Juventus' Victory; Ronaldo and Messi

Monday14 December 2020 | 5:34
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There is no doubt that one of the most recent highlights of the Champions League is between Juventus’ Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona’s Lionel Messi.

One thing that the fans had noticed is that Ronaldo seemed more determined. Even during the first half of the game, the visitors made a huge gap. Aside from Ronaldo, the aerial dynamics of Weston McKennie placed Juve in a 2-0 lead. The success of the team continued especially when Ronaldo scored two penalty kicks resulting in the team’s victory.

It was not the first time that McKennie heated up the game. As a matter of fact, his first goal against Torino was actually regarded as one of the greatest goals of his young career. The match against Barca actually helped him to showcase his skills more.

However, during the second half, the chances of Juve scoring were reduced because of the occasional counter-attacks of the opposing team. Unfortunately, Barca did not score a penalty after McKennie upended Messi.

The following is a cursory review of the match:

It was not a night to remember for Messi as Juventus won the match with a solid 3-0 victory. This match was actually the 36th meeting between great rivals Ronaldo and Messi.

Juve’s Victory

Juve actually doubled their lead with the help of McKennie’s bicycle kick. Ronaldo sent Marc-Andre ter Stegen the wrong way after being fouled by Ronald Araujo, Barca’s defender. Ronaldo also scored a second goal after Clement Lenglet was penalised for handball seven minutes after the restart. The moment felt like winning the best

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‘We weren’t aggressive. It looked as if we’d come out looking not to lose, as opposed to trying to control the game. We weren’t good, not even positionally. We looked scared’, Barca boss Ronald Koeman said.

There is no denying that Messi did all that he could but the team still failed to score. Everyone knows how stellar Messi’s play can be but he needs solid support from the team to guide them to a victory, especially with this match as they’re facing off Ronaldo and Juventus. It was also obvious that Ronaldo showed a better performance during the match.

However, with the inconsistency of Barcelona, there is no doubt that they would be considered as the underdogs of Manchester City, Borussia Dortmund, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Bayern Munich.

Ronaldo and Messi

Although the rivalry between Ronaldo and Messi is one of the hottest talks of the town, Ronaldo clearly stated that he never saw Messi as a rival. With Ronaldo continuously scoring goals and leading the team to victory, Messi also did a lot of fine saves. It is also the first time since 2018 that the two met on the field.

‘I have always had a very cordial relationship with him. I shared 12, 13, or 14 years of award ceremonies with him. I never saw him as a rival’, Ronaldo said.

‘He always tries to do what is best for his team and me too. I always get along very well with him. But we know that in football, for the press, for the show, a rivalry is sought, but I have always gotten along with him. I see him as always’, he added.

The two stars faced each other three times when Ronaldo played fo


Manchester United

, twice for Real Madrid, and five times in the Champions League. Both players are also regarded as the top scorers in the Champions League. They are the only players to score more than 100 goals. Ronaldo was the first one to score a total of 132 times. On the other hand, Messi scored 118 goals.

In the last two seasons, Messi has been showing a desire to leave Barca. However, he decided to stay for the 2020/21 season. During his last three Champions League appearances, he scored a total of 31 goals in 44 games and 36 goals in 34 league games.

Exclusive SPORTMOB video
Exclusive SPORTMOB video

On the other hand, Ronaldo continued to play as one of the key players of Juve. He actually scored a total of 26 goals out of 43 appearances during the 2018/19 season. During the Serie A games, he also scored a total of eight goals in six matches. With his outstanding skills, he also won the league title twice.

Team News

Believe it or not, Juventus are set to be withou

t Giorgio Chiellini

and Merih Demiral.

Gianluigi Buffon

was also confirmed physically fit to join the team.

Moreover, Barcelona forward Dembele who is suffering from a hamstring injury was not able to showcase his skills. He was also the one who scored the opening goal during the reverse fixture.

Even though Juventus scored a solid 3-0 victory against Barcelona, a lot of fans are still on the watch with the latest news about the two teams. Fans are busy redeemin

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