Top facts about Eduardo Camavinga

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In this article, we will review some of the important facts about Eduardo Camavinga, the young French talent

Eduardo Camavinga is one of the young French talents who is supposed to be a successful footballer in the future. The French telent has become France’s youngest goal scorer in over a century clearly indicates that he would be a perfect growing star of French football. To some fans, he is a player who can be even better than

Paul Pogba



top facts about Eduardo Camavinga

teach us that the right pressure has the power to create a diamond. This became apparent right from his response after his parents’ house got razed by fire.

Eduardo Camavinga’s family members (specially his father) made him understand he was the hope of his family. Appreciatively, the youngster lived up to the expectation. It is necessary now to praise Sofia and Celestino for giving him a proper upbringing that currently reflects in his abilities.

Quick facts about Eduardo Camavinga

  • Date of birth/Age of Eduardo Camavinga:

    Nov 10, 2002

  • Nickname:


  • Place of birth of Eduardo Camavinga:


  • Citizenship of Eduardo Camavinga:


  • Height of Eduardo Camavinga:

    1,82 m

  • Position of Eduardo Camavinga:

    Central Midfield

  • Parents of Eduardo Camavinga:

    Sofia (mother), Celestino (father)

  • Siblings of Eduardo Camavinga:

    Sebastio (older brother), Celio (younger brother) and two sisters

  • National player:


  • Caps/Goals of Eduardo Camavinga:


Eduardo Camavinga childhood

One of the

top facts about Eduardo Camavinga

is that his nickname is “Tacklevinga.” Eduardo Camavinga was born on the 10th day of November 2002 to his mother, Sofia and father, Celestino in Miconge, a community of Angola, located in the province of Cabinda.

The French footballer is one of the five children born to his family. Eduardo Camavinga looks like his because she has a dominant facial resemblance with Eduardo.

The hard-tackling defender’s parents are Congolese nationals who migrated from Angola to France when he was only two years. Remarkably, he is a citizen of France, Angola and Congo because his ancestral roots traced to these countries.

After arriving in France, Eduardo Camavinga’s parents first made their home at Lille before moving to the commune of Fougeres, which is just 40 kilometres away from Rennes. It was at Fougeres that Camavinga grew up alongside his siblings — two brothers (Sebastio, Celio) and two sisters.

Growing up in the commune, little Eduardo initially did not play football. Back then, he preferred practising Judo until his mother made him focus on football because he damaged many things while practising the combat sport.

One of the

top facts about Eduardo Camavinga

is that the young midfielder did not suffer poverty during his childhood. Eduardo Camavinga’s family were middle-class citizens. In fact, they were the types who wait for an improvement in their life and praying against a tragic slip to lack.

Early professional career of Eduardo Camavinga

Regarding other top facts about Eduardo Camavinga, it is worth mentioning that by the time the little boy was 7; his mother signed him up to a local club, Drapeau de Fougeres, where he took his first steps in professional football. Little Tacklevinga has fun ruining memories of his first-day training with the club. According to him:

"Upon signing me to the club, I never reckon the need to meet the coach. Instead, I dashed into the field and took possession of a ball which kids of my age were playing." Eduardo Camavinga added, "Efforts made by the kids to retrieve the ball proved abortive as I dribbled past them and ballooned the ball over the fence. I ruined their game on my first day of training with them."

While he was at Fougeres, Eduardo spent four years building the dynamics of defence that are now characteristic of his gameplay. His ability on the ball and unique style of tackling technique were admired by his teammates and opposition alike.

At the age of 11, Eduardo Camavinga’s parents approved his trials with Rennais academy, which he passed with flying colours. It was an earned move which did prepare him up for greatness.

One of the top facts about Eduardo Camavinga is that he played in the same club where

Blaise Matuidi


Ousmane Dembele

had their youth development before they become famous. The reality is that his career as a player was not to be any different.

Eduardo Camavinga's road to fame

One of the interesting top facts about Eduardo Camavinga is that just at the time his mother, father, brothers and sisters were beginning to enjoy Eduardo's career ride, the fortunate happened. Camavinga’s career with the club had barely begun when his family’s house got burnt in 2013. The development was an enormous setback for his immigrant parents that were trying their best to make ends meet.

During this unfortunate time, Camavinga’s father took him from school to inspect what remained of the burnt house, he told the 11-year-old that: “You are now the hope of the family, it is you who will raise it up.”

Living up to his family’s expectations, Camavinga recorded an impressive rise through the ranks of

Stade Rennais

 (also referred to as Rennes). In fact, the press had their eyes on him when he was only16.

When ESPN asked a former Rennes player, Hatem Ben Arfa, to comment on teenager’s talent, he noted that: “there is nothing impossible for him. He is good on air, can tackle, and defend, assist and score. He is elegant, intelligent and has a powerful left foot.”

The first professional contract of Eduardo Camavinga was signed In December 2018. The young technical dribbler signed his first professional contract with Les Rennais.

At international level, in August 2020, Camavinga was called up to play on France's senior team after Paul Pogba could not play due to positive COVID-19 test. So, he became, in the process, the youngest player to be called up to the French senior team since René Gérard was called up in 1932, who was only 17 years, 9 months and 17 days old. On 8 September, he played for the first time in a 4–2 win against Croatia in the UEFA Nations League, replacing N'Golo Kante midway through the second half. In doing so he became the youngest player to play for French national team since Maurice Gastiger played in 1914 at 17 years, 9 months, and 29 days old.

Records broken by Eduardo Camavinga

One of the greatest top facts about Eduardo Camavinga is that he has broken records as a young player. Six of the records are as follows:

At 16 years, 4 months and 27 days, Eduardo Camavinga became the youngest player to play for first team of Rennes. The young Eduardo became the youngest player to cross the 50-game mark with a Ligue 1 team since Basile Boli – at the age of 17 years and 341 days.

He became the youngest player to play for France for more than half a century. For doing that, he beat the record set by Kylian Mbappe, who played for France at 18 years and three months for the first time. He is also the youngest scorer of the post-war France team.

Camavinga became the first player born after January 1, 2002 to play a match in the five major European leagues (Spain, England, Italy, Germany and France).

In August 2019, he was voted the youngest player of the month in Ligue 1. At 16, the Stade Rennais midfielder became the youngest winner in the history of this individual distinction.

At 17 years, 1 month and five days, he netted the first goal of his career and thus became the youngest goal scorer in the history of Stade Rennais.

Finally, the little left-hander did beat the Guinness World Records as the youngest player in history to assist in a Ligue 1 match.

At the time of writing the article about Eduardo Camavinga, his career is still in the beginning stage, and he may achieve more success in the future.

Family of Eduardo Camavinga

Another fact, among all of the top facts about Eduardo Camavinga, is that Father’s name of  Eduardo Camavinga is Celestino. He used to work at a pig slaughterhouse in Saint-Brice-en-Coglès for much of the player’s childhood. Sometimes he never slept home because of the nature of his Job. That’s how hardworking Celestino was. Notwithstanding, he made time for family and had faith in Camavinga’s potential to become a football star he is today.

Mother of Eduardo Camavinga, Sofia, is a homemaker and a notable one at that. The media praise the supermom for guiding Camavinga from Judo to soccer. The football world wouldn’t have seen his brilliant performances if he became a judo master. Today, Eduardo Camavinga’s parents reap the fruits of their labour.

It might not take long before he reveals who his maternal and paternal grandparents were. Neither would record of his uncles, aunts, siblings and cousins evade the cyberspace forever.

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Eduardo Camavinga’s personal life

There are some top facts about Eduardo Camavinga’s personality. They are about his humility, focus and maturity. He is someone who knows when to smile and when to conceal the whites that make up his impressive set of dentition. Also, Camavinga listens to music a lot and loves to play video games with his brothers.

Eduardo Camavinga has a net worth of 500,000 Euros as of November 2020 but still lives in his parents’ house. Usually it is expected that a football player who earns €12,000 per week and € 625,000 per month show up in training in an expensive car.

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Emir of Qatar is interested to sign Eduardo Camavinga

The skills of Eduardo Camavinga has not been overlooked by the owner of

Paris Saint-Germain

. According to Footmercato via Leparisien, Camavinga ability has caught the eyes of the Emir of Qatar. Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani seems to be under his influence and has promised to make PSG prepare for a major offensive in the 2021 summer transfer.

Eduardo Camavinga’s Religion

Eduardo Camavinga is reportedly religious, but it beats our imagination as to how he doesn’t display that aspect of his life on social media. Nevertheless he is supposed to be a Christian.

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FIFA 2020 Ratings of Eduardo Camavinga

Eduardo Camavinga’s potential of 89 points is higher than that of N’Golo Kante who has 88 to his name. He is more of a complete midfielder and one of the highest-rated youngsters in the football simulation video game.


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