Manchester United players salary in 2020

Wednesday25 November 2020 | 6:30
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How much do Machester United players earn on a weekly basis? Who is the highest paid player in Manchester United in 2020? Follow us below as we unveil Manchester United players salary per week in 2020.

Manchester United have always been an active part in the history of football, winning numerous trophies, dominating the Premier League for almost a decade and introducing some of the greatest players of all time to the footballing world, including all-time greats such as Ryan Giggs, Bobby Charlton, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and many others. They especially took the world by storm in the Sir Alex Ferguson era, when they won many of their league titles to become the most successful Premier League club at the time, while also turning into one of the most beloved clubs in the world.

The Red Devils have won a plethora of titles and trophies since they were founded over a century ago. In total, the English club have won 66 official trophies, including a record 20 Premier League titles, 21 Community Shields, 5 English League Cups, 12 FA Cups, 3 UEFA Champions League trophies, a Europa League trophy, a Cup Winners Cup, a UEFA Super Cup, a FIFA Club World Cup and an Intercontinental Cup.

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It is of course disappointing to see how one of the best clubs in the world have fallen since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013, leaving Manchester United in the manager-less purgatory, always searching for the next best alternative as a replacement for one of the greatest managers in football history. It seems that being the very best could bring about such curses as well. Manchester United have not performed that badly per se, as they finished third in the League last season, but the expectations are quite high of the club and even such results are not satisfactory.

As one of the most decorated clubs in the world, Manchester United are also considered to be one of the richest clubs in the world, which means that those who join the Red Devils, are bound to be paid quite generously for their services, which is why Manchester United players wages in 2020 put quite a heavy bill on the board’s desk. Let us see how much the players earn for playing for the Premier League record holders.

Manchester United players salary per week in 2020

United have a 30-man squad for the 2020/21 season, which consists of some world-class players alongside young talents who seem to have a bright future ahead of themselves. Before having a more in-depth look at how the top-10 earners at the club have fared, we should find out about Manchester United players salary in 2020 for each position.


Just like any other team, forwards have some of the highest Manchester United weekly wages in 2020, as they include some of the more well-known players both in England and the whole of Europe. The wages each player earns will be put right in front of that particular footballer’s names, so here we go. Here are the players active as forwards in the club’s roster: Anthony Martial (£250,000), Marcus Rashford (£200,000), Jesse Lingard (£75,000) Daniel James (£42,000), Odion Ighalo (£100,000), Edinson Cavani (£200,000).


When thinking about Manchester United’s midfield, many might visualize Paul Pogba, as he has undoubtedly been the star at United for quite a while, even with his months-long injuries that sidelined him for quite a long time. Of course there are other talented players on this list as well, specially Bruno Fernandes, who arrived at the club in the January transfer window and has already become one of the best players at the club. Here is a list of Manchester United players salary in 2020 in the midfield:

Paul Pogba (£290,000), Juan Mata (£160,000), Frederico de Paula Santos, shortly known as Fred (£120,000), Nemanja Matic (£120,000), Donny van de Beek (£110,000), Scott McTominay (£10,000), Bruno Fernandes (£150,000).


Man United seem to have the highest number of players in the defense, as they currently have 9 defenders under contract. Here is a list of Manchester United players wages in 2020 who play in the defense: Harry Maguire (£190,000), Luke Shaw (£150,000), Victor Lindelof (£120,000), Aaron Wan-Bissaka (£90,000), Eric Bailly (£80,000), Marcos Rojo (£80,000), Phil Jones (£75,000), Alex Telles (£100,000), Timothy Fosu-Mensah (£15,000).


Now although David De Gea is the absolute number-1 choice when it comes to choosing the best option to guard the team’s goal line, there are other players on Solskjaer’s roster as well, including the young and quite promising Dean Henderson. Here is a full list of Manchester United weekly wages in 2020 that goalkeepers earn: David De Gea (£375,000), Sergio Romero (£70,000), Dean Henderson (£120,000), Lee Grant (£30,000). Now that we know how much each player earns at United, let us have a more detailed look at how the top-10 earners at the club have performed overall.


  • Weekly wages: £120,000

Fred had shown positive signs of his potential and talent at Shakhtar Donetsk, which is what caught the attention of clubs such as Man. United. But many would argue if the now 27-year-old central midfielder was worth paying a hefty £52 million in order to bring him to club. Fred joined the Red Devils back in 2018, when his transfer market value suddenly soared and once again dropped heavily due to the inflated price the club had paid to acquire his services.

Since joining his current club, Frederico Rodrigues de Paula Santos, who is shortly known as Fred, has managed to make 84 appearances at Manchester United, spending a lot of time on the sidelines for the sole reason of not being picked to go on to the pitch. Of course he has lately been able to find his feet and get selected more often as he currently has one of the top-10 highest Manchester United players salary in 2020.

Luke Shaw

  • Weekly wages: £150,000

Even though Luke Shaw joined United from Southampton for £33 million in 2014, he has not been able to rack up as many matches as he might have wanted to because of numerous persistent and months-long injuries keeping him on the sidelines. Of course he has been good enough to be on the starting lineup whenever he is okay to play, which shows how better of a left-back Shaw could have become if it weren’t for the constant injuries.

All in all, he has still managed to rack up quite a fine number of games under his belt, with almost 150 appearances for the Manchester side over the years. The England-born left-back is only 25 years old and has got quite a long way ahead of himself, which means that he can indeed improve his game by putting enough effort into it. Luke Shaw’s salary in 2020 shows that he is one of the more valued players at United. He currently earns a staggering £150,000 every week, which puts him ahead of Fred on the top-10 list.

Juan Mata

  • Weekly wages: £160,000

Next on our list of top-10 highest Manchester United weekly wages in 2020, is Juan Mata, one of the highly praised veterans in the Premier League. Originally a Real Madrid Castilla graduate, Juan Mata’s destiny was supposed to be written somewhere else when he moved to Valencia and later Chelsea, where he managed to show his true potential and shine his brightest during his prime days. After 135 appearances, scoring 32 goals and providing 58 assists, the attacking midfielder opted to join Chelsea’s league rivals, Manchester United for reportedly £40 million in 2014.

It has almost been seven years since the Spaniard joined the Red Devils for quite a hefty sum. During these years, Mata has been able to make a total of more than 260 appearances across all competitions, even upping his game by scoring an impressive 50 goals and providing 46 assists in the process.

He has also turned into more of a right winger due to managers’ needs, a transition which he has successfully gone through thanks to his immense versatility. He currently has the eighth highest wages amongst Manchester United players salary in 2020, earning £160,000 in weekly wages.

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Bruno Fernandes

  • Weekly wages: £180,000

Bruno Fernandes has been the surprise hero at Manchester United since joining the club from Sporting CP in January of 2020 for a reported fee of £50 million. He has been outstanding enough to have already won the Manchester 2019/2020 season Player of the Season award, despite joining the Red Devils in the January transfer window. The Portuguese talent has managed to score a phenomenal 19 goals and provide 13 assists in 34 appearances, which shows how important of an asset he has been to the club.

Even though many believe that Bruno Fernandes only scores penalties (which he does in fact score a lot of them), he has also scored other beautifully struck goals as well. Scoring penalties might seem easy, but we have seen time and time again, that even the greatest players of all time have let down their fans by botching quite important penalties. If you were wondering about Bruno Fernandes’ salary in 2020, we can tell you that the 26-year-old attacking midfielder currently has the seventh highest wages amongst Manchester United players salary in 2020, as he earns £180,000 every week.

Harry Maguire

  • Weekly wages: £190,000

It is not every day that you see someone break the record for being the most expensive center-back in the world. But Harry Maguire did manage to break that record by moving from Leicester City to Manchester United a year after Virgil van Dijk, who had previously broken the record with his move to Liverpool in 2018. There was much debate on whether Maguire was worth spending an unbelievable £82 million on bringing him to the club, even though his market value was believed to be around £40 million.

Maguire’s transfer fee might have upset some of the fans, but him becoming the captain in his first season with Manchester United caused an absolute outrage among the club’s supporters, as they believed a more experienced player should take the armband. Since joining the club in 2019, the English Center-back has managed to make 66 appearances and has been a part of the starting XI in almost every game since his arrival. Now some might wonder that being the most expensive defender of all time would mean that the player must be earning the highest wages at a club.

Even though Harry Maguire is not the highest earner at United, he still has one of the highest wages amongst Manchester United players salary in 2020, which is believed to be a whopping £190K every week. Adding this number week in week out, could result in an almost £10 million yearly salary, which clearly puts quite a heavy bill on the board of directors’ desk.

Marcus Rashford

  • Weekly wages: £200,000

Marcus Rashford might be one of the most beloved and highly respected individuals at Manchester United, not only as a football player, but also as a person in general, specially due to his charity work that has helped thousands of children across UK get their basic human rights by having free meals. Rashford’s humanitarian efforts have not gone unnoticed as the media are all over the young Englishman to praise him for what he aspires to achieve.

We too salute the 23-year-old forward for his efforts, but Marcus Rashford’s salary in 2020 only depends on how he performs as a footballer, not on his charity work. As one of the finer talents to have graduated from the Manchester United academy in recent years, the Englishman has proved to be a lethal striker in front of goal, as he has managed to score a total of 74 goals and provide 43 assists in 227 appearances.

Now some might say that these stats are not impressive enough, but given the fact that Rashford is usually deployed as a left-winger rather than a traditional center-forward, it is believed that he has managed to reach outstanding feats with such stats at his current club. With such information, many might be curious about where Marcus Rashford actually stands when it comes to Manchester United players salary in 2020. He currently earns a staggering £200,000 as weekly wages, which adds up to almost £11 million every year.

Edinson Cavani

  • Weekly wages: £210,000

Ligue 1 side, Paris Saint-Germain have bought so many young and talented strikers over the years, that they have let go of their top goal-scorer for free, who has now joined the Premier League side, Manchester United. Edinson Cavani is undoubtedly one of the greatest strikers of his generation and of course the whole history of football, as he has scored more than 340 goals in his whole career across all competitions.

The Uruguayan center-forward is still 33 years old and has got at least a couple more years to play on the top level amongst Europe’s most elite. Cavani has only recently joined Manchester United, which makes it difficult to give a verdict on his performance at his new club based on how much he earns. Nevertheless, being one of the best strikers of all time can bring quite a big paycheck with itself, which is why Edinson Cavani’s weekly wages are one of the top-5 highest salaries amongst Manchester United players salary in 2020.

He currently earns an eye-watering £210K every week at Manchester United, which means that his yearly salary gets as high as £11 million. Since joining the Red Devils as a free agent, Cavani made 6 appearances while scoring only one goal in the process. Of course it is too early to say that he is a flop, as he needs more time to find his feet at Old Trafford.

Anthony Martial

  • Weekly wages: £250,000

Anthony Martial has always been one of the more exciting individuals at Manchester United, since joining the Red Devils from Monaco in 2015. His £36 million move did in fact make Martial the most expensive teenager in Premier League history, a record which still stands to this day five years on. Since moving to England, the Frenchman has already managed to make 230 appearances across all competitions, bagging 73 goals and providing 44 assists in total.

The 24-year-old striker has helped his team to win quite prestigious trophies such as the Europa League, the FA Cup, the English League Cup and the Community Shield, despite Manchester United suffering from Sir Alex Ferguson’s absence. For those who are wondering about Manchester United players salary in 2020, it should be added that Martial earns an impressive £250,000 as weekly wages, which shows how much the club value his presence in the squad. His current market value stands at £55 million, which is surprisingly not his highest, as it used to be around £60 million two seasons ago.

Paul Pogba

  • Weekly wages: £290,000

The now 27-year-old World Cup winner might have one of the best comeback stories ever. While he left Manchester United as an unwanted player, he began to shine the brightest during his time at Juventus, which made the board realize their mistake. This mistake, however, cost United dearly, as they had to pay almost £90 million to bring their own former player back to Old Trafford.

Paul Pogba is still one of the highest-rated and most talented players in the world of course, despite his months-long injuries which might have stopped him from becoming an even greater player in the Premier League. If you were curious about Manchester United players salary in 2020, it should be added that as the most expensive player in Manchester United history, Paul Pogba could have been the highest paid player in Manchester United in 2020 if it weren’t for David De Gea. He currently earns a staggering £290K every week.

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David De Gea

  • Weekly wages: £375,000

David De Gea has by far the highest wages amongst Manchester United players salary in 2020, which might leave many wondering how much David De Gea’s salary in 2020 actually is. The Spaniard currently earns an unbelievable £375K as weekly wages, which means that he takes home nearly an unbelievable £20 million every year as the World’s highest paid goalkeeper.

The 1,92m (6 ft. 4 in.) tall goalkeeper joined the Manchester side from Atletico Madrid in 2011 for a reported price of €25 million, as he got to show the world how great of a player he actually is. De Gea was even linked with a move to Real Madrid a couple of years ago, a rumor which was put to rest with Thibaut Courtois joining Los Blancos instead.

Since Joining Manchester United, De Gea has made over 400 appearances, winning numerous trophies, including a Premier League title which the club have missed out on for quite a long time since they last won it.


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