Top facts about Sergio Busquets

Sat 28 November 2020 | 19:30

Let’s have a look at the top facts about Sergio Busquets.

Sergio Busquets Burgos

, Catalonia boy, born on July 16th 1988, is amongst the best defensive midfielders in history of football. His senior career started in 2007 as he joined Barcelona B, after one year of good performances, he made his way to


under the supervision of Pep Guardiola.

If you want to know how good Sergio Busquets is, have a glance at what Vicente del Bosque had to say about him;

“You watch the game, you don’t see Busquets. You watch Busquets, you see the whole game.”

But for now, we are going to explore top facts about Sergio Busquets, see what kind of person he is, what he does in his daily life, what are his hobbies, who is his wife, what kind of car he drives, how much his net worth is, etc. 

Top facts about Sergio Busquets

It’s time to take a look at the

top facts about Sergio Busquets

. We are going to get to know him better as we look for different aspects of his lifestyle and professional facts as well. 

A one-club-man!

How many legendary footballers’ name comes across to your mind when you think of players who spent their entire career in one club? Paolo Maldini in Milan, Ryan Gigs In Man United, Carless Puyol in Barcelona, and, wait a minute, there is another Barca player about to become one of the legendary one-club players in the world, and that’s Sergio Busquets.

The 32-year-old midfielder has been wearing Blaugrana’s shirt since he was 19. The dedication he has shown to the team has played a huge role in Barca’s achievement during the last twelve season.

Busquets once said:

“it's very difficult to leave Barcelona. If you feel at home and you're from Barcelona it's difficult to change.” 

Sergio Busquets is considered by many as “Underrated” 

It would come with no surprise if we named Busquets as the most underrated player of Barcelona. Having multiple talents in the pitch, including equability on the ball, his defensive skills, his vision when he needs to pass the ball, and also his dribbling ability, is everything you could ask from a defensive midfielder.

Busquets has been praised by many of his teammates, both from



Spain national team

. So why on earth he should be underrated?

Some believe, since he played alongside extraordinary midfielders like Xavi and Iniesta, he got overshadowed by them. Some other believes, the reason might be him not being a media person, or possibly his getting overdramatic in the field from time to time.

Nevertheless, if we think of center midfielders, like Xavi and Iniesta, as the heart, Busquets is definitely backbone of the team. Maybe a quote from Xavi could bring the subject to light a bit more;

“Without Busquets, Barcelona and Spain could never had achieved what we have achieved.”

Sergio Busquets Style of play

Besides being an extraordinary defensive midfielder, he can be deployed as a central midfielder and central defender as well. He is an expert in seizing loose balls, an exceptional tackler, tactical brainpower, and a good dribbler. He rarely loses the ball control and his passes are accurate. Being a skyscraper, he is also very effective in the air.

Maybe looking at another quote from Vicente Del Bosque about Busquets would not be a bad idea;

“If I were a player, I would like to be like Busquets.”

Sergio Busquets club honours

Making his first debut for Barcelona in 2008, The Octopus of Badia is the winner of eight La Liga titles with Blaugrana, including:

2008–09, 2009–10, 2010–11, 2012–13, 2014–15, 2015–16, 2017–18, and 2018–19

six Copa del Rey in the following seasons:

2008–09, 2011–12, 2014–15, 2015–16, 2016–17, and 2017–18

and of Course, the last but certainly not the least, three glorious UEFA Champions League, within the seasons of:

2008–09, 2010–11, and 2014–15


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Sergio Busquets club stats

In Barcelona B, where he made his debut with Blaugrana’s shirt, he made 25 appearances scoring 2 goals in the season 2007-2008. And in Barcelona main team, he has appeared in 386 games, and he has scored 9 goals so far.

Sergio Busquets international honours

What possibly a footballer could be looking after in the matter of international career than what Sergio Busquets has achieved?

Winning a FIFA World Cup in 2010 and UEFA European Championship in 2012 with Spain national team under Vicente del Bosque are highlights of Busquets’s national career.

Sergio Busquets international stats

The Spanish midfielder’s international career began with Spain national under-21 football team in 2008, where he appeared in 3 games and scored one goal, and his ongoing participance with Spain national football team started in 2009, playing 120 games and scoring 2 goals.

Busquets has achieved quite notable individual trophies

He is the proud winner of Bravo Award in 2009, he was also selected for UEFA European Championship Team of the Tournament in 2012, and UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season 2014-2015, as well as La Liga Team of the Season, two times in 2009 and 2015.

Sergio Busquets’ salary

Based on the contract he signed with Barca in 2018, he earns 14.9 Million Euro per year! Meaning €303,841 per week, €3,088 per hour, and €0.86 per second! Well, that’s enormous!

Sergio Busquets net worth

Reportedly, 132 Million Euro. No wonder if the Spanish star lives in a house no less than a mansion, and drives Luxury vehicles such as Audi and BMW.

Busquets’ market value is estimated around €50 Million, which is a reasonable number for a player at this level, especially when considering whopping transfer values these days.


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Sergio Busquets personal life

If we are looking into

top facts about Sergio Busquets

, we certainly can’t ignore the personal side of his life. So let’s talk about Busi’s personal life, find out a little about his childhood and his famlily, his wife and children, also about his hobbies and other things.

Sergio Busquets' Father

Here is another interesting item from 

top facts about Sergio Busquets;

Carles Busquets, the father of Sergio, was a professional footballer in the 1990s. He was a goalkeeper who played for Barcelona between 1990 and 1999, appearing in 79 games. Despite the fact that he was mostly used as a backup, he remained faithful to Barcelona until he was forced to leave.


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Sergio Busquets’ childhood

He was born to run, across the pitch of course. Thanks to his father, he started his football adventure at a early age. He joined the local club Badia when he was 7. After one season, he left Badia and spent three years in CEF Lleida before he joins academy of UE Lleida in 1999 when his father left Barcelona and moved to UE Lleida.

In 2005 he was spotted by FC Barcelona football academy, and after he moved there, the history began to thrive for the young Sergio.

Who is Sergio Busquets wife?

Busquets once said:

“I have always said there are just two people who could make me change my decision to stay at Barcelona. One of those two people is my wife.”

Elena Galera, is the name of the woman whose Busi is in love with. She is 30-year-old, born in Barcelona, and reportedly a former nursing assistant who started dating with Barca’s midfielder in 2014. After they relationship began, Elena became more active on social media, she tends to share different moments of her daily life with her audiences, sometimes alongside his famous husband, sometimes with kids.

By the way, how many children do they have?

Sergio Busquets children

Enzo and Levi are two sons of Sergio and Elena. The first one “Enzo” was born in 2016, and Elena gave birth to Levi in 2018.

Sergio and Elena both have shared pictures of the two little boys, playing with each other or just spending time with family.

Busquets thinks football is better than sex!

That’s right! As another part of the top facts about Sergio Busquets, we are going to mention that he once said In a Spanish TV show that football is better than sex;

"In football, happiness lasts three or four days. Sex, on the other hand, can last just one minute!"

Considering Busi being a controversial player, it can’t be a big surprise to hear such thing from him.


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Busquets on Social Media

It’s been almost two years since he joined Instagram. He has more than 3 million followers, and he often shares moments from both his professional and personal life with his fans.

He is also active on Facebook and Twitter.

He respects rivalry player Casemiro

Next one from

top facts about Sergio Busquets

might come with a bit of a surprise for some of you. when Busi was asked about his favorite defensive midfielders, he named Casemiro, the Brazilian midfielder from Barca’s archrival, Real Madrid. He said to Marca:

“No two of the best are the same, but in my position, I would mention Casemiro, who is doing very well.”

Of course, this would make Busquets a popular face among Los Blancos’ fans, If he hadn’t been already one, due to his valuable participance in Spain national team.

Some facts about Sergio Busquets:

Sergio Busquets


Real Name:

Sergio Busquets Burgos

Sergio Busquets



Busi / The Octopus of Badia

Sergio Busquets



Spanish Professional Footballer

Sergio Busquets



1.89 m

Sergio Busquets



76 kg

Sergio Busquets


Eye Color:


Sergio Busquets


Hair Color:


Sergio Busquets


Professional Debut:

In 2007 for Barcelona B

Sergio Busquets


Jersey Number:


Sergio Busquets



Defensive Midfielder

Sergio Busquets


Date of Birth:

July 16, 1988

Sergio Busquets


Age (as in 2020):

32 Years

Sergio Busquets


Birth Place:

Sabadell, Spain

Sergio Busquets


Zodiac sign:


  • Nationality:


  • Father:

    Carles Busquets

  • Sergio Busquets’ religion:


  • Sergio Busquets’ wife:

    Elena Galera (since 2014)

  • Sergio Busquets’ salary:


  • Sergio Busquets’ Net Worth:

    €132 Million

  • Sergio Busquets’ hobbies:

    Playing football, Watching Movies, Video games Watching TV series

Hope we did a good job covering top facts about Sergio Busquets.

Thanks for reading!

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