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Fri 04 December 2020 | 4:30

A detailed look at the most interesting facts about Marcos Llorente including his career, childhood and love life.

Marcos Llorente Moreno, born 30 January 1995, is a Spanish professional soccer player who plays as a midfielder or second striker for Atletico Madrid.

He's nicknamed "Marco" to start off. Marcos Llorente Childhood Tale, Background, Family Facts, Parents, Early Life, Personal Life, Relationship Life, Lifestyle and other noteworthy details are completely covered right from the time he was a child to the time he became famous.

Yeah, everybody knows that he is the player whose two amazing goals defeated Liverpool during the extra time of the round-of-16 of the 2019/2020 Champions League.

Just a handful, however have read the biography of Marcos Llorente, which is very interesting. Now let's bring the

top facts about Marcos Llorente

without further ado.

All you need to know about Marcos Llorente

In the following article we will take a look at the most interesting



facts about Marcos Llorente

. First we present you with some of the general information.

General information

  • Full Name:

     Marcos Llorente Moreno

  • Nicknames of Marcos Llorente: 


  • Number of Marcos Llorente: 


  • Date and Place of Birth Marcos Llorente:

    30 January 1995, Madrid, Spain

  • Age of Marcos Llorente:


  • Height & Weight Marcos Llorente: 

    1.8 m (5′ 11″), 74 kg

  • Net Worth of Marcos Llorente: 

    12 million Euros

  • Marital Status Marcos Llorente:


  • Girlfriend Marcos Llorente: 

    Patricia Noarbe

  • Current team Marcos Llorente:

     Atlético Madrid

  • Hair Colour Marcos Llorente:


  • Skin Colour Marcos Llorente

    : White

Marcos Llorente’s Childhood Story

Marcos Llorente Moreno was born in Madrid, Spain, on the 30th day of January 1995, to his mother, María Ángela Moreno (retired basketballer) and his father, Paco Llorente (retired footballer).

The childhood background of Marcos Llorente was fascinating, much like many footballers with athletic family history. He grew up to realize that the behaviors of his family were mostly hereditary-driven 'football genes' which ran in his veins as a little boy.

one of the

Top facts about Marcos Llorente

is that the family members of Marcos Llorente, both maternal and paternal, were all

Real Madrid

soccer players. Little Marcos born and raised with the expertise of his super-great uncles with records from Real Madrid that are still to be broken.

Therefore, it was more than just working on the father and son gene, even though his dad was a professional footballer.

His dad, Paco Llorente, chose to hang up his boots when little Marcos was 3 years old. It was quite difficult to deal with retirement for any footballing dad (including Paco).

Paco never wanted to be the one in his family tree who would be the last to play soccer.

Another one of the Top facts about Marcos Llorente is that in the hopes of nurturing him to carry on living the family ambitions, the former footballer formed a close link with his son Marcos.

The background of Marcos Llorente‘s parents and family

It is fair to assume that Llorente is likely to be from a rich/upper-class family background, having come from a sports household whose parents (dad), uncles and grandparents made lots of money playing for Real and

Atletico Madrid


one of the Top facts about Marcos Llorente is that he was a little boy who had a vision in his younger years of joining "The Madrid Dynasty," where his father, uncles, and grandparents belonged.

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How educated is Marcos Llorente?

Marcos had his initial hopes of obtaining football education with Real Madrid academy thanks to members of the family who guided him to take such path.

At the time, even though his father played there, he knew he had to work hard to make the Family-Friendly Club select him for trials.

One of the Interesting Top facts about Marcos Llorente is that Back then, as he developed his skills on the streets of Madrid, Marcos preferred to wear the Los Blancos kits each and every day. The continuous commitment and the need to pursue the

The footsteps of his uncles, his grandpa, and the footsteps of his father never arose as a fading fantasy.

After his retirement from football (in 1998), Paco Llorente spent four pleasant years teaching his son about football.

The former footballer did all he could to endorse his dreams, understanding his boy's desire to play football for a living.

The Early Career Life of Marcos Llorente

One of the Top facts about Marcos Llorente that few people know about is that sometimes the challenge to join the Real Madrid academy comes with enormous pressure, and while very few youngsters are able to handle it, others are simply not.

Marcos was ready to begin life with an academy by the year 2002. Unfortunately, it wasn't Real Madrid that he had wished for earlier.

Marcos Llorente's parents agreed to allow him to join Las Rozas, a local club in the family's hometown, rather than letting their son's Real Madrid academy career dreams to disappear into mediocrity.

The family home of Marcos Llorente in Las Rozas was just a 20-minute drive to Madrid.

Marcos built

the groundwork of his career

at Las Rozas Club de Fútbol. Marcos proceeded to play for other academies, namely Nueva Roceña (2006 to 2007) and Rayo Majadahonda, thanks to a burning desire to advance at greater academies (2007 to 2008).

The starting Road to Fame

The teenager still had a steady desire to make his Real Madrid academy dreams come true, even while he played for those smaller academies. The fact Marcos is that he never gave up and the kid was still hoping to join Real Madrid.

The pleasure of the parents and family members of Marcos Llorente (especially his father) knew no limits at the time when Real Madrid not only called them their own, but also managed to pass their academy tests.

In his early years at the Real Madrid academy, Marcos Llorente built up into a precocious whiz kid. Being one of the Top facts about Marcos Llorente, He was the kind of youngster gifted with the control of the adhesive ball and the knack of past opponents drifting.

As he excelled against all sorts of opponents, Marcos moved up the Real Madrid academy ranks quite rapidly. He even became what the captain of his youth side looked like.

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The Ultimate Rise to Fame

Marcos was promoted to Real Madrid B by Zinedine Zidane, who was then the coach of Real Madrid's reserve team, after outshining so much with the Real Madrid Juvenil squad.

one of the Top facts about Marcos Llorente is that the year 2017 saw the midfielder rubbing shoulders with players like Mariano,






in the senior team of Real Madrid.

Marcos Llorente helped the club win the UEFA Champions League, Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup during the 2017-2018 season, earning the man of the match award.

The midfielder started to feel he had achieved enough on 20 June 2019 and decided to join local rivals Atlético Madrid with the need for better game time.

Many are questioning his choice, referring to it as a type of deviation from his values of family football.

The midfielder has been said to evolve from strength to strength because of its performance and a special day, as at the time of writing Marcos Llorente's Biography.

Speaking of a special day, an interesting fact about Marcos is that he obtained a new nickname, 'The Liverpool Slayer,' on 11 March 2020. This nickname happened as a result of two goals that crushed


fans' hearts.

The parents of Marcos Llorente are without a doubt, glad to see their son carrying on the football legacy of their family.

We may be on the edge of seeing another youngster grow into a world-class talent right in front of our very eyes. The rest is history, as they say.

Marcos Llorente’s Girlfriend?

Fans have taken Llorente's rise to fame to the internet to know if he has a girlfriend or if he is actually married, which suggests having a wife. The truth is that there's a beautiful girlfriend behind the successful footballer who goes by the name Patricia Noarbe.

So who is Patricia Noarbe?

She's mostly referred to as somebody with "Beauty and Brains." Patricia is a fitness guru and a recipient of several degrees. In Law and Business Administration & Management, the gorgeous Spanish beauty holds a double degree.

Patricia focuses on offering clients both online and offline fitness training. She is the founder of www.paddyness.es, a website that provides fitness training and food advice, especially for athletics.

One of the facinating Top facts about Marcos Llorente is that Patricia Noarbe is the only reason why the transfer of Marcos Llorente to

Man United

never happened. According to DailyStar, Marcos preferred his girlfriend to complete her university studies before taking any decisions about his future.

Patricia Noarbe is a humble person who does nothing more than offering her man emotional support.

The Spanish island and the waters of Ibiza are one of the couple's favorite summer destinations. Judging by the way both are loving themselves, it is possible that their next official move will be "marriage."

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Marcos Llorente’s Personal Life

Football fans love their


, just as the rest of us do and Marcos Llorente is no exception. Even if you suggest that there's no fidelity left in the modern world, the bonds shared between Marcos and his dogs are definitely not taken into account.

Marcos Llorente, in conclusion, is progressive, authentic, independent and dog-friendly. He dislikes restrictions, failed promises, lonely and dull or boring situations.

Marcos Llorente’s Lifestyle

With a

net worth

of about 12 million euros and a market cap of over 30 million euros, it's okay to say that without a question,

Marcos is a millionaire


However, Marcos has the ability to maintain the balance between spending and saving when it comes to finances. Speaking of expenses, one thing is definitely his car. You can see a picture of Marcos standing near his stylish Audi, the car of his preference.

Marcos Llorente’s Dad

Francisco 'Paco' Llorente Gento was born in Valladolid, Spain, on the 21st day of May, 1965. He is a former footballer who played for both Real and Atletico Madrid, mainly as a right-winger.

Marcos Llorente‘s Uncles

There would not be enough words to describe the brilliance of Paco Gento, who from his father's side, is Marcos Llorente's great uncle. "Frequently referred to as The man with the record

Paco is regarded as one of the best left-wingers of all time and also one of the greatest Madridistas in Real Madrid's history.

The Real Madrid striker, born on October 21, 1933, has the record of being the all-time captain of the club and the only man to win six European Cups.

Paco Gento was packed with Di Stéfano, Kopa, Puskas and other amazing players as part of the club's legendary team.

He has won 12 La Liga titles and six European Cups in his 18 seasons with Real Madrid (five of them are consecutive). This is an unbroken record to present.

The rest of the super uncles (the brothers of his paternal grandmother) of Marcos Llorente include the following:

1. Julio Gento (footballer) was also a footballer (defender) who had once played for Real Madrid. he was Six years younger than his brother Paco.

2. Antonio Gento (footballer): This is Gento and Julio's younger brother. During his time, he was a striker as well.

The three brothers from Gento had a sister named María Antonia Gento.

Among the four sons linked with Real Madrid, Marcos Llorente's dad is one of them. Joe Llorente, Toñín Llorente, Paco Llorente (the father of Marcos Llorente) and Julio Llorente are among Maria's four sons.

Marcos Llorente‘s Granddad

Ramon Grosso is the maternal grandfather of Marcos Llorente, who was once a soccer player for Real Madrid.

An incredible fact is that Ramon inherited Alfredo Di Stefano's No. 9 shirt from Real Madrid and went on alongside Gento to win the 1966 European Cup.

Grosso had five children, one of whom was Maria Angela, his daughter, who later married Paco Llorente (Marcos dad).

The Ramón Grosso Foundation was established by the children of Ramon Grosso to honor their father. In Chad and other places, the foundation carries out humanitarian work.

Marcos Llorente‘s Tattoos

Only enough for the Spanish footballer is to have his family legacy in his blood. As indicated above, Marcos does not believe in what is considered “Tattoo Culture“.

Instead of letting other people see body paintings, he would rather display the veins in his lower body.

Marcos Llorente‘s Religion

The fact that certain members of his family carry Christian names gives us a great deal of reason to believe that the parents of Marcos Llorente would raise him in conformity with the Christian faith.

Even if his stance on matters of faith is poor, our odds are in favour Marcos to be a Christian.




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