Premier league top assists of all time

Saturday28 November 2020 | 18:30
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We're going to take a look at the top 20 Premier League assists of all time...

Sport is mostly about talking. It is often the major aspects that make the headlines in all key sports. A goal scorer is also praised a lot in football and given the name of a marvel. A goal, however is a byproduct of some clever playmaking that usually goes unnoticed on the pitch.

The times of solo goal making are gone. In modern times, where technology has dramatically improved in all sports departments, the fast-paced aspect of the game has ensured that goals are not scored as easily as they were likely decades earlier.

It is the lobs, the crosses, the corners and the quick low passes that make it much easier for a striker almost all of the time to reach the back of the net and creating

Premier league top assists of all time

. Assist makers are typically the underdogs of this game, but in a football match, perhaps the most significant in any crunch situation. 

Premier league top assists of all time

Here are the top 20 assists in Premier League history

20. Dennis Bergkamp vs Leicester- 2004

In a list involving the creation of goals, it is incredibly rare to find a striker, but former Arsenal member Bergkamp stands confidently as a lethal finisher and an even more deadly assist maker to produce one of the

Premier league top assists of all time

. Somehow His 94 assists exceed his 87 goals for the Gunners.

In an exceptional career, the forward delivered goods for both club and country, with his technique and compassion leading the north London outfit to three Premier League titles and three FA Cups, as well as numerous individual honors.

Although not as good as his assist in the Champions League against Juventus, but it wasn't bad.

Arsenal had defeated Leicester 1-0 in the final game of the invincible season before Thierry Henry's equaliser from the penalty spot. But it was Bergkamp's touch of magic that offered Arsenal the lead, bringing one of the Premier league top assists of all time. He picked up the ball 25 yards out and played a delightful ball with plenty of blue shirts in front of him with the outside of his foot on Patrick Vieira's route.

19. Jorginho vs Watford- 2019

Jorginho made a beautiful pass for Abraham at the weekend, as we mentioned, indeed one of the

Premier league top assists of all time

. Behind the Watford defence, his first whipped ball went right into Abraham's direction, who wanted just one touch to reach the back of the net.

18. David Silva vs Man United- 2011

During his ten years in midfield, the magician of City helped bring an abundance of silverware to Manchester, with his 93 assists in 309 games central to the vast majority of honours that the club clinched between 2010 and 2020. In England, having joined Real Sociedad recently, his stunning left foot will definitely be missed.

it is yet to be seen whether or not the Spaniard will return soon in the coming years, but expect him to reach a century of assists in the Premier League should he ever consider bringing his talents back to these shores.

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Although this is one of the Premier league top assists of all time, It's probably no wonder this assist was lost in the game. At Old Trafford, City triumphed 6-1, but Silva's headed the ball to Dzeko to make it six was just phenomenal.

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17. Ederson vs Huddersfield- 2018

The goalkeeper assists are quite uncommon, especially one that can be presumed as one of the Premier league top assists of all time, so we just had to include this one from Ederson. His goal-kick ping is insane, finding Sergio Aguero on the edge of the Huddersfield box.

Aguero still had a lot to do and his finish was nice, but let's take a second to appreciate Ederson's distribution.

16. Riyad Mahrez vs West Brom- 2016

The season in which Leicester challenged the odds and won the Premier League. They had the opportunity to go five points ahead against West Brom and it looked like they would when Mahrez delivered the most nonchalant of assists for Andy King, definitely among the Premier league top assists of all time.

Mahrez saw King in position from a cross-field pass in the corner and made a subtle touch with his heel, enabling King to sweep the ball home for the first time.

Leicester leveled the match 2-2, but went on to win the title with the aid of Mahrez.

15. Gianfranco Zola vs Sunderland- 1999

The vision, the scoop and the finish, ultimately. What a terrific goal.

Okay, if Gus Poyet have not delivered such a fabulous finish, Zola's assist wouldn't have made it into the list of   Premier league top assists of all time, but this epic goal cannot just be left out.

14. Kevin de Bruyne vs Arsenal- 2016

You knew that De Bruyne was going to be featured on this list of Premier league top assists of all time, didn't you?

On the halfway line, the midfielder throws the ball and already realizes that the touchline is being hugged by Raheem Sterling.

What does he do? Take a touch of his chest, turn and play an unbelievable 50-yard half volley right into Sterling's direction.

The fact that Sterling catches the ball near the corner flag and still has a lot of work to do is what takes away from the assist. But he does it.

13. Steven Gerrard vs Fulham- 2014

The midfielder, another master of the dead ball, essential to be mentioned in the list of Premier league top assists of all time would surely go down in Anfield folklore for his ability to control, alter and win games, with the ball at his feet all that was necessary for Gerrard to make his mark.

The Liverpool star, who combined his 92 assists with the small matter of 120 goals in his 504 games for the Reds, Clinical through balls and expert long-range passes were no challenge to him.

In his Premier League career, Gerrard has registered 92 assists, but this is obviously his best.

He plays a first time pass, after a stumble, with the edge of his right foot that goes in behind the defense of Fulham in the direction of Daniel Sturridge, who makes no mistake.

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12. Frank Lampard vs Man City- 2007

Not only does the former midfielder sit atop the all-time Premier League ranking charts of


, but he also finds himself in 1st place in their assists table, creating some of the

premier league best assists ever

, reminding any Blues fans how unique a player he really was not that they had forgotten.

Since then he has returned to West London to hone his skills at management, but those fantastic deliveries of dead-ball and continuous inch-perfect through balls are sure to live long in the memory of all clubs' followers, not just the loyalists of Stamford Bridge.

In the Premier League, Lampard managed to rack up 102 premier league best assists ever and this one was spectacular for Didier Drogba vs. Man City.

It's not too different to Gerrard's, the fact that he tends to play it with the outside of his right boot to find his goal scorer. It wasn't his finest Premier League assist, though...

11. Xabi Alonso vs Sunderland- 2005

Alonso as one of the

EPL assist leaders of all time

, delivered two world-class assists in the same half against Sunderland back in 2005-both of which are included in this list. First up, his second night assist at the Light Stadium.

After a Cryuff turn in the middle of the Sunderland, he played an incredible pass in the left-hand corner to Steven5-007.

Most players wouldn't even have the vision to see that pass, let alone execute it.

10. Frank Lampard vs Bolton- 2009

We hinted that Lampard was going to appear again on the list for he is without a doubt one of the few EPL assist leaders of all time.

This was a wonderful goal scored by Chelsea as the chipped pass of Nicolas Anelka was chested by Deco into Lampard, whose amazing backheel found Drogba, who finished with a side footed volley.

It was like a beach football goal.

We have a bad feeling that Lampard's backheel was really supposed to be a Deco return pass, but let's forget that.

9. Mesut Ozil vs Aston Villa- 2015

The King of Assists was always going to appear to give us some of the

EPL top assists ever


This assist is not too different from the previous effort of Lampard - aside from this time, we certainly know he meant it!

While the ball was played into Ozil on the halfway line, nothing seemed on but Olivier Giroud was sent through on goal by his magnificent backheel strike.

By just completing it the Frenchman made sure Ozil was awarded an assist.

8. Olivier Giroud vs Norwich- 2013

What .A. Goal

In their very best, this was Arsenal. Santi Cazorla, to Jack Wilshere, Cazorla, to Giroud, Wilshere, to Giroud, Wilshere, Goal.

The role of Giroud was superb, flicking the ball twice before the midfielder finished, to Wilshere to provide one of EPL top assists ever.

7. Eric Cantona vs Tottenham- 1993

Cantona was known for his goals, but it was a beautiful thing to watch to assist Irwin against Spurs.

It was played by Irwin against Cantona, who had just kicked the ball with the outside of his foot, causing it to spin over the defensive line and run into Irwin.

6. Luis Suarez vs Man Utd- 2011

We've had magical moments, we've had unbelievable passes, we've mentioned

players with most assists in EPL history

and now we have a superb individual run.

In the penalty area of United, Suarez retrieves the ball, weaves past Rafael, Michael Carrick and Wes Brown before squeezing the ball past Edwin van der Sar, giving Dirk Kuyt a 1 cm tap-in.

5. Cesc Fabregas vs Burnley- 2014

A pass-master, earning the 2nd position in the rankings of

players with most premier league assists ever

and one who, during his two periods in the tournament, was a privilege to watch. The Spaniard first demonstrated his talents as a young man with Arsenal with a ball at his feet, with his results winning him a transfer to the bright lights of Barcelona.

But he was soon back in London, this time with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, where in his five years at the club, his defense-splitting passes helped generate more than enough goals. Of his 350 appearances during his time in England, the midfielder registered 376 through balls and 1,364 precise long passes.

We can't even begin to describe how difficult it is to get Fabregas' pass, something that can only be done by one of the  players with most premier league assists ever. The chipped pass from Branislav Ivanovic bounces right in front of the Spaniard, who takes all the speed of the ball to play Andre Schurrle delicately for the first time.

4. Dimitri Payet vs Watford- 2016

A rabona assist. Tasty.

It was usually too simple for Payet to cross the ball, simply because he was one of the Players with most assists in EPL history so he chose to cut on his left foot and create a rabona, which was found at the back post by Mikhail Antonio.

Most of us are probably going to fall over just trying that.

3. Wayne Rooney Vs Tottenham Hotspur - 2009

Trailing 2-0 at half time, Rooney sparked the second-half fightback of the Red Devils by creating two goals, setting up two and making an assist that resulted to a penalty for Cristiano Ronaldo as United returned to win the match 5-2. "What a game! To win 5-2 from losing 2-0 is pure class...", Roony said after the game.

2. Xabi Alonso vs Sunderland 2005

We did say that Alonso came up with two world-class assists against Sunderland in the same half - didn't we?

You've noticed his second one already but his first of the night is just a joke.

Without even taking a look, with his weaker left foot splitting Sunderland's defense and putting Luis Garcia through on the goal, Alonso hooked the ball over his shoulder.

We would have never forgiven him if Garcia had messed up the finish.

1. Ryan Giggs vs Middlesbrough- 1992

As this semifinal second leg was pushed into extra time, a seasoned United side, holding the record for the

most assists in premier league history

, featuring the likes of Denis Irwin and Bryan Robson looked frustrated.

But throughout, a fresh-faced Ryan Giggs provided energy as he was fed by Robson ball after ball. With 108 minutes gone, Robson found Giggs again and the 18-year-old fired a shot into the top corner after the goalless draw in the first leg to send United through to the League Cup final.

In the final, after a Giggs assist at Wembley, the Welsh youngster earned the first of his winning medals as United defeated Nottingham Forest 1-0.

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Because of the incredible level of support that night, the second leg is now regarded as the Stretford End's last stand before redevelopment.


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