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Tuesday24 November 2020 | 16:30
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As one of the biggest and most famous clubs in the world, Liverpool has millions of fans all around Europe and the world. It is the most successful English club in Europe which was founded in 1892 and within more than 100 years won many titles.

We may have talked and read about Liverpool's successful history for many times before. However, the club hasn't always been like this as like all the others, it has had its ups and downs all through these years. In this article, we do not want to mention the team's biggest titles and victories. We instead talk about Liverpool Heaviest defeats in history that every Liverpool fan consider as one of their most tragic incidents of all time.

today’s article could be a little bit distressing for hard-core fans of Liverpool. But that’s ok as you should know every aspect of your club right?

Liverpool worst defeats in history

If you are one of Liverpool fans and do not want to think about any of those sad days of yours, just take a deep breath and get ready for the first item on our list of Liverpool biggest losses ever.

Liverpool 3-6 Arsenal, 2007

On the very night Arsenal beat Liverpool with 6 goals, Wenger and his players succeeded to go to the EFL Cup semifinal match. After 77 years,


conceded 6 goals under Rafael Benites. They had been knocked out from the FA cup before that humiliating defeat.

So this disappointing loss was really disastrous for all players and hopeless fans at Anfield and will be remembered as one of

Liverpool worst losses of all time



was a true bitter rival for them more than before.

Liverpool was knocked out from two different competitions by The Gunners within just one week. The bitter night for Benites and stars like Gerrard and Dudek but on the other hand, Baptista was up on the air.

He scored 4 precious goals that helped Wenger and his teammates reach the semifinal. He scored in the 40th, 45th, 60th, and 84th minutes.

Aliadiere and Song Bilong were there for Arsenal and scored two other goals. Gerrard, Hyppia, and Fowler scored 3 goals for the Reds that apparently were not enough for them. Although they conceded 6 goals in their home and were knocked out by a fierce rival, that was not one of

Liverpool biggest losses ever

Get ready for the next item about Liverpool worst losses of all time. 

Sunderland 7-0 Liverpool, 1912

It is time to travel back in time and go to the time when the world cup competitions did not exist yet. To the time that one of

Liverpool worst defeats in history

happened. Liverpool lost 7-0 against their English rival


at Roker Park in 1912.

Just after 17 minutes from the start of the game, Sunderland took the lead and scored the first goal. Charlie Buchan who you might not know him, scored for the Black Cats. Just 6 minutes later Harry Martin doubled it for Sunderland.

Conceding Two goals was not enough for Tom Watson pupils. Jackie Mordue scored Sunderland’s third goal and Buchan scored the fourth goal to smash Liverpool in the first half.

It seemed Sunderland players were not satisfied with the 4-0 result, as after 22 minutes from the second half, Buchan scored his third goal in the 67th minute. Hungry for more goals, Buchan scored three more goals to complete a nightmarish night for Liverpool.

Do you think that match was one of the biggest losses of Liverpool history? Wait for the rest.

Manchester City 5-0 Liverpool, 2017

The third item on our list of Liverpool biggest losses ever is Another tragic loss for the Reds in the Premier League. Liverpool started the game with the best position, Egyptian Winger

Mohamed Salah

could be a real threat for the Citizens. Fernandinho made his first effort on target in the 16th minute but it was Sergio Aguero who succeeded to score the first goal for Manchester City at the Etihad stadium. But when Sadio Mane was sent off in the 37th minute, he paved the way for the City players to score 4 more goals.

City was the formidable rival under Guardiola and could use their chance for the best result.

Gabriel Jesus

and Leroy Sane scored two goals each. In that season, City managed to win their 3rd premier league and 5th English title.

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Time to talk about another tragic memory that can be one of the

biggest losses of Liverpool history

Manchester United 4-0 Liverpool, 2003

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This memorable match for Manchester fans, which can be one of Liverpool biggest defeats ever, started with a red Card! After 4 minutes of the match, Sami Hyypia was sent off. Liverpool players had to play 86 minutes without their precious diffender.

Hyypia went out and gave a penalty shot to his rivals as a gift. Ruud van Nistelrooy used the chance perfectly and scored the first goal in the 5th minute. In the second half, Liverpool desperately tried to equalize but nothing good happened to them.

Yellow cards were the consequence of their harsh style of play. Another penalty ruined everything for The reds. Ruud van Nistelrooy scored the second goal and double United's lead.

Ryan Giggs made it three in the 78th minute and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hit the last impact to the disappointing rival and scored the fourth goal in the 90th minute. That’s how one of Liverpool biggest losses ever happened for Gerard Houllier’s pupils.

Coventry 5-1 Liverpool, 1992

In the 1992/93 season, Liverpool had a very hard time. One can say it was their worst season for decades and in the end, they finished the season in sixth place. They met Coventry club in an away match.

You may ask what is Coventry? Who is Coventry? Well, dear fans they defeated Liverpool in the Premier League back in that year. It can be one of

Liverpool biggest losses ever

. Let’s see what happened in the first half? Brian Borrows scored the first goal in the 37th minute.

The first half ended with a 1-0 result. But the second half was very adventurous with lots of goals. Brian Borrows scored a brace in the 54th minute and Coventry took the lead thanks to him. While Liverpool strikers were trying to lessen the goal difference, Gallacher scored the third goal after 7 minutes. Jamie Redknapp made it 3-1 in the 64th minute. He scored by a free-kick and brought back hope to the club.

Micky Quinn with a brace smashed Liverpool. It was their biggest loss since Aston Villa beat them with a 5-1 result in the European Cup-winning 1976/77 season. “I would have loved to have played for Liverpool, but it was not to be,” said Quinny, after the match. “Scoring against them is the next best thing I suppose."

Blackburn 4-1 Liverpool, 1993

This was a match in which two old Liverpool teammates met each other as two rivals. In the end, Kenny Dalglish played the role of a conqueror knight as his pupils beat Liverpool with 4 goals. however, they could score more goals.

Blackburn had the better situation and scored three goals in the first half with the help of Mike Newell, Kevin Moran, and Kevin Gallacher. 3 goals could Ruin everything for The Reds, however, Jason Wilcox disagreed. Wilcox thought it could be even worse for his rivals. Maybe one more goal can make the match one of Liverpool highest defeats ever. Why not?

He scored the fourth goal for Blackburn in the 65th minute. Ian Rush on the other hand was a little bit late. He scored the only goal for Liverpool in the 84th minute. Graeme Souness was not able to beat his old teammate. 

Tottenham 4-1 Liverpool, 2017

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A decisive match that could be one of Liverpool biggest losses ever. Liverpool under Klopp became one of the best clubs in England. But Tottenham with 4 thrashing goals showed them that there were still some weaknesses.

Within 12 minutes, Liverpool were down with 2 goals which were scored by Kane and son. Dele Alli did not show Mercy and before the end of the first half, turned it into a 3-1 result after Mohamed Salah scored the only goal for The Reds in the 24th minute.

Who could believe such a disaster? By the final whistle, those shocked fans, could not believe what they saw on the scoreboard: A 4-1 result! With this tragic loss, Liverpool was ninth in the Premier League table.

Chelsea 4-0 Liverpool, 2001

How one of

Liverpool biggest defeats ever

happened? Chelsea was with confidence and enough strength at Wembley. On the other hand, Liverpool without incredible Michael Owen was in its worst position.

Everything was ready for the Blues to smash their bitter rival. The Reds started the match as a sloppy team. At that time Phil Thompson was in charge of Liverpool in the absence of Houllier.

Graeme Le Saux, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, Sam Dalla Bona all scored for Chelsea as Liverpool was like an unarmed soldier who could not shoot even one bullet. Apparently, it was not possible without Michael Owen.

It was one of those tragic defeats which did not let Liverpool win the Premier League title. They finished the League as a runner-up with seven points behind Arsenal. This big defeat paved the way for more losses in that season. 

Stoke City 6-1 Liverpool, 2015

Six goals! Yes, your eyesight does not have any problems. A great club under Brendan Rodgers and stars like Roberto Firmino, Dejan Lovren, Origi, and Steven Gerrard conceded 6 goals from a not very top-notch club.

Stoke City managed to score 5 goals in the first half. Liverpool that had won 5 champions league titles by that time, conceded 5 goals in 45 minutes. seriously what happened to the defenders?  

Mame Biram Diouf, Jonathan Walters, Charlie Adam that had formerly played for the Reds and Steven Nzonzi scored 5 goals in the first half. Stoke fans remember vividly that Diouf scored a brace.

It was Gerrard’s turn to do something for his teammates. He finally scored the only goal for The Reds in the 70th minute. After 16 minutes, Peter Crouch shot the last bullet toward Liverpool’s smashed body. The hosts did not welcome the guests warmly. 

Aston Villa 7-2 Liverpool, 2020

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Another item on our list of

Liverpool Biggest losses ever

is about this memorable match with 9 goals! Who can believe that? Should we cry or laugh? Liverpool poor performance will be remembered as one of the most horrible memories of the history of the club.

It was beyond disaster and humiliation. Can Klopp forget that dark day? 

Reportedly, it was the worst Liverpool defeat against Aston Villa. Liverpool is the second club that conceded 7 goals after winning the Premier League title. One interesting fact about Liverpool is that it was their first time to concede 7 goals in a single game since 1963. Let’s see what players scored 7 goals for the hosts. Watkins scored a hat-trick, Grealish scored a brace, Mcginn and Barkley scored one goal each. Mohamed Salah also scored two goals for The Reds.

One in the 33rd minute and another one in the 60th minute. Liverpool fans hope they never see these numbers on the scoreboard. Anyway, they cannot forget that this was one of

Liverpool highest defeats ever


Liverpool 1-3 Real Madrid, 2018

The last item on our list of Liverpool biggest losses ever is about one of the most important matches of Liverpool history. No one can forget that controversial match that determined the Champion of Europe in the 2017/18 season. 

Let’s split the first half into two parts: before Salah’s injury and after Salah’s injury. As if it was the turning point of the match. Liverpool players had performed wonderfully before they lost their precious player.

But when Egyptian Winger went out and


entered the field everything changed in the 30th minute. Real dominated the game. In the 34th minute, Carvajal also got injured and left the field with tears. 

Just one minute Before the end of the first half,

Karim Benzema

scored an offside goal.

The first important incident was the volley shot from Isco that hit the post and the result remained without any goals. But in the 51st minute, Karius Made a horrible mistake.

He threw the ball in a situation that Karim Benzema was in front of him. Benzema was really close to Karius and we still wonder why he made such a mistake in such an important match! 

That’s when Real scored the first goal. But Mane equalized just 4 minutes later with Lovren’s assist. In the 64th minute, Gareth Bale scored the second goal for Los Blancos with a bicycle kick.

Bale scored his second goal in a way that Karius did not succeed to block the ball perfectly. Two deadly mistakes! What was wrong with Karius in that decisive match? Who knows?

These are some of Liverpool Biggest losses ever. If you think we did not mention some important and memorable matches that can consider some of

Liverpool heaviest defeats in history

, Leave us a comment in the comment section.

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