Best Sheffield United Players of All time

Sat 19 December 2020 | 12:30

Sheffield United is one of the English teams that is perhaps less talked about than the other teams. In this article, we will introduce you to the best Sheffield United players of all time.

Sheffield United

is a professional football club in the English Premier League based in Sheffield, England. The club was formed in 1889, as an offshoot of Sheffield United Cricket Club. The nickname of the club is Blades, which refers to the history of Sheffield in the production of steel and metal products. Since the establishment of the club, The Blades play in Bramall Lane as their home ground. During their early days, they played in white shirts and blue shorts but after some time they has changed it to red shirts with white stripes. This 131-year old team has some rivalries since their early days, the most notable rivalries are with their hometown neighbours Sheffield Wednesday and  Leeds United from West Yorkshire. Below are some trophies of this 131-year old English club:

  • First Division / Premier League (Level 1):

     Winners: 1897–98

  • Second Division / First Division / Championship (Level 2):

     Winners: 1952–53

  • Third Division / Second Division / League One (Level 3):

     Winners: 2016–17

  • Fourth Division / Third Division / League Two (Level 4):

     Winners: 1981–82

  • Football League NorthWinners:


  • FA Cup Winners: 

    1898–99, 1901–02, 1914–15, 1924–25

Best Sheffield United Players Ever

Now we go directly to our selected list of the

best Sheffield United players of all time

Alan Kelly Jr.

The first rank on our list of the best Sheffield United Players of all time, is placed by a famous British goalkeeper. Alan Thomas Kelly was born on 11 August 1968 in Preston, England. He is the son of Alan Kelly, Sr.- an Irish international football goalkeeper. As a debut of his football career, he joined Preston North End in the Fourth Division, following the steps of his father. For seven years he stayed in his first club and then in July 1992 by a £150,000 contract he joined Sheffield United. Till 1999 he stayed with the Blades and helped them to the 1997-98 FA Cup semi-finals at Old Trafford. During his seven-year spells, Alan Kelly Jr. as one of the

legendary Sheffield United players ever

made 213 appearances. 

Billy Sharp

Billy Louis Sharp was born on 5 February 1986 in Sheffield, England. To start his football career at a very young age he joined Middlewood Rovers Junior Football Club and later on, he moved to

Rotherham United

and then to Sheffield United and made his first-team debut for Sheffield United in 2004. Billy Sharp ِduring his football career has played for several English teams including

Scunthorpe United


Doncaster Rovers



, and

Leeds United.

However, every few years, this player rejoined his hometown team. For the last time on 25 July 2015, he returned to Sheffield United for an undisclosed fee, and in the following season he could score more than one goal every two matches for The Blades, scoring 21 goals in 39 games. He is really one of the best English strikers, on 1 January 2019, Sharp scored his 220th goal and so became the leading English born goalscorer in English professional football during the 21st century, reaching the record set by Rickie Lambert.

In total, he made 277 appearances, scored 107, and had 35 assists. Below are some of his honors as one of the

best Sheffield United players of all time


Sheffield United


  • EFL League One: 2016–17. EFL Championship runner-up: 2018–19


  • PFA Team of the Year: 2005–06 League One, 2006–07 League One,2016–17 League One, 2018–19 Championship. Doncaster Rovers Player of the Year: 2010–11. Football League One Player of the Year: 2006–07, 2016–17. Football League Championship Player of the Month: November 2011. EFL League One Player of the Month: February 2017

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Phil Jagielka

Philip Nikodem Jagielka is our third best Sheffield United players of all time. He was born on 17 August 1982 in Sale, England. He started his football career as a teenager in the Holy Family Football team. His first-ever position was right-winger in which he showed his real talent. Before joining The Blades at the age of 15, he had gone through the training courses of different clubs such as Stoke City and

Manchester City

, but in the end, he joined Sheffield in 1998. In two years he could break into the main team and made his debut on 5 May 2000 against

Swindon Town

in the final First Division match of the 1999–2000 season. Having proved his inner techniques in that match, he signed his 3-year professional contract with the Blades. 

After 7 successful years, he left the club to join


with a £4 million five-year contract, the contract which made him the most expensive Sheffield United player. Despite his glorious time in Everton and having spent 12 years and 386 appearances, once again on 23 August 2020 he signed his one-year contract with his first side. In sum, he made 264 appearances, scored 20 goals, and had 5 assists. Below are some of his honors as one of the

best Sheffield United players ever


Sheffield United

  • Football League Championship runner-up: 2005–06


  • Football League Championship Player of the Year: 2005–06. Premier League Player of the Month: February 2009. PFA Team of the Year: 2003–04 First Division, 2005–06 Championship. Sheffield United Player of the Year: 2004–05, 2005–06, 2006–07

Paul Stancliffe

The fourth-

best Sheffield United players of all time

is Paul Stancliffe,  a former footballer who played in the position of central defender. He was born on 5 May 1958 in Sheffield, England. Despite his hometown, he started his football career in Rotherham United. He made his league debut for Rotherham at Brighton & Hove Albion on the opening day of the 1975–76 season and shortly after he managed into the fix arrangement. 

Having spent 7 years and 285 league appearances for Rotherham, in 1983 he joined his hometown club - The Blades. For almost seven years he played in Bramall Lane. Before his retirement in 1994, he had also played in

Wolverhampton Wanderers


York City.

As one of the

Sheffield United legends of all time

, he made 287 appearances and scored 12 goals.

Brian Deane

The current owner of Football Superleague of Kosovo side Ferizaj, is our fifth best Sheffield United Players of all time. He was born on 7 February 1968 in Leeds, England. To start his professional football career he joined Doncaster Rovers and made his debut in the 1985–86 season. After 3 years he left Doncaster Rovers to joined Sheffield United in 1988. He made his debut for The Blades in a friendly match against Skegness Town, Sheffield won the match 8–1. His real breakthrough happened on 17 September as Tony Agana and he could make double hat-tricks for the club. He was one of the most influential players of Sheffield. After a successful time with The Blades in 1993, he left the club and joined Leeds United on a £2.9million contract. At the time he was one of the most expensively signed players in English football. For four years he played for Leeds United and all over again he returned to Sheffield United for a £1.5million contract. 

Having passed a year, he once again left The Blades and joined


. Between 1998 til 2005- when he rejoined his ever-home club Sheffield- he also played in


,<a href="https://sportmob.com/en/team/5c403e8a46b6a23478005680/leicester-city">

Leicester City


West Ham United

, Sunderland and

Perth Glory

. Deane re-signed for the third time at Sheffield United making him one of the only players  Sheffield United  have signed three times, he officiated his retirement after two substitute appearances in the 2006–07 season. As one of the Sheffield United legends of all time, he made 275 appearances and scored 119 goals.

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Colin Morris

The sixth-best Sheffield United players of all time is Colin Moris who was indeed a talented right-winger during his time while he was playing as an attacking midfielder. He was born on 22 August 1953 in  Blyth, England. To start his pro football career in 1974 he joined


and made his debut for Burnley in their home FA Cup defeat to non-league Wimbledon in January 1975. After two years he moved to

Southend United

and later on to


and finally, he could break into Sheffield United with a £100,000 contract in February 1981. This great player got retired in the 1990s and his talented son Lee Morris followed his father and started his football right from Sheffield. Between 1981–1988, Colin Moris as one of the

greatest players in the history of Sheffield United

could make 240 appearances and scored 67 goals.

Nick Montgomery

Our next footballer on the list of the best Sheffield United players of all time is Nick Montgomery who had played for The Blades for more than a decade. Nicholas Anthony Montgomery was born on 28 October 1981 in  Leeds, England. Being born in Leeds, he grew up as a Leeds fan and even played there for six years before he could manage into Sheffield Unites. In 2000 Sheffield offered him a two-year scholarship and that was the beginning of his successful 12-year in Sheffield. He made his first-team début for the Blades at Carrow Road against 

Norwich City

 on 21 October 2000 and shortly after that he proved himself as a worthy midfielder and got fixed in the main team. 

On 31 August 2012, he left Sheffield and moved to Australia to join

Central Coast Mariners

.  For Sheffield, he made 349 appearances, scored 11 goals, and had 10 assists.  Below are some of his honors as one of the greatest players in the history of Sheffield United:


  • Sheffield United F.C. Player of the Year: 2009–10. A-League All-Star: 2014

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Keith Edwards

One of Sheffield's highest scorers is on our list of the best Sheffield United players of all time. Keith Edwards was born on 16 July 1957 in Stockton-on-Tees, England. He had started his football career as a novice striker in Wolverhampton Wanderers in 1974 and after a year he joined The Blades. He made his FA debut against Leicester City on 3 January 1976 and his League debut was on 28 February 1976 in a Division 1 game against

Queens Park Rangers

. In his first season with Sheffield, he could not score any goal.

After 3 years he left Sheffield United to join

Hull City

. In 1981 he once again rejoined The Blades and this time spent seven wonderful years with the Club. Between 1981 and 1986 he made an impressive contribution with Bob Hatton, and Colin Morris, an influential company that once ended with 19 games without defeat to win the Fourth Division Championship. His 35 goals during that golden time, is considered a post-war record. His last match with Sheffield was on 1 August 1986 in a friendly match against Spanish club Sevilla FC.  As one of the

Sheffield United best footballers of all time

, he made 293 appearances and scored 171 goals. 

Dane Whitehouse

Our eighth-best Sheffield United player of all time, is Dane Whithouse who was a one-club man. During his professional career as a Midfielder, he only served The Blades.  Dane Whitehouse was born on 14 October 1970 in Sheffield, England. Being born in Sheffield and growing up there, he started his football at his hometown club. In July 1987 he signed his professional contract and in a year as he was 18, he made his debut against Blackpool. Shortly after his debut, he made a good impression on the team and the fan and began to establish himself as a first-team regular. During his life span with Sheffield Dane Whitehouse had suffered from different injuries that some of them were severe. Once he broke his leg and missed the majority of the 1992–93 season, but he soon got recovered and got back to the arrangement. 

Having passed 11 years and been through different ups and downs, in 2000, in a game against

Port Vale

he was badly tackled by Gareth Ainsworth, and Whitehouse suffered a serious knee injury. Notwithstanding an attempt to get back to health, which included a few outings for the recovery, Whitehouse was forced to retire. Dane Whitehouse as one of Sheffield United best footballers of all time, made 275 appearances and scoring 50 goals.

Tony Currie

Anthony William Currie was born on 1 January 1950 in Edgware, Middlesex, England. He started his football right from his school, before trying his chances in more top-level clubs, he joined Hendon Boys and as he became more experienced but still an amateur, he joined Queens Park Rangers and


. To complete his learning process he joined


and from 1967 he started his football as a professional Midfielder, he made his first-ever league debut in May 1967.

Now that he became a pro-Midffielder he took a bigger step and in February 1968 he joined Sheffield United on a £26,500 contract and made his debut against

Tottenham Hotspur.

Soon he got along with the team and more importantly with the fans that they nicknamed him the TC' or 'Top Cat'. He spent 8 years with The Blades and later on he joined other famous clubs such as Leeds United and Queens Park Rangers.

During this 8-year spells, he made 313 appearances and scored 54 goals. Besides being known as one of the best Sheffield United players of all time, in September 2014, as part of the club's 125th Anniversary celebrations, he was named Sheffield United's Greatest Ever Player. 

Alan Woodward

The great Woody is our last

best Sheffield United players of all time

. Alan Woodward was born on 7 September 1946 in Chapeltown, Sheffield, England. To start his professional football career he joined Sheffield United in 1964 and made his debut in a regional competition for teams in South Yorkshire against Rotherham United in the semi-final and later on against


in the final match. But his official FA League debut was against


on 7 October 1964. He scored his first Sheffield's goal on 31 October against Leeds United. 

Alan Woodward played in the position of outside right and his wonderful shots are still stuck in the mind of every football fan. Till 1978 he stayed with The Blades and after 16 memorable years, he left the club to join Tulsa Roughnecks. He is still considered the leading post-war scorer for Sheffield.  Alan Woodward as one of the legendary Sheffield United players ever, made 538 appearances and scored 158 goals.

The 131-year-old Sheffield United , perhaps like many of the world's top football teams; has not possessed many records and successes, but the presence and influence of this team in the English first division league cannot be ignored. With all the financial obstacles and difficulties, this team has introduced prominent players to the world of football. Players who are still popular with football fans from all over the world. In this article, we briefly reviewed the lives and backgrounds of the Best Sheffield United Players of All Time. What do you think about these players and this team? be in touch with us in the comments section.

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