Top Facts about Shalimar Heppner, David Alaba's Stunning Girlfriend

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One of the top facts about Shalimar Heppner, David Alaba's stunning girlfriend, is that David admires her professional activities as a part-time model and a PR manager.

Shalimar Heppner is David Alaba’s current famous romantic relationship. Shalimar Heppner and 

David Alaba

 posted several loved up photos on social media networks to confirm their relationship. The most amazing top facts about Shalimar Heppner, David Alaba’s stunning girlfriend, will be reviewed in this article.

The following text expresses motivating top facts about Shalimar Heppner, David Alaba’s stunning girlfriend:

For finding more information around the top facts about Shalimar Heppner, David Alaba’s stunning girlfriend, the below-listed facts may be charming like Shalimar Heppner biography, Shalimar Heppner facts, Shalimar Heppner social media accounts, Shalimar Heppner professional career, and Shalimar Heppner net worth and so on.

Shalimar Heppner Biography

Shalimar Heppner biography

 gives us worth noting information about her. She is 26 years old (as of 2020). She was born on September 15, 1994, in Munich, Germany, which means that her nationality is German. The zodiac sign of Shalimar Heppner is Virgo.

The available information about the Shalimar Heppner family is limited because she is a half Asian person.  Her mother is originally from Asia with an unknown identity, but her father, Frank Heppner, is a famous German cook. Shalimar has a brother, whose name is Glenn.

Shalimar Heppner Quick Facts

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Shalimar Heppner quick facts

are as follows:

  • Real and Full Name: 

    Shalimar Heppner

  • Profession: 

    part-time model and PR manager

  • Birthday:

     September 15

  • Birth Year: 


  • Age:

     26 years (as of 2020)

  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Birth Place:


  • Residence:


  • Birth Country:


  • Nationality:


  • Father:

    Frank Heppner (the famous German cook)

  • Mother:


  • Siblings:

    Glenn (brother)

  • Spoken Languages: 

    German & English

  • Net Worth: 

    USD 1.2 Million (as of 2020)

  • Marital Status:


  • Height:

     5 feet 8 inches tall

  • Weight:

     57 KG

  • Body Measurements: 

    Under Review

  • Number of Children:

    One (son)

  • Religion: 


  • Hair Color: 


  • Eye Color:


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Shalimar Heppner Social Media

On the part of Shalimar Heppner, social media started with her photos on Instagram. 

Shalimar Heppner social media

 is a good source that shows the top facts about Shalimar Heppner, David Alaba’s stunning girlfriend.

Certainly, Shalimar Heppner social media has so much importance for her as a part-time model as it can bring her more fame by increasing the number of her fans and followers day after day.  

Shalimar Heppner Instagram

Shalimar Heppner Instagram

 is active and famous. The public account of Shalimar Heppner Instagram is


. The below list is shown the characteristics of Shalimar Heppner Instagram page:

  • Instagram ID: 


  • Number of posts: 

    153 posts

  • Number of followers: 


  • Number of following:

     539 following

Her exposure as a model and a PR manager has led to her amassing about 27.9k followers on her personal Instagram account. “So grateful for where I’m at, excited about where I’m going.” She wrote on her Instagram page.

 Shalimar Heppner TikTok

Among the list of 

top facts about Shalimar Heppner, David Alaba’s stunning girlfriend

, the fact that Shalimar has an account on TikTok under the ID


can consider as a worth noting one.

Shalimar Heppner TikTok

has 37.9k followers and 561.9k  likes.

Shalimar Heppner Net Worth

One of the top facts about Shalimar Heppner, David Alaba’s stunning girlfriend, is that 

Shalimar Heppner net worth

 is estimated at USD 1.2 Million as of 2020 (Approx.). The amount of Shalimar Heppner net worth, money, income, and assets as of 2020 are as follows:

More details about Shalimar Heppner net worth as of 2020 are as follows:

Net Worth (as of 2020): $1.2 Million.

Salary (as of 2020): Under Review

Income Stream: Influencer

The Profession of Shalimar's Father

One of the top facts about Shalimar Heppner, David Alaba’s stunning girlfriend, is related to

the profession of Shalimar's father

, Frank Heppner. Shalimar's father worked almost exclusively with luxury hotel restaurants all over the world.

Heppner's cooking is renowned in his homeland for doing various works, from designing menus at Hilton International in Seoul-Korea and the Peninsula Hotels in the Philippines and Hong Kong to being head chef at Mark's in the city of Munich.

Skilled at grilled meats and fish, Frank Heppner's a mean-hand at a BBQ and has been compared to Chef Ramsay. It may interest you to know that Frank Heppner's primary focus is on Euro-Asian cuisine.

Shalimar Heppner Love Life


top fact about Shalimar Heppner, David Alaba's stunning girlfriend

, is that she and David Alaba have been in a long-term relationship with each other.

Just like most celebrities, Shalimar Heppner keeps the details of her personal and love life private. However, one of the facts about 

Shalimar Heppner love life

 is that as Shalimar is still young, the lovely couple is currently not considering the idea of getting married to each other. They never leave an opportunity to impress.

It is worth noting that they reportedly started to date in 2017. However, they have officially confirmed that they are dating in 2018 since David Alaba brought his stunning girlfriend at the Oktoberfest in Bavaria.

Shalimar Heppner Child

In the list of top facts about Shalimar Heppner, David Alaba’s stunning girlfriend, there was a remarkable fact related to 

Shalimar Heppner child

. Shalimar and Alaba welcomed their first child together in 2019. The excited couple declared their baby's birth together with David Alaba quoted saying: “Can’t wait to show you the world.”

In the case of Shalimar Heppner child, it was notable that on May 22, 2019, Shalimar Heppner shared the picture of David holding the baby and kissing his feet and captioned “Happy first Father’s Day to the best Dada of my little boy.” However, the Bayern Munich left-back has not yet shown his newborn baby face to the world.

Also, the left-back footballer, David, and Shalimar had never revealed the child's name and had kept the identity of their boy private.

Lesser-Known and Unknown Facts about Shalimar Heppner

We tell you

some lesser-known and unknown facts about Shalimar Heppner


  • Shalimar Heppner was born on September 15, 1994.

  • Shalimar Heppner's zodiac sign is Virgo.

  • Shalimar would make a welcome addition to the Premier League Wags club.

  • Shalimar has around 30,000 followers on Instagram; moreover works as a PR manager.

  • Shalimar and David welcomed their first child together in 2019.

  •  Shalimar, as a hot, part-time model, looks stunning.

  • Shalimar has the Million-Dollar smile that can surely steal everyone’s heart.

  •  Shalimar is warm and cozy with a photogenic look, and there is no denying that!

  • Arguably the hottest couple in football, Shalimar, and David never leave an opportunity to impress.

  • The couple met in 2017 and hit it off straight away.

Shalimar Heppner Professional Career

Shalimar Heppner's professional career

as a part-time model and a PR manager is so creative. She maintains a favorable public image for her employer or client using the communicating programs, accomplishments, and points of view.

Shalimar Heppner, a professional career, is tasked with fielding media questions and tumbling divisions to the media, for making media kits and uniting press conferences. Over and above writing press releases, she writes words for organizational leaders, changes publicizing and advertising communications material while writing articles for corporate newsletters. She also issues evidence to counter undesirable marketing and handle crisis and emergency communications.

Shalimar Heppner professional career has got many duties and responsibilities such as:

  • Make strategy, appliance and accomplish public relations programs 

  • Design and budget for PR events, sequencers, and ingenuities 

  • Support designing and reviewing a variety of profile-raising and publicizing materials 

  • Enterprise and analysis of the online content in media proclamations and media kits

  • Observe communal image repeatedly to ensure its compliance with company brand

  • Check and cope with material introduced for the website and social media channels

  • Improve PR policies and measures

  • Control KPIs for the PR department

  • Extent and offer reports on each PR movement 

  • Shape long-term dealings with all relevant investors, such as local government, media people, politicians, etc.

  • Employee, leasing, and teach new associates of the public relations team

  • Create content for several speeches, actions, hearings ...

  • Improve and use crisis infrastructures advice and media strategy, as needed

Totally by reviewing all top the facts about Shalimar Heppner professional career; we have to say that she enjoys her job and continues to try the best she can. That is why almost all people know Shalimar Heppner as a famous model and a PR manager with an impressive fan base. No doubt that her fans' valuable support helped her a lot to achieve some of her goals, especially the long-term career ones.

Shalimar Heppner Lifestyle

Adjust to learn about what creates some business models way better than others, and how to change from where they are to where they want to, the facts about

Shalimar Heppner lifestyle

are helpful. Using these facts, you'll also get tools to optimize your model for a better lifestyle, more money, and a more significant impact.

Her carrier impacts Shalimar Heppner lifestyle because it influences what she spends her time doing. The right modeling can release time to enjoy herself more, grow more, and finance in the things that she loves to do while letting go of the things she doesn’t love to do.

Shalimar Heppner lifestyle is one that enables her to live life on her terms. It honors her, her health, her family, her hobbies, and her interests. It works around her (rather than she trying to fit herself into the time that's leftover after her work has taken what it needs).

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She usually makes a healthy balance between work and life in her lifestyle. She knows because she experienced this firsthand herself, for the first years of her work.

Shalimar Heppner Fashion Skills

Care about Details:

An attention to detail is critical in fashion. One of Shalimar Heppner fashion skills is meticulously made her clothes to impress buyers. She needs to make sure the products she is modeling are meticulously displayed. Focus and a keen eye are necessary for almost any job in the industry. Related skills are color sense, focus, pattern grading, photogenic, time management, and visualization.

Knowledge about the Business:

 Anyone with a hand in the fashion industry requires knowing the business's inputs and outputs. This necessitates more than just knowing the modern fashion trends. Without a sense of market and business trends as another Shalimar Heppner fashion skills, she can struggle financially. Related skills are advertising, fundraising, management, manufacturing, market research, merchandising, product development, prototyping, retailing, and sales.


Virtually all jobs in the fashion industry involve working with others. Then, she needs to have strong verbal and written communication skills. Related skills are interpersonal, cooperation, nonverbal communication, elevation, verbal, and written communication.


Practically, all jobs in the fashion industry want some creativity. An open mind and a clear vision for market and display are significant in the industry. The Related skills for Shalimar Heppner fashion skills is flexibility, imagination, initiative, sketching, styling, textiles, and versatility.

Shalimar Heppner Leisure Time Activities

Of course, social class plays a role in how to spend leisure, for Shalimar Heppner as women with more disposable income also have amplified access to transportation, leisure-related clothing and accessories, and safe spaces in which to play, relax, and gather.

As a fashion model, Shalimar Heppner has many choices to spend her free time with. On the other hand, she has many limitations too. In the middle of these two extremes, she finds many ways to be happy and has happy times with her family and friend. Even she also does individual activities among her other social Leisure time activities.

Interestingly, gender in attending leisure time activities and perceptions about sports branches is undeniable in the Shalimar Heppner Leisure time activities. According to her, attending leisure time activities strengthened socialization and communication.

 Shalimar Heppner also believes that considering a woman’s place in society, her need for fun activities and self-fulfillment cannot be repudiated. One of the essential tools in the process of relaxation is active or passive participation in sport. Women and sport in the modernization process are considered as a special issue within social change challenges. Through sport, the socialization of women can be considered as a parameter within the process of modernity.

It’s occasionally just too tempting to spend our free time playing games or hanging out with our friends. For sure, that’s fun, but for spending our time more beneficially, the

Shalimar Heppner leisure time activities

provide us more ways to mention.

  •  Reading a good novel, or a self-development book

  • Write/Blog/Manage social media channels

  • Learn a new skill in any field

  • Sharpen her brain and memory by doing fresh outdoor activities

  •  Do cooking as a creative, stress-releasing activity

  • Do exercises and go to the gym

  • Spending time with her family and husband

  • Going out with her friends

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