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Thursday10 December 2020 | 12:30
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Talking about the best players in the world always gives you extra motivation to write, and the same goes for top facts about Aymeric Laporte article.

Previously, when it came to defenders, we thought of players like Alessandro Nesta, Paolo Maldini, Fabio Cannavaro, and Rio Ferdinand, but a new generation has just emerged that has a different style of play and is more modern. Like

Alessio Romagnoli

and Rúben Dias, Aymeric Laporte also has a taste of this new generation of players.

Laporte already made history when he started playing professional football. He later became the second French player in Bilbao's athletic history after Bixente Lizarazu, while the Bilbao club has strict rules on signing foreign players. Laporte played 220 games for Bilbao and joined Manchester City for €65m to pursue his dreams.

In the following, we want to take a close look at the life of Laporte, such as

Aymeric Laporte personal life

and Aymeric Laporte social media, so join us in the article

top facts about Aymeric Laporte


Top facts about Aymeric Laporte you might want to know

Manchester City led by Pep Guardiola has a good reputation for playing the best organized and balanced football in English Premier League. At some point in the last season, they also had the best defensive line in the Premier League with 21 conceded goals after Liverpool, who had conceded 18 goals.

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One of the reasons for the success of Pep's team in recent years, in addition to City's equipped and outstanding attack line, could be the strong defense of the Citizens. Aymeric Laporte is one of the key factors in Pep Guardiola's defensive phase. It worth noting the 24-year-old defender played for Atletico Bilbao for six seasons before joining

Manchester City


Laporte's good performances for the Citizens have been so good and productive that in his first season in charge, Manchester City directors have extended his contract until 2025 to make the most of such a strong defender in their defense. Manchester City are considered a perfect team in the Premier League and Champions League, and the fans of this team hope to achieve significant success this season. 

In this part of the article, we are going to write about

Aymeric Laporte

personal life and afterward, we will review the

top facts about Aymeric Laporte


  • Full Name

    : Aymeric Jean Louis Gérard Alphonse Laporte

  •  Date and Place of Birth

    : 27 May 1994 in Agen, France

  • Aymeric Laporte age

    : 27

  • Height & Weight

    : Aymeric Laporte Height is 1.91m and he weighs 86 kg

  • Family Members

    : Lionel Laporte (father), Alexia (sibling), Sara Botello (girlfriend)

  • Marital Status

    : In a Relationship

  • Wife/Girlfriend

    : Sara Botello

  • Aymeric Laporte Children

    : No kids

  • Current Team

    : Manchester City

  • Jersey Number

    : #14 Manchester City

  • Position

    : Defender / Centre Back

  • Zodiac Sign

    : Gemini

Aymeric Laporte Birthday, Zodiac Sign and Nationality

Aymeric Laporte was born on 27 May 1994 in Agen, France.

Aymeric Laporte nationality

is French. Aymeric Laporte Zodiac sign is Gemini and Geminis belong to the Air element of the zodiac. Air signs are smart, sharp, and speedy; they think more than they feel or do.

Geminis are versatile, youthful, curious, and fun. They make a great company, but they are hard to pin down in any way, so they’re notoriously easier to connect with as friends than partners, however when they fall in love, they make a strong bond in their relationship.

Some of the most famous figures born on the 27th of May (

Aymeric Laporte Birthday

) are:


: Footballer / politician: Henry Kissinger.

Aymeric Laporte Parents and Childhood

Laporte was born in Agen, Aquitaine and is of Basque descent through his great-grandparents. There is not much information about

Aymeric Laporte parents

, as we know just his father’s name is Lionel Laporte. In short, Aymeric Laporte childhood was ideal for a French kid as his parents were a first-class French family with so much property.

One of the good aspects of

Aymeric Laporte childhood

, is his parents' understanding. Aymeric’s childhood was full of joy since he chose to play rugby for fun and alongside that, continued to play football.

Aymeric Laporte Girlfriend, Personal Life and Marital Status

Either no information is available about Laporte's ex-girlfriend or that he really did not have any girlfriends. However one thing is certain that He is currently dating this Spanish beauty named Sara Botello. He met her during his period in Athletic Bilbao, Spain. Sara is a professional dancer and was also a cheerleader for the Bilbao basketball team.

Sara Botello, Aymeric Laporte girlfriend has 15.6k followers on her 

Instagram account

. Aymeric Laporte and Sara Botello (

Aymeric Laporte girlfriend

) have been dating since the Spain adventure, so their love life background should not be underestimated.

They love each other so much and no one would be surprised if the couple decides to marry in a short time. About

Aymeric Laporte children

, The fact is that he has no kids. In fact, the couple has not yet made a decision to have children, and currently, their focus is on career progress and enjoying life. In life, you should never say never and therefore the couple may decide to have children soon.

Aymeric Laporte Career

Following the top facts about Aymeric Laporte, we want to bring up a new topic.

Aymeric Laporte career

started at

Athletic Bilbao

but before the game, He used to play rugby. He began his youth soccer career with SU Agen Football in 2000. Trivia In 2010, he became just the second French player ever to play for Athletic Bilbao. He began representing France at the under-17 level and earned more than 50 caps as a youth player.

Laporte actually has a history of playing as a left-back, but his unique talent in playing, playmaking, and passing the ball to his teammates led him to move to the center-back position at the discretion of Bilbao coaches, where he became one of the bests in the world. 

Exceptional intelligence, playmaking ability, high physical condition, leadership, and game reading skill, were the most important characteristics of Laporte's game. So much so that

Pep Guardiola

insisted on signing Laporte and told the Manchester City management that they should do anything to sign the Frenchman.

Aymeric Laporte Religion

Regarding Aymeric Laporte religion, many acquaintances and friends of Aymeric Laporte say that he is a pure and honest man and follows the Christian religion.

Of course, since Laporte is a shy man, he does not talk much to the media about his beliefs, but according to the news that the relatives of this French player have said,

Aymeric Laporte

is a Christian. Also, given that he is French and Basque, it can be assumed that he adheres to his beliefs.

Aymeric Laporte Net worth, Salary and Market Value

Aymeric Laporte net worth

, is an interesting matter for sure. Aymeric Laporte net worth is valued at €15m. In addition to this fact,

Aymeric Laporte salary

also shows he has a net annual income of €7m.

Aymeric Laporte market value has fallen a bit but his value is now around €60m, which is a still high figure. It worth noting that Aymeric Laporte now earns a weekly salary of €140,000.

Aymeric Laporte Transfermarket Stats

In the above phrase, we said, Aymeric Laporte salary has increased big time due to the fact that Aymeric Laporte age combined with his big potential is an absolute investment for the club. Regarding

Aymeric Laporte transfermarket

stats there is true info on top facts about Aymeric Laporte article that Frenchman was worth around €75m in 2017 and with the latest update, he is currently priced at €60m. On Aymeric Laporte stats, he has played in 320 games, with 15 scored goals and 10 assists.

Near the end of the winter transfer window of January 2018, Laporte signed for Manchester City for a reported fee of €60m. He was given the number 14 shirt while Athletic immediately spent around half of the fee on Iñigo Martínez as a replacement. Aymeric made his Premier League debut the following day, playing the entire 3–0 home win against West Bromwich Albion.

Laporte scored his first goal for City on 25 August 2018, equalizing against


Wanderers in a 1–1 away draw. He made 51 appearances during the 2018–19 season as the club completed the first domestic treble in English football history.

Aymeric Laporte has played 320 games at the age of 27, which is truly fantastic without exaggeration. Imagine how many games he will play until the age of 35? For a defender with his physical strength, the idea of crossing 600 games is a very strong possibility, although Laporte's frequent injuries prevented him from playing more, the situation for him at Manchester City seems excellent, and even the

Aymeric Laporte stats

show this fact.

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Some Short Top Facts about Aymeric Laporte

  • Aymeric Laporte is a central defender. His height is 1.91 m and he weighs 86 kg.

  • Aymeric Laporte is dating Sara Botello, a professional dancer. Aymeric has known Sara Botello since his Athletic Bilbao days.

  • Aymeric Laporte has no kids. In fact, the couple thinking about developing their career.

  • Aymeric Laporte has a net worth of around €15m.


Aymeric Laporte age

, it should be said that he is 27 years old.

Aymeric Laporte nationality is French and now currently plays for

Manchester City


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Aymeric Laporte social media

accounts are not very active. Aymeric Laporte does not share much of his personal life on social media and only shares photos of games. He still feels the support of Athletic Bilbao fans as

Aymeric Laporte Instagram account

has 988k followers. As well as all this information, it is better to mention

Aymeric Laporte Facebook account


Aymeric Laporte Twitter account


Aymeric Laporte Quotes

"And it's time for the quotes where we want to point out the best quotes in SportMob's article on

top facts about Aymeric Laporte


His first days at Manchester City:

“I am learning English and can understand better than I can speak it. But having said that, I am learning as quickly as I can.”

Barcelona and Bayern Munich’s interest before joining Man City:

"It is impressive that Barcelona and Bayern have been interested in me. It is the fruit of my hard work, but I think you have to take a certain lightness because it does not correspond to a reality."

Laporte about his early life:

"I've spent my whole life playing football. My father didn't want me to play rugby because he felt it was very hard on the body, so at school, I was encouraged to play football, and that's where everything started."

Laporte about Manchester City:

"I'm very grateful to Manchester City. They are incredible."

On his dreams:

"Do I want to be the best defender in Europe? Of course. Any defender will tell you that - who wouldn't want to be the best?"

Laporte on his playing style:

"My style of play has always been 'Guardiola style,' so I've not had too many problems. At the same time, he helps you to evolve and to change little things, because it's obviously not exactly the same style of play as at Bilbao."

Laporte’s idol in football

"When you talk about Puyol, you speak of a myth of football."

On his hard-working approach

"Every training session you take part in, you have to work very hard and train hard because there is no other way to get where you want to be - it's not a secret and not a magic formula - just hard work and application."

Choosing between Spain and France national team

"Play with Spain? I think that's already closed, but even so, I opt for France because I'm French. I don't have dual citizenship, and I'm not going to ask for it."

Aymeric Laporte on

Sergio Ramos


"To get to the top, you must have an edge to your game, like Ramos does."

Laporte on Pep Guardiola

"Pep is the best manager in the world. He's always looking to help me get better and improve my game."

Aymeric Laporte Achievements

About Aymeric Laporte achievements, he did not get much trophy when he played for Athletic Bilbao because throughout, Bilbao does not have a chance to win the trophy in the presence of Barcelona and

Real Madrid

, but Laporte won excellent trophies after joining Manchester City. We will mention them as part of the

top facts about Aymeric Laporte


Athletic Bilbao

  • Spanish Super Cup in 15-16 season

Manchester City

  • Premier League champion in 2018 and 2019

  • League Cup Winner in 2018 and 2019

  • Super Cup Winner in 2019

  • FA Cup Winner in 2019

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