Top facts about Sergio Reguilon

Thursday31 December 2020 | 16:30
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In this article we are going to review top facts about Sergio Reguilon. As you will see in our editorial, Reguilon never lost his mind and strived to be one of the best ones since he was a child as he started football.

The present article on

top facts about Sergio Reguilon

will have a look at facts on his childhood, early life, parents,family, net worth lifestyle etc.

Most of the fans of Spanish football know he has become one of the best left-back in La Liga (2019/2020 season), especially following a perfect loan period at Sevilla. Though, it is clear that not many fans have read a comprehensive version of Sergio Reguilon’s Life History which is remarkable.

Top facts about Sergio Reguilon

Now without further explanations, we start the article with the quick facts about Sergio Reguilon.

Quick facts about Sergio Reguilon



  • Full name in home country:

     Sergio Reguilon Rodriguez

  • Nickname:


  • Sergio Reguilon 's date of birth:

     16 December 1996

  • Sergio Reguilon 's place of birth:

    Madrid, Spain

  • Age of Sergio Reguilon:


  • Height of Sergio Reguilon:

      1.77 m

  • Citizenship of Sergio Reguilon: 


  • Playing position of Sergio Reguilon: 


  • Current club of Sergio Reguilon:

    Tottenham Hotspur

  • Joined:

    on 19 September 2020

Social media of Sergio Reguilon:

 Instagram: instagram.com/ – Twitter: https://twitter.com


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Honours of Sergio Reguilon


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  • Real Madrid:

    FIFA Club World Cup: 2018

  • Sevilla:

    UEFA Europa League: 2019–20

  • Individual:

    UEFA Europa League Squad of the Season: 2019–20

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Childhood of Sergio Reguilon 

Sergio Reguilón Rodríguez was born on 16th December 1996 to his parents Mr. and Mrs. Ildefonso in the city of Madrid, Spain. The football player was born into his family as the second son. His older brother's name is Deigo.

One of the

top facts about Sergio Reguilon

is that young “Regui” lived his early years in the city of Madrid, the capital and most crowded city of Spain. As a boy, he got a childhood nickname “Ardilla” which means Squirrel in English. True to his nickname, little Reguilon used to climb streetlights, trees and anything that he could climb. Sergio Reguilon now has another nickname which is “Regui”.

Family background of Sergio Reguilon

One of the

top facts about Sergio Reguilon

is that although he was born in Madrid, the Spanish football player doesn’t have his descent from the capital of Spain. The truth is that Sergio Reguilion’s parents are originally from Zamora. This Spanish City is 130 miles or 210 km from Madrid. The Spaniard is the only famous Football player whose ancestry is from the small city.

“Regui” as he was nicknamed during childhood, was a happy child and now has fun memories of his early days and household life. Truth is, the defender is not a product of a broken home and his parents’ preference for raising him in Madrid proves the fact that his family was middle-class citizens. Therefore, Sergio Reguilon’s parents are possibly the type who could afford their son the basic things he needed in his early years.

Beginning of Sergio Reguilon's career

The way Sergio Reguilon took first steps in football is similar to the children who dreamed of playing the sport as professional players. He was a loyal fan of

Real Madrid

as a child and began playing for his local football club CF Collado Villalba when he was 5 years old.

One of the top facts about Sergio Reguilon is that the Spanish left-back learnt the basics of the sport while he was at Villalba. Although he was small, intelligently he was strong. Furthermore, Sergio Reguilon had strength and technique that were strange to his age group.

At the end of the 2005/2006 season, Reguilon was among the talented footballers who became members of Real Madrid academy. He left Villalba and spent several years in development with the club’s levels.

Sergio Reguilon's road to fame

One of the top facts about Sergio Reguilon is that Months after he was 18 years old, the skillful defender went to UD Logrones (a Segunda Division B club in Spain) with a view to playing more. Unfortunately, he sat on benches most of the time.

As a consequence, he went back to Real and began playing for the Los Blancos reserves (in the third division). Sergio Reguilon went to UD Logrones for the second time in the next season and quickly became one of the regular XI players. He could score 8 goals in that season in addition to a number of assists.

Upon Returning to Real Madrid, “Regui” was widely given playing chances by former coach Santiago Solari, making 30 appearances and playing as the B team captain for 11 times. It was not long before he was sent on loan to Sevilla where his talent caused the club to win the 2019–20 UEFA Europa League trophy.

What’s more, his performances in the competition did earn him votes as La Liga’s best left defender. Sergio Reguilon like Eric Garcia, is sought after by major teams. He has made a name for himself and it is left for Real tomake known their plans for him in the future. He is likely to get into a top-tier team in no time. The rest, as we say on Reguilon, is now history.

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On 5 July 2019, Sergio Reguilon was loaned to 

Sevilla FC

 for the 2019–20 season. On his official debut on 18 August, he scored the opener in a 2–0 success over RCD Espanyol at the RCDE Stadium.

Sergio Reguilon at Tottenham Hotspur

One of the top facts about Sergio Reguilon is that Reguilón joined 

Tottenham Hotspur

 on a five-year contract on 19 September 2020. He made his first appearance on 29 September 2020, in the home match against Chelsea of the fourth round of the EFL League Cup, in which he assisted the drawing goal which lead to penalties after the game ended 1-1. Finally Spurs won 5–4 on penalties. He then made his Premier League debut on 4 October which Tottenham Hotspur won 6-1 against 

Manchester United


Sergio Reguilon's international career

One of the top facts about Sergio Reguilon are  Reguilón was chosen for the Spain under-21 team for the first time by Luis de la Fuente for the 2019 UEFA European Under-21 Championship qualifiers against Romania and Austria. He received his first call up for the full side by Robert Moreno on 4 October 2019, for games against Norway and Sweden.

Sergio Reguilón made his senior international debut on 6 September 2020, starting in Spain's 4–0 win over Ukraine for the 2020–21 UEFA Nations League.

On Nov 14 2020, he provided assist for the late equalizer in UEFA Nations League game against Switzerland.

Sergio Reguilon’s family

One of the important top facts about Sergio Reguilon is about his family. His family is Sergio Reguilon's pillar of support. He values them and has their best interests at heart. Now we are going to give you top facts about Sergio Reguilon’s Parents. Also, facts about his siblings will be presented have  a picture of Sergio Reguilon.

Sergio Reguilon’s Father:

His father produced successful footballers and Ildefonso isn’t an exception. Reguilon’s father was influential to his rise in career football. He was the one of the people who never stopped to have interests in the developments of Sergio Reguilon professional life. The defender loves them and once took to Instagram to honour his father on the occasion of fathers’ day celebration.

Sergio Reguilon’s Mother:

Like her husband, Mrs Ildefonso is also of Zamoran origin. Although there isn’t much documentation about the mother of Sergio Reguilon, however, we sure know that she supported him in her when her son wanted to start playing football as his career.

Sergio Reguilon’s Brother:

“Regui” has a brother whose name is Diego. The brother is bigger and apparently older than the Sergio Reguilon. Also, it appears Diego Reguilon didn’t want to become a professional like his kid brother. No doubt, Sergio Reguilon is the breadwinner of his family. It seems that Diego should be proud of what his little brother has become.

Sergio Reguilon’s Girlfriend:

 Regardless of his performance on the pitch, one of the top facts about Sergio Reguilon is that the left-back has the companionship of a lady. She is Sergio Reguilon’s Girlfriend Marta Diaz. The lady is a You Tuber.

Having a look at the Sergio Reguilon's Instagram posts, it is obvious that he went on vacation with his girlfriend to Dubai in August. It is evident that they share a strong bond and might probably become husband and wife.

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Personal life of Sergio Reguilon

Friendliness is a word that put in a nutshell the best description for the football player. He is a friend to many people who associate with him because of his hard work, humbleness and ability to communicate well with people both on and off-pitch. Sergio Reguilon's other entertainments when he is not training or stopping attackers are enjoying vacations, playing video games, watching movies among other hobbies and interests.

The Spanish footballer is comparatively new to first-class football. It means that it is not expected to imagine that his wealth is like those of other great footballers. In other words, the amounts that give a reflection of Sergio Reguilon’s net worth in 2020 are rather low. To interpret it better, we will analyse his Sevilla salary breakdown.

According to trustworthy sources, one can say Sergio Reguilon’s worth is about 2.5 Million Euros and has sources of his wealth are the salary and wages. Endorsements and Sponsorships are other sources of his wealth that helps him comfortably sustain his luxurious lifestyle of driving expensive cars and living in a big house or apartment.

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Other amazing top facts about Sergio Reguilon

There are also other untold or little known top facts about Sergio Reguilon:

Sergio Reguilon's Salary in relation to the Average Spanish Citizen:

It will take an typical Spaniard about 6 years and 1 month to earn 172,000 euros, which was Sergio Ruguilon’s monthly salary when he played at Sevilla FC.

The Happiest Day of his Teen Life:

Sergio Reguilon took a photo with Gareth Bale in the year 2014, a day he confirmed that it was the happiest in his teenage life. See how small he was and how much he changed in just afew years when the duo took another shot.

Sergio Reguilon’s Religion:

The left back’s religion is not known yet currently. However, he was once was seen taking photos close to a mosque during his recent holidays in Dubai.

Sergio Reguilon's FIFA Ranking:

Like the former Real Madrid defender, Achraf Hakimi, Sergio Reguilon has huge prospects on FIFA. The left back’s overall FIFA 2020 rating is 80 points with a potential of 87 points. Football fans believe he deserves more rating than Luke Shaw whom Man United wants him to replace as observed in the 2020/2021 transfer gossips.

Sergio Reguilon's Love to be a Firefighter:

Sergio Reguilon would have become a firefighter if he had not had plans of becoming a professional football player. He loves the career and believes firefighters are real superheroes. Fortunately, he was successful at his football career.

Sergio Reguilon is a Pro Gamer:

According to some sources, Sergio Reguilon is not only a footballer, but also a pro gamer. On May 2019, the Left Back signed with the eSports squad Team Heretics which is based in Spain. The team features prominent gamers such as Goorgo and The Grefg. One of the amazing top facts about Sergio Reguilon regarding video games is that he plays Ultimate Team in soccer games and sometimes uses PSG because the club has good and fast players. 

Sergio Reguilon’s FIFA 20 Ultimate Team is as follows:

GK: Alisson – 99

LWB: Sergio Reguilon – 99

RWB: Trent Alexander-Arnold – 95

CB: Ronald Koeman – 88

CB: Virgil Van Dijk – 90

CB: Diego Carlos – 84

CM: Patrick Vieira – 88

CM: Steven Gerrard – 89

CAM: Johan Cruyff – 91

ST: Cristiano Ronaldo – 93

ST: Ronaldo  – 94


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