Facts about Christine Lampard, Frank Lampard’s wife

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Christine Louise Lampard is the wife of the English professional football manager and former footballer Frank Lampard, who is currently the head coach of Premier League club Chelsea. Read on to find out more facts about Christine Lampard, Frank Lampard’s wife.

Christine Lampard, aged 41, is a Northern Irish broadcaster from Newry, Northern Ireland. Christine Lampard, the stylish TV presenter of ITV, has always been in the spotlight since she started working as a television crew at a very young age. Even after marrying the former footballer and current manager, Frank Lampard, she stayed on people minds and their TVs. 

The followings are some lesser-known facts about Christine Lampard, Frank Lampard’s wife:

Christine Lampard is mainly known for her television work with the BBC and ITV. You may know her from The One Show, This Morning, Loose Women or Dancing on Ice.

Christine Lampard’s biography

Christine Louise Lampard, (born 2 February 1979 in Daisy Hill Hospital, Newry) grew up in Newtownards. She is the first child before her younger sister, Nicola. She started her television career as a runner then a floor management.

At the same time, she was studying for her A-Levels at the Bloomfield Collegiate School in Ballyhackamore, Belfast. As one of the interesting

facts about Christine Lampard

, it is worth mentioning that she started studying for her politics degree at Queen’s University, Belfast. As she was studying, she continued working at BBC NI. However, she chose a full-time television career and left her degree incomplete.

“As Christine is very “work-oriented”, told by Frank Lampard, she is by no means the typical football-player-mate you are familiar with. In October 2009, when the happy couple met at the Pride of Britain Awards, it was love at first sight.

They were both coming out of long-term relationships. They were both single and ready to mingle! Christine later revealed that Frank had come up to her at the Awards and said that he watches her shows. From that moment he was drawn to her.

They started talking on the phone for a couple of weeks before they met again. Christine admitted that after their second encounter she knew the relationship is going to get serious and they could be mates.

It is really interesting how they didn’t plan on going to that event but they did anyway and it turned to be the most important and life-changing decision they have ever made.

Christine once said in an interview about that day at the Pride of Britain Awards: “It’s a strange one, because it is ten years ago that we met at them, it was one of those nights that neither of us were meant to go to. It was a last-minute thing for him and I arrived at the awards late because of work. We were sat on tables next to each other.”

Both Frank and Christine were really successful in their careers, in contrast with other celebrity couples we see every day, their success was not a low point for them. It even brought them closer together. They don’t fight over the spotlight.”

A source close to the couple once said, “Frank had a huge connection with Christine from the moment they met,” the insider revealed. “She isn’t like any of the other women he’d been involved with before and he was drawn to how different she is. It was a love match.”

“She’s always had her own career and her own independence and he respects that. She's feisty, intelligent and opinionated and she isn't afraid to challenge him. She's a million miles away from one of those women who wants to be treated like a princess.”

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Frank was previously engaged to his ex, Ellen Rivas, and has two daughters as a result of that relationship. At first when he started seeing Christine in 2009, she deliberately didn’t meet with the girls.

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Facts about Frank Lampard

After a year, Christine quickly started to bond with Isla,13, and Luna, 14. In 2011 when Frank proposed, she was more than just a step-mom to them. In 2014 an insider said, “Christine has done amazingly becoming a step-parent to them.

She’s been in the girls’ lives for four years now, she’s completely taken to it. Christine’s a great step-mom. Her relationship with Frank wouldn’t have worked out if she didn’t have a good relationship with them as he dotes on them. She’s always been like a friend to them and has never tried to be their mom.”

The couple got married in December 2015, with the girls both as flower girls at their beautiful winter wedding. Three years later in September 2018, the Lampards welcomed a baby girl named Patricia (Patsy) Charlotte-named after Frank’s late mom- into the world. A sweet little girl with the spitting-image of her father, Frank Lampard.

Christine Lampard career

As another noticeable fact about Christine Lampard, she runs a busy life as Christine is the co-host of Loose Women on ITV and Frank is managing the

Premier League




However, the couple is extremely humble and down to earth, meaning they’re not about all the fame and attention the typical star couples are after. They prefer to spend a cozy night-in rather than a luxurious dinner party downtown.

Christine’s childhood

was spent in Northern Ireland but by the time she met Frank, she already had moved to London. She left Ireland but kept a house which was for

Christine Lampard’s parents

in Newtownards. Despite that, she moved in with his husband to London and settled down in their fabulous £10million mansion in Chelsea.

The ideal and perfect day for them is a quiet evening in their mansion with their kids, enjoying the family quality time. According to one of their relatives, the couple have never been party animals and never led any razzle dazzle lifestyles. They even leave red carpet parties early just to get home for the evening.

Christine Lampard’s personal life

The couple keeps their low key personal life out of the spotlight and social media. An amazing

fact about Christine Lampard

is that the very first sentence Frank said to her was that he watches her on The One Show, from that, it is pretty obvious how involved they were going to be in each other’s careers. When they got married in 2015, Christine had just left BBC to host a show in ITV.

There were rumors and the pressure of press all over her. She was now a step-mom to two girls. She had a lot on her plate but Frank was there for her. In all her ups and downs he was there besides her, helping however he could.

On the other hand, Frank was also steeped in troubles, changing his career from a player to a manager was a big step and a success. However, it also meant more responsibilities and more going away from the family.

Chelsea FC manager admitted that when he feels pressured through life choices and even his football related decisions, he goes straight to his wife. Frank has opened up about how his wife offers him objective advice and support on issues with work related problems.

“Sometimes, I go, Christine, what do you think about this problem? I've got a player here and he didn't turn up for training yesterday. But we still probably need him on the weekend, what do you think?” And she goes, “Does he have a girlfriend, a wife? Is there a problem? Have you spoken to them? Maybe you should speak to them.” And I'm like, 'yeah'.”

Frank Lampard is very thankful for having an understanding wife and family at home. He admits he is a worry junkie: “We’re not allowed to arrange dinners or any kind of get-together after games in case the worst comes to the worst because if we lose, I’m a nightmare. I can’t help it, it’s just par for the course.

“I had a year in the media, which was an absolute comedown from the pressures of playing and the pressures I get now. And as Christine will joke, I was a much better, easier, more relaxed Frank. A manager gets 50 problems a day. It’s much more consuming but I love it and couldn’t live without it.”

“What you need is a really understanding family. With your children that’s a bit harder because they just want dad, they just want you to give them absolute attention and those are precious moments. I get home from work and I see their smiles. I know it’s a bit cliched but it doesn’t half help you when you’ve had loads of problems throughout the day.”

The former England player pointed out that even though he bounces issues and ideas off Christine, she doesn't organize the team's structure. He added: “She definitely coaches me and I do throw a lot of things off Christine.”

Another fact about

Christine Lampard’s personal life

is that although she is completely out of football, she has a great perspective for solving relationship problems and other issues in the game field. “We sit for hours at work talking, obviously planning and discussing things,” explained the Chelsea football manager.

“But to come on that, like Christine has a bit of a joke with me at home when we're watching football constantly all the time, and she's like almost fed up. I'm talking football in the conversation probably becomes a bit boring, and she does reflect on the fact that it's only kicking a ball, and it's only like a game.

She's not criticizing on that point, she's almost like, 'you're becoming really, really intense about this, and maybe not seeing a bit of clarity in this instance.

When really, you've got to look at it as it's a game, and you're dealing with people.” Frank also admitted that sometimes his wife will pull him up if he's getting too absorbed into work while at home. “That's kind of the most important thing really, very simple, there's a lot more to it of course, but come back to that some time to make sure you realize what it is. very lucky I have a wife who can tell me to snap out of it and we go on a date night or for dinner.”

“Then I have to not talk about football for two or three hours. That’s the balance you have to strike.”

“I love that I have somebody there who gets working environments – and I love to bounce [things off her] as it’s a different view and opinion.”

Christine Lampard as a mother

Before marrying Christine, Frank was a dad only to Isla and Luna from his former fiancé whom he dated for seven years. Regarding

Christine Lampard’s children

, they happily announced that they are having a little girl


n 2018. As Christine was very fond of her two step-daughters she said she would do anything for them not feel left out after the birth of Patsy.

The former footballer when asked about his late mom’s advice on being kinder to himself said: “I've got a fantastic, supportive wife. I've got three daughters, and yes, I try to be kinder to myself. We have all just been away for a few days in the break that we've had.

And those are moments that are just brilliant for me and actually come away from - so I try and be. Be kind to yourself, maybe it sounds a bit like a false kind of motto now, but I do have to have time.”

It seems Frank's strong support network has always been on hand to help. "When you have good people around you, and you look at your daughters and your wife, those are the moments that I can be," he added.

"And I'm in work mode a lot. I can't change that. Christine snaps me out of it sometimes [during] our own personal moments. I try and enjoy them, and I do enjoy them."

Of fatherhood, he continued, "I try and be the dad, as I did with my two older daughters as well, and obviously still try and do as they get older as still obviously the relationship changes. But with Patricia, lockdown came, obviously a difficult time for everyone in the world. But for me, in terms of home life and being able to devote more time to her, it was the big plus of a tough time for everybody, for me at home.” 

Admitting he works more than ever and is away quite a lot, he explained: “I'm always the dad that seems to go away to work quite a lot and probably come back, in her very young years. But sometimes you get that big, bubbly smile because you are the one that doesn't do all of the nitty-gritty jobs that Christine has to do, and I just have to come back and make her laugh and be funny. It's just a great position sometimes.

But that's all I want to do. And bring her up with good manners. I want her to be a polite young girl, as I try to do with my older daughters because that's what would make me proud. I don't care... well I do care that they get their great grades when they get to the GCSEs and A-level time. But if they're good people, then that's all I really want from them.”

Christine now being a mom to a two-year-old, shares the difficulties they are facing especially in the lockdown with Patricia,

 “My little one is very clingy and has zero interest in socializing at all,” she explained whilst discussing whether lockdown has brought parents closer to their children. “I have been her world,” she added. “In a great way, daddy has as well. We did have that nice period of her getting to know him and now he's back at work.”

With restrictions now easing, Christine explained how this time has been a "difficult" transition for her as a working mother. “I found it quite difficult I have to say,” she shared. “It's difficult to negotiate with a two-year-old. When leaving her for going to work she is very panicky almost.”

She praises football star husband on being a great and kind dad to their daughter: “He is a very good hands-on dad… He has to be directed a bit I suppose, but no, he's brilliant, he's great. He just absolutely adores her and she is the spitting image of him.

She has none of my DNA, there's a tiny little bit of curly hair starting at the back and that's about it. Big blue eyes like her daddy. But no, he just adores her.”

Christine even praised her step-daughters for helping her in taking care of Patricia: “They're brilliant,” she told her Loose Women colleagues.

“Even just simple things, like I'm going to nip to the shower for two minutes and I know I have the two of them there. They're at that age where I can trust them to do it. And they do adore her. It's like a live-in doll. They're fantastic, the two of them.”

Frank and Christine Lampard’s wedding

Definitely, the most important fact about Christine Lampard is her wedding. The celebrity couple who have been together for six years and engaged for four, had a glamorous wedding ceremony St Paul’s Church in London. The elegant reception they had with many celebrity friends as guests was at The Arts Club.

Christine wore a beautiful $20,000 figure-hugging couture gown by British bridal designer Suzanne Neville. The fishtail silhouette of the gown wrapped fabulously around Christine’s toned body, and the spectacular silk organza creation featured embroidered lace sleeves with hand sewn peals, applique tulle and a touch of sparkling sequins which enhanced Christine’s bridal glow.

The low-cut neckline of the gown was elegantly framed with lace and Christine’s embroidered veil softly complimented her breathtaking couture bridal look.

The 37-year-old professional football player looked smart in a classic black Thom Sweeney suit and black bow tie, with a stylish and simple white rose boutonniere which matched perfectly with Christine’s elegant bouquet of fresh white blooms.

Frank’s two daughters, 10-year-old Luna and eight-year-old Isla, were bridesmaids and flower girls at the wedding and also wore gowns by the same designer of Christine’s gown, Suzanne Neville.

The wedding was a luxurious affair, with the archways of the Victorian church dripping in an abundance of streaming ivy and white roses made by florist Rob Van Helden who is favored by the Royal Family and Sir Elton John.

Once married the newlyweds emerged and stopped for photographs before getting into their wedding car to enjoy some miniature bottles of champagne on the way to the reception.

Among interesting

facts about Christine Lampard

is that in her wedding, Frank shed tears when paying tribute to his late mom Patricia and the football star wept that she never had a chance to meet Christine.

According to the Daily Mail, journalist and TV personality Piers Morgan attended the gorgeous wedding and commented on Frank’s heartfelt speech about his new bride, saying: “he said in his speech he was away playing for England and they spoke every night for four hours and just fell madly in love in just a week.”

Other celebrities in attendance included Baby Spice Emma Bunton, TV presenter and model Holly Willoughby, Christine’s co-worker from This Morning show Phillip Schofield and his wife, and singer Ed Sheeran who performed for the couple during the reception festivities.

Frank and Christine stayed at The Arts Club for the night and came out the following morning both looking happy and fresh, with Christine still looking every part the bride wearing a long-sleeved white dress and still clutching her gorgeous nosegay bouquet.

Frank Lampard later talked about his anxiety on his wedding day and how everything from the beginning to the end was magical. He revealed to the public that he was so nervous about the day, saying: “You dream about your wedding day and have anxiety about tables and food and people, but from the moment I woke up until the end of the night, everything was perfect.”

“I was very, very nervous about doing the right thing and whether I would get too emotional but I loved the service and it felt like everything that a marriage should be. We had people there we cared about, it was as small as we could have made it and it went perfectly” 

Christine Lampard net worth

Frank James Lampard is a former English football player who was born on 20 June 1978 at Romford, London. He was amongst the best midfielders in football during his time. A major part of his career was with Chelsea and this earned him a good fortune altogether. Combining all the assets and sources of income, Frank and

Christine Lampard’s net worth

is around $100m.

Frank currently endorses global brands like Pepsi and NanoM. In the past, he has already made earnings of about $6m from such endorsements.

Christine Lampard’s salary

was £900,000 for a two-year contract, with ITV upping that to £6 million for a three-year presenting contract at a later date. The Mirror once reported that while Christine was at ITV she was making an average of £400 a minute.

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