Facts about Mina Bonino, Federico Valverde's Stunning Girlfriend

Sat 05 December 2020 | 4:30

One of the facts about Mina Bonino, Federico Valverde's stunning girlfriend is that she is now the mom of their first child.

Mina Bonino is Federico Valverde's current famous romantic relationship. Mina Bonino and

Federico Valverde

posted several loved up photos on the social media networks that they are going to confirm their relationship. In current article, the most amazing facts about Mina Bonino, Federico Valverde's stunning girlfriend, will be found.

The following text indicates motivating facts about Mina Bonino, Federico Valverde's stunning girlfriend:

For finding more and better information around the facts about Mina Bonino, Federico Valverde's stunning girlfriend, the below-listed facts may be charming such as Mina Bonino biography, Mina Bonino facts, Mina Bonino social media accounts, Mina Bonino professional career, and Mina Bonino Net worth and so on.

Mina Bonino Biography

Mina Bonino biography

gives us worth noting information about her. Mina Bonino is her real name. She is 27 years old (as of 2020). she was born on October 13, 1993 in Argentina, Argentina. Mina Bonino is a successful TV Show Host from Argentina. An interesting fact is that Mina's horoscope is Libra based on her birth date, moreover she was born under a horoscope sign of Capricorn, which helped her achieve her career goals. It is remarkable that her Chinese horoscope sign is Rooster.

Mina Bonino Profile/Wiki

Mina Bonino Profile/Wiki

are as follows:

  • Profession:

    TV Show Host, Sport Journalist and influencer

  • Birthday:

    October 13

  • Birth Year:


  • Age:

    27 years (As of 2020)

  • Birth Sign:


  • Horoscope sign:


  • Birth Place:


  • Birth Country:


  • Nationality:


  • Net Worth:

    $500,000 - $1 Million

  • Marital Status:


  • Height:


  • Weight:


  • Body Measurements:

    Under Review

  • Religion:


  • Ethnicity:


  • Hair Color:


  • Eye Color:



Real and Full Name:

Mina Bonino

Mina Bonino Social Media

On the part of Mina Bonino, social media started with her personal and family photos on Instagram. 

Mina Bonino social media 

is a good source that indicates the top facts about Mina Bonino, Federico Valverde's stunning girlfriend.

Mina Bonino Instagram

Mina Bonino Instagram

is very famous and active. The public account of Mina Bonino Instagram is


. The below list is indicated the characteristics of Mina Bonino Instagram page:

  • Instagram ID:


  • Number of posts:

    550 posts

  • Number of following:

    173 following


Number of followers:


Her exposure as a television show host and sports journalist has led to her amassing about 379.7k followers on her personal Instagram account.

 Mina Bonino Tweeter

 Among the list of

facts about Mina Bonino, Federico Valverde's stunning girlfriend,

the highlighted News on

Mina Bonino Tweeter

account have so much of importance. You can be aware of the latest Tweets from Mina Bonino via this ID: @Minabonino.

Mina Bonino Net Worth

Mina Bonino has been considered as one of the richest Argentine/Argentinean TV Show Host. One another of the facts about Mina Bonino, Federico Valverde's stunning girlfriend is that

Mina Bonino net worth

is estimated $500,000 - $1 Million during 2020 (Approx.). The amount of Mina Bonino net worth, money, income, and assets for 2020-21 are as follows:

More details about Mina Bonino net worth are as follows:

  • Net Worth (as of 2020):

    $500,000 - $1 Million

  • Salary (as of 2020):

    Under Review

  • Net Worth (as of 2019):


  • Salary (as of 2019):

    Under Review

  • Income Stream:


Mina Bonino Professional Career

Read on to find out about

Mina Bonino professional career

, we should say that Mina Bonino is a television show host and sports journalist who is recognized for her work on the program Debo Decir.

That means that sometimes even the stars work in the favor of Mina Bonino. Actually Mina Bonino enjoys in her job and continues to try the best she can. That is the reason why almost all people know Mina Bonino as a famous influencer with an impressive fan base. No doubt that their valuable support helped her achieve some of her goals especially the long-term career ones.

Mina Bonino Favorite Things

The list of

Mina Bonino favorite things

are as follows:

  • Favorite Movie:

    Titanic (1997)

  • Favorite Actor:

    John Wayne

  • Favorite Actress:

    Greta Garbo

  • Favorite Books:


  • Favorite Writer:

    Henri-Frédéric Blanc

  • Favorite Color:


  • Favorite Destination:

    Trondheim and Trøndelag (Norway)

  • Favorite Food:


  • Favorite Fruit:


  • Favorite Singers:

    Bobby "Blue" Bland

  • Favorite Songs:


  • Favorite Sports:

    Freestyle Swimming

Lesser Known and Unknown Facts about Mina Bonino

We will tell you some

lesser known and unknown facts about Mina Bonino

in here.

  • Mina Bonino was born on 13th of October, 1993.

  • In her birthday another 1280 famous celebrity born!

  • In her birth year 12530 famous people born around the world!

  • Mina Bonino's zodiac sign is Libra.

  • Mina Bonino's astrological symbol is Scales

  • Mina Bonino's lucky numbers are 4, 6, 10, 13 and 26.

  • According to Astrologers, Mina Bonino Ruling House is the seventh house & Venus is ruling body.

  • Mina Bonino attended the University of Buenos Aires.

  • Mina Bonino was a celebrity contestant on Pasapalabra in 2018.

Mina Bonino Love Life

Just like most celebrities, Mina Bonino keeps the details of her personal and love life private. It may seem interesting for you to know that Mina Bonino prefers not to tell the details of her marital status or any probable divorce.

One of the facts about

Mina Bonino love life

is that she is in relation with the great footballer, Federico Valverde who plays as a central midfielder for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Uruguay national team. Old and new highlighted News show that there is a strong love between Mina and Federico.

Mina Bonino Child

In the list of available

facts about Mina Bonino, Federico Valverde's stunning girlfriend

, there was worth noting fact which was related to

Mina Bonino Child

. The top fact could hit the headlines which declared: “Real Madrid player Fede Valverde and journalist Mina Bonino are now parents to their first child.”

Federico Valverde is a father for the first time alongside his stunning girlfriend, Mina Bonino, who broke the news on her official Instagram account where she revealed that the new born is a boy who will be called Benicio, as well as highlighting the difficulty of labour that lasted for fourteen hours and the last three hours was very difficult to bear.

"After 14 hours of labour, with the last three very difficult, I am convinced that one draws strength from where one does not have when bringing a child into the world, and all the pain was worth it. On 20/02/2020 at 00:02 Benicio Valverde was born in Madrid with a very difficult natural birth, but achieved", Mina Bonino said.

"We love you, son. I hope you know how eagerly awaited you were and how much we wanted to meet you. To you dad, who is my partner, my husband, who was unconditionally by my side and while I was pushing you said: 'come on up, chimuela, he's coming out'. Here is our prize and this is your best goal", Mina Bonino wrote.

Mina Bonino Feelings about Pregnancy

One of the notable facts about Mina Bonino, Federico Valverde's stunning girlfriend is about

Mina Bonino feelings about pregnancy.

She expressed her great feeling several times in various ways. We will mention some of her words about her feelings during pregnancy “There is a side that nobody tells you, I don’t feel full or with that special shine”, Mina Bonino said.

“It’s always said that pregnant women are the prettiest, that they have a special shine, that they feel full. But there is also a site that nobody tells you about. Every woman processes it the way she can. In my case I have never felt full or with this special glow.” Mina declared.

Based on to her words, Mina feels happy very much because: “it was a very wanted baby”. However she also explains that she feels distressed to notice that her clothes are small for the growth of her belly and admits that she had to get used to “a new body” (she increased just six kilos at the time telling this issue).

“I changed the bra size from 85 to 120 and it grows more and more every day. It’s hard for me to dress up or change all eating habits, because pregnancy makes you hate everything you’ve eaten. You also need to get used to new symptoms, experience different flavors, feel bad smells”, Mina Bonino, Federico Valverde's stunning girlfriend said.

According to Mina Bonino, pregnancy is beautiful since the mother has a life in her, and the mother sees ultrasounds or hear the baby’s heart, it’s hard to assimilate that she is creating another being. She used to read the stories of many pregnant mothers who survived so much emotion but when Mina Bonino first had an ultrasound and heard a heartbeat, she was not excited and she felt guilty.

Moreover she thought she’d be a bad mother. Mina Bonino said that there were days that her pregnancy had been forgotten as she had no symptoms, no abdomen and totally she lived normally.

Mina Bonino expressed her idea about the importance of both the child and mother in this way: “The most important thing is for the child and mother to have the best health possible. I think about it now and thought about it before I got pregnant. There are many posts, photos and texts that even tell you that you have to choose where to give birth, because it’s appropriate. And it’s perfect! But I’m not going to give birth to my son in my home, in the tub, with Zen music in the background and with no doctor. Because it’s logical that if something is complicated, I have no tools or wisdom to know how to get out of the situation. It’s always said that every woman does what she wants with her body, but it doesn’t affect it or tells you how to do it, because it’s very frustrating if later you cannot do what you thought was best. And there is nothing better, but only one, create the healthiest for both of you.”

She believed that every woman experiences pregnancy completely different and when Federico kept telling her that she is beautiful, Mina thought that he was lying to her!

Mina Bonino Said about Challenges vs Atletico

There is a variety of facts about Mina Bonino, Federico Valverde's stunning girlfriend. There are facts that showing us Mina Bonino said about challenges vs Atletico. Real Madrid team could win the Supercopa de Espana with the help of a challenge from Federico Valverde that lead to praise from her stunning girlfriend Mina Bonino.

 Mina Bonino, Federico Valverde's stunning girlfriend praised the achievement of Frederico Valverde on Instagram. "All yours! Enjoy it, you deserve it more than anyone. Congratulations, we're very proud of you.” Mina Bonino wrote.

Mina Bonino Lifestyle

Model stars like Mina Bonino are very famous with people following in their footsteps since they act as the beacons of style, fashion, and the aspirational lifestyle worldwide. As a TV show host, Sport journalist and influencer, it’s easy to find relatable things about her life.

Mina Bonino is a very shining example of Instagram influencer who managing her professional career. While Mina Bonino achieves fame while remaining level-headed, she is more prone to succeed in the future.

There are many things related to the communal lifestyle in Instagram influencer, regardless of their countries or cultures. Money is the first thing everyone loves to spend, and Mina Bonino spends it lavishly on herself to keep them shining and bright at all times. 

Another common occurrence in

Mina Bonino lifestyle

is her diet consciousness. As a TV show host, Sport journalist, influencer and a mother, she doesn't have much freedom. She has to control her diet. She is practically applying it in her life. With strict diet plans and nutritionists to guide her at all stages during the day, Mina Bonino is very mindful of her calorie intake.

Mina Bonino is also a fan of spending a generous amount of money on traveling to interact with other cultures and increase her fan base in other countries. As a motivated TV show host, Sport journalist and influencer, she spends money to help other people and brings them food and clothes.

You can also find her getting up before sunrise and working on her body in the early hours of the day in the form of yoga, traditional training, and other exercises. This routine is a vital requirement for Mina Bonino since she wants to keep her industry value. It’s not unusual to find top TV show hosts, Sport journalists and influencers going to bed early and rising earlier.

Mina Bonino lifestyle is happy, with fun, helping humans, and protecting animals. She is taking care of her body regularly. Mina Bonino lifestyle is full of fascinating and exciting events.

Mina Bonino lifestyle seems happy and relaxed, with a lot of music and dancing since there are many pictures of her at parties and a good time spending with her friends too.



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