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Alisson Becker, mainly known as Alisson, is a Brazilian professional goalkeeper who plays for Liverpool FC in the English Premier League as well as the Brazil national team. Read on to find out more facts about Alisson Becker.

Alisson Becker

was considered to be overweight until the age of 16 but now, he weighs 91kg. The first fact about Alisson Becker i9s that his last name Becker means ‘Baker’ in Portuguese, which has become a family symbol.

Quoted by his grandmother, as

Alisson’s childhood

memory, he couldn’t stop eating, “Alisson was a glutton. As soon as he went home, he was headed straight to the kitchen. He asked me to bake some sweet bread for him. I prepared those with cinnamon, sweet herbs and the like.

It was so delicious, and he loved it all. He loved to taste homemade dough, and he asked me to do it for him,”

She continued, “However, he loved to eat everything fried; whether it was dough, cheese, rice, everything. He also loved candy. During his vacations, I used to take him and [his brother] Muriel to the market. I bought chocolate and I told him: 'Alisson, that's not for you to eat!'

To which he said, 'Oh, Grandma, please let me have a taste here, since mom's not around!” Becker’s sweet tooth was a problem he cried about all the time. As soon as he hit puberty at the age of 16, he became taller and his weight wasn’t a problem anymore.

Here are some lesser-known facts about Alisson Becker:

Another fact about Alisson Becker, the Brazilian goalkeeper, you need to know is that he was named The Best FIFA Goalkeeper in 2019. He also received the first Yashin Trophy. He is considered as one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

Alisson’s biography

Another fact about Alisson Becker, the Brazilian goalkeeper, you need to know is that he was named The Best FIFA Goalkeeper in 2019. He also received the first Yashin Trophy. He is considered as one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

Alisson Ramses Becker, born on 2 October 1992, grew up in Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul. He started his career at Internacional’s academy in 2002 at the age of 10.

At Internacional, he made 100 Appearances and won 12 Campeonato Gaúchos. His older brother Muriel was also in the academy. An interesting

fact about Alisson

is that he was motivated to be a keeper by seeing his brother training.

His dad also used to play the goalie in matches with friends. Before that he played the winger. He struggled with his weight and height back then. He was taller than the defenders but shorter than the keepers.

Daniel Pavan, goalkeeper coach at Internacional, simply Inter, is said to be the one who discovered Alisson. “He used to join Muriel at his practices. Then, someone used to hand him a football, so he could play and have some fun.

Then, he started to show a lot of interest in his brother's position. The inspiration for Alisson to become a keeper was seeing his brother training. From the


of 10, he became a part of the Inter system. He already started to show technical skills which put him apart the rest of kids his age.

However, according to

Alisson’s parents

, his progress as a player was slow and they thought he doesn’t have a future in football as opposed to his brother. Recalls Pavan: “He was a bit shorter and chubbier. He wasn't a starter or a first substitution, either.

However, people could see he had technical abilities which made him stand out from the rest. Thanks to our department's studies on him, we knew he was going to grow up and gain some height and, with that, he would become leaner.”

“However, since his parents started to see that he did not play in the matches, they wanted to take him away from football. They thought he did not have a future as a player.

They thought it was just a waste of time. Sometimes, in order to join some tournaments, he had to lose school time. That happened back when he was 12 years old and about to turn 13.

They went and had a chat with me. They thought Alisson should dedicate himself to his academics, since they saw Alisson in here every day and they thought he was not having any benefits from it.”

The financial situation of Alisson’s parents wasn’t helpful either. His father, Jose, was unemployed and didn’t want Alisson to continue his trainings. Despite all that Pavan insisted on Alisson’s potential and technical talent. His parents were convinced after all and let him stay.

About two years later Becker gained 16 centimeters in height and made a starter position in the Brazil national team. This was the start to his successful career.

Alisson spent his youth career at Internacional. After spending 4 years of his senior career there he was transferred with €7.5 million, a five-year deal to Roma.

He only made 15 appearances in the first season since he was serving as an understudy to Wojciech Szczęsny. Szczęsny departed for Juventus, which made Alisson make the cut.

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Alison later revealed that he would have left


had he not been guaranteed more first-team football. He made his debut for Roma on 17 August 2016, starting in a 1–1 UEFA Champions League draw with

FC Porto

. Alisson was praised for his performances throughout the 2017–18 season.

He kept 22 clean sheets across the 2017–18 season, keeping 17 clean sheets in the league and 5 clean sheets in the UEFA Champions League. In the group stages of the 2017–18 Champions League, AS Roma took on Atletico Madrid at home.

Alisson’s amazing positioning and distribution in that match made the world notice him. He kept a clean sheet throughout the game, ending it 0–0.


bought Alisson the following summer with the world-record fee of €72.5 million.

The deal made Becker the most expensive goalkeeper of all time surpassing Ederson and Buffon. However, just a month later the record was broken with Chelsea buying Kepa Arrizabalaga for €80 million.

To these transfers Alisson responded, “When I went up from the youth team to the first team at Internacional it was a risk – they were almost betting on me making it.

Similarly when I went to Roma from Brazil there was an element of risk in that move too but when Liverpool signed me there was a lot more certainty about it.”

“I appreciate some people think that it’s a crazy, absurd amount of money, I understand that, but what is more important for me is the expectation that is placed on me. I’m coming off the best season I’ve ever had and I’m hoping to do even better this season.

During that period, I was the most expensive goalkeeper in the world and that was quickly followed by


signing Kepa. I’m calm about it. I’ve always worked really hard and I’ll continue working the same way whatever the size of the transfer fee.”

Alisson Becker professional career

Alisson wore number 13 shirt for the 2018–19 season. He made his debut for Liverpool on 12 August with a clean sheet in a 4–0 win over

West Ham United


The Brazilian goalkeeper made an important save in their final group game against Napoli, winning 1–0. Because of Alisson in goal, Liverpool won 20 games straight in the league from the start of the season.

Knowing the fact that Alisson is an amazing shot-stopper, he went on a run of his 20 league matches for Liverpool unbeaten which broke Javier Mascherano’s record.

Another fact about Alisson Becker is that at the end of the 2019 season, he made a total of 21 clean sheets in Premier League that won him the Golden Glove.

Alisson played a vital role as Liverpool advanced to their second successive final in the competition; in their second-leg semi-final at home to Barcelona, he made a number of splendid saves as Liverpool overturned a 3–0 first leg deficit to advance past their opponents with a 4–0 home win.

An interesting fact to know about Alisson Becker is that he made the list of UEFA Champions League Goalkeeper of the Season and he managed to achieve second place. The Brazilian star won his first trophy in the league by keeping a clean sheet with 8 saves in total in the game against Tottenham Hotspur.

Alisson wore number 13 in his first season, however in the 2019–20 it was announced that he would be wearing the number 1 shirt. It had been previously occupied by Loris Karius which served as a backup to Alisson.

Becker started the season in the 2019 FA Community Shield against Manchester City. When the game ended with a 1–1 draw,

Manchester City

eventually won the title 5–4 on penalties. A few days later, in the opening match of the 2019–20 Premier League season against Norwich at Anfield, Alisson was injured in the first half.

He and was replaced with the newly joint, Adrián, after 38 minutes. It was said that he would be out on the calf injury for a few weeks but he didn’t return for almost a month and a half.

In the meantime, that he was ruled out of the 2019 UEFA Super Cup, Liverpool won with a 2–2 draw with Chelsea following penalties. Liverpool won on penalties 5–4.

After Becker’s return, on 21 December, he kept a clean sheet against Flamengo in the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup Final with Liverpool winning the trophy for the first time. A month later, he assisted Mohammad Salah’s 93rd-minute goal, in a 2–0 win against Manchester United in the league.

On 6 March 2020, Alisson was injured again, therefore, he missed the next day's Premier League win against Bournemouth. He also missed the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Second Leg loss against Atletico Madrid. However, the last two matches before the end of the season was cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic in the UK.

With having made 29 appearances, he ended the 2019–20 Premier League winning a Premier League Winner’s medal.

In the next season, in the 2020–21 Premier League season, Alisson saved a penalty during the game with Chelsea, resulting in a 2–0 win.

A surprising and very interesting fact about Alisson Becker, the world’s current best goalkeeper is that this penalty save was his first penalty save since joining Liverpool! Another interesting fact is that this was Jorginho’s first missed penalty in nine attempts for Chelsea in all matches.

Alisson Becker Style

Alisson is more than just a goalkeeper, he doesn’t just save a few shots, he monitors the game carefully and makes vital decisions where to launch the ball.

He is very confident in himself about his leadership qualities, “But things have definitely changed recently.

There is an increasing demand of goalkeepers in world football. It is not just the technical qualities they need but the leadership qualities and communication skills to help out the team. These are all characteristics I believe I possess.

Goalkeeper is a very influential position and that is becoming recognized now. If you think about it, any error that we make can be fatal for the team. It can lead to a goal and cause a defeat. I am really happy with the increased recognition that goalkeepers are getting now. I’m glad to be a leading part of that.”

Becker has been applauded throughout his career for his vital saves, positioning, distribution and consistency. He has claimed the best shot-stopper title by many in the Premier League. Even some refer to him as the world’s best goalkeeper.

His muse and inspiration is known as to be former Barcelona goalie Victor Valdes and Manuel Neuer, the Bayern Munich goalie, because of their ‘sweeper keeper’ style.

He is also praised for his speed and perfect timing. He likes to challenge the ball outside his area with his feet or get to ground quickly to save or block the ball inside the box.

Furthermore, because of his ability to distribute the ball precisely, he is capable of throwing the ball quickly with his hands as well as shooting it with his feet.

His excellent skills with the ball at his feet and control in possession have made him capable of dribbling opponents when under pressure.

Alisson Becker body measurements

Speaking of

Alisson’s body measurements

, it should be mentioned that despite his large and heavy physique- 1.91m in height and 91kg in weight- he is quite nimble-footed, and agile. Alisson has marvelous reflexes and perfect shot-stopping abilities.

Another fun fact about Alisson Becker is that he earned the nickname O Goleiro Gato (which means The Cat-like Goalkeeper in Portuguese) from Brazilian media. He got the nickname because of his spectacular instinctive reaction saves when necessary.

Statically he is the best goalkeeper there is at the moment, he doesn’t make much errors and if he does, he learns from them, “The secret of the wise man is to learn from the errors of others. Unfortunately, in the Leicester game (in September 2018) it was my error.

I do take some risks and leave it late to play the ball but I’ll stop taking these risks in the Premier League because of the different style of play, the physicality and the different refereeing styles.”

Focusing on previous statement about Alisson learning form his mistake, in a recent game with Leicester City on 22 November 2020, before the start of the match a song about Becker could be heard, sang by Liverpool’s fans.

One of the most famous songs by the band Queen named Radio Ga Ga goes like this: “All we hear is radio ga ga, Radio goo goo, Radio ga ga, All we hear is radio ga ga, Radio blah blah, Radio, what's new? Radio, someone still loves you.”

Fans changed the song into this version: “All we need is Alisson Becker, he's our 'keeper, Alisson Becker, all we need is Alisson Becker, he's our 'keeper, Alisson Becker.”

Due to his magnificent performance during the game they won the match 3-0.

Alisson talks in a humble way about his abilities and his saves, “If you look at my professional history as a goalkeeper, I’m not somebody who makes many mistakes. My game is characterized by consistency and that is what has brought me to Liverpool and helped me develop.

I like to make simple saves. I don’t make saves for the camera. If the ball is in front of me, I won’t dive. If it’s to the side of me I will dive to the side. I like to keep it simple.”

“My saves are not to show off or Hollywood saves for the camera. I am working on playing with my feet so I take risks with the ball at my feet because I am waiting for options. I am waiting for the center-backs to produce an option; I’m waiting for the full-backs to appear as well, hoping that a space for a pass will appear at the last moment.”

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Alisson Becker International Career

Alisson has played for the Brazil national team since 2009. From 2009 until 2013, he played for under-17 and then until 2015, he played for under-21 for a total of 8 appearances. On May 2016, Alisson was mentioned to Brazil’s 23-man squad for the Copa America Centenario.

In 2018, he was called up by manager Dunga for the first two games of the 2018 World Cup qualification campaign against Chile and Venezuela. Becker made his debut against Venezuela on 13 October, in a 3–1 win at the Castelão.

In May 2018, he was chosen as the final 23-man squad for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. He was the goalie until Brazil made it to the quarter-finals before losing to Belgium.

In May 2019, Alisson was elected once again in the final 23-man squad for the 2019 Copa America at home.

During the game he merely conceded one goal among six matches, therefore Brazil went on to win the title. In the game against Peru on 7 July, Alisson could not keep a clean sheet, funny enough that it was in fact a penalty that he couldn’t save.

However, they won 3-1 and Alisson was presented the Best Goalkeeper Award for his performances.

Alisson Becker’s personal life

Having German DNA in his genes, Alisson can speak the language fluently. His father and grandmother also speak German. Alisson can also speak English, Italian and his native language, Portuguese.


Alisson Becker’s personal life

, he met his wife, Natalia Loewe, in Brazil in 2012 while he was still playing for the youth side of the Internacional Club.

Although he tries to keep his personal life out of social media, it has been revealed that when the two met, Natalia was still studying to be a doctor at the Catholic University of Pelotas, in Brazil.

In 2015, the couple got married. After the marriage in 2016, Alisson left Brazil to join the Italian Club AS Roma. The couple lived in separate countries until Natalia finished her studies a year later and joined Alisson in Rome.

Just months after graduating, Natalia moved to Rome to continue living with Alisson. Regarding this fact he said, “My wife Natalia left Brazil five months after graduating to be with me.

That meant a lot to me. I enjoyed supporting her while she was finishing her studies at university. I guess that made me a bit different to other footballers. And, if you don't feel well, it's better to be living with a doctor than a model.”

Finishing her degree, she has worked since, as a qualified pediatrician. Two years later in April 2017, Alisson Becker’s first child was born. The Brazilian couple welcomed their first new born, a beautiful baby girl named Helena.

Another interesting fact to know about

Alisson’s wife

is that when he signed the British contract and moved to Liverpool in 2018, Natalia didn’t seem so happy about moving again this time from Rome to Liverpool with their one-year-old daughter.

But Roberto Firmino's wife, Larissa Pereira, convinced her that she and her family would find it easy to settle in Merseyside and that it was for the best.

Natalia listened to Larissa, since their husband’s play for the Brazilian national team and they knew each other, and it really was for the best. It benefited everyone especially Liverpool’s fans, as the Reds have been struggling to find a suitable goalkeeper.

Moreover, she always supports her husband and even attends all his international games. There was no doubt that she would move for him all over again.

Natalia is one of the biggest fans of her husband, as she always tries to watch Alisson play at the stadium and cheer him from outside the field. She even went to Russia once, for the World Cup to watch her husband’s matches.

In June 2019, they had their second child, this time a baby boy named Matteo. In November 2020, Natalia shared a touching image of her family by the Christmas tree, announcing their third baby on her Instagram account with this caption in Portuguese, “Our family has grown! We were blessed with yet another wonderful gift from God!”

“Life that came to seal a new time! God is detail-oriented and His will is sovereign and perfect! The joy here is indescribable! Love only increases!!!”

Alisson Becker’s charity works

Among important facts about Alisson Becker is that he and his wife, Dr. Natalia Loewe Becker, have been WHO (World Health Organization) advocates for pro-active care of mental health.

In May 2019 the couple was named WHO goodwill ambassadors for health promotion. Alisson shared a video with his wife by his side and a thank-you note to his twitter account as a motivation to the football community, “We are honored to be appointed @WHO Goodwill Ambassadors for health promotion. We are determined with work with WHO to promote #HealthforAll & to motivate the football community #WHA72 @DrTedros”

The WHO director general Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced the appointments at the 72nd World Health Assembly in Geneva and gave a speech saying, “Each of our new ambassadors are champions in their own right.

From helping their communities rebuild and develop sustainably, to fighting for better mental health and wellbeing, to being role models for healthier living.”

Alisson Becker’s net worth and salary

An amazing fact about Alisson Becker is that he is among the top paid goalkeepers in the world. Becker professional career as goal-keeper began from the club (Internacional) in 2013. He played two season at Internacional until 2016. Later in transfer window of 2016, Serie A team (AS Roma) signed him on undisclosed fees.

Alisson’s net worth

has been estimated to be around $5.5 million.

According to reports, Alisson earned (€1.5 million) each year at AS Roma after signing new deal in 2016. It has also been revealed that Alisson earned weekly wage up to (€30,000) at Roma.

He became the best paid goalkeeper after GG Buffon in Serie A season. In 2018, after two successful years at AS Roma, Alisson moved to Premier League and signed a contract with Liverpool FC.

Alisson’s salary

is around £6.25 million. After his transfer to Liverpool, Alisson’s salary increased to (£120k) weekly. He won champions league, club world cup and UEFA super cup with Liverpool in 2018-19.

Alisson endorses Nike and wears the wears Nike Tiempo Legend VIII boots in matches.


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