Footballers and their pets

Tue 24 November 2020 | 14:30

We are going to take a look at some of the most famous footballers and their pets.

It has been said that keeping pets at home comes with so many benefits, such as lowering down stress levels, keeping away from being alone, helping kids to improve their sense of responsibility, etc. Football superstars, like so many other people, have shown their tendency to keep company with the little cute friends of humans. 

Although, not always these friends are that little, actually, sometimes they can be spine-chilling too, especially when it comes to luxurious 

footballers and their pets

. But it’s hard to say they don’t look charming, even those gigantic ones. Stay with us, and we will bring the subject to light for you.

Footballers and their pets

Now let’s check out a list, including some of the most 

famous footballers and their pets

, see what kind of animals, each one of them keeps, which player is more likely a dog person, which one’s a cat person, and who is inclined to hang around with the wild ones.

Lionel Messi’s Dog

Dogue de Bordeaux, also known as Bordeaux Mastiff, a robust and Herculean French breed, is the kind of dog of which

Lionel Messi

owns one. La Pulga Atomica named the dog, “Senor Hulk”. This breed weighs around 54–65 kg, and the height of this animal reaches 60–67 cm. The Argentinian superstar has been seen with his resilient friend, so many times, especially through the posts he shares via his social media accounts. 

Marcelo’s Dogs

Speaking of

football players and their dogs

, the 32-year-old Real Madrid defender comes out as a huge dog lover. Marcelo is the guardian of six fearsome dogs, and we are going to take a brief look at these imposing babies, find out what’s their name, and what breed they belong to.

• Thiag (British Bulldog): Medium-sized and friendly breed with a sad face by default!

• Lola (Newfoundland): Large-sized and powerful, not much friendly as the British Bulldog.

• Kiara & Ully (French Bulldogs): Small in size with a cute little angry face.

• Nalla (Labrador): Greatly popular breed with a stout impressive body.

• Bella (Miniature Pinscher): A German one, acknowledged for being clever and tiny shaped.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Dogs

Parenting three baby Rovers, CR7 is definitely worth mentioning as we are looking into a subject about footballers, and their dogs. The Portuguese football guru has three dogs, two Labradors, and a Yorkshire Terrier. He named the Yorkshire Terrier one “Abelhinha”, and the two Labradors are called, “Bobby Moore” and “Marosca”. Cristiano usually comes into sight with Marosca.


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Mohamed Salah’s Cats

The Egyptian superstar, is more of a cat person. Salah’s companionship with pets is delighted by the presence of two Balinese cats. Balinese’s are mesmerizing long-haired cats with sapphire-blue eyes. The Egyptian Messi, has shown his support for animal rights by reacting against the press release in 2018 in the matter of his motherland, ascribed to exporting homeless animals from Egypt. Salah was concerning they would be used for foods. He tweeted: “Cats and dogs will not be exported anywhere. This won't happen and can't happen.”

David De Gea’s Dog

“Maxto” is the name of the Spanish goalkeeper’s adorable Chow Chow dog. This breed is known to be aloof and quiet. Do these characteristics ring any bells for you as we are speaking about a goalkeeper?

Ivan Rakitic’s Dogs

The Croatian midfielder has two different dogs, one is Labrador Retriever and another one is a very cute Pomsky. Pomskies are medium in size with a high level of intelligence.

James Rodriguez’s Dog

Golden Retrievers are being recognized as kind, intelligent, reliable, trustworthy, confident, and friendly animals, and the Colombian footballer has one of them. If you look for

Footballers and their pets

, you can also find pictures of Rodriguez along with two other dogs, a British Bulldog called Maluma, and a Cocker Spaniel.

Aymeric Laporte’s Cat

Another cat person, like Mo Salah. The French player has a kitten, and he seems to be amicable with his pet. Here is a sentimental moment of Laporte with his feline baby.

David Beckham’s Dogs

While looking into current footballers and their pets, why don’t we catch a glimpse at a former football player who has a great love for dogs, especially if he would be David Beckham. Two Cocker Spaniel named Olive and Sage Beckham and a Bulldog named Coco Beckham are the three expensive dogs he has. It might be coming as a surprise to your attention that he has two Miniature pigs too! Their names are David and Elton.

Paolo Guerrero's Horses

Well, the Peruvian striker has two dogs named Baltazar and Romeo of which we don’t know their breeds, but we surely know that Guerrero is a huge horse-loving person. It has been said that he owns eight horses.

Mario Balotelli's Dogs

When we are talking about footballers and their pets, we have to admit that Super Mario is a true animal-lover. He has two dogs, both have been rescued, one of them is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the other one is Labrador. “Met these guys on the ­local rescue center and now they have a new home.” Told Balotelli to his fans as he found the two new friends of his.

Antoine Griezmann's Dog


The French talented striker also has a four-legged, furry friend! An easygoing, affectionate, lively, and Sociable friend, but of course with a barely friendly face! Care to venture a guess? well, it’s a French Bulldog.

Chris Smalling's Dogs

When the story of football players and their dogs

comes to Chris Smalling, it gets a little gloomy. In February 2020, the 30-year-old English player announced his lovely dog Miley died, due to eating rat poison when Smalling’s three dogs were wandering around the grounds of their sprawling home in Rome. The vegan footballer called it “suspected poisoning”. Fortunately, the two other dogs managed to survive the incident, their names are Ruben and Summer.

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Harry Kane's Dogs

Harry Kane is our next player on the list of footballers, and their dogs. The Englishman has two Labradors, a white and a black. the Tottenham forward named them Brady and Wilson, after Russell Wilson and Tom Brady, the two NFL players from the New England Patriots team, which is Kane's favorite NFL team.

Memphis Depay's Dog

A Chow Chow dog called Simba, perhaps is Memphis Depay’s best friend. The 26-year-old Dutch footballer has been shared a lot of photos of him alongside Simba, hanging around in the woods or taking a daily walk in the streets. Hi named the dog after Disney’s popular animation, The Lion King.

Isco's Dogs

Isco might be well-known for playing as a midfielder for Real Madrid, but he seems to be one of the admirers of the Barcelona Superstar, Lionel Messi! “I named my dog, 'Messi' because Messi is the best in the world, and so is my dog,” said Isco. That’s right, considering the list of the

Footballers and their dogs

, Isco is the owner of three dogs, two Labradors and a Pomeranian, and named one of the Labradors after the Argentinian player.

Wesley Sneijder's Dog

Another former player like Beckham. Sneijder and his dog are actually inseparable from one another. An Australian Terrier named James, has been captured almost every time that the Dutch player has come into sight. Being spirited, loyal, companionable and even tempered are some of the most important temperament parts of this tiny, cute animal.

Mesut Ozil's Dog

The subject of football players and their pets gets more interesting if you read the story of Mesut Ozil getting his dog. The German attacking midfielder once revealed that he was afraid of dogs, but instead of escaping from this feeling forever, he  decided to handle the problem by getting a dog. The dog is a Pug, being docile, charming, clever, and playful are included as temperament of this breed. Ozil named his dog Balboa. 

Alexis Sanchez's Dogs

How can you miss, one who had shared a Titanic-themed video of his dogs, on the topic of footballers and their pets? That’s true! The Chilean footballer is a big-time lover of man’s best friends. Atom and Humber, both Golden Retrievers, are the two dogs Sanchez has. It might be interesting for you to know that they have their own Instagram pages with about 200k followers.

Hector Bellerin's Dog

The talented youngster is a fan of Weimaraners. Bellerin named the pet Otto, this breed’s temperament includes being stubborn, energetic, intelligent, steady, powerful, and fast. The Spanish defender tends to share a lot of moments with his cute friend.

Aaron Ramsey's Dog

Have you heard of Beagles? They are amiable, excitable, intelligent, and determined animals, and the Welsh midfielder has one of them. Ramsey is cool to entertain his Instagram followers by sharing funny moments of his four-legged friend. 

Neymar's Dogs

The Brazilian star is the proud owner of three Golden Retrievers. The oldest one’s name is Poker, and he has been a long-time companion of Neymar, the other two are called Truco and Flush. From what we could’ve seen, Neymar seems to be very appreciable for the time he spends with his loyal friends.

Dani Alves's Dog

We are looking for

footballers and their pets

, and that can include cats, birds and other kinds too, but we ended up mostly with football players and their dogs. Dani Alves is found to be a dog-lover too. The Brazilian famous midfielder is the parent of four Bulldogs.

Sergio Aguero's Dog

 It’s first the time that a Dachshund appears on our list of footballers and their pets. The Argentinian star has a Dachshund as a friend and a training body. In the video clips he has shared of his garden, Aguero is trying to dribble the dog, and the dog is making a considerable effort to take the ball from him.

Karim Benzema's Pet

We are not sure that wild animals, like tigers, can be classified as “pets”, but the French football striker once shared several photos of himself with his children, playing with a baby tiger in Benzema’s home.

But Animal Rights Activists quickly reacted to the incident, asking him: where the baby tiger comes from, where is the mother, and why isn’t the tiger in its natural habitat.

Benzema responded, “'You should do your research before taking me to task based on insufficient information.” Either way, we know keeping a wild animal away from its natural habitat is a wrong deed, whether Benzema’s reasoning was acceptable or not in this particular case.

We’ve looked over 25 numbers of famous footballers and their pets. Of course, there are other players that could have been included in our adventure of the world of

football players and their pets

, but this will suffice for now.


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