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Tuesday24 November 2020 | 18:30
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Let’s take a look at top facts about Brazilian professional footballer Vinicius Junior who is famous for his pace and ball control.

Vinicius Junior is a 20-year-old Brazilian professional football player who started his career at Flamengo. He plays as a winger for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Brazil national team.

Although he has a slender body build, he has excellent physical strength. He is significantly good and in control at speed, and his agility is remarkable. This young football player is more than capable of playing in the front line. Also, he has been used many times on the right or in the centre.

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He is considered to be one of the most promising young football players appearing at the 39th place on the Telegraph’s list of best players under-21 worldwide. By that time, he was the only player in South Africa appearing on that list, which is one of the top facts about Vinicius Junior.

He made his senior debut at the age of 16. Vinicius Junior is hard-working and intelligent, and this intelligence in his profession has made him famous for his exceptional talent. Vinicius Junior age never stops him from achieving greatness.

Read on to find out more about the professional and personal life of Vinicius Junior:

Vinicius Junior started his career very young, but his exceptional hard work has accompanied his talent to put him in place among the elite football players. He is well-known to be dynamic and excellent at assisting teammates.

There are numerous exciting things that you can learn about “Vini”. In the following article, we will go through top facts about Vinicius Junior that you probably didn’t know.

Quick facts

  • Age: 20 years
  • Birth Name: Vinícius José Paixão de Oliveira Júnior
  • Nick Name: Vini
  • Birthdate: 07/12/2000
  • Horoscope: Cancer
  • Height: 1.76m
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Place of Birth: São Gonçalo, Brazil
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Position: Left Winger
  • Current Team: Real Madrid
  • Debut Club: Flamengo
  • Shirt Number: 25

Childhood and early life

Vinícius José Paixão de Oliveira Júnior was born on 12th July 2000 in São Gonçalo, a city in Rio de Janeiro located near the polluted waters of Guanabara Bay where only poor families lived. He has two brothers and one sister, and they had a humble family.

Vinicius Junior's parents sometimes didn’t have enough bread to put on the table. Sometimes because of the unpleasant living conditions, his uncle Ulysses helped the family. Therefore, he had learned what it was like to have a hard life since childhood and early age, which built him into a man to continually strive for hard work rather than rely merely on his talent.

He loved to play FIFA, and his favourite team was FC Barcelona where he mostly picked Lionel Messi. He was obsessed with video games and football. He played a lot of football in the streets, always proved to be the fastest kid on the block.

His initial cycle of life summarized in eating, sleeping, playing FIFA and football at Sao Goncalo. In this neighbourhood, he played football for the first time in Vinicius Junior's childhood. And he also learned “Chapeau”. This is one of the top facts about Vinicius Junior.

Chapeau is a technique in which a player flicks the ball over an opponent’s head in a humiliating fashion. The first person he had seen who performed this moved was “Robinho”, and he was mesmerized by his ability to perform it beautifully.

Like most kids, Vinicius Junior's age was seven when he started school. He also got registered to Futsal at Canto do Rio that was a well-known club in Niteroi, south of Sao Goncalo. Vini loved his futsal training courses. He just couldn’t get enough. He learned many initial techniques there, which is one of the top facts about Vinicius Junior.

He was a talented player, and playing was the only thing he wanted. Vinicius was so good that he soon raised above his team and was awarded the No 10 shirt because of his playmaking abilities. Although he was more than capable of scoring goals, he helped his teammates to score.

Vinicius Junior's parents wished him to become an academic football player; therefore, they took him to Flamengo Academy at the age of 9. But the academy told him to come back a year later when Vinicius Junior's age wouldn't be a problem.

However, he couldn’t wait. He went back to his futsal practices and devoted himself to it. His parents, seeing him a better future at the world of football, convinced him that futsal is not the right place for him. In the end, they succeeded.

Vini waited for a year. Then in The August of 2010, he did the trial test for Flamengo’s youth football team and got accepted. His family and himself were super psyched. As a reward, his dad took him to see Flamingo Senior tea play at Estadio Luso Brasileiro. This even had always been a great memory in Vinicius Junior's childhood.

Joining this academy was the starting point of growing up to be a star and also one of the top facts about Vinicius Junior. Everybody was sure that he had a long successful future ahead of him.

Vinicius Junior's parents had to make a lot of sacrifices to provide the money needed for the academy. It was a challenging time for them. But having Vini’s best interest at heart, they managed the situation somehow and paid for his education. To this day, Vinicius is still grateful for all the things they have been through because of him.

His professional debut was in 2017 for the Flamengo side; ten years after his father took him to the Flamengo’s school in Sao Goncalo. It was a very memorable year for him.

Interesting facts about Vinicius Junior

Not only his youth was impressive; he also has many stories about his adolescence and young adulthood. Here are some facts that would truly depict his remarkable place in the world:

  • Manchester United was among the first clubs who tried to acquire his availability! However, the negotiation with the Flamengo didn’t go so well, so it didn’t happen for Vini.
  • In March of 2017, he was invited to the South America U-17 Championship to represent Brazil. He succeeded to score seven goals during that tournament and win the trophy of the best player. besides, during a match between Brazil and Paraguay, he was able to do three Chapeaus in quick succession. After that game, Chapeau became a famous trademark.
  • After a transfer battle among many clubs, Real Madrid stepped in and won Vinicius Junior. He was allowed to stay at Flamengo in Brazil to practice and improve until July 2018. This transfer became very special and one of the top facts about Vinicius Junior since because of that contract he is now the most expensive player under 18 ever sold in football.
  • Vinicius Junior does not drink alcohol. He said several times gratefully that because his family has always protected him against anything that is bad and supported him in every way they could, he would always try to be excellent and honest.

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Gossips and facts about his personal life

After his transfer to Real Madrid, he became very famous. Vini had to learn to keep Vinicius Junior's personal life private. There has been a lot of questions about his marital status and dating life alongside many gossips and rumours.

However, in an interview, he unravelled a particular part of these mysteries. Vinicius Junior is highly sentimental and cares a lot about his family. This is probably why Vini kept Vinicius Junior personal life and relationship a secret for a very long time to protect them from the harsh world of media. The interview happened while he was 18 years old.

He also mentioned that he doesn’t own a home and his family manages his finances. One of the things that makes him really sad is Racism. He said that he suffers from racism, even in Brazil. Among the top facts about Vinicius Junior and his memories, playing FIFA is still the best part of Vinicius Junior's childhood.

According to his Instagram page, Vinicius is a father. The number of Vinicius Junior's children is not known for sure, but apparently, he is the father of two children. He never revealed the name of his children. Here is a photo of him with his kids while staying at home recovering an injury.

It isn’t known to anyone whether he has a wife or a girlfriend, and he never revealed anything to the media. However, there is a rumour that he is dating the Instagram model and influencer Maria Júlia Mazali. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to make sure of these gossips unless he confirms them himself.

And now let’s have a look at a few quick questions and learn some other top facts about Vinicius Junior:

  • How much does he earn?

Vinicius Junior signed a contract with Real Madrid as the left winger in July 2018 for 5.2 million Euro per year. In 2018, Real Madrid signed a 7-year-contract with him.

  • How much is Vinicius Junior's net worth?

His net worth is 36.4 million Euro, and based on the transfer market; he has a market value of €50 million (Oct 8, 2020). His highest market value was €70 million in 2019. It is crucial to remember that he is a young shining star, and it is only natural to see this number rise drastically in the future, which is a top fact about Vinicius Junior.

  • Does he have a tattoo?

Yes! He has many tattoos. He has a tattoo on his left sleeve of a footballer, standing in front of a goal, wearing the famous No.10 jersey. The picture below is taken from his Instagram page.

Vinicius Junior's social media

Vinicius Junior social media is active, and he has around 10.6 million followers on Instagram. In one of his posts, he writes about how he was from the slums of Brazil and had tried his best every day to be he is now. He said that he was aware that there are more people in his favour than against him and grateful he is to them.

Recently Vinicius Junior's social media has been posting episodes about himself and his professional life by the name of “Vini for Real”. These posts are part of a 10-episode series about his journey and his life on and off the pitch.

He wanted to share, as he stated in the caption of the first episode, highs and lows of playing for the best club in the world, his childhood memories, and a unique insight into his life. He posted the first episode on the 8th October 2020.

One of the top facts about Vinicius Junior is his honesty and sensitivity. And you can observe these two futures during the episodes of “Vini for Real”. He talks about the vacation he took to practice and get stronger.

As we mentioned before, Vini is a hardworking person who has reached greatness and striving for more via lengthy hours of hard work and exercise. He never stops and is always forging forward. Watching him do exercise is very inspiring. As it said through one of the videos, he has the spirit of Samurai.

Vinicius has a very inspiring life. He reached success at a very young age. Many people believed and still believe that he doesn’t deserve his position. The truth is these people are ignorant of his hard work and his unyielding spirit.

In the caption of episode two of these series, he wrote: “Nothing worth having comes easy. Hard work plus dedication leads to success. You get what you work for, not what you wish for”. His trainer also talks about how he met Vinicius and what does he like. He said:” He is not just a footballer. He is an athlete”.

Vini talks about his most important choice of his life and how it changed his life. After the South American U-17 Championship, many teams wanted to sign him. It all came down to a choice between Barcelona and Real Madrid. This was a challenging task for him in both Vinicius Junior's personal and professional life.

His friends and families were worried about his future and wanted him to choose with care. He could decide to play with his ideal Neymar, who was at that time playing for Barcelona, and he could choose to be a part of the most incredible teams in the world. He chose the second one and signed with Real Madrid.

One of the top facts about Vinicius Junior is that many players were not happy about his status as the most expensive 198-year-old footballer. They wanted to show that they are as good as he ever was. This attitude often showed itself in violence in the pitch through fouls.

However, Vinicius never acted up against these attitudes. Gradually, he gained acceptance. He proved that he could evolve as many times as it was necessary till the last day that he is playing.

He takes pride in being a Brazilian, so it is always his dream to be chosen for the national team. He got injured against Ajax for the first time; therefore, he was very anxious for the choosing process. When his name was mentioned for the national team, he screamed with happiness.

In the caption of episode four, he said: “The national team, every kid’s dream… There’s no greater pride than wearing the yellow jersey. An authentic to represent the colours of the Brazilian nation and to help to write the future of the country of football”.

In the fifth episode, he talks about his origins, his family, and his starting point at Flamengo. He talks about the difficult situation that his parents were having financially. His father grew on the dream of being a professional footballer’s father. That is why, after seeing the enthusiasm to play there in Vini, he registered him there.

There was a long drive to the school, so they decided that Vini must leave with his uncle Ulysses for a while. His uncle was thrilled to help and see him grow to be a star. After his first debut, Flamengo signed with 16-year-old Vini, so he could live together with his family again.

On Vinicius Junior's social media these are only a few parts of his amazing young life that he talked about, but it worths watching. You could follow him @vinijr and find out more about his life. As it was said earlier, he is a rising star and we are sure we will hear top facts about Vinicius Junior and his successful journey in the future.

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