Why Do We Love Maradona?

Wednesday25 November 2020 | 22:30
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Why do we love Maradona and why do people love Maradona? That’s a big question and has many answers; in fact, as many as the fans Maradona had and has. And at these sad moments that the news of the Legendary Argentinian footballer's death has spread, this question becomes even more important.

The fame of Maradona is not something to be questioned. Even those who don’t like him admit that he was a legendary footballer as big as Pele and Johan Cryuff.

Many people still believe Maradona is the best Argentinian footballer ever, although some other claim that he and Messi should share this position. However, still that doesn’t put Messi over Maradona, despite the fact that the Individual trophies Messi has won exceed those of Maradona. Maradona is and was a legend; what Messi has not yet become.

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The Hand of God Meets God!

Many remember Maradona with his “Hand of God” goal; the goal that Maradona scored with his hand against England in 1986 World Cup and it was counted. But why is Diego Maradona still remembered and loved despite such infringing?

Diego Maradona Dies at the Age of 60

Unfortunately, we have information that confirms the Argentinian legend, Diego Maradona, has died of a cardiac arrest today (November 25, 2020) in Buenos Aires at the age of 60. This happens just two weeks after he was released from the hospital where he had a brain clot surgery. Maradona also suffered but survived a few heart attacks before that they link them to his alcohol and drug abuse.

The Argentinian Football Association has confirmed the death of Maradona and has posted a message on its Twitter, saying: “The Argentine Football Association, through its President Claudio Tapia, expresses its deepest sorrow for the death of our legend, Diego Armando Maradona. You will always be in our hearts.”

UEFA President, Aleksander Ceferin, also expressed his sorrow of Maradona’s death through the following message he twitted: “I am deeply saddened to hear of the death of Diego Maradona, one of world football’s greatest and most iconic figures.

He achieved greatness as a wonderful player with a genius and charisma of his own.” The death of Maradona brought such a grief to the Argentinian nation that even Argentina’s president, Alberto Fernandez, announced three days of national mourning in Argentina for the death of the Argentinian legend and also posted the following message on his Twitter: “You took us to the top of the world. You made us feel incredibly happy. You were the greatest of all. Thank you for having existed.”

To pay due respect to the Argentinian legend, Maradona, the lights of San Paolo stadium in Naples will stay on throughout the night. Everywhere in the city of Naples, there are now banners and flags that remind one of the great Argentinian legend.

People have also gathered under Maradona murals throughout the city lighting flares and shouting stadium chants in the honor of their passed superstar. We cannot call all this but love and respect. Do you know any other better word that describes such passion and enthusiasm, indeed, entangled now within sorrow and grief?

The Fame of Maradona is Never-Ending

Let’s just get back to our questions: Why do we love Maradona? Why do people love Maradona? And why is Diego Maradona still remembered and loved despite his notorious lifestyle off the pitch? You know what?

We think because he was the embodiment of a determined soul who never thought to anything less than victory when it came to football even if it was at the cost of infringing the laws! That’s the spirit people love and will continue to love, and Maradona was the embodiment of such a spirit, at least for the Argentinian people, but we know and probably you know that he was a champion beyond borders.

The Fame of Maradona will never end just as nothing has been stripped away from the love and respect many people feel for the Brazilian legend, Pele, and the passed Dutch legend, Johan Cryuff. Who else but Maradona can dribble seven defenders in a single run and then score a goal? - We mean the seven English defenders he dribbled in 1986 World Cup in the same match that he scored his “Hand of God” goal. Yet all his fame does not come from the magic he created on the pitch; some of it comes from his genius and charisma, as also mentioned by UEFA President, Aleksander Ceferin.

Why Do We Love Maradona?

Let’s just ask this question the other way round. Why do you love Maradona? Or even why don’t you love Maradona?! You can let us know in the comments section. But seriously, why do people love Maradona? For sure not because of his lifestyle off the pitch.

That’s something personal plus that there have also been other footballers addicted to drugs and alcohol like the Brazilian Socrates who are loved at least by the people of their own countries if not by the people of the world. So a footballer might not have a decent character or lifestyle and still be loved.

That’s not about living decently, but about character, charisma, and magic that flows into a footballer’s daily life and more importantly playstyle; what actually was quite true and perceivable in Maradona’s life. He is an icon not because of the trophies he has won, but because of the magic he created on the pitch; the magic which is actually more expected from South American players and playstyle than that of European ones.

And because football was blooming at the time of Maradona, his magic on the pitch was even seen and felt double fold. Things Maradona did on the pitch, like dribbling seven defenders in a single run and finish with a goal, was never repeated again and won’t probably in the future.

It’s natural then that when he was in play all the focus of the opposing team defenders was on him. This was actually the mistake West Germany defenders did in 1986 World Cup final that actually led them to conceding two goals from two other Argentinian players, namely Junior Brown and Jorge Valdano, though they equalized later in the game and then the winning goal was scored by Diego Maradona.

Goodbye Maradona, Goodbye!

And now with a sad heart not only the Argentinian nation mourns the loss of their superstar but also many Maradona fans around the world. This is life. Superstars and legends are not for ever but for sure their memories will stay there for years and years to come.

They continue to live in the hearts of their fans no matter who they are, where they lived, and how they lived, and Diego Maradona is no exception to this rule.


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