Highest paid players in Serie A of 2020

Tue 22 December 2020 | 4:00

We previously looked at Premier and LA Liga’s top earners now it’s time to see who are the highest paid players in Serie A of 2020?!

As the January transfer window approaches, we have tried to look at some of the highest player transfers and wages in Europe’s top leagues, to see where all this influx of money that is being poured into the world’s most popular sport, is being spent on. In recent years, Serie A has been on its way back to the very top of European football and it was inevitable that the league would draw world-class players in.

But those world-class players demand high wages too and most of them have ended up being the

highest paid players in Serie A of 2020

. So let’s take a look at how these players were recruited, the amount of salary they are being paid and if their performances have been up to the standard that their wage bill sets:

Highest Paid Serie A Players of 2020

As was to be expected half the highest paid Serie A players of 2020 are


players, so let’s see who are these players:

10. Adrien Rabiot

Starting our list of the

highest paid Serie A players of 2020

is the former



Adrian Rabiot

who joined Juventus on a free transfer at the start of last season. The French midfielder had a rocky first season in Turin but he seems to be adjusting really well and even improving upon his performances recently.

Rabiot had a rocky end to his PSG career after refusing to extend his contract there. he even got suspended for a period for disciplinary reasons. Nonetheless, his performances before that and over the course of his career at PSG, which includes 5 Ligue 1, 5 Coupe de France and 5 Coupe de la Ligue trophies, has shown his qualities so it was natural when big European clubs wanted to pursue him.

Juventus won the race in the end and brought the Frenchman to Turin in a deal that would cost them

€7 million

a season

in wages and makes Rabiot one of the highest paid players in Serie A of 2020. So it’s now up to Rabiot to show up and perform to his best if he wants to get a chance of playing in the Euros next season and turn to the player he once was at PSG.

9. Aaron Ramsey

So this may be an anomaly but Aaron Ramsey’s move to Juventus may not have been purely for financial reasons as he could have earned this much, if not more, if he stayed at


. Despite being one of the

Serie A highest paid players of 2020

, Ramsey moved to Juventus to try something new in his career and so far it has not gone too bad for the Welshman.

After spending 11 seasons with the Gunners, having joined them from Swansea City back in 2008, Aaron Ramsey decided to let his contract with Arsenal run its course and leave on a free. when a player of Ramsey’s caliber is a free agent, Juventus is bound to come sniffing around and just like with Rabiot, Juventus got their man and brought Ramsey to Turin.


’s first season as one of the highest Paid Footballers in Italian Serie A of 2020 wasn’t that great on personal level, because he seemed to be having a hard time adjusting to Serie A’s tempo and overall conditions. But in his second season and under the management of Andrea Pirlo, he seems to be enjoying football again and is starting to justify the

€7 million salary

he receives every year. He was never a player to underperform when he was fit, so Juve fans could expect to see the best of him under Pirlo.

8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan isn’t paid salary, salary is paid Zlatan, or so he would have us believe. The Immortal Swede isn’t thinking about ending his career anytime soon. In fact, he seems to have just started with the way he is hungry for goals and success at

AC Milan

. Since joining Milan in January of 2020, Zlatan has scored 22 goals in 30 matches which, considering him being 39, is just mind-boggling. So any investment that Milan is making on him seems totally worth it even if he becomes one of Serie A top earners of 2020.


’s career is known to most football fans as the Swede has played for European Giants like Ajax, Inter Milan, Juventus, Ac Milan, Barcelona and also Manchester United and PSG. So naturally when he left Manchester United to join LA Galaxy at 37 years old, everyone thought that he would spend his final years as a player in MLS. But in a surprise twist, Zlatan came to the aid of his old club AC Milan in January of this year and he has risen from the ashes like a phoenix to tell everybody that he is not finished.

In the short period that he has been at the club, Zlatan has pulled AC Milan by the neck to show its players the glory of old AC Milan and the result is that Milan now stands at the top of Serie A and has not lost a game this season with Zlatan scoring 10 goals in 6 matches.

So Zlatan’s

€7 million salary

seems like a trifle compared the resurgence he has brought to AC Milan and undoubtedly Milan’s owners did not think twice on making him one of the highest paid players in Serie A of 2020. It will be interesting to see how high AC Milan will go and could Zlatan lead them to a silverware and finish his career on a high note?!

7. Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala has certainly had his ups and downs during his career at Juventus but there is no denying the Argentinian striker’s immense talents which makes him perform in certain matches as one of the world’s elite players that totally deserves to be one of the

highest Paid Footballers in Italian Serie A of 2020

but those matches come inconsistently.

Since joining from


in 2015, Dybala has enjoyed nothing but success as he has won 5 Serie A titles and 3 Coppa Italia and even made a Champions League final appearance. With his most successful season being his 2017-18 season where he scored 26 goals in all competitions. What frustrates people about


is the fact that he does not achieve those numbers regularly despite being fully capable of doing it. There just seems a lack of ambition with him at times.

With all that being said, its undeniable that Dybala is one of the best Serie A players and perhaps Juventus’ most valuable asset, considering he is still young, so the salary of

€7.3 million

that Juventus pays him is only to be expected as he certainly deserves to be one of the highest paid players in Serie A of 2020. He may even get a raise soon enough as he is currently negotiating a new deal with Juventus.

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6. Edin Dzeko

The 34-year old Bosnian striker is one of the older Serie A top earners of 2020 but since joining AS Roma in 2015, he has very well proven why he is worthy of such titles.


has been Roma’s shining star in what has been some of the toughest years in the club’s history of last 2 decades and for these kind of performances he truly deserves such high wages.

Dzeko was already a serial winner when he joined

AS Roma

on loan in 2015, having won multiple league titles with Wolfsburg and

Manchester City

. He had also shown that he is a natural finisher, since his chances at Manchester City were either scarce or shared with Aguero but he still turned out incredible goal tally season after season. So it was no surprise when after an adjustment season on loan, Roma made his deal permanent, and he has gone on to score 111 goals in 235 for them.

Dzeko hasn’t won any silverware since joining AS Roma in 2015, but some of the highlights of his career there has been the 2016-17 season where he scored 39 goals in all competitions and the season after in which he helped Roma reach the semi-finals of Champions League and was named in the team of the season for UCL.

So for a goal scorer of his caliber the salary of

€7.5 million

that Roma pays him is totally justifiable and considering his age and the fact that his contract expires at the end of next season, Dzeko, who is one of the

highest paid players in Serie A of 2020

, might see out his time at Roma and earn big money before his eventual retirement.

5. Christian Eriksen

If at the start of last season someone were to hear

Christian Eriksen

’s current situation they wouldn’t have been shocked to find that one of the best playmakers and midfielders of recent years would not only go to

Inter Milan

to be one of the highest paid Serie A players of 2020 but also sit mostly on the bench doing nothing. Nevertheless, that is Eriksen’s current situation at Inter and it seems unlikely to change anytime soon, or ever.

The Danish playmaker, who is a Ajax youth academy graduate, was already an established player when he joined


in 2013 but under the management of Mauricio Pochettino he became one of the world’s finest playmakers so naturally when Inter Milan, who were very much in the title race, went in for Eriksen, who was nearing the end of his contract at Tottenham, it was apparent that the player would demand high wages because there were many clubs that were interested in him.

So Inter Milan agreed to pay Tottenham well below his market value, because he was near the end of his contract with Spurs, and also agreed to pay almost €144K in weekly wages which adds up to

€7.5 million a year

, which can go as high as €10 million with bonuses, all of which make Eriksen one of the highest paid players in Serie A of 2020. Clearly the move has not worked out well for either Inter or Eriksen himself, and he may end up leaving Inter in January if he wants to salvage his career.

4. Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku

is one of the last classic number 9s in the Europe’s top leagues that joined Inter Milan from Manchester United last year in one of most expensive signings in Serie A history and as was required with a player of his caliber Inter had to make him one of the

highest earning players in Serie A of 2020

. And since joining Inter Milan he has revived his career and has become the main man in Inter Milan’s attack.

Lukaku, who established himself as one of the best center forwards in Premier League by scoring regularly for

West Brom

and Everton, ended up moving to Manchester United in a €84.7 million deal. Despite scoring 42 goals in 98 games for United in his two seasons at the club, he did not fit Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s plans so he ended up leaving United last summer.

In a move that cost €74 million Romelu Lukaku joined Inter Milan at the beginning of the 2019-20 season and he took to goal scoring straight away and has scored 48 goals in 67 matches for Inter Milan. as a result, Inter must be more than happy with the

€7.5 million

that they are paying Lukaku, which makes him one of the highest paid players in Serie A of 2020, as players with his goal scoring record usually demand a lot more.

Lukaku’s goals and consistency will undoubtedly come in handy this season as Inter has geared up to another title challenge, we’ll just have to see if they are successful at winning it after a decade or not.

3. Matthijs De Ligt

the Dutch center back, Matthijs de Ligt, is another one of 5 Juventus players to appear on the list of Serie A highest paid players of 2020. de Ligt joined Juventus from


back in 2019, after a transfer saga that included many of Europe’s top clubs in for the youngster but Juventus won the race in the end and brought de Ligt to Turin. The 21 year-old de Ligt was brought in to help rejuvenate Juve’s aging backline,

Matthijs de Ligt

is a defender that is good in the air and with his feet and also possesses a tactical and intelligent way of defending that seems rare nowadays, all of which point to the fact that he has every attribute for being a top level center back. He is also a natural leader that led Ajax to the semi-finals of the Champions League when he was only 20 years old. Something that Juve’s fans really hope for him to repeat in the future

After De Ligt’s €85.5 million transfer to Juventus, the club had to make sure that his salary is a big incentive as he could’ve as easily gone to another club if his wages were not high enough. So they ended up agreeing a deal with de Ligt that sees him being paid

€8 million a year

in wages, which incidentally makes him one of the highest paid players in Serie A of 2020. Although he has not been up to his old self and has not set Serie A afire with his performances, Juventus hopes that he adjusts soon and will become the player they hoped for.

2. Alexis Sanchez  

Another former Arsenal player on the list of highest earning players in Serie A of 2020 is the Chilean superstar who has had a rough few years recently, but all seems to be well after he joined Inter Milan last year, first on loan and now on a permanent deal. His transfer to Manchester United would go down as one of the worst transfers, if not the worst, in the history of football but he is slowly regaining his confidence at Inter, although he seems to be in the twilight of his career.

Sanchez’ move to Inter Milan seemed like a dream move, as the Italian side always favored players that had similar to that of


but injuries ruled him out for much of his first season at Inter Milan. Although he did impress Inter enough for them to consider signing him on a permanent deal. So an agreement was made for United to pay Sanchez a small sum and release him from his contract with United, which would have earned him €44.1 million.

Sanchez then signed a 3-year deal with Inter Milan that saw him get paid around €31 million over the course of the contract which means he is getting paid

€10.3 million a year

in wages and that certainly makes him one of the highest paid players in Serie A of 2020 but whether Sanchez will perform to the standard that his salary sets or not will be determined at the end of this season. For now, he seems to enjoy football again and that can only be good news for him and Inter.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Who else but

Cristiano Ronaldo

, one of the 2 best players in the world and possibly ever, could be the first among

Serie A top earners of 2020

. The Portuguese living legend shook the world in the summer of 2018 when he announced to the world that he would be leaving Real Madrid, the club he had won 4 Champions League titles with, to go and play for Juventus. a transfer that helped Serie A reemerge as one of the absolute best leagues in Europe.

Cristiano Ronaldo became

Real Madrid’

s all-time leading goal scorer by scoring a staggering amount of 450 goals in 438 matches which helped Real Madrid win multiple trophies. He decided that his next challenge would be in Serie A so he ended up joining the reigning champions, Juventus, to help them possibly achieve Champions League glory. although they haven’t been successful in Ronaldo’s first two seasons at the club but Ronaldo is not known for being a quitter!

As was to be expected of Cristiano Ronaldo, he has performed since joinin Juventus, scoring 82 goals in 102 matches. he has won 2 back to back Serie A titles, and now in his 3rd season he has scored 16 goals in 13 games. His salary of

€31 million a year

almost seems trivial considering his performances, and the recognition he brings to even a club as big as Juventus.

The huge gap between him and the rest of

highest paid players in Serie A of 2020

is not only seen by his salary but in his performances as well which at his age (35) just seems impossible. Cristiano Ronaldo has nothing to prove to anyone but perhaps himself as certainly wishes to add another Champions League trophy to his list of achievements, and this time with Juventus.



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