivelino

If you are searching for a quick trick that is fast to master and that will deceive the crowd, then look no farther than the Flip Flap as one of the

best football skills

. As one of the best football tricks, it was first used by Japanese-Brazilian footballer Sergio Echigo in the 1960s and then was made popular in the 1970s by his team-mate, Rivellino.

These days we are seeing this trick to be used at almost all levels of football, all leagues and competitions and by many footballers. The "La Culebrita" or "little snake" or "Elastico" are the other names for Flip Flap trick. This skill is fast and unpredictable; like an elastic band, your foot pushes the ball one way and quite explosively snaps it back in the opposite direction.

Recently world-class footballers such as


, Ronaldo,


, and more notoriously the Brazilian legend Ronaldinho have done this trick to great effect in their play as one of the best soccer skills. The Flip Flap trick is a two-touch move beginning on the outside and ending on the inside of your foot. While you are doing this trick, at all times your foot always has contact with the ball, as it directs it in one way and then another. When you are watching this trick done by great footballers in a match it might seem like a hard trick to do, but it is really simple when you actually try to do it.

Seal Dribble, Kerlon

Seal dribble is amongst the tricks in this list of

best football skills and who invented them

that doing it in a match will make the opponent players angry. This trick is not something that you will see in everyday football, but it is fascinating to try to learn nevertheless. It is done by twirling the ball up off the ground onto the head, which results in the player then jumping up to sprint past defenders and then bouncing the ball off their forehead. This trick makes it difficult for the opponent to stop the player without committing a foul. Kerlon, a retired Brazilian football player, is among the most prolific users of the trick.

Another famous player to ever use this trick in our list of best soccer tricks is an Italian forward, Maro Nappi. His most prominent usage of this trick came against Werder Bremen during the first leg of the semi-final round of the 1989-90 UEFA Cup; Nappi grabbed the ball in his zone in the match and ran 40 meters down the right flank with the ball bouncing on his forehead.

The legality of this trick in a game is questionable under the current Laws of the Game. Law 12, which deals with fouls in football, describes "playing in a threatening way" as trying to prevent an opposing player from playing the ball due to injury-fear. Since a seal dribble holds the ball high in the air and dribbles near to the attacker, it could only be legal for challenges including an opponent attempting to lead the ball away and a goalie catching the ball or punching it.

Each of these situations poses a significant risk to players. Kerlon played in numerous incidents throughout his career in which he was elbowed, tripped, kicked or headbutted by opponents disappointed by his skill to do the seal dribble. A notable incident of an injury occurred when Atletico Mineiro's Coelho attacked Kerlon with a hard elbow attack to his face. It is still deemed as one of the best football skills.

The Scorpion Kick, René Higuita

As Colombia faced England at Wembley Stadium in 1995, when making a scorpion kick save, the Columbian nation's goalie Rene Higuita turned himself into football folklore. It was totally pointless, there is no doubt about that, but the fact that it is still spoken of to this day demonstrates exactly what an unforgettable bit of talent it was.

To perform this trick which is amongst the

best football skills

, the player needs to throwing or diving the body forwards and then pressing the hands on the pitch to lunge the back heels in to kick an approaching ball. This trick takes its title from the similarity of the player to the tail of a scorpion when doing the kick.

There are several other forms on top of the standard diving scorpion kick, including the standing scorpion kick and flipping scorpion kick, none of which actually results in the positioning of the hands on the pitch. A prominent exponent of the standing scorpion kick is Swedish attacker Zlatan Ibrahimović, whereas a famous exponent of the flipping scorpion kick is Italian footballer Giuseppe Biava.

The Pullback V, Ferenc Puskas

Although the pullback V might be least known trick in our list of best football skills and who invented them, but many of you who play football have used it at any point, and we are sure that you have used it more than just a few times. This is a trick by which you stop the ball, pull it back towards yourself and then flick that behind your other foot to push a teammate into open space, all achieved in the shape of a V. During his 1950s heyday, the fantastic Hungarian football legend Ferenc Puskas is known for creating this trick.

To do this skill that is surely one of the best football skills, the player must be comfortable with the bottom of his foot and also able to move around the ball with confidence. The player simply puts his dominant foot on the ball, pull the ball back towards his other foot, and then open up his hips into the space he wants to run into. This trick is a perfect choice when the player is under pressure and it will help him to play into the open spaces of the pitch.

The Rabona, Ricardo Infante

One of the most iconic and best football skills which were invented by Ricardo Infante, the Rabona is still used quite often on the football field than ever before. In competitive matches, stars like Luis Suarez, Neymar, Eden Hazard, Erik Lamela,

Cristiano Ronaldo

, Lionel Messi and

Angel Di Maria

have all used it as best they could, wrapping one foot around another to shoot the ball and score some iconic goals.

To do this trick you must put your weaker foot next to the ball in a stable position. Make sure that you have a great balance while you are approaching the ball. Practicing it over and over will help you be comfortable doing the Rabona trick. Also, ensure that you have the right distance of 20 to 30 centimeters between the ball and your foot.

To get the best result while doing this trick, try to swing back your leg as far as possible. Then you should kick the ball with the outside part of your foot. One thing to note is that to shoot the ball cleanly, you should bend the supporting knee while kicking it. To give power to your pass or shoot with the Rabona trick, you must hit the ball with a distinct movement.

The Scissor Kick, Pele

There is almost no captivating approach than with a scissor kick to score a goal in the game of football. With the all the flexibility of an Olympic gymnast, the vision of a striker hurling backwards into the air before capturing a cross high beyond head level with his foot and shooting it into the back of the net is literally magnificent.

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In scoring goals with the scissor kick, Pele was the real master. A few years ago,

Wayne Rooney

scored a scissor kick goal in the Manchester Derby and much more recent cases of this incredible talent were

Gareth Bale

's goal in the 2018 EUFA Champions League final match. Who made it? The Peruvians, Brazilians, the Chileans and the Italians all claim to be the first to make it. However, the most popular footballer to use it was Pele, who made the world to notice this trick.

The Ronaldo Chop, Cristiano Ronaldo

The Ronaldo chop, as the name suggests is one of the tricks in our list of

best football tricks

and the players who invented them, which became famous by the great Cristiano Ronaldo. When the opponent player approaches, the Juventus player uses the inside of his foot to run the ball inside of the standing leg. This move gives him a good angle that puts him in a new direction.

Doing this trick is not that tough, but it's more difficult than the other tricks we've so far put in this list of best football skills. This trick must be performed on the run, and one thing to note here is that the faster you're running, the more effective this trick can be.  When doing this trick, you must not be standing still as it will be ineffective. It is best to do the Ronaldo Chop trick when you are 1 to 2 yards in front of the opponent defender.

The Cruyff Turn, Johan Cruyff

One of the greatest and most talented technical footballers to ever play the game was without the doubt Johan Cruyff. Aside from collecting nearly every title and establishing a great football legacy, the invention of the Cruyff Turn was one of his greatest achievements. It's now among the first tricks that children are taught in football schools around the world, and that's Cruyff's genius that made what was deemed so difficult become much simpler.

The trick which is one of the best football skills includes looking as if you're trying to shoot or pass the ball, then faking the movement instead and pulling the ball with the inside of your foot behind your standing leg, turning your shoulders and moving the ball in the opposing direction.

At the group stage game which was between




, Johan Cruyff first performed this trick, stunning the West German fans. Before 1974, it was a trick that was largely unknown, however, nowadays you can see it done in much more football matches since it is a clever trick to overcome opponents and easily and effectively shift direction.

The Marseille Turn, Diego Maradona

This trick that we are going to talk about at this point of our list of

best football tricks and the players who invented them

has many names to it other than Marseille Roulette, some of them being “the spin move”, “the 360”, the double drag-back, “The Zidane Pirouette”, “the Roulette” and so on


The Roulette wasn’t always commonplace in professional football and is considered to be more of a street style/futsal technique. Regardless of its origin, it is one of the more advanced football skills. It allows the player to weave around defenders in tight spaces at high speeds and change directions.

Defending against this trick is very difficult, and almost impossible to foresee the direction change of the attacking player, and much harder to hold to it. While it is challenging to learn, it is a wonderful ability to hold your arsenal of footwork which can boost your dribbling. When doing so, you will also look super cool!

The Back-Heel, Juan Carlos Lorenzo

"The back-heel" is among the trickiest skills in football, and if it is performed properly, it may be one of the most valuable tricks of the game. To sum it all up, anytime you try to play a shot or pass in the absolute reverse direction of the player you are approaching, "the back-heel" is the most efficient way of doing so. It is claimed that

Real Madrid

attacker Alfredo di Stefano was among the first to implement it, after edging one of their 4 goals in the game versus

Atletico Madrid

back in 1955.

To do the Back-Heel trick position your feet as near as possible to the side of the ball that you'd usually be standing. Lock your ankle and point your foot to the sky. Maintain contact with the heel in the center of the ball, not your rollers on the bottom of the foot. From the knee down, you produce power. Don't have a big swing on your leg. Don't really follow through. Only a little pop is going to do it. The back of your shoulders should face your target for the best accuracy. When I want to pass to you, I will be facing you with my back to you. If I try to pass over the ball to my teammate, I'll face my back to him.

As one of the best football skills, it is easy to do this trick, however, you must practice it regularly to do it the best.

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