Facts about Pele wife, Marcia Aoki

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Though getting married three times, Pele found his real love by the third wife, Marcia Aoki. That is why people are interested to know more about the woman who attracted the football legend so much. In the following article, we cover some top facts about Pele wife, Marcia Aoki.

Being considered one of the best players in football history, Pele, who is well recognized and famous in the football world, is a character whose name is familiar to most people, and barely you can find football fans who do not know him. Being known as the best-paid athlete in his time and correspondingly receiving several awards due to his outstanding career as a footballer caused Pele, whose real name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento, to earn a large amount of fame. A high level of reputation creates a lot of curiosity about his professional and personal lives, which the topic of his love is one of the most viewed and searched facts. So, the following article is going to present some 

facts about Marcia Aoki


Interesting facts about Marcia Aoki, Pele Wife

Due to being an attractive topic as the wife and love of a former legendary athlete, there are so many intriguing facts about Marcia Aoki, the 50-year-old businesswoman, which you might like to know. Before getting into the 

Facts about Marcia Aoki

, here are some quick information about her.

  • Full name:

    Marcia Cibele Aoki

  • Birth Date:


  • Birth Place:

    Penapolis Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Ethnicity:

    Japanese Brazilian

  • Age:


  • Profession:


  • Net Worth:

    $100 Million

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Marcia Aoki Childhood

Marcia Aoki, whose parents are Paulo and Isaura Aoki, was born in Penapolis Sao Paulo, Brazil. She grew up in a Japanese descent family, which the parents were pediatrician and successful entrepreneurs. Marcia spent her childhood with her brother, named Carlos Alberto Aoki, which they have had a very close relationship and been each other's best friends. They studied in a local school in Brazil and were such studious and hardworking students at school.

Since Marcia, from her childhood, had the plan of being an entrepreneur such as her parents, she set it as her career goal, which achieved it in her future. 

Marcia experienced a wonderful childhood filled with family, though because of being entirely private regarding her personal life, Marcia did not publish more information. So, there are no other

facts about Marcia Aoki childhood

; however, much info is available about her husband's life. Pele's parents named him Thomas Edison, the famous inventor, and the businessman, then removing 'i', changed his name to Edson later.

Pele grew up in a family whose father was a footballer and played for 


Football Club. Though Pele was partly inspired by his father to pursue football, he struggled a lot, which paid him off later. 

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Marcia Aoki Husband

Next on our list of

facts about Marcia Aoki

, we want to talk about her husband and love life. Marcia and his husband, Pele, initially met each other at a New York party in the 1980s, though at the time, they were both in a relationship with other partners. In 2008, many years after their first meeting, the second one happened at an elevator while they bumped into each other. At the time, Marcia was struggling with a painful divorce from her husband of the time. 

During 2010 and shortly after their interaction, Pele and Marcia Aoki started dating. Albeit they had been seen together for a long time, none of them confirmed their relationship, then, six years later, they announced their marriage.

Since Pele has had two marriages before getting married to Aoki, many fans and media thought their marriage non-lasting; however, they are happily married for about four years. Though knowing each other since 1980, and having a date for more than ten years, have caused Marcia Aoki and Pele to fall in love more and more, so over time, their bond has grown stronger.  

Unlike many famous and wealthy people in the world, who hold magnificent wedding ceremonies, the pair's marriage was not as big or lavish as expected. Instead, in July 2016, Pele and his wife had a small wedding ceremony, filled with their families and close friends, albeit it was not as luxurious as most others, it was beautiful and memorable. 

Though there are some glitches and controversies in 

Marcia Aoki husband

 personal life, the Japanese Brazilian seems to be satisfied and content with her living with the football legend, though, because of Pele's unsuccessful marriages, the happiness was most unexpected.

Marcia Aoki Children

Despite being in love for a long time, Marcia Aoki and Pele do not have any children together, and there are not any rumors suggesting they are trying.

Having no children from Marcia Aoki, Pele is the father of seven children from his previous marriages and affairs. The legendary former footballer has three kids from his first wife, Rosemary dos Reis Cholbi, namely Kelly Cristina, Edson Jr, and Jennifer. Pele also has twins, Joshua and Celeste, from his second wife, Assyria Nascimento. Furthermore, the former footballer has two other children, named Flavia and Sandra Regina Machado, from his affairs. So, though Pele has some daughters and sons, none of them are

Marcia Aoki children


Controversial facts about Pele, Marcia Aoki Husband

There were some

controversial facts about Pele, Marcia Aoki husband

 regrading, his relationships throughout his life. Having an affair with a housemaid, Anizia Machado, thought Pele denied the relationship's existence. Their affair had led a child, Sandra Regina Machado, to be born, while Pele still denied having a daughter with the housemaid. 

However, in 1993, with Sandra's effort to prove her relationship with the former football star, the court ordered a DNA test, which the result approved the three-time World Cup champion as the father of the child.

Due to Pele's appealing regarding the court decision, in 1996, they did the test again, which was a confirmation of the previously announced result. After all the efforts, Sandra died after battling breast cancer, which Pele just attended to the funeral by sending her a wreath. 

Besides this topic, being continually making headlines during his marriage with Rosemeri dos Reis Cholbi, Pele was involved in many cheating scandals.

Getting into trouble with his ex-wife back then, Pele also had some problems caused by a child through extramarital affairs. Such as other prominent people, the topics regarding Pele made headlines. 

After his marriage, which continued for 16 years, the former Santo FC member became a sort of a no-show in his children's lives.

Pele's neglect of his children affected their lives so much that his son from his first marriage was convicted of money laundering and drug trafficking, which led him to 33 years in jail and then reduced to 13 years.

Marcia Aoki Career

Since Marcia wanted to follow the way her parents had passed, after being graduated from high school, she joined a prestigious college to receive a bachelor's degree. Afterward, Marcia, interested in being an entrepreneur, achieved her goal and started her own business.

Unlike most footballers' loves, who are models or singers, 

Pele wife career

 is regarding having her own business. 

One of the 

facts about Marcia Aoki

is that she is a successful businesswoman who pursued the dream of being an entrepreneur from an early age.

The passionate girl, interested in following her parents' career, chose to work in the medical supplies sector when she graduated from school and college.

Known for finishing work effectively and on time, Marcia is a hit among her employees, and also, her parents admire her for the work ethic.

Although she has a good reputation in her profession, the Japanese origin's marriage to a man of world renown has not been ineffective in increasing her fame.

Marcia Aoki Net Worth and Salary

Although there are not available any exact facts about the correct amount of 

Marcia Aoki net worth and salary

, due to running a business, her net worth is expected to be over $500,000. However, the curiosity about the net worth among the facts about Marcia Aoki comes from her relationship with Pele, as the wife of one of the greatest football players ever, whose net worth is $100 million.

Pele was one of the highest-paid footballers across the world and the 10th wealthiest football player. Many companies and prominent brands sponsor him. 

At all, multiple cars, luxury houses, and many other things earned the couple a very comfortable and lavish life and many expensive trips and vacations with their families.

So, no wonder why people like to know more about the net worth of Marcia and Pele.

Marcia Aoki Instagram

Unlike prominent people, who shares a lot of post about their personal and professional life, there is no account as 

Marcia Aoki Instagram

. This fact about Pele wife is not only about Instagram but also about all other social media accounts such as Twitter or Facebook. 

She is old school and prefers interacting face to face rather than texting, snapping, or even sharing posts. Unlike Marcia, her husband is an active user on different social media, including Instagram and Twitter. 

Having 4.6 million followers, following less than 100 people on Instagram, and 2.5 million followers in his Twitter account, describes how much he is active in social media. Most of his followers are well-known celebrities and athletes, and most of his posts are filled with people who have a high profile, which in return, Pele sends a load of love and motivation to famous players. 

10 interesting facts about Marcia Aoki Husband


Whether you are a football fan or not, the name of Pele is familiar for you, even if you were not born when he laced up a football boot in anger. Being the greatest player of all time made him known, even after his retirement, and caused his exploits to live on today. Pele had recorded many scenes in people's minds across the words, including the one in which the black and white footage of a teenager tearing apart the best defenders of the world.

One of his other masterpieces is the blurry technicolor footage of a player at the height of his powers, caused one of the best all-time football teams to another World Cup. So, there is no wonder if we describe him as the man, the myth, the legend.

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  • The similarities between Pele and Edison are not just about their names. As Thomas Edison was the inventor of the lightbulb, Pele, real name Edson, also showed so many inventions in his career and caused many football pitches to lit up with his skills. 

  • By the time Brazil lost the World Cup to Uruguay in 1950, Pele's father, a footballer in his youth, cried. Though his sadness made Pele upset, it became a motivation for him. Pele promised his father to win the World Cup one day, a promise which he could do it later very well. 

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  • There was not any better way than to score four goals on his debut to reward the scout's faith. When Pele signed for Santos at the tender age of 15, he proceeded to 4 unbelievable goals.

  • No phrase describes Brazil and Santos star better than ' Goals, Goals, Goals'. Pele was a player who was not satisfied and happy by scoring just one goal. In his brilliant professional history, Pele recorded scoring 92 hat tricks, four goals on 31 occasions, five goals on six occasions, and scoring eight goals in a single match. 

  • Another fact is Pele's existence as the only footballer on three World Cup-winning team, which it seems to be incorrect, not in the sense that there are many players in this situation, but they are more than one.

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  • Being known as the best player, Pele led the Brazilian government to declare him a national treasure. So, the government prevented him from playing for foreign football clubs.

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  • The mispronunciation of the name of the Brazilian goalkeeper, Bile, as Pele caused Pele to get the nickname. For laughing at, one of Pele's classmates started to call him by this name, which it is obvious his classmate has not won three World Cups, so finally it was Pele who laughed.

  • Pele's excellent performance caused Santos to name one day as Pele Day, which refers to the day Pele scored his 1000th goal on 19 November 1969.

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  • The final fact is regarding Pele's entrance from the pitch to the government and serving as Brazil's Extraordinary Minister of Sport between 1995 and 1998. Pele also served as United Nations ambassador for Ecology and the Environment. 

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facts about Marcia Aoki


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