Top Facts about Abbey Clancy, Peter Crouch's Wife

Fri 27 November 2020 | 14:30

One of the top facts about Abbey Clancy, Peter Crouch's wife, is that abbey Clancy was the runner-up of Britain's Next Top Model

The fame of Abigail Marie Clancy is not only related to her WAG life as the wife of Peter Crouch, who was capped 42 times by the

England national team

between 2005 and 2010, scoring 22 goals during that time but also she is a successful person in her professional carrier and life.

The following text includes top facts about Abbey Clancy, Peter Crouch’s wife:

In order to find the top facts about Abbey Clancy, Peter Crouch’s wife, the following text may be helpful to know more about Abbey Clancy biography, social media accounts, net worth, and the facts that may be interesting for you

Abbey Clancy Biography

In brief, the facts about

Abbey Clancy biography

are interesting. We must say that Abigail Marie Clancy is known as Abbey Clancy (born January 10 1986), and she is 34 years now (as of 2020). Abbey Clancy was born in Liverpool, her father’s name is Geoffrey Thomas Clancy and Karen Sullivan is her mother. One of the top facts about Abbey Clancy, Peter Crouch’s wife, is that Abbey Clancy is the eldest child of her parents while she has 3 siblings. Capricorn is her horoscope sign. She began her career as a model at an early age. Then she became one of the English lingerie and catwalk models and one of the most popular television personalities.

Abbey Clancy Quick Facts

Abbey Clancy quick


 are as follows:

  • Full Name:

    Abigail Marie Clancy

  • Nickname:

    Abbey Clancy

  • Age: 

    34 years (As of 2020)

  • Birth Date:

    10 January 1986

  • Spouse:

    Peter Crouch

  • Number of Children:


  • Sibling:

    Sean Clancy (brother)

  • Nationality:


  • Location:

    Liverpool, Merseyside, England

  • Height:

    5 ft. 9 in (1.75 m)

  • Weight: 

    57 kg

  • Hair Color: 


  • Eye Color: 


  • Body Measurements:


  • Net Worth:

    £3.4 million (As of 2020)

Abbey Clancy Love Life

When it comes to 

Abbey Clancy love life

, it is worth noting that the couple started dating each other in 2006. Peter proposed to Abbey on holiday in Sardinia in June 2009; moreover, Peter confirms that they’re expecting their first baby next year. After being engaged in 2009, Abbey gave birth to their daughter in 2011.

The couple married at the 18th-century church on Stapleford Park Hotel, Leicestershire, in June 2011. 200 relatives and friends witnessed their nuptials. Their wedding was just three months after Abbey gives birth to their daughter Sophia.

Abbey reveals that married life was rather stormy for her and Peter in March 2012, although it’s clear that they love each other enough to make it work.

‘In a marriage, it’s important to accept that nobody’s perfect,’ ‘There are so many dos and don’ts. We get into terrible fights. You learn that we all have faults, our ups, and downs.’ She said.

The couple is delighted with their relationship. This stable rock relationship has not given any space for divorce and other issues.

How Did Peter and Abbey Meet Each Other?

The first meeting story may be in the list of

top facts about Abbey Clancy, Peter Crouch's wife.

In 2005, Peter Crouch meets Abbey Clancy at a friend’s party, and they started a link in the tabloids. Abbey Clancy has supported Blue on tour in her old girl group Genie Queen. Abbey flies to Germany to watch Peter play for England in the 2006 World Cup, but he publicly dumps her when photos covered the surface of her snorting cocaine.

Abbey returns home from the World Cup early, but there was a second chance for her at fame when she’s chosen to participate in the competition of Britain’s Next Top Model. Just after weeks that contestants were being whittled down, Abbey was named runner-up. Abbey revealed in July 2006 that she’s managed to work things out with Peter. ‘It’s a new relationship; we’ve only been together a few months, but we are delighted, and he’s amazing,’ she said.

The couple was married in 2011, nine years after they tied the knot. Peter revealed their first meeting in an interview on the Chris Moyles Show on Radio X. "I was nothing, you know, nothing was amazing about it, apart from the fact we met that was amazing," Peter said.

Moreover, in Closer Magazine, Abbey spoke about the time they first met each other. "I saw Pete, and I knew he was the one for me; I knew he'd be my boyfriend.” "I still think that. I feel so lucky I have a beautiful child and a great husband."

Abbey Clancy Children

One of the top facts about Abbey Clancy, Peter Crouch's wife, is that Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch have four children, Sophia Ruby, Liberty Rose, Johnny, and Jack. You can see

Abbey Clancy children

in this picture.

Abbey Clancy Physical Stats

Abbey Clancy physical states

are in the top facts about Abbey Clancy, Peter Crouch's wife. The body of Abbey has the measurements of 32-24-35 with the weight of 57 kg, and the height of 5 feet 9 inches. Abbey has a slender pair of legs and feet. She looks toned and almost perfect. She credits her exercise chart and diet chart for her sexy body. Abbey was placed in 37 as 100 Sexiest women of FHM magazine in 2010.

Abbey Clancy Professional Life

Abbey Clancy professional life

as an English lingerie, catwalk model, and television personality is full of beautiful facts. Abbey was the runner-up of Britain's Next Top Model (cycle 2) in 2006, moreover she could win the series 11 of Strictly Come Dancing in 2013. She has been presenting Britain's Next Top Model since 2015. Abbey also works for different charity organizations.

Abbey Clancy Social Media

On the part of Abbey Clancy, social media started with her personal and family photos on Instagram.

 Abbey Clancy Social Media

 is a good source that indicates the top facts about Abbey Clancy, Peter Crouch’s wife.

Abbey Clancy Instagram

Abbey Clancy Instagram

 is very famous and active. The public account of Abbey Clancy Instagram is


. The below list is indicated the characteristics of Abbey Clancy Instagram page:

  • Instagram ID:


  • Number of posts:

     1960 posts

  • Number of following:

     2422 following


Number of followers: 

507 k followers

Abbey Clancy Net Worth

Abbey Clancy Net Worth

is estimated about £3.4 million as of 2020. The details of salary is unknown but there is no doubt that her earning is good enough to brings her a luxury life too.

Top Facts about Abbey Clancy’s Profession

Top facts about

Abbey Clancy’s profession

are as follows:

  • Abbey was on the cover of Arena magazine in 2007; and, she is modeling for Triumph Bonneville Motorbike.

  • Abbey has got a chance to be in Sports Illustrated magazine in the 2010 swimsuit edition.

  • Abbey was posed for a magazine while her body was painted to seem that she was wearing the England national jersey of football.

  • Abbe was campaigning for Umbro sportswear while she posed with England jersey in 2010.

  • Abbey was accompanied by other footballer’s wives and girlfriends from a respective country with the chance of winning the world cup.

  • Abbey could measure the ramp for Giles Deacon Ready-To-Wear clothing brands in 2011.

  • Abbey was seen in Hasan Hejazi’s modeling campaign after presenting herself on ‘New York division,’ which was the website of Elite Model Management.

  • Abbey could pose for photographer Solve Sundsbo for the 2011 asylum of UK Esquire.

  • She was seen in LOVE magazine of 2013 with Suki Waterhouse and Cara Delevingne.

  • Abbey, as a known television personality, has appeared in many TV series.

  • Abbey has presented herself in several TV programs such as Richard & Judy, The Chris Moyles Show, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, GMTV moreover This Morning, and so on.

  • Abbey was the host of her show, namely Abbey and Janice: Beauty and the Beast in 2007.

  • Although Abbey was a contestant in the third series of Hell’s Kitchen, unfortunately, she was unable to perform well and was voted out by the public.

  • Abbey participated in Chris Moyles’ Quiz Night with Patsy Kensit and hopefully could win the competition in 2009.

Abbey Clancy Body Secrets

Among the top facts about Abbey Clancy, Peter Crouch's wife, some notes have worth to mention about

Abbey Clancy body secrets.

On the one hand, Abbey Clancy is not a runner, but she loves doing Reformer Pilates and aerobic classes regularly, and she is a very active person and enjoys the outside activities as much as possible. On the other hand, when she has got a free time, she do exercising as one of her routine items in her daily plan.

Abbey Clancy’s fitness is among the activities that she enjoys while doesn’t push herself to it so much. She believes that an atypical day should include much food! Abbey has a real sweet tooth. She loves to have cakes and biscuits with a cup of tea. Having a green juice is in her daily routines.

Abbey Clancy Lifestyle

One of the top facts about Abbey Clancy, Peter Crouch's wife, is about her lifestyle.

Abbey Clancy lifestyle

is a kind of WAG lifestyle, and we can say that this lifestyle is completely proper for her as the wife of Peter Crouch. It is notable that Wags, the acronym used to describe the wives and girlfriends of footballers, is a sexist slap in the face, an appellation that underlines their status as adjuncts to their husbands like accessories, appendages.

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Abbey Clancy known or Unknown Facts

Abbey Clancy known or unknown facts

are as follows:

  • As mentioned above, Abigail Rose Clancy was born on January 10, 1986, in Liverpool.

  • Abbey Clancy grew up in Croxteth Park.

  • One of her first jobs was in Liverpool City Centre at the bulletproof second-hand clothes store.

  • Abbey had a first stab at fame in the pop three-piece Genie Queen, with Ann Ord and Lauren Blake just before she appeared on Britain's Next Top Model. 

  • Compared to chart-friendly groups like Atomic Kitten, the girls' big break did not come to show at all, and they split after about three years of recording, performing, and singing.  Notably, OMD's Andy McCluskey managed this group.

  • Being a WAG doesn't mean that Abbey is not thinking about her styles and even providing new ideas and thoughts. When Abbey was put to the test on Chris Moyles's Quiz Night, she won the whole show. Stick that up to your Mastermind!

  • Abbey Clancy was ranked 37 in FHM's definitive Sexiest Women in the World poll back in 2007. She improved year after year, and she moved up from level 37 to 12 in 2009, and then she landed a spot in the Top 10! It is a very high ranked level for her!

  • Also, the facts indicate that Abbey Clancy, Peter Crouch’s wife, Abbey doesn't get sick of the sight of men running around in shorts and walking leather balls around.

  • Abbey’s brother, Sean, also has a decent right boot on him as well. Sean Clancy is a non-league player for Fleetwood Town.

  • Abbey Clancy went to St Julie’s Catholic High School in Woolton, but at the age of 16, Abbey left her education to get a job.

Abbey Clancy Leisure Activities and Favorites

As much as Abbey Clancy loves her children, sometimes she must get some free time to herself. Not only will Abbey Clancy leisure activities and favorites help her to relax and unwind after the daily events, but it also helps to re-energize her as soon as she is needed again by her children.

Abbey Clancy believes that squeezing in fun leisure activities throughout the week is a crucial ingredient to living a healthy lifestyle, not just for her but also for everyone.

Sporting is one of the main and must-to-do items in the list of Abbey Clancy leisure activities and Favorites. However, this does take some real energy; exercising has the distinct advantage for stimulating her physically and mentally. It was an excellent way to distract her from daily life struggles, especially since Abbey Clancy has got into exercising.

Abbey Clancy loves some exercises such as jogging, running, or even swimming or even a combination of them, which is a fitness program that involves dancing with music with high-intensity movements.

It is a list of

Abbey Clancy leisure activities and favorites


  • Spending time with children

  • Going out with her family

  • Makeup and fashion

  • Spending time with her friends

  • Going to the park and museums

  • Traveling and going on vacations

Abbey Clancy Donned Her Wedding Dress for Celebrating Their 9th Wedding Anniversary

The last fact in the list of top facts about Abbey Clancy, Peter Crouch's wife, is that Abbey Clancy had a beautiful bride at her 9th wedding anniversary with Peter Crouch. Once again, she re-wore her wedding dress after nine years to celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary. It is worth noting that Abbey and Peter enjoyed a romantic date night at their home, with a meal whipped up by having a private chef, and of course, Abbey could ensure that she was fittingly dressed for the occasion.

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