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Facts about Nathalia Felix, Douglas Costa's Girlfriend

Sun 29 November 2020 | 16:30

The stunning Brazilian beauty Nathalia Felix is a model and radio jockey. She is very famous and is very popular with the general public. This article reveals some facts about Nathalia Felix, Douglas Costa's girlfriend.

Nathalia Felix is

Douglas Costa

's second famous romantic relationship. Nathalia Felix and Dougie (the nickname of Douglas Costa) posted several loved up photos on the social media networks that they are going to confirm their relationship.  Here, the most amazing

facts about Nathalia Felix, Douglas Costa's girlfriend

, will be found.

The following text shows motivating facts about Nathalia Felix, Douglas Costa's girlfriend:

For finding more and better information around the facts about Nathalia Felix, Douglas Costa's girlfriend, the below-listed facts may be charming such as Nathalia Felix Biography, Nathalia Felix Family, Nathalia Felix Social Media, Nathalia Felix Modelling Carrier, Nathalia Felix Lifestyle, Nathalia Felix Net worth, and Nathalia Felix Leisure activities and Favorites.

The fabulous Brazilian model Nathalia Felix is a radio jockey whose Instagram page has over 200,000 followers. She is a famous spectacular model even before her life as Wags and her carrier as a supermodel.

Nathalia Felix Biography

Discover the details of

Nathalia Felix biography

, from the day she was born, until the present day. Conferring to our received data, Nathalia Felix was born on July 7, 1994. The place of birth is unknown. She is 26 years old as of this year (2020).

Her real name is Nathalia Felix, and she has no nickname. One of the exciting facts among the

Facts about Nathalia Felix, Douglas Costa's girlfriend

, is that Nathalia Felix was born under a horoscope sign of Cancer. Her Chinese horoscope sign is Dog.

In Nathalia Felixes favor, the means of horoscope sign of Cancer means that sometimes even all stars work. In Nathalia Felix Biography, it is evident that she enjoys her job and continues to try the best she can. That is why most people find Nathalia Felix as a famed INSTAGRAM STAR with an inspiring fan base. The support of her fans helped her attain some of her career goals in long-term situations.

  • First and Last Name:

    Nathalia Felix

  • Career:

    Instagram star, Model, and Radio jockey

  • Date of Birth:

    July 7, 1994

  • Birthplace:


  • Current Location:


  • Current Age:

    26 years old

  • Horoscope Sign:


  • Nationality:


  • Chinese Horoscope Sign:


  • Ethnicity:


About Nathalia Felix family no information is yet available, however we know that she is born and lived in a brazilan family (Millennials Generation). Millennials are a generation who grew up with computers, the internet, and social networks.

Nathalia Felix’s mother’s name is unknown, and her father’s name is under review. She has also featured her father on her Instagram account.

If you want to find out how tall Nathalia Felix is and how much she weighs, keep reading the following lines around the Facts about Nathalia Felix, Douglas Costa's girlfriend. Nathalia Felix keeps her personal life private. 05'04" tall, weighs 160, and has brown eyes.

Nathalia Felix Relationship

The most interesting part of Facts about Nathalia Felix, Douglas Costa's girlfriend, started with

Nathalia Felix's relationship

. Nathalia Felix's boyfriend, Douglas Costa, is born in Rio Grande do Sul. He is a product of native club Grêmio’s youth system, where he began his footballing prospects at the age of 11 in 2002.

Nathalia Felix's relationship with her loved boyfriend is going well as the Brazilian player Douglas Costa waged a successful debut season, featuring in 47 games across all competitions; he helped Juve secure the domestic double of Serie A and Coppa Italia.

Nathalia Felix and her boyfriend Douglas Costa have impacted social media, sharing various videos on TikTok. The couple has posted their faultlessly arranged dances on the platform for short-form videos and praised by their followers while seeing their following grow.

In one of their most popular videos, and one the best among the Facts about Nathalia Felix, Douglas Costa's girlfriend, they made it look as if the Juventus player was in the shape of a giant eating girlfriend, Nathalia Felix the whole.

Nathalia Felix's boyfriend has posted several photos of his time with her, romancing by the pool and visiting the set of the reality show Big Brother, to his 6.1million followers. And he could be up for another change of scenery once the season ends with reports talking up a move to Manchester City.

Nathalia Felix's relationship is happy and intimate. The couple seems to enjoy being together and doing their best to improve the relationship and help the people around them.

Even the recent news shows that during the coronavirus pandemic, the Juventus star Douglas Costa, his mother, and Nathalia Felix has helped those in need in Brazil. The 29-year-old, his mother Marlene Costa de Souza, and his girlfriend Nathalia Felix stocked up on supplies, filled a car, and offered them out.

Nathalia Felix and her partner posted several photos of their work to social media. One photo of the pair was captioned: "Today we are in the midst of all this confusion with an even greater desire to help others!"

Nathalia Felix recited the Bible passage Colossians 3:23 in articulating the requirement to help those vulnerable in the pandemic. She wrote on Instagram to her 349,000 followers: “Summary of our day!! Helping those in need. Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.”

Nathalia Felix Social Media

The world has become flat, so to speak, with the dawn of the much-hyped services offered over the Web. So for Nathalia Felix with the right approach and that groovy style, this powerful internet tool, and Nathalia Felix Social Media help her to turn into a superstar in a snap of a finger.

Nathalia Felix social media

brings her space that apparently can turn the people of fates overnight. Nathalia Felix Social Media sites like Face book, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram, are excellent tools to help her create a compelling presence on the Web.

The Instagram star Nathalia Felix rose to instant fame and stardom solely due to the magic casted by social media. And thanks to the magnificent world of social media which offered her the right opportunities at the right moment, which led Nathalia Felix to reach her pinnacle of success. Here are brief details of this famous Instagram star who has made it big.

Nathalia Felix Instagram

Nathalia Felix has a pretty typical Instagram account. Many selfies, along with shots from photoshoots and her attending events are available on

Nathalia Felix Instagram

account. She also uses it to tease new content and announcements, as demonstrated above.

Nathalia Felix Instagram ID is


with 389 posts, 546k followers and 514 following. The bio part of Nathalia Felix Instagram is as below:


  • Brasil, RJ Munich

  • Modelo fotográfica

We don’t have any information about verified accounts of Nathalia Felix Twitter, or Nathalia Felix Facebook. Then, it seems that she is just active on her Instagram page.

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Nathalia Felix Networth

Wealth and celebrity status come together. Take Nathalia Felix. Her colossal net worth is staggering, but it isn't surprising given her entertainment industry status.

Nevertheless, regardless of status, the people on this list — both megastars and some you’ve never heard of — have become some of the richest celebrities around. Above all, we want to know that what is Nathalia Felix net worth? According to public sources, Nathalia Felix's salary is around $100K-1M (Approx.).

This year (2020), Nathalia Felix Net worth (approximately) is estimated at $100K-1M (Approx.). In 2019,

Nathalia Felix Net worth

 was also estimated $100K-1M (Approx.). Her Income Stream is from her carrier as an INSTAGRAM STAR.

Nathalia Felix Professional Career

Nathalia Felix professional career

is Bikini Modeling, which is a very competitive endeavor. In most cases, her employers have a clear picture of her as the desired type of model for their photo-shoot.

Bikini Modeling is frequently a coveted career by many girls who want their chance at stardom. Becoming a model and a star in Nathalia Felix Professional Career involves a lot of networking and getting her foot in the door, but with much patience, she may achieve her dreams which should be noted among the Facts about Nathalia Felix, Douglas Costa's girlfriend.

Bikini models like Nathalia Felix usually play a different role than runway models, so it's important to shape and live a healthy lifestyle. This should be remembered that Nathalia Felix Professional Career as a model is a tough business so stay confident and believe in having the best body she can have, even if it looks different from others.

While it may be tempting to get all dressed up for modeling, Nathalia Felix posts her photos as raw, natural selfies. With a good quality camera, or even a professional photographer, she uploads pictures of her modeling that she can use in a portfolio.

Nathalia Felix tries to take pictures in different outfits to have lots of variety, but she keeps the outfits simple -bikinis, fitted t-shirts, jeans, etc.

Nathalia Felix Professional Career will envision what she looks like with all of her styling options and doesn't need her to send pictures with tons of makeup and styling done.  Nathalia Felix always has natural beauty.

Once she has a fair amount of photos, compile them into a clean, organized portfolio. She makes sure her portfolio on Instagram has adequate variety that an agency or corporation can see her potential. Even though the thought may seem tempting, but while taking photos, Nathalia Felix, as the model, must have as slightest makeup as possible.

Nathalia Felix Leisure Activities and Favorites

Nathalia Felix leisure activities and favorites

are apprehended by her Instagram photos uploaded on her page; however, we may consider the below items as her most rated favorites:

  • Exercising, swimming, and going to the pool

  • Helping others, especially the recent in the situation of coronavirus disease

  • Spending time with animals, especially her pet

  • Wearing different bikinis and modeling cloths

  • Various modeling, in various situations, for example, a picture of her with a camel in the desert

  • Holding party and fun with her boyfriend

  • Supporting her boyfriend and accompanying him in important and crucial competitions

  • Accompanying friends in bikini modeling

Nathalia Felix Lifestyle

Model stars like Nathalia Felix are very famous with people following in their footsteps because they act as the beacons of style, fashion, and the aspirational lifestyle worldwide. As an American supermodel, it’s easy to find relatable things about her life.

Often elevated to icon status, this supermodel often speaks to any nation's standards in style and fashion. Handling fame is an art that not every model can manage that well but we can see this in

Nathalia Felix lifestyle


She is a very shining example of Instagram models who work for charity and support global causes for the benefit of humanity, while at the same time managing her professional career. While Nathalia Felix achieves fame while remaining level-headed, she is more prone to succeed in the future.

There are many things related to the communal lifestyle in Instagram models, regardless of their countries or cultures. Money is the first thing everyone loves to spend, and she spends it lavishly on herself to keep them shining and bright at all times. 

She is also a fan of spending a generous amount of money on traveling to interact with other cultures and increase her fan base in other countries. As a motivated model, she spends money to help other people and brings them food and clothes.

You can also find her getting up before sunrise and working on her body in the early hours of the day in the form of yoga, pilates, traditional training, and other exercises. This routine is an essential requirement for Nathalia Felix because she wants to keep her industry value. It’s not unusual to find top models going to bed early and rising earlier. Remember that “a fit model is a successful model.”

Another common occurrence in Nathalia Felix Lifestyle is her diet consciousness. As a model, she doesn't have much freedom. She has to control her diet. She is practically applying it in her life. With strict diet plans and nutritionists to guide her at all stages during the day, Nathalia Felix is very mindful of her calorie intake.

Nathalia Felix lifestyle is happy, with fun, helping humans, and protecting animals. She is regularly taking care of her body as a prominent model. Nathalia Felix lifestyle is full of fascinating and exciting events.

Nathalia Felix lifestyle seems happy and relaxed, with a lot of music and dancing because there are many pictures of her at parties and a good time spending with her friends.

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