Cristiano Ronaldo Best Moments of his Career

Thu 24 December 2020 | 6:30

Being a big fan of Ronaldo, and as a person interested in an overview of Cristiano Ronaldo moments of magic, you have found the right article, Cristiano Ronaldo best moments of his career.

Creating brilliant and unforgettable scenes, winning five Ballons d'Or, and many other honors, which take a long time to name, are achievements that are not easy for all players to gain. There will not be any list of players who can unless the name of Cristiano Ronaldo shines on, a player who has recorded himself in people's minds by his extraordinary performance and achievement.

Scoring ludicrous goals, pulling off sublime assists, and dominates even the greatest of opponents without breaking a sweat, have brought Cristiano Ronaldo's name among the hottest and the most viewed topic in the football world.

Reviewing the Legendary Moments by Cristiano Ronaldo

The constant debate around the best player in the world is the one which has always been between choosing Cristiano Ronaldo or 


, though some like the argument, includes 




. However, despite whoever is the best player, there is no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo has been one of the best and also the

top most popular football players of all time

. Picking out a short selection of his highlights is not an easy task. Nonetheless, in the following article, Sportmob will present some of 

Cristiano Ronaldo emotional moments

 from his career which stand out.

Ronaldo's Free Kick Against Portsmouth

It is clear to everyone that Ronaldo is pretty skillful at free-kicks. Though he has scored many notable worldies in his career, Ronaldo has never shown a better effort than he did against Portsmouth in January 2008. So there is no wonder why it has become one of 

Cristiano Ronaldo best moments of his career


By putting the ball down, taking four steps back, and unleashing a thunderbolt of a strike, Ronaldo made a scene, which its true beauty came from the slow-mo. Doing his ludicrous knuckleball technique, Ronaldo sent the ball swirling into the top corner, which then became one of Cristiano Ronaldo funny moments.

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The Worldie Against Porto

In the Champions League, April 2009, when

Manchester United

had traveled for to Porto, they were behind on away goals and in need of a moment of magic in the quarter-final. At the time, the winger picked up the ball from about a million yards out, and by just taking less than one second, he thought about it, and in the blink of an eye, leathered the ball. That is the reason his fans remember the scene as one of Cristiano Ronaldo greatest moments. However, Ronaldo has created plenty of extraordinary scenes, none of them is comparable to its level, known as 

legendary moments by Cristiano Ronaldo


Amazing Show Against Sweden

Not only has Ronaldo shone at club level, but also he has had more than his fair share of outstanding showings at the international level. One of his best performances, known as Cristiano Ronaldo best moments of his career, refers to the game against Sweden in November 2013.

The rival, which seemed to be known as a heavyweight encounter between Ronaldo and

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

, the Portuguese man was the one who came out victorious and on top thanks to his notable hat-trick. Scoring three real screamer goals in the second half, though Ronaldo could score four or five. Based on what defenders have experienced from playing with Ronaldo, they have accepted which failing to cope with Ronaldo is common. 

Tearing Espanyol Apart

Among plenty of examples Ronaldo has made and been far too good for his opponents, the game against


in January 2016 is the one that the football world has recorded as one of Cristiano Ronaldo best moments of his career.

Scoring goals in a 6-0 win for 

Real Madrid

 could change the stadium atmosphere to a worldie one. But Ronaldo, the legendary and the one who has always had something to shock spectators, bagged a hat-trick. 

Aside from the number of goals he scored, how he scored the second goal was so specific. By chopping the ball past one defender and skipping between two more, Ronaldo fired the ball home. Doing all these things with terrifying ease created the scene as one of the most notable Cristiano Ronaldo emotional moments.

This amount of easement looked like Ronaldo paid no attention to the players who were in his way. Breezing through whoever was in his path, Ronaldo scored one of the most well-known individual goals of his career and labeled the scene as one of 

Cristiano Ronaldo funny moments

Bagging a Hat-trick Against Wolfsburg

Appearing brilliantly, in April 2016, in the trailing 2-0 against


in the Champions League quarter-final, Ronaldo erupted again.

Having pocked home from close range for the opener, Ronaldo headed home from a corner moment. Showing such a fantastic scene, Ronaldo appeared as a superhero and ended the fun with a skillful free-kick, so he steered Real through to the next round. While Los Blancos were supposed to be dead and buried, Ronaldo rescued it by doing what he always does. It was a superhuman's effort, the one no one can do it. 

The Story of a Bad Statue

Getting various awards is common among football players, but not everyone gets a statue and also an airport named. However, Ronaldo got both of them in 2017, as praise for all he has been shining in his career.

Though the statue's goal was a tribute to Ronaldo, it ended up as a thing that made Ronaldo look like a person who had just gone 12 rounds with Tyson Fury, so the statue seems ridiculous. 

Taking a look at the photo above, you will get, it is not hard. The player whose goals and specific hat-tricks have caused him to shine in his career, and also the footballer, who has earned many victories, deserved him a statue. Ronaldo is one of the top players, who deserved it, and while the intentions were pure, as you see, it did not go well.

The famous Bicycle Kick Against Juventus

The 2018 World Cup seemed a victory for Spain over rivals


but if Ronaldo was not playing there. Most minutes of the game considered as 

Cristiano Ronaldo greatest moments

 because whatever Ronaldo touched turned to golds. He fired one of his brilliant hat-tricks, though

David de Gea

helped him a bit for his second goal. It was with just two minutes to go, which Ronaldo bagged a brilliant free-kick, and the crowning moment came. That was one of 

Cristiano Ronaldo moments of magic

 by which he could earn Portugal a share of the spoils.

Saving Juventus Against Atletico

Maybe the most brilliant performance of Ronaldo's career happened in a Juventus shirt in March 2019, which by firing I Bianconeri, Ronaldo caused a dramatic 3-0 win over 

Atletico Madrid

Though after the loss of the first leg 2-0, Juve was dead and buried, the Portuguese man did not care. Netting two headers and a penalty, Ronaldo not only scored goals but also recorded them in the list of Cristiano Ronaldo best moments of his career.

The sheer dominance of his brilliant performance against one of Europe's most determined defenses could attract the attention of all spectators and professionals across the world. By referring to all of what he had done, Ronaldo reaffirmed his status as one of his most notable performers in Champions League history.

UEFA Nations League Champions

Excellent performances have deserved Ronaldo to gain many trophies, and though this trophy is not the most novel compared to the others, it is a unique one of its kind. Ronaldo and his Portuguese teammates were determined to win the UEFA Nations League in the tournament's inaugural season in 2018-19, though they were qualified for it. 

Also, playing it in Portugal could be an additional motivation if they needed another one. When they beat 


in the semifinals, Portugal could take on the 


in the final. Despite being a close game, they would win the game 1-0 and led Cristiano Ronaldo to add another trophy to his already incredible list of achievements.

The Title of Serie A

Winning back-to-back Serie A title since 2011,


won it again in the 2018-2019 edition, with one difference, being the first league triumph for Ronaldo with the Italian club. No wonder with Ronaldo's remarkable performance, he played an instrumental role in leading Juve to the title. Also, by scoring 21 goals totally, Ronaldo became the Serie A player of the season and left many memorable scenes as 

Cristiano Ronaldo best moments of his career

Not only was it a valuable title, but also it was significant because it had made Ronaldo one of the select few players who has won a league title in three different countries. Ronaldo won one of the Premier League titles while he was Manchester United and two times in La Liga with Real Madrid. Besides, in the 2019-2020 season, he helped Juventus to hold the title, too. 

Cristiano Ronaldo's Performance in UEFA Nations League semifinal

Having finished at the top of their group, Portugal became qualified for the Nations League Finals, in which they took on Switzerland in the semifinal game. Though they were so motivated on won the inaugural tournament, the finals games, being played in Portugal, stimulated them more.

Because Portugal was playing in their backyard, being determined to get to the final, Switzerland did whatever they could to win. While Ronaldo was on thought of creating other legendary scenes, he scored a hat-trick and did not let Switzerland win.

Instead, Ronaldo caused Portugal to win 3-1 to advance to the final where they would take on the Netherland, which had beaten England in their semifinal match. Since the scored goals had a remarkable role for Portugal, the hat-trick became another item in the list of Cristiano Ronaldo best moments of his career.

The Supercup goal of Spain Versus Barcelona

Begining the 2017-2018 season, Real Madrid took on Barcelona in the Spanish Supercup, while they did the first leg play in Camp Nou. Despite being a summer competition, both Real Madrid and


desired to win the first trophy of the season and beat their historic arch-rivals to begin the campaign on a high. Because of just returning from his vacation the previous week, Ronaldo started the game on the bench. However, Ronaldo came on in the second half to change the score tied 1-1.

A quick counter-attack caused Ronaldo to be in a critical position. Afterward, he scored a brilliant top corner goal to give Madrid a 2-1 lead, which celebrated it by showing jersey to the opposing fans. Though Ronaldo was red carded later in the game, his performance became an item in the list of Cristiano Ronald best moments of his career. Besides, Real Madrid went on a 3-1 victory, and eventually, they claimed the Spanish Supercup.

Penalty Versus Atletico de Madrid

In the 2015-2016 Champions League final, taking on the city rivals Atletico de Madrid, Real Madrid came out victorious, such as the 2013-2014 final. Firstly, 

Sergio Ramos

 opened the scoring, and

Yannick Carrasco

tied it in the second half afterward, which caused the game to take extra time.

Remaining scoreless led the game to go into a penalty shootout, which missing one penalty by the Atletico de Madrid defender, Juanfran, provided the opportunity of winning the title to Real Madrid. 

No wonder, how Ronaldo changed the situation, and as all people expected, he scored calmly and won the Champions League title. So, the football world remembers the critical moment as one of Christiano Ronaldo best moments of his career. 

The Penalty Versus Juventus

Although Real Marid defeated Juventus in Turin 0-3 in the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals, they got in trouble in the second leg, when the Italian side equalized the aggregate score. The time everybody thought the game would go into extra time, the referee called a penalty in favor of Madrid.

After being announced the penalty, a real opportunity for Madrid to advance to the semifinals, and after minutes of madness, the Juve goalkeeper, Gianluigi Buffon, was sent off while Ronaldo stepped up. Taking a very well taken penalty, Ronaldo caused Madrid to win the tie and led it to the next round.   

Euro 2016 Goals Versus Hungary

In Ronaldo's brilliant career history, there are several extraordinary and unforgettable performances at Euro 2016, which the final group stage game against Hungary is one of the notable ones. Because Portugal had drawn their previous group games to Iceland and Austria, they needed to get a positive result for going to the next round. During the match,


did not lead at any points, and Portugal could trail it.

The incredible game, including several goals through the game, brought the struggles between both teams, which finally, Portugal fought back and could get a 3-3 draw. Ronaldo, the Portuguese star, scored two of these three goals, which included a brilliant backheel that no one will forget the scene. 

La Liga hat-trick Versus Atletico de Madrid

The encounters of Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid has always been tempting, but the first-round matchup in the 2016-2017 season had extra specific importance for both of them. Being the final La Liga game, played at Atletico Vicente Calderon Stadium, it caused both teams to beat their arch city rivals to close the game out in the best possible way.

Due to the importance of the game, there was so much hype and expectation, but Ronaldo made Atletico fans quiet by scoring his goal, which was the first one. However, it was not his only goal, and he continued to get a hat-trick, so beating Atletico 0-3, Real Madrid continued their quest to win La Liga.

Cristiano Ronaldo as All-Time Leading Goal Scorer of Real Madrid

Despite holding the title of the leading goal scorer, Ronaldo is also famous for scoring in record fashion. Playing 741 games for Real Madrid and scoring 325 career goals, 

Raul Gonzalez

 was the record holder till he left after the 2009-2010 season, and Ronaldo took his place and became the record holder.

Arriving in the summer of 2009, Ronaldo started to shine by scoring goals at a high pace that no one has done it before, so gathering all Cristiano Ronaldo best moments of his career are more than what we can mention in an article. 

By the time he left the club in the summer of 2018, Ronaldo had played 438 games and scored 450career goals, which if another player can break his record potentially, he will not be able to do it at the rate Christiano did.

As we mentioned in the article, and you have heard about the stellar performance of Cristiano Ronaldo, the skillful star, the 

best moments of Cristiano Ronaldo career

 are not few to be able to describe all of them.



tried to express the ones which may you do not know. All in all, if we have left some memorable points, which you think the article should include, but we have left out, let us know in the comment section.




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