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Top Facts about Sara Botello, Aymeric Laporte's Stunning Girlfriend

One of top facts about Sara Botello, Aymeric Laporte’s stunning girlfriend, is that she is a stunning dancer for good measure.

Sara Botello is Aymeric Laporte’s current famous romantic relationship. Sara Botello and 

Aymeric Laporte

posted their loved up photos on social media networks several times for confirming their relationship. The most highlighted facts about Sara Botello, Aymeric Laporte’s stunning girlfriend, will be surveyed in current article.

The following text indicates motivating top facts about Sara Botello, Aymeric Laporte’s stunning girlfriend:

For finding more information around top facts about Sara Botello, Aymeric Laporte’s stunning girlfriend, the below-listed facts can be useful such as Sara Botello biography, Sara Botello quick facts, Sara Botello social media accounts, the related facts to Sara Botello professional career, the details of Sara Botello net worth and so on.

Sara Botello Biography

When we dig in deeper into

Sara Botello biography

, it gives us worth noting information about her. Sara Botello was born on 9th of October, 1994, which means that her age is 26 as of 2020. Based on Sara Botello birthday, her zodiac sign is Libra. Sara was born in the city of Bilbao, Spain moreover she grew up there. So Sara Botello has the nationality of Spanish. The identity of Sara Botello parents is unknown but we know that she has a younger sibling. Her brother’s name is Iker Botello.

Sara Botello Quick Facts

Sara Botello quick facts

are as follows:

  • Real and Full Name: 

    Sara Botello

  • Profession: 

    stunning dancer

  • Birthday: 

    9th of October

  • Birth Year: 


  • Age: 

    26 years (as of 2020)

  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Birth Place:


  • Birth Country: 


  • Nationality:


  • Father:


  • Mother:


  • Siblings:

    Iker (brother)

  • Net Worth: 

    Under review

  • Marital Status:


  • Height:


  • Weight:


  • Body Measurements: 

    Under review

  • Religion: 


  • Hair Color: 


  • Eye Color:


Sara Botello Social Media

On the part of Sara Botello, social media indicated a lot of her photos on Instagram that among them you can see the shared Sara and Aymeric loved up photos too. Actually

Sara Botello social media

 considers as a good source which demonstrates top facts about Sara Botello, Aymeric Laporte’s stunning girlfriend.

There is not any doubt that Sara Botello social media has so much importance for her as a stunning dancer since it can bring her more fame moreover can be a good way for increasing the number of her fans and followers as much as possible.  

Sara Botello Instagram

Sara Botello Instagram

 is active and famous. The public account of Sara Botello Instagram is


. The below list is shown the characteristics of Sara Botello Instagram page at the moment:

  • Instagram ID: 

    @ sara_botello

  • Number of posts: 

    645 posts

  • Number of followers: 


  • Number of following: 

    441 following

The exposure of Sara Botello as a dancer has led to her amassing about 15.6k followers on her personal Instagram account. It is one of the important facts about Sara Botello, Aymeric Laporte’s stunning girlfriend.

 Sara Botello Pinterest

Among the list of top facts about Sara Botello, Aymeric Laporte’s stunning girlfriend, this fact is still ambiguous that Sara Botello has an active account on Pinterest or not regularly. If we become sure about this matter we will surely inform you too.

Sara Botello Net Worth

No doubt that one of

 great facts about Sara Botello, Aymeric Laporte’s stunning girlfriend

that everyone may want to know, is about the amount of 

Sara Botello net worth

. Actually the amount of Sara Botello net worth as of 2020, is still under review but it is not hard to guess that being famous for both her love life relationship with Aymeric Laporte and her profession can bring her a luxury life with reasonable amounts of net worth, money, income, and assets all together.

Sara Botello Love Life

Another top fact about Sara Botello, Aymeric Laporte’s stunning girlfriend, is that Sara Botello and Aymeric Laporte have been in a long-term relationship with each other. As you know a group of celebrities keep the facts and details of their love life private. Sara Botello does the same thing too and tries to keep both her love live and personal life in a deep privacy.

Though, one of the facts about 

Sara Botello love life 

is that both Sara Botello and Aymeric Laporte do not have the idea of getting married yet. It is worth noting that this lovely couple never leave an opportunity to impress.

The lovely couple may decide to have a family together and start a new chapter to their love life. This is something that needs time to happen for all who are in love with each other so we have to wait to see what will happen for these two in the future.

Lesser-Known and Unknown Facts about Sara Botello

We tell you 

some lesser-known and unknown facts about Sara Botello


  • Sara Botello was born on 9th of October.

  • Sara Botello’s zodiac sign is Libra.

  • Sara Botello is the stunning wag of Aymeric Laporte.

  • Sara Botello has a stunning bikini body that's the talk of Spain.

  • It's not hard to realize what attracted Aymeric Laporte to Sara Botello.

  • Sara Botello isn't afraid to show off her stunning physique at all.

  • Sara Botello loves taking various bikini snaps and posting them on her Instagram account.

  • Aymeric Laporte's girlfriend Sara Botello has very flexible body and she normally shows the high flexibility of her stunning body while dancing too.

  • Sara Botello is one of the trained ballet dancer in her native Spain.

  • Sara Botello isn't only a pretty face, but also she's a tidy dancer

  • Sara Botello considers as a cheerleader for Bilbao Basket too.

  • Sara Botello loves riding quad bikes.

  • Sara Botello isn't afraid to unleash her inner tiger at all.

  • Sara Botello fits in with the wags in Manchester too.

  • We are looking forward to welcoming Sara Botello to the Premier League

Sara Botello Professional Career

If sunning herself is all you think Sara Botello does, you'd be well wrong. As one of the remarkable

 facts about Sara Botello, Aymeric Laporte’s stunning girlfriend

, we tell you that Sara Botello is a trained dancer and as you can follow the facts and news to become sure, she's as supple as can be.

Sara Botello professional career

 indicates the ability of this stunning girl as a famous dancer. Sara Botello is one of the professional Spanish dancers. By looking at the list of top fact about Sara Botello, Aymeric Laporte’s stunning girlfriend, we will understand that Sara Botello has performed ballet and contemporary dance in various events in the city of Bilbao.

Although, Sara Botello is not only a ballet dancer, as she has tried a variety of styles. It is remarkable that Sara Botello is familiar even with the cheerleading. One another top fact about Sara Botello, Aymeric Laporte’s stunning girlfriend is that Sara Botello has performed for the professional basketball team of Bilbao, Bilbao Basket, not just once but of course for many times.

Totally by surveying all of the amazing facts about Sara Botello professional career, we should say that Sara Botello is of the individuals who enjoys her job and continues to try the best she can. Perhaps that is why most of the people know Sara Botello as the famous Spanish dancer who is the apple of the City star's eye

There is not any doubt that her fans' valuable support helped her a lot to achieve some of her goals, especially the long-term career ones.

Different Aspects of Sara Botello Lifestyle

One hand,

 Sara Botello lifestyle

 is a challenging fact for all her fans and other models when it comes to follow her way or compete with her. She is a stunning dancer that follows the WAG lifestyle.

It is notable that Wags, the acronym used to describe the wives and girlfriends of footballers, is a sexist slap in the face; an appellation that underlines their status as adjuncts to their husbands such as accessories, appendages.

 By the 21st century, we might have expected the idea of women being defined by their male partners to have died – along with the idea of marriage as a career path. And yet, when it comes to the Wag obsession, we seem to have regressed many decades. 

As one of the 

great facts about Sara Botello, Aymeric Laporte’s stunning girlfriend

we can say that she is one of the individuals who prefers this lifestyle and during all her professional life and in all of her relationships at least till now she is trying to follow the same lifestyle.

One the other hand, Adjust to learn about what creates some dancers way better than others, and how to change from where they are to where they want to, the facts behind the second aspect of Sara Botello lifestyle can be helpful. Following these facts, you'll also get tools to optimize your model for a better lifestyle, more money, and a more significant impact.

Her career impacts Sara Botello lifestyle since it influences what she spends her time doing. A dancer with her standards can release time to enjoy herself more, grow more, and finance in the things that she loves to do while letting go of the things she doesn’t like to do.

Sara Botello lifestyle is one that enables her to live life on her terms. It honors her, her health, her hobbies, and even her interests. It works around her. Sara Botello normally makes a healthy balance between work and life in her lifestyle.

Sara Botello Leisure Time Activities

Of course, social class plays a role in how to spend leisure, for Sara Botello as girl with more disposable income also have amplified access to transportation, leisure-related clothing and accessories, and safe spaces in which to play, relax, and gather.


important facts about Sara Botello, Aymeric Laporte’s stunning girlfriend

, this matter is worth noting that as a famous stunning dancer, Sara Botello has many choices to spend her free time with. While she may have some limitations too. In the middle of these two extremes, she finds many ways to be happy and has happy times with her current love and friend. Even she does individual activities among her other social leisure time activities too.

Interestingly, gender in attending leisure time activities and perceptions about sports branches is undeniable in the 

Sara Botello leisure time activities

. According to Sara Botello, attending leisure time activities strengthened socialization and communication.

 You may like to know that Sara Botello believes that considering a girl’s place in society, her need for fun activities and self-fulfillment cannot be repudiated. One of the vital tools in the process of relaxation is active or passive participation in sport.

 Women and sport in the modernization process are considered as a special issue within social change challenges. Through sport, the socialization of women can be considered as a parameter within the process of modernity.

It’s occasionally just too tempting to spend our free time being in a gym or hanging out with our friends. Certainly, that’s fun, but for spending our time more beneficially, the Sara Botello leisure time activities provide us more ways to mention.

  • Reading a good novel, or a self-development book

  • Listening to music and dancing!

  • Write/Blog/Manage social media channels

  • Learn a new skill in any field

  • Sharpen her brain and memory by doing fresh outdoor activities

  • Do exercises and go to the gym

  • Spending time with her love, family and friends.

  • Going out with her friends

  • Sara Botello is living one very healthy life.

  • Sara Botello is training regularly and she is eating as much healthy food as she can.

  • She even shared some of her delicious recipes with her Instagram audience

Sara Botello Football Activities

We realize from the known top fact about Sara Botello, Aymeric Laporte’s stunning girlfriend that Sara Botello is one of the persons who has the supportive personality and she is a very supportive girlfriend too. When it comes to 

Sara Botello football activities

, we must say that Sara Botello often attends to Manchester City games at Etihad to cheer for her boyfriend from the crowd.

Does Sara Botello Have Any Tattoo?

The final top fact about Sara Botello, Aymeric Laporte’s stunning girlfriend that we want to share with you in here is that Sara Botello is in love with tattoos but she is not the type of people who covers all their body with various tattoos. While Sara Botello is in love with tattoos but she keeps control of it and she has just one tattoo. She has pretty roses tattooed on her right shoulder.

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