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Top facts about Elena Galera, Sergio Busquets' gorgeous wife

We show you all the details about the woman who conquered the heart of the Spanish professional footballer Sergio Busquets. There are some facts worthy to know about the young woman who shares her life with the footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder for Barcelona and the Spain national team.

Elena Galera is a beautiful and highly stylish Instagram sensational and Social media star who became famous as an Instagram celebrity who is known for posting family looks and Model like pictures. She has gained a wide range of followers due to her exotic looks.

Elena Galera is the beautiful girlfriend of

Sergio Busquets

, a girl very immersed in social networks and who likes to show off her boyfriend. A lover of dogs, fashion and parties with her boyfriend are the profiles that define this beautiful couple of the



Facts you need to know about Elena Galera, Sergio Busquets' wife

If you are eager to know about top facts in Elena Galera’s life and her relationship with Sergio Busquets read this article.

Elena Galera biography

Elena Galera Moron was born Elena Galera Moron was born on September 5, 1990, which means that her age is 30. According to her birthday, Galera’s zodiac sign is Virgo. Elena Galera was born in Sant Quirze del Valles, Barcelona, Spain. As

Elena Galera's


indicates she has one sibling, a younger sister, Raquel. Her nationality is Spanish.

The interesting fact about Elena Galera

is that her profession used to be a nursing assistant. Ever since she began her relationship with Sergio, Elena gained much popularity on social media. Elena has more than 497K followers on Instagram. The fans obviously love her and she is one of their favorite WAGs. She likes to keep them engaged with her life and she is regularly posting lovely snaps on Insta.

You can check Elena Galera Instagram profile. She also has a Twitter account, but she is not very active there. Elena Galera is one very supportive girlfriend. She watches every Barcelona game and cheers for

Elena Galera​'s boyfriend

. She is not only watching Busquets play, but she plays with him from time to time. In 2020, she uploaded a video on Instagram

where she and Busquets are playing with a toilet roll, and to be honest she nailed it. The astonishing fact about Elena Galera is that she speaks three languages: Spanish, Catalan and English.

Another interesting fact about Elena Galera is that she is described as a lover of dogs and fashion. She has been seen lately on team trips and at first team title celebrations. Apparently, she has made good friends with the couples of other Barça players, especially with Xavi Hernández, Andrés Iniesta and Leo Messi.

Elena Galera height and personal characteristics

Elena Galera’s eyes color is brown, her hair color is brown as natural and blonde dyed. She has a three years younger sister named Raquel.

Elena Galera’s height

is 160 cm. She is 30 years old by now.

Elena Galera Instagram

Elena Galera’s Instagram account earn more than 490,000 followers. She previously worked as a nursing assistant in Spain prior to meeting her romantic partner, Sergio Busquets. She began her Instagram account in June 2014. She and Daniella Semaan have been photographed alongside one another as personal friends and partners of FC Barcelona stars.

The funny fact about Elena Galera is the scene related to one of her posts in Elena Galera Instagram. Sergio Busquets's wife wanted to pay tribute to her son's second birthday, but his followers only commented on the scene with two dogs. In these times, it is very important to be attentive to all the details that appear in the photographs that we are going to publish on social networks, and if not, tell Elena Galera.

Sergio Busquets's


uploaded an image from his Instagram profile with an emotional message of congratulations for his son on his second birthday, but his followers have only been able to notice the romantic scene that takes place in the background of the photograph.

"My mischievous blonde, my baby who is not so baby ... Two years of immense love. We love you life," the Catalan wrote next to an image in which she appears holding the little one in her arms. Behind them, and oblivious to everything that was happening, two dogs appear having sex under a tree, unintentionally becoming the protagonists of the publication.

One of the first to realize it was

Marc Bartra

, a Betis footballer and Busquets' former teammate at FC Barcelona: That did not prevent an ex-Blaugrana from deciding to comment in a humorous tone, `` what a beautiful love story there is in the background.

Logically, Elena Galera has decided not to delete the publication and has published some emoticons crying with laughter, showing that the image remains as one more curiosity on her


The important fact about Elena

is that She and Sergio are one of the most established couples on the sports scene and it is common to see them in the company of other Barcelona players, enjoying romantic trips or dedicating romantic messages on social networks. Previously, the Blaugrana midfielder and captain sent him a romantic message for his birthday: "Happy 30 my love. You deserve the best. I love you. Soon together," he wrote from the concentration with the Spanish team.

Elena Galera and Sergio Busquets

Sergio Busquets is probably one of the most famous midfielders in the world. The Spaniard has helped Barcelona win many major trophies throughout the years he has been with the club. And we decided to focus your attention on his personal life rather than his professional one.

Sergio Busquets has been in a long-term relationship with the stunning Elena Galera. The couple started their relationship back in 2014 and they have been together ever since then. Sergio started to date Elena when he broke up with Vanessa Aguilera, who he had dated for many years. Busquets and Galera actually met in late 2013, but they made thing official couple of months later.

Football player Sergio Busquets, who is concentrated with the Spanish team, has turned to social networks to dedicate a meaningful message to his partner, Elena Galera, on the celebration of the 30th anniversary. “Happy 30 my love @elenagalera. You deserve the best. I love you. Soon together”, wrote the Barça midfielder with two captures in which they both appear smiling.

He has also done the same through his profile on the same social network. “No matter the distance that separates us, there will always be something that unites us. Happy 30 my precious!! I love you!”, The journalist wrote along with a selection of captures. “Always together,” was the Catalan’s reply in the comments section of the ‘post’.

Elena has a good relationship with other couples in football. Melissa jimenez, is one of the great friends of Elena Galera. Melissa is Marc Bartra’s wife. They participate many parties together and view their posts on their Instagram pages.

Busquets, and Elena have an excellent relationship with other Barça couples, such as Marc Bartra and Melissa Jiménez, and Andrés Iniesta and Anna Ortiz. Elena, for her part, also maintains a great friendship with Antonella Roccuzzo, Leo Messi's partner, and Daniella Semaan, Cesc Fabregas's girlfriend.

Elena Galera and Sergio Busquets children

The fantastic fact about Elena Galera

is that she has two sons with Sergio Busquets named Enzo and Levi. Despite not being married, the couple is blessed with two lovely children. Sergio Busquets and Elena Galera have two sons together. Elena gave birth to their first son, Enzo Busquets, in 2016. In 2018, Elena and Sergio welcomed their second son, Levi Busquets.

A famous sport newspaper announced Elena Galera and Busquets’ first child: The Barça family is in luck. Sergio Busquets has welcomed his first child, a highly desired child as a result of his relationship with Elena Galera. The little one was born on a Tuesday, March 8, in 2016 in Barcelona and both he and his mother are in perfect condition. “The most beautiful of our lives is with us! The fruit of our love. We love you Enzo”, Elena has posted on her personal Instagram account.

The arrival of Enzo has put the finishing touch to a beautiful love story that has lasted for several years. The couple manages their relationship with great discretion although they have never hidden how much they love each other. In fact, the footballer has declared on more than one occasion that he would only leave Barça if “two people” asked him to. “One is my wife and the other is Guardiola. I owe him a lot and for me to work with him again would be an honor, although he knows that this is my club and that it is the best for me, so I don't think he is going to ask me, "he said in an interview with ESPN.

The child's birth coincides with one of the best professional moments for the Catalan midfielder, who hopes to complete his promised renewal with FC Barcelona, ​​as soon as the club's financial situation allows it. Elena Galera, Sergio Busquets' partner, became pregnant for the second time after Enzo (two years old) she walked through the stands while she was attentive to little Enzo, two years old, who wore the Spain kit with the word daddy on his back in a meeting in national team training.

The interview with Sergio Busquets about Galera

"I would only leave Barça if my wife asked me ... or Guardiola." With Pep you never know, but the fans of the Catalan club trust that one of their most discreet WAGs will never want to change of scene. Either way, it doesn't seem like the best time for Busquets and Mrs. to change teams since Elena Galera is expecting her second child.

In an interview with ESPN years ago, the best defensive pivot in the world - also known as Sergio Busquets - stated that only two people had the ability to get him out of the club of his life. "For me to work with Guardiola again would be an honor, although he knows that my club is this and that it is the best for me, so I do not think he is going to ask me." Neither Pep nor Elena intend to ask Sergio, one of Barça's most decisive players in recent years for such a sacrifice.

And the fundamental pillar in the life of the one from Sabadell is his wife with whom he maintains a long-term relationship marked by the great discretion of both. In fact, no matter how hard we have tried, we have not managed to find the occupation of Elena Galera, beyond her obvious status as WAG. What we do know about Busquets' wife is that she is a great friend to other popular Barcelona brides.

Not in vain, in the previous of the concentration of the Spanish team for the World Cup in Russia, several teammates and former teammates of Barça met in a restaurant on the Costa Brava to say goodbye to the season before the World Cup event. There were Jordi Alba, Marc Bartra, Thiago Alcántara and Busi himself along with their respective partners: Romarey Ventura, Melissa Jiménez, Júlia Vigas and Elena Galera. All of them have recently become parents and some, as in the case of Sergio and Elena, are about to receive a new member of the family.

But surely another theme would focus the food: The World Cup in Russia. Unfortunately for Bartra, his great illusion - as he had stated on numerous occasions - has been shattered after Lopetegui's decision not to summon him.

The one who does not fail, as expected, is Busquets, a key player also in the Spanish team. Although his wife's, Elena Galera’s pregnancy is advanced and likely to prevent her from being in Russia, she is sure to encourage you from a distance.

A little over two years ago, Enzo arrived, the couple's first son - what happens to Barça players with Italian names? - who soon donned the Blaugrana jacket and step onto the Camp Nou pitch. While they wait for the arrival of the second child, Busi and Mrs. hope that it will be a dream year, getting their second World Cup.

Elena Galera and Sergio Busquets’ net worth

The fact about Elena Galera

is that she has earned massive popularity there for featuring her high-end lifestyle photo blogging alongside her long-time boyfriend and FC Barcelona star Sergio Busquets. She and Daniella Semaan have been photographed alongside one another as personal friends and partners of FC Barcelona stars. According to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb & Various Online resources, famous Instagram Star

Elena Galera’s net worth

is $1-5 Million at the age of 28 years old. She earned the money being a professional Instagram Star.

Nothing was found about Elena Galera’s exact net worth

on the net, but her husband, Sergio Busquets is really a rich man. In September 2018 the defensive midfielder signed a contract with Barcelona that nets him a whopping salary of 14.9 Million Euro (13.6 Million Pound) per year. The numbers are crunched; this means he earns €74,108 (£67,848) per day and €3,088 (£2,827) per hour!

The Spanish midfielder is a graduate of FC Barcelona's legendary La Masia academy. Considered to be one of the best midfield player's of his generation, nicknamed The Octopus for his unique ability to read and intercept opposition play. He has conjured up a net worth estimated in the region of €132 million (£121 million) during a career spanning north of a decade. The Spaniard has a market value of €50 million (£46 million), however, he is invaluable to the way Barça operate, and the Spanish giants have put a release clause of €500 million on his head.  

Elena Galera and her sexy behavior to support Busquets

The unlucky fact about Elena Galera

is that she has tried, but has had no luck. The Barça wag was very nervous and was waiting for Barça to get the victory against Bayern, but in the end it was not like that. The Barça club has suffered a historic defeat, perhaps the toughest and most shameful in recent years. It is clear that Bayern is positioned as a possible winner of the Orejona. This year no Spanish team will get it after the defeat of Barça. Setién's team leaves Lisbon crestfallen, defeats in the first round and with a 2-8.

Barça players will be able to enjoy a few more days of rest in these crazy months, where few have been the days that they have been able to escape with their families. At the end of the League and before starting the Champions League, the club had a week off. Most of the players were with their partners and their children in Ibiza. Only Shakira and Piqué left Spain.

Elena Galera sailed the seas of the Pitiusan island in search of virgin coves where to be calm, away from the followers and the media. The young woman spent these days in the company of Sergi Roberto and Coral Simanovich, Marc Barta and Melissa Jiménez and

Jordi Alba

and Romarey Ventura. Elena Galera has become an influencer. The young woman causes a sensation in each of her publications where she stuns all her followers with the right style. It gives off light and beauty on all sides. Now we understand why Sergio Busquets was totally in love with her.

Jeans dungarees that give it a sporty and youthful touch, passionate red bikini to sunbathe in the garden at home, a purple kimono-style nightgown to sleep and surprise Sergio Busquets in bed or sportswear to get fit.

Marc Bartra makes fun of the detail of Elena Galera's photo

Before uploading any photo or video to any social network, it is necessary to carefully review the place where it is taking place, since any detail that goes unnoticed for us, someone else will notice and it will be the first thing to comment, making it visible to others.


Real Betis

defense player, Marc Bartra, apparently maintains a close relationship with the players of his previous team, FC Barcelona, ​​which even extends to their wives, as he does not stop commenting on the publications they make on social networks.

That lesson was learned the hard way by Elena Galera, partner of the culé midfielder Sergio Busquets, who published a moving photo with his son to celebrate his second


, dedicating a tender message to him in the caption.

That did not prevent an ex-blaugrana from deciding to comment in a humorous tone, `` what a beautiful love story there is in the background. They really are naughty '' referring to the pets that can be visualized in the background of the field having a moment ... Intimate?

It was Marc Bartra, who, despite currently being in the ranks of Real Betis, maintains communication and contact with his former teammates and, apparently, the trust remains the same, since the jokes even extend to the spouses of the same.

However, each experience is a learning experience, Elena herself knew how to take it with humor and followed the game of the young defender, in any case that did not allow the purpose of the image (to congratulate her young son) to be lost.

Elena Galera's photo session in the spectacular Busquets mansion


If Sergio Busquets shows himself as an attentive player on the pitch and has everything well organized, the same happens when he is out of it. Being a discreet and reserved type of his private life, in 2016 it was possible to know that the Barça midfielder was like some land in the Rat Penat area in Castelldefels.

It was an area of ​​2,400 square meters and the objective of the investment was to build a house in which to settle with his partner, Elena Galera, and in which to start a family. In fact, in his day it was speculated that with the land he owned he could build a house of 1,200 square meters, an authentic past.

The house is already built and from what has been learned it is a spectacular property, in a good area and with views of the entire coast of the town of Castelldefels. With such a treasure, it is not surprising that the Busquets Galera family takes advantage of any moment to enjoy the property.

Elena Galera recently published on her official Instagram profile a photo gallery in which she was seen walking through the gardens of her house. In addition to being able to intuit that it is a question of extensive land, in the shared images it is seen that the garden looks perfect.

Hence, your own home becomes the best place to walk with your children. In fact, in the photos that Elena Galera has shared, she is seen with little Levi's pram, who was born last September. Even if he does not appear, surely the garden of his house also delights his eldest son, Enzo, when it comes to playing and running around.

Elena Galera’s personal life

Elena Galera, 29, mother of two children and partner of the F.C. Barcelona Sergio Busquets is a good protagonist today. But not to talk about how football lives, far from it. This time we run away from the ball, and we focus on getting to know this simple and cheerful Barcelona woman, to learn a little more about her, her life and how she enjoys her day to day in Barcelona.

When Elena Galera was asked this question: “for those who do not know Elena Galera, how would you define yourself?” she answered:

Well, I would define myself as a simple girl in my day to day; I like to fix myself and take care of myself without excesses. I consider that I have good genetics and I do not like to abuse things that I think I do not need yet, but I do like to spend time taking care of my skin in a preventive way. If I have an event or dinner, I like to dress up for the occasion as soon as I get a chance. During the day I look more for comfort, dressed more casual, especially since I have the kids.


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