English League Cup 2020-21 final stages live stream

Tue 05 January 2021 | 4:30

Would you like to know how to catch the 2020-21 Carabao Cup quarter final live on tv? Then read on as we first take a brief look at the teams that will be locking horns and then provide the necessary information on how to catch the games live.

We have finally arrived at the intense stage of the Quarter Finals, where teams start to have a glimpse of the final itself. While some see it as an opportunity to give the younger reserves a chance to prove themselves to the manager, others take it seriously and play the main XI as they aim for a chance at winning the EFL Cup.

So far the competition has been as thrilling as it could get, with some of the weaker sides on paper prevailing by dominating the play, proving that teamwork is much more essential than anything else. We saw quite intense matches such as Tottenham vs


or Arsenal vs


, where only penalties could decide the winner. Now, only eight teams remain in the competition, including Arsenal, Brentford, Everton, Manchester United, Manchester City, Newcastle, Stoke City and Tottenham. Surely with such high quality teams in the last-eight, many would be wondering about

English League Cup 2020-21 quarter final live streaming


If you too are looking for 2020-21 EFL Carabao Cup quarter final live stream services, then you have come to the right place. Read on to find out which services provide a live stream of the competition.

League Cup 2020-21 final stages live stream

We are edging closer to the final match-day of the Carabao Cup. But before we even talk about the finals, there are numerous exciting matches awaiting us in both the quarter-finals and the semi-finals. So without further ado, here is the

English League Cup 2020-21 final stages live streaming


League Cup 2020-21 quarter final live stream

The quarter-finals is the stage that everything gets serious as teams get to have higher hopes for getting their hands on silverware at the end of the competition. Surely these matches will be thrilling to watch. Here are the games that we will have this week.

Brentford v Newcastle live stream

  • Date: 22/12/2020

  • Time: 17:30 GMT

Newcastle United

 have been going through a tough time lately, as they were held to a 1-1 draw with the relegation threatened 


 at home. With Matt Ritchie scoring an own goal in the first half, it was thanks to a goal from Callum Wilson in the second half, which he scored from the penalty spot, that they finally got the equalizer and spared Steve Bruce from being humiliated.

Newcastle fans are quite angry with how the team’s promises have gone unfulfilled. On the other hand, Brentford have been on a finer form, with the Bees winning a crucial match against their promotion rivals, Reading. We will have to see who prevails between a highly motivated 


 and a troubled Newcastle. If you are looking for how to 

watch live Carabao Cup 2020-21 quarter final

, the match will be available on services such as Sky Sports, ESPN+, beIN Sports HD 2 and beIN Sports CONNECT. It will start right at 17:30 GMT.

Arsenal v Manchester City live stream

  • Date: 22/12/2020

  • Time: 20:00 GMT

There is nothing quite like it, two of the famous teams from the

Premier League

up against each other. While Gunners are usually known for their success at cup competitions, especially the FA Cup, it might be a little doubtful for Arsenal as they have been through quite a tough time recently. It seemed that Mikel Arteta was going to be the savior Arsenal fans needed, but recently it seems as if they are deliberately trying to lose points.

 Having lost four of their last five games and drawing the one, the Gunners will be in serious trouble if this poor run of form continues even further.

They are currently one of the least scoring teams in the Premier League, just above the three clubs in the relegation zone, which are


, West Bromwich and Sheffield United. Having scored only 12 goals in 14 matches, Arsenal will be going against one of the most formidable sides in the league, who despite not performing as they should have, are still performing a lot better than Mikel Arteta’s squad.

Having drawn two of their last three games,

Manchester City

will be highly motivated to turn things around and start the game with a much needed intensity, something that we have not seen from Guardiola’s squad in recent weeks. The Citizens are currently 7th in the Premier League, while the Gunners currently sit on the 15th spot. It would be quite curious to see if Arsenal finally manage to turn things around and beat the EFL Cup reigning champions, or if their poor run of form continues even further.

To catch the

League Cup 2020-21 quarter final live stream

, you could use services such as Sky Go Extra, Sky Sports, ESPN+, DAZN and DStv Now. The match has a lot of potential as both teams would be looking forward to have a change of pace and back to their winning forms. We will have to wait and see which team finally prevails as they lock horns on 22/12/2020, 20:00 GMT sharp.

Stoke City v Tottenham live stream

  • Date: 23/12/2020

  • Time: 17:30 GMT

Tottenham have been kind of different this season as they are currently challenging for the league title. Although they will be having quite a tough time as they need to keep putting all they have if they want to have any say in this season’s title race. Of course if we are to believe their form in the last five games, Mourinho’s team will surely be looking forward to get things back on track with a win against

Stoke City

, who are currently 7th in the Championship.

There are surely many people that are looking for info about the

2020-21 EFL Carabao Cup quarter final live stream

, as we are here to provide you with just the information you need. While there are no legal EFL Cup 2020-21 quarter final free live streaming service, there are other paid services that will be streaming the match between


and Stoke City when Spurs visit The Potters on Wednesday, 23/12/2020, including DAZN, beIN Sports and Sky Sports Football.

Everton v Manchester United live stream

  • Date: 23/12/2020

  • Time: 20:00 GMT

It seems that Carlo Ancelotti has settled in at


as he has turned The Toffees into a formidable side this season thanks to the arrival of James Rodriguez from

Real Madrid

. Don Carletto has taken the Colombian midfielder anywhere he has gone, be it Madrid or Bayern Munich, as he even tried to sign him while managing Napoli.

With Everton currently standing 4th on the table and

Manchester United

being one of the top-three with a game in hand, this match will definitely be a high-quality match with brutal intensity, especially since the Red Devils are currently motivated thanks to their phenomenal 6-2 win against Leeds United, with Scott McTominay setting a record by scoring two goals in the first three minutes of the game. Surely many would want to catch

the 2020-21 Carabao Cup quarter final live on tv


If you are looking for

EFL Cup 2020-21 quarter final free live streaming

services, you should know that there are no free services available at the moment, which is why we have provided you with some of the other legal channels which will be streaming this thrilling match on Wednesday. You could catch the game via ESPN Play Sur, DAZN, Sky Go Extra, Sky Sports and ESPN+.

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League Cup 2020-21 semi-final live stream

We got to witness a truly amazing and thrilling series of games in the quarter finals, from Manchester City’s 4-1 humiliation of Arsenal, to Brentford’s surprise 1-0 win against Newcastle. Surely the semi-final stage is going to be at least as exhilarating as the previous stages, if not more exciting. Here is the list of

2020-21 EFL Carabao Cup semi-final live stream

schedule for those of you who are eager to watch the games this week.

Tottenham v Brentford live stream

  • Date: 5 January 2021

  • Time: 19:45 GMT

Those who want to

watch live carabao cup 2020-21 semi-final

, would certainly be excited to catch this game, as the two teams have been on amazing form. Brentford have been the surprise underdogs of the competition, who have bravely fought their way into the semi-finals. Now we will be waiting to see if they can hold off the Harry Kane+Son Heung Min duo, who have been the most prolific duo in Premier League history, by creating the highest number of goals together.

Brentford managed to beat Newcastle United 1-0 last time around in the quarter finals, as Jose Mourinho’s side eased through to the semi-finals with a 3-1 win against Stoke City. Of course Tottenham will be doubly determined and encouraged to reach the final as they compete in the Premier League for the title itself. For those who are excited to catch the league cup 2020-21 semi-final live stream, you could do so through Sky Sports Football, Sky Ultra HD, ESPN+, DAZN and beIN Sports HD 1.

Manchester United v Manchester City live stream

  • Date: 6 January 2021

  • Time: 19:45 GMT

Could it get any better than having a Manchester derby in the semi-finals? Surely losing in the final would be disheartening, but losing the Manchester derby in the semi-finals would be even worse. That is why the amount of intensity will be at least doubled when the two teams lock horns on Wednesday. While Manchester City sit 5th on the Premier League table, Manchester United have surprisingly been able to lift themselves up and sit second on the league table, with their points being equal to the league leaders Liverpool.

They are second in the league only due to a lower goal difference and are fully motivated going to the showdown against the Cityzens. Pep Guardiola’s men are also motivated going into the game as they have recently beaten Chelsea 3-1 in the Premier League. For those of you who are interested in knowing about the

English League Cup 2020-21 semi-final live streaming

services, we have provided the following list of channels and live streaming services that will have the game available for you to stream.

The showdown between the two Manchester clubs is surely going to be a thrilling one, as services such as Sky Sport 7 beIN Sports, ESPN+, Sky Sports, ESPN Play Sur, Sky HD, DAZN and DStv Now will be offering 2020-21 EFL Carabao Cup semi-finals live stream.




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