Most Powerful goals in the History of Football

Tuesday22 December 2020 | 14:30
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A great number of goals in football have been recorded through massive shots and also remained in everyone’s mind because of their power.

There is no doubt that football is the most exciting and popular sport worldwide. Certainly, the most appealing moment of this sport is when players find the opponents’ nets and score goals. Over the decades, there have been amazing soccer goals scored by different players. In this article we are going to take a look at one group of

amazing football goals

in the world, or in the other words, the most Powerful goals in the history of football.

Best football goals in the world

If you want to know about the most powerful goals in the history of football, come with us and read this article to the end.

Obafemi Martins: 135 KmpH

Obafemi Martins was a player with high skills in dribbling and goal scoring. He was also famous of his unique goal celebration after scoring. In 2007, Newcastle United was playing against Tottenham and the Nigerian player Obafemi Martins was not only a skilled forward in terms of dribbling, but he was also a crack in terms of shooting with incredible strength. This shot against


was recorded at 135.1 Kilometer per Hour, and so it is named the 10th on the list of

most powerful goals in the history of football


Roberto Carlos: 138 KmpH

Roberto Carlos is arguably the most powerful kicker in the history of football and one of the best free kick takers ever. Among numerous great moments Roberto Carlos made on the pitch, his shots taken from long distance have become the most remarkable memories from this Brazilian legend. Carlos has scored many goals from long distance shots and in this part of the most powerful goals in the history of football article, we are mentioning an unbelievable free-kick from this guy.

The goal is considered one of the

Roberto Carlos amazing goals

and certainly one of the best soccer goals ever, as its curve and power just seem unrealistic. The Brazilian Roberto Carlos is considered one of the best free-kick takers of all time, and he proves it with this shot against France.

Carlos was 24 and in his second season at Real Madrid when he lined up for Brazil against France in the opening match of the 1997 Tournoi de France. With 21 minutes on the clock, the Verde-Amarela were awarded a free-kick for a foul on Romario just shy of 40 yards from goal and up stepped Carlos to take it.

The full-back was renowned for his incredibly strong and muscular thighs and after a trademark long run up, he struck the ball hard towards goal. As far as goalkeeper Fabian Barthez and everyone else in the Stade de Gerland was concerned, the shot was flying at least a foot wide of the post but remarkably, at the last second it whipped back towards goal and flew into the net, clipping the post on its way in. This shot’s speed was recorded at 138 Kilometers per Hour.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic: 149.7 KmpH

This part of the article is about a player who has scored some of the

greatest football goals

in different types. On one of the UEFA champions league Tuesday nights in 2016, Zlatan Ibrahimovic again showed why he is one of the best players of the football world.

The Sweden international was on a great run of form at the

Paris Saint-Germain

era and was scoring superb goals. Ibra scored four goals as PSG beat Anderlecht 5-0. His third goal, absolutely one of Zlatan best goals, rocketed into the top corner and was recorded at 93mph, equal to almost 150 Kilometers per Hour.

Holding the record of playing for SEVEN clubs in the champions league, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is still adding to his career figures and he has the best statistics of minute per goal in the current Serie A season.

Tony Yeboah: 154 KmpH

You are wrong if you expect Obafemi Martins’ goal to be the only one on the list of

most Powerful goals in the history of football

from an African player. Twelve years before Martins scored against Tottenham, Tony Yeboah had sent a screamer to Wimbeldon’s net in the Premier League early years. Yeboah, who spent the most time of his career in Bundesliga, played with Leeds United for two seasons and made his mark with an average of scoring 0.5 goals in each match.

In 1995 after an amazing air ball control and fine dribbling, he stroke the ball with such force that the ball flew directly into the top goal bar and finished in the net. This Yeboah goal against Wimbeldon is considered by many as one of the best Premier League goals ever! The speed of his spectacular shot was recorded at 154 Kilometers per Hour.

David Trezeguet: 154.5 KmpH

There is only one French player among the scorers of most Powerful goals in the history of football. David Trezeguet is one of the most well-known strikers in the history of France national team. Although one of his most remembered goals is the stunner at the Euro 2000 final match’s golden time against Italy, Trezeguet has scored some other powerful goals in his career. As a 20 years-old player, a young David Trezeguet was playing for his country side, AS Monaco.

The young Frenchman scored a screamer in an important knock-out fixture in the UEFA champions league. In the match in 1998, David Trezeguet shot an incredible shot in the heart of Old Trafford against Manchester United during the quarter-finals of the Champions League. The shot’s speed was recorded at 154.4 Kilometers per Hour and is placed among the

best football goals of all time


David Beckham: 157.6 KmpH

One of the legends whose goal is considered on the list of amazing soccer goals is David Beckham. Beckham is arguably the best player to wear Manchester United’s No. 7 shirt in history. However, he has worn some other jersey numbers at

Manchester United

. His last number before the legendary seven, was the No. 10 shirt.

In 1997, David Beckham while playing for Manchester United side in the No. 10 shirt, took a historic rocket shot that hit the lower portion of the crossbar and went inside the goal to score against Chelsea. More than an important goal against an old rival, David Beckham’s shot was going to become one of the most powerful goals in the history of football. His shot’s speed was recorded at 97.9 mph (~157.6 kph).

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Ronald Koeman: 188 KmpH

Ronald Koeman’s contribution to the football world is irreplaceable. Back in his days, he was a favorite during his stint at Ajax and


. Currently we can see him on the touchlines as a manager. Although his records as the Barcelona FC head coach still has not satisfied the club fans, his brilliant playing career at Barca is definitely considered as one of the bests.

The goal scoring abilities of Ronald Koeman is still talked about, since he was an exception among all defenders of his era. He ended his career with over 200 goals to his name, although he was primarily a defender. Ronald Koeman was one of the players hugely appreciated by the Dutch legend, Johan Cruyff.

In the 1992 season, the Dutchman netted with aplomb for Barcelona during their Champions Cup final game against Sampdoria. Koeman’s shot, a

top goal in champions league

, through which the Catalan club clinched their first ever UEFA champions league trophy, flew into the net with a speed of 188 km/h.

Steven Reid: 189 KmpH

Now we have a stunning Premier League goal from a defender on the list of

most powerful goals in the history of football

. Playing against Wigan Athletic, Steven Reid had a perfect position and a clear angle to shoot from 20 meters. He armed his feet and stroke a shot almost impossible to follow with the eyes. The speed of Steven Reid’s screamer was measured at 189 Kilometers per Hour.

Steven Reid, the Blackburn player at the time, scored one of the best goals in premier league, that got fans talking for weeks. Nowadays, Reid has taken to coaching, where he is part of the backroom staff of the Scotland national team. However, there was a time when he was blazing the Premier League, and he currently sits as the player with the third fastest shot in football history.

Arjen Robben: 190 KmpH

Arjen Robben has scored one of the most Powerful goals in the history of football in Germany and against Borussia Dortmund, but not as a Bayern Munich player. In 2009, during a friendly game between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund, The Dutchman, who then was playing for Real Madrid, shots an incredible volley reaching 190km/h.

The spell at Real Madrid was not so brilliant for Arjen Robben, as he won just a single La Liga trophy and a Spanish Super Cup. However, his screamer in the friendly game with Los Blancos became the second most powerful goal of the football history. His goal against Borussia Dortmund scored via a massive volley on the rebound of the corner kick, rather than his famous cutting inside movements.

Ronny Heberson: 211 KmpH

Ronny Heberson Furtado de Araújo, simply known as Ronny Heberson, may never have had the opportunity to play for the Brazil national team, but he has certainly made his mark playing in his country and in Europe. The 34-year-old started his career at Corinthians and went on to play for Hertha Berlin and Sporting Lisbon in the European football.

It was at the latter that he set the record for the fastest shot ever recorded in football history. In a league game between Sporting Lisbon and Associação Naval 1º de Maio in 2006, the Brazilian player scored a free kick from a distance of 16.5 meters. His fantastic shot which reached the net in 0.28 seconds, had an unbelievable speed of 210.8 Kilometers per Hour.

The incredible point is that Ronny did not have a satisfying stint at Sporting Lisbon at all, and his famous free kick was the player’s only league goal in the capital of Portugal.

Ronny Heberson still possesses the record maybe not for greatest soccer goal of all time, but for the most powerful shot in the history of professional football.

So here it was! Our article on top facts about most powerful goals in the history of football. Which part did you like the most? Any facts you want to add to the list of

best football goals in the world

? Let us know in the comment section.




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