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Santiago Cazorla is one of the legendary players in football history. His remarkable style of playing, speed, shooting, and precision gained him a great deal of fame. If you are interested in knowing the top facts about Santi Cazorla, you’ve come to the right place!

Santiago Cazorla is a former player for

Spain national team

. In 2020 he signed a contract with Qatar Stars League club Al Sadd. He also proved himself worthy playing for


by giving outstanding performances on the field. Based on the story of this footballer, he was named Spain's 30-man provisional squad for the 2014 FIFA world cup and the list of his achievements goes on and on. 

This article includes top facts about Santi Cazorla and his childhood, personal life,

Santi Cazorla wife

and kids. Also, you will get all the information about Santi Cazorla stats and how he became one of the best players of his generation, plus Santi Cazorla net worth and let’s not forget Santi Cazorla personal life. In this article, we will pursue these top facts about Santi Cazorla. Let’s begin!

Top Facts About Santi Cazorla That You Might Not Know

If you don’t know Santi Cazorla, don’t miss this opportunity in getting to know this legendary Spanish football player. For start we will begin with his childhood and

Santi Cazorla parents

, where he was born, his football idol, and how he managed to make his way through football for the first time.

Santi Cazorla Childhood

Based on

Santi Cazorla childhood

he was born on 13 December 1984 in Llanera, Asturias. Llanera is a little town in the autonomous community of the principality of Asturias, Spain. Santi Cazorla parents are Jose Manuel and Loli Cazorla. The football idol since the childhood of Santi Cazorla was

Real Madrid

legendary Michael Laudrup, the Danish professional football coach.

Cazorla also has a brother named Nando Cazorla who is currently a forward in Club Deportivo Loja in Spain. Cazorla began pursuing football professionally. in 2003 at Villarreal

and with his hometown club, Real Oviedo. He impressed everyone with his skills, well performance, lightness of foot, and his accuracy. There aren’t further information about Santi Cazorla childhood.

Santi Cazorla Age and Height 

The Spanish star was born on13 December 1984.

Santi Cazorla age

is 36 and he’s not yet retired. The 36-year-old midfielder is 165 cm tall and Another fact about Santi Cazorla that you might not know is that he is ambidextrous and capable of using both of his feet. His speed in dribbling, kicking, and controlling the ball in the field is one of a kind. As we mentioned above Santi Cazorla age is 36 and the Spanish star is

one of the shortest players in the premier league history


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Santi Cazorla Career

He first started playing for his hometown club, Real Oviedo which was founded in 1926 as a result of Stadium Ovetense and Real Club Deportivo Oviedo merge. After the club was relegated and fell into deep financial problems, Santi kept his career going but this time at another club. In 2003 he joined Villarreal and impressed everyone at such a young age with his performance. In a 1-0 La Liga win, he played for a minute at the end of the game being substitute for Roger. He scored his first goal in a 3-0 win Odense Boldklub in the following summer's UEFA Intertoto Cup.

Santi Cazorla appeared in 54 games and scored 2 goals for Villarreal. Through 3 seasons Santi changed his team by joining Recreativo and he signed a contract for 4 years. On August 27 he played against Mallorca. After he joined


again, the Spanish footballer performed very well and at the end of the season he was awarded the Spanish footballer of the year prize. That season Cazorla scored 5 goals and he was a great deal of help for Villarreal. Santi Cazorla established himself as a skilled player in Villarreal. At this point, Cazorla made 127 appearances and scored 23 goals.

 In 2011 Cazorla joined Malaga and scored 9 goals in 38 appearances. Cazorla helped Malaga finish fourth position and got qualified for the Champions League for the first time in the history of the club. After Malaga Santi got on board with Arsenal and won the man of the match award for his first performance against Sunderland. he scored his first goal in Arsenal against Liverpool and his first hat-trick for Arsenal against Reading.

On 14 May 2013, Cazorla scored all 4 goals against Wigan Athletic which gained Arsenal a qualification to the

Champions League

. Santi Cazorla made through a great season in England as the only Arsenal football player who featured in 38 league games and he was named Arsenal's player of the season for 2012–13. Cazorla ended his first season for Arsenal with 14 assists from 49 appearances. After Cazorla involvement in the confederations cup for Spain, he returned at the starting of the season training a few weeks more than usual. In a game against

Aston Villa

, Cazorla remained on the bench until Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's injury.

After he played substituted for the aforementioned player he began playing in a very important part and earned the team 3 straight wins at the beginning of the season. The Spanish star continued scoring and bringing a lot of victories for his team. In March the 29-year-old star played in all Arsenal seven fixtures and then signed a new long-term contract with the team. In a game against Wigan he scored the winning penalty and set off Arsenal to the final of the FA Cup at Wembley Stadium. The Spanish star continued adding to his list of victories when his corner to Giroud against West Brom scored a goal which was a direct free kick.

Then Arsenal defeated 

Hull City

 3–2 in the 2014 FA Cup final, Cazorla won his first piece of silverware with the club. The Spanish footballer finished the campaign with 7 goals and 47 appearances in all tournaments. On 30 May 2015 he was elected to play in the 2015 FA Cup final, he kicked the ball for the whole 90 minutes and got nominated man of the match in the 4-0 defeat of Aston Villa at Wembley. Cazorla got through the Premier League season with 11 assists, the second-highest in the league after 


's Cesc Fàbregas, plus seven goals. More 

top facts about Santi Cazorla

 coming up! 

 He started the 2015–16 season with phenomenal performance and played in all the matches of the campaign. Statistics showed him to be the busiest and the best passer. After his comeback to the team on 15 May 2016, he was named player of the match against Aston Villa, which Arsenal had defeated them for a 4-0 win. At the start of the 2016-17 season, Cazorla made 11 appearances and scored 2 goals which have proved him again to be an important player in Arsenal. At the end of the 2017-18 season and termination of his contract, it was officially declared that the Spanish footballer will be leaving Arsenal.

After leaving Arsenal, Cazorla made his second comeback to Villarreal. On 2018 Santi Cazorla rejoined with his previous club. The Spanish star scored the second goal of his team in a tournament against 

Real Betis

 which was a 5-1 win for Villarreal. With this goal, Cazorla was named the highest-scoring midfielder in Villarreal's history with 46 goals. This record previously belonged to Juan Roman Riquelme. At the end of the season, he made 10 assists which were the third-most in the league. The footballer made his last appearance on 19 July 2020 for Villarreal. 

At the end of the season, he had scored 11 goals (joint 10th most) with 9 assists (the third most) in the club. As he left the club he had given the guard of honor by his teammates and Competitor. he’s currently playing for Qatari side Al-Sadd since July 2020. In addition to his roles in these clubs, Cazorla had a great international career as well. he had appeared in 45 games and scored 6 goals for his international team. Considering these 

top facts about Santi Cazorla 

he became a football idol for all.

He had played in 2 great matches, the European Championship of 2008 and 2012. He also appeared as a substitute in matches with Ireland and France that ended up in victory. After his recovery in 2019, Cazorla was called to be in upcoming UEFA Euro 2020 qualification fixtures. His first appearance was on 7 June and the match was against the Faroe Islands and with Cazorla in the team, Spain had a 4–1 victory and got qualified for UEFA Euro 2020. Cazorla captained his country team and played substitute for the regular captain of the team, 

Sergio Ramos


Santi Cazorla Injuries

on 30 November 2015, Santi Cazorla suffered a knee injury in a tournament against Norwich City he couldn’t play in any match for at least 3 months. He endured his second injury in October 2016 in a match against Ludogorets Razgrad which Arsenal had a 6-0 win, the Spanish star again suffered from serious injuries in his right Achilles tendon.

Rehabilitation didn’t do much and the famous footballer had to go under surgery in December. He had to sustain 8 surgeries to get recovered. Based on the facts it had been confirmed that his ankle was injured during a match he played for Spain. Cazorla endured gangrene in the area and there was a serious risk that he might not be able to walk again or even lose the leg. His condition was pretty serious and required a skin graft which the doctors had to remove the skin from his bicep on which the name of Santi Cazorla children was tattooed on.

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Santi Cazorla Transfer Market Stats

Now let’s talk about the Spanish star transfer market. At the time Cazorla was playing for


, Villarreal declared that they are looking forward to have him back in the team and

Santi Cazorla transfer market stats

shows that despite having a 4-year contract he rejoined Villarreal for a new contract worth €1.2 million. Of course, there was an option in the contract which allowed Cazorla to do so.

With Cazorla on the board, Villarreal managed to get the second position on the league table which was the highest position Villarreal had in history of the club. With the talent and performance that Cazorla had every club was eager to sign a contract with him and at the time, based on

Santi Cazorla personal life

, there were lots of rumors that he had signed up with Real Madrid.

Santi denied and even went on social media declaring that he didn’t sign up with Real Madrid. "There are many other things in football besides Real Madrid. It's clear that it is possible to say 'no' to them, there is no doubt that they are a great team, but I also feel very satisfied and valued at my club."

He added, "I hope I can continue growing at Villarreal because I am young and I’m only starting with the national team." These were the Spanish footballer's  exact words. In July 2011 he switched to the 


team. Malaga generously signed a contract worth €23 million with the Spanish star.

Based on 

Santi Cazorla stats

 Later On 7 August 2012, he joined Arsenal for a contract worth €19 million. In March the 29-year-old star played in all Arsenal seven fixtures and then signed a new long-term contract with the team. Statistics showed him to be the busiest and the best passer.

At the end of the 2017-18 season and termination of his contract, it was officially declared that the Spanish footballer will be leaving Arsenal. After leaving Arsenal, Cazorla made his second comeback to Villarreal. On 9 August 2018, it was official that he had signed a contract with his previous club. In 2020 Santi Cazorla reached an agreement with the Qatari club Al Sadd. These were the information in hand about Santi Cazorla transfer market stats.

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Santi Cazorla Tactics and Style Of Play

Santi Cazorla is a very unpredictable player and he has his own methods on the field. The ambidextrous football player has swift dribbling skills and quick movements which with his eagle vision and great control of the ball, make him a tough opponent to go up against in the field. Based on the

top facts about Santi Cazorla

he’s a very talented midfielder and a right-winger by default. he’s also capable of switching to the left-wing as well and play in either position.


Cazorla could pass the ball, dribble and tackle with such pace that it would be even impossible to keep up with him. he is a burning star and every club dreamed to have him on board. Santi Cazorla is a well-mannered football player as well, he provides chances for other players to glow on the field as well. One of the best features of Santi Cazorla during his stay in every club is his popularity and the way he instantly steals away the fan's heart, a feature that so many players failed to fulfill. 

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Santi Cazorla Net Worth and Salary

Top facts about Santi Cazorla tell us that his estimated net worth is nearly € 30 million Also in 2020 the market value of Santi Cazorla is €4 million. The football legend had proven himself to be one of the greatest footballers in history and earned his name. In 2012 with his colleagues and stars of

Premier League

, Michu and

Juan Mata

, he purchased shares in his former club Oviedo and at the time they were trying to raise €2 million to keep their position in Spanish third division. This was the information in hand about

Santi Cazorla net worth


Based on the top facts about Santi Cazorla, 

Santi Cazorla Salary

 is more than €35k per week and more than €728k per year. The Spanish football player has earned the sum of €27 million throughout his career and the seasons he has played for Villarreal, Malaga, Arsenal, etc. His current contract with Qatari side Al-Sadd will be over in June 2020 and Santi Cazorla Salary in Al-Sadd is paid generously.

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Santi Cazorla Personal Life

Santi Cazorla wife is Ursula Santirso and the couple has two children.

Santi Cazorla children

are named Enzo and India. Based on Cazorla personal life the name of his children are tattooed on his forearms and whenever he scores a goal he kisses his tattoo but as we mentioned before, the tattoo on his left bicep was ruined due to an operation in which they had to remove the skin and use it for his infected right heel. As we mentioned above Santi Cazorla wife name is Ursula Santirso and the couple lives happily with their children.

You might find it interesting to know that the popular footballer has three dogs, whose names are Zlatan, Mary, and Paco. Based on his own words he has named one of them after

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

. As you might know, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a Swedish professional football player and one of the best strikers of all time!

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Santi Cazorla Social Media Accounts 

Santi Cazorla has 1.4 million followers and follows 531 people on his Instagram account. He has posted 212 posts which is mostly pictures of tournaments and a few pictures of his family. Santi Cazorla is signed up by the username of


, you can get further updates by following

Santi Cazorla social

media accounts

. Also, you can see pictures of Santi Cazorla children too.

On Facebook Santi Cazorla is signed up by the username of


. he has approximately 3 million people following him on this Platform Santi Cazorla has an account in Twitter as well, which has 2.1 million followers on this platform and goes by the username of


Hope you got all your answers.

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