Facts about Anna Ortiz, Andres Iniesta's wife

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Anna’s relationship with Iniesta began in 2008 and they got married in 2012 and since then they have been living together happily. Read on to find out more facts about Anna Ortiz, Andres Iniesta's wife.

Andres Iniesta Lujan, born 11 May 1984, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a central midfielder and is the captain of Japanese club Vissel Kobe.

Anna Ortiz and

Andres Iniesta

tied the knot in 2012. Iniesta is a Spanish footballer who currently plays for the Japanese club,

Vissel Kobe

and also he spent three seasons as


’s captain. Many people consider him one of the best players in his generation.

The couple has two daughters, Valeria (born April 2011) and Siena (born May 2017), and a son, Paolo Andrea (born May 2015). Among the sad

facts about Anna Ortiz

is that the couple lost an unborn child, son Andrés Jr., due to miscarriage in March 2014.

The followings are facts about Anna Ortiz,

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Andres Iniesta's wife:


Anna Ortiz’s personal life

, it should be mentioned that before she met her now husband, Andres, she was a hair stylist and for that reason she never showed up with a same hair color twice in public. Also she worked as a waitress in a beach bar, where she met her future husband, Andres Iniesta.

Anna Ortiz biography

Anna was born on December 11 1986 in Catalunya, Spain. So,

Anna Ortiz age

is 34 in 2020. She has a younger sister who owns a bakery! Unique professions are a thing in her family for sure.

The first fact about Anna Ortiz is that she has two daughters, Valeria and Siena, and a son Paolo Andre. In 2014 this beautiful family lost an unborn child due to miscarriage. Because of this, Iniesta decided to be absent for the Barcelona vs Real Valladolid match which caused Barcelona to lose 1-0.


Anna Ortiz’s social media

activities, it’s worth mentioning that she tries to keep her personal life out of the spotlight, that’s why she is not very active on social media, but she posts some pictures every now and then on her Instagram account.

Six years after the loss of her baby, Anna posted some emotional words about him on Instagram. “Today I feel strong to talk about you and for you. How much you taught us during those 8 months. 8 months of unconditional love, of hope and illusion … but also of fears and uncertainties. Together with you we learned that the road is never easy and that it is worth all the effort.” she said.

Anna Ortiz love story

Do you believe in love at the first sight? Well Anna and Andres do which is among the fantastic

facts about Anna Ortiz

. They met each other at a bar and they suddenly fell in love.

They agreed to meet each other at a station near Anna’s house and for that meeting, Andres had to travel two hours. As the first gift to his future wife, Andres gave a plane which was called “Anna” with a letter.

In an interview about their love, Iniesta said that he was in a bar with his friends where he met Anna. She was working there as a waitress. “As soon as I saw her, I had an intense crush, I fell in love, but she made me suffer and didn't make it easy.” Iniesta said.

Their love story got stronger with the birth of their first child in 2011 and then again in 2015 and 2017. Although they had some terrible days with the death of the unborn child, they still love each other and are happily married.

Iniesta claimed that he had a very depressing time because if his injuries and stress between 2009 and 2010 before the world cup and he believes that the only reason that he could be able to play at the world cup was because of the support from his wife. Actually, the first time that Anna was seen with him, she was helping him to walk because he was injured.

Anna Ortiz wedding

Anna Ortiz married the football star in 2012, and Iniesta admitted that it was love at first sight.

"I saw her and I fell in love at that moment," the ex-Barcelona player recalled. Anna and Iniesta met in 2008 and began dating until July 8, 2012, when they eventually got married.

At the time of their meeting, Iniesta was nursing a tight injury, and Anna was there to offer him all the support he needed towards recovery.

They have three children; two daughters Valerie and Sienna born in April 2011 and May 2017, respectively and son polo Andrea born in 2015.

Iniesta's wedding was glamorous and saw the attendance of top footballers like his teammates




, and,

Jordi Alba


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Anna’s husband's career

Andres Iniesta was born on May 11 1984 in Fuentealbilla, Spain. He began his career with playing for Albacete juniors at age 8. His first goal was in a friendly game against England in 2007. His success kept going on up until now.

He joined the FC Barcelona’s academy because of his father’s encouragement. He was so good as a player that he became the captain of FC Barcelona U-15 in the 1999 Nike Premier Cup tournament. Under the leadership of Andres Iniesta, his team won the championship.

His skill kept getting better and better and he got a second rank as the world’s best player in the 2010/11 season.

As said before he played as captain for Barcelona and also the national Spain team. In 2010 he scored a goal against Chile which gave him the title of ‘player of the match’. Because of Iniesta’s phenomenal performance, Spain made it to the finals and in the finals he scored the winning goal and made Spain the world cup champion.

He was not only awarded as ‘player of the match’ but also got nominated for the golden ball award. After that he became one of the core member of the team and the team revolved around him.

In 2015, Iniesta continued his golden career as a great footballer. He helped FC Barcelona win the European Champions League trophy.

Not only that, but he also won the La Liga and Copa del Rey trophies. Because of those achievements, Iniesta became one of seven great names that managed to win two treble-winners with FC Barcelona.

After officially leaving La Blaugrana in 2018, Iniesta went to Japan to join Vissel Kobe. His farewell to the Catalan giant felt very touching as he was very attached to the team.

Besides football Iniesta has some other life achievements. A student once told his idea to Iniesta that they want to say NO to bullying at schools and that they have been working on it for months. Iniesta loved his idea so much that he decided to be the image and the voice against the bullying in schools.

He also signs shirts and give the money to the “

Terre des Hommes”. But what is “Terre des Hommes”?

For 50 years, “Terre des Hommes” has been at the forefront of protecting children all over the world from violence, abuse and exploitation; and has been working to ensure every child has access to school, informal education, medical care and food. The organization is currently present in 69 countries, with almost 1,046 projects that support children and their families.

More over Iniesta has donated his Spain shirt which he played against Macedonia in, for a charity auction to raise money for Syrian refugees.

If you are curious about this family’s salary, don’t be surprised when I say Iniesta’s net worth is valued at $120 million. Annually he receives $30 million. He earns as much as $2.5 million from his sponsorship and endorsement deal with Asics. He is ranked as the 46th highest-paid athlete of 2019 by 



Anna Ortiz family

Another interesting

fact about Anna Ortiz

is that before going to Japan to play for Vissel Kobe, Iniesta and his family lived in Barcelona. But now he had to be away from his family and that have been terribly hard for him for the past 2 years.

“It is a very difficult situation because you are not there with them, with your loved ones. You can't see what is happening on a daily life level so that is difficult but we keep talking on a daily basis, checking in with them and just hoping that the situation gets better.” Iniesta said.

But what about before he got married to Anna?

As said before Iniesta was born in small village named


, in the 

province of Albacete

Castile–La Mancha

. In the year 1996 he had travelled with his parents all the way from the tiny village, to Barcelona.

A glimpse of what Andres’ feet could do with a football had convinced then FC Barcelona youth team coach and family acquaintance Enrique Orizaola that the boy had it in him to be a part of the club’s academy.

Just twenty days after arriving at La Masia, Andres Iniesta found himself making his first appearance in an FC Barcelona shirt for the club’s under-14 B team.

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In three years, Iniesta would go on to wear the captain’s armband to lead Barcelona’s Under-15 side in the 1999 Nike Premier Cup.

This kept going on and on until 2010 the night that was the best night for Spain. It is minute one hundred and sixteen and Spain are playing Netherlands in the final of the football World Cup.  

Andres Iniesta attains catharsis as he connects with a mischievous Jo’bulani with his right foot just as a frantic van der Vaart lunges in an attempt to block the shot.

Stekelenburg, the Dutch goalkeeper, gets a hand to the ball, but the impish little orb has ears only for the commands of Don Andres’ feet. It bounces off a bit from the Stekelenburg’s hand.

And deliverance came as Andres Iniesta, in celebration of his goal, removed his jersey to reveal an undershirt with a handwritten message: Dani Jarque Siempre Con Nosotros Dani Jarque, always with us.

That night was, Iniesta was so goos that I totally forgot that I was going to talk about




is located to the northeast of the city of 


and if you try to google it the only thing that matter the most to this village and its people is that the great Andres Iniesta was born there. Trust me I googled it like a hundred times.

This family has been apart since Andres has to be away for his team. He now lives in a port city in western Japan.

Apart from being a player at the Japanese club, His new challenges include training young Japanese players as a part of a soccer academy under Vissel Kobe, where he seeks to bring together positive things of local players with concepts from outside. Iniesta predicts a bright future for Japanese football and hopes for big achievements in the near future.

Is Iniesta one of the biggest Barcelona’s players?

The answer is YES for sure.

FC Barcelona and Spain are both were blessed with one of the best spells in their respective histories – winning trophy after trophy. It’s not a coincidence that both these teams call on the services of what is dubbed as the best midfield pairing in all of world football, Xavi & Iniesta.

Here are the best players that Barcelona ever had:

Johan Cruyff (1973-1978)


Maradona (1982-1984) - Bernd Schuster (1980 – 1988) - Guillermo Amor (1988 – 1998) - Michael Laudrup (1989 – 1994) - Josep “Pep” Guardiola (1990-2001) - Luis Enrique (1996-2004) - Xavi Hernandez (1998-2015) - Deco (2004-2008) - Iniesta (2002-2018)

As you can Iniesta is among the top ten. So, if somebody ever asks you that whether or not Iniesta is one of the biggest player in Barcelona’s history, you should say “yes without a doubt.”

From the year 1899 that the FC Barcelona started, the most glorious years were with Iniesta, Xavi and of course Messi. I am sure you are asking but Barcelona is a great team how the best years for it was those with Iniesta? Well, let’s check their history.



FC Barcelona, also known simply as Barcelona and familiarly as Barça, is based in 




. The team was founded in 1899 by a group of 



 and Spanish footballers led by 

Joan Gamper


The club played amateur football until 1910 in various regional competitions. In 1910, the club participated in their first of many European competitions, and has since amassed fourteen 


 trophies and a 


. In 1928, Barcelona co-founded La Liga, the top-tier in Spanish football, along with a string of other clubs.

In the 

2005–06 season

, Barcelona repeated their Liga and Supercupa successes. In the Champions League, Barcelona beat 


 2–1 in the final. Trailing 1–0 to a ten-man Arsenal and with less than 15 minutes remaining, they came back to win 2–1. That made Barcelona its first European Cup victory in 14 years.

Barcelona finished the 

2007–08 season

 third in La Liga and reached the semi-finals of the 

Champions League


Copa del Rey

, both times losing! but to the eventual champions, 

Manchester United



, respectively.

For the second time that season, Barcelona played Real Madrid in 

El Clásico

, this time at the Santiago Bernabéu. Barcelona won the historic match 2–6, which was the largest margin of victory by which Barcelona had won in Madrid since the 1970s.

On 6 May 2009, Barcelona played against 


 in the second leg of the 

Champions League



. Following a goalless first leg, Chelsea led the second leg at 

Stamford Bridge

 1–0, from the eighth minute until injury time, when Andrés Iniesta scored an equaliser in the 93rd minute from the edge of the penalty area, sending Barcelona through to the final on the away goals rule.

On 13 May, Barcelona beat 

Athletic Bilbao

 4–1 to win the Copa del Rey for a record 25th time.

Barcelona went on to win the 

2009 Supercopa de España

 against Athletic Bilbao, and the 

2009 UEFA Super Cup


Shakhtar Donetsk

, becoming the first European club to win both domestic and European Super Cups following a treble. In December 2009, Barcelona won the 

2009 Club World Cup


In May 2010, Barcelona won La Liga for the second consecutive time with a record Spanish league tally of 99 points out of 114 possible.

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In the 

Copa del Rey Final

 at the 

Mestalla Stadium

 against Real Madrid, 

Cristiano Ronaldo

 would convert a header on the 100th minute to win the Copa for Madrid, 1–0. Barça, however, would end up beating Manchester United 3–1 with goals from Pedro, Messi and 

David Villa

 to win them the Champions League for the fourth time in club history. Barcelona would also claim La Liga with 96 points to Real Madrid's 92 for the third time in a row to round off a very successful season.

The Copa del Rey finals against 

Athletic Bilbao

, Barça would win 3–0 with a brace from Pedro and a strike from Messi, winning the club the trophy. That season, Barça also won the 

2011 UEFA Super Cup

, 2–0 against 


 and the 

2011 FIFA Club World Cup

, 4–0 against 



As you can see it was true when I said that those years were the most

glorious years for them and you can see by the results, Iniesta deserves to be in the top ten Barcelona’s player.

Anna Ortiz net worth and salary


Anna Ortiz net worth

and salary, there is not enough information available sincet Iniesta is not a very flamboyant footballer, that’s why people don’t know how rich he and his family are. Anna Ortiz’s personal life is also out of the spotlight. However, there is no doubt that the family is so wealthy.

Iniesta is one of the richest footballers that ever play the game in recent times. There are several reports that estimate his net worth to be in the $120 million region. This put him ahead as the richest Spanish player in the history of the country.

In conclusion you can see the important

fact about Anna Ortiz

is that she had a very low-key and normal life at the beginning but the very first moment she saw Andres Iniesta, everything changed.

She married to one of the greatest football player in history.

Anna Ortiz children

are three and she considers herself so lucky for having three children with her husband. Even tough by the time Andres travelled to Japan, which is a very long way from Barcelona, their relationship keeps getting deeper and deeper and the hard days of their life, like the time of their lose, could not hurt this beautiful family and their relationships.

Anna is a very sociable person. She almost posts something on her Instagram page. So, if you are curious that how she lives or how her life style is, you can actually follow her Instagram page and feed your curiosity in there.

Unlike Anna, Andres is not a social media person but he also has an Instagram page so if you are really in love with this family that you read this whole article, you should probably follow him too.


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