Facts about Sethanie Taing, Julian Draxler's new girlfriend

Sat 21 November 2020 | 16:30

After opening a love story with Julian Draxler, Sethanie Taing has become one of the most stunning WAGs in football. This article makes known some Facts about Sethanie Taing, Julian Draxler's new girlfriend.

Sethanie Taing has been dating the famous German footballer, Julian Draxler. There is no need to say that this couple makes a really interesting love story. Besides, we guess that you may have already seen how beautiful she is. Here is a brief exploration of some amazing Facts about Sethanie Taing, Julian Draxler's new girlfriend.

The following text takes interesting Facts about Sethanie Taing, Julian Draxler's new girlfriend: 

For better find information around the Facts about Sethanie Taing, Julian Draxler's new girlfriend, the below fact list may be mesmerizing such as Sethanie Taing Biography, Sethanie Taing Life style, Sethanie Taing Social Media, Sethanie Taing Modelling Carrier, Sethanie Taing Net worth, Sethanie Taing Leisure activities and Favorites.

Sethanie Taing is a very famous and professional dancer who began her relationship with the footballer Julian Draxler. Even before her life as Wags, she was a very stunning and professional in her carrier as a supermodel, she is now very successful as a dancer, model and a choreographer.

Sethanie Taing Biography

The professional dancer, Sethanie Taing is not very active in social media so we do not have very detailed information about

Sethanie Taing Biography

, Sethanie Taing family, Sethanie Taing father, Sethanie Taing mother, Sethanie Taing siblings and so on. Finding the below information and Facts about Sethanie Taing, Julian Draxler's new girlfriend about her may be helpful to find Sethanie Taing Biography better:

  • Name:

    Sethanie Taing

  • Age:

    20-25 years old

  • Gender:


  • Height:

    5 feet and 7 inches (1.7m)

  • Nationality:


  • Ethnicity:


  • Profession:

    Dancer, Model and choreographer

  • Net worth:


  • Married/single:

    In a relationship with Julian Draxler

  • Husband:

    Julian Draxler (boyfriend)

  • Instagram:


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Sethanie Taing Social Media

Although Sethanie Taing usually keeps her verified official Instagram as her only active account for

Sethanie Taing Social Media

up to date, it should be stated that Sethanie Taing is not a loyal follower of social networks.

Among Sethanie Taing Social Media, Sethanie Taing Instagram is the only profile she has; leaving out networks like Sethanie Taing Facebook, Sethanie Taing Twitter or Sethanie Taing  Snapchat. This may be one of the interesting Facts about Sethanie Taing, Julian Draxler's new girlfriend.

Sethanie Taing Instagram

Sethanie Taing Instagram

is verified with the account


. This account is verified with blue tick having 97 posts, 77.5k followers and 73 following. In the bio part of Sethanie Taing Instagram, she wrote:

  • Sethanie Taing

  • Professional dancer / choreographer

  • « Dance is my favorite love story »


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Sethanie Taing relationship

Meanwhile Julian Draxler and Sethanie Taing revealed their relationship last Christmas, the young model has established herself as one of the most beautiful and acclaimed WAGs in European football, as one of the interesting Facts about Sethanie Taing, Julian Draxler's new girlfriend; That is why here we show

Sethanie Taing relationship

of the spectacular girlfriend of the Paris Saint-Germain midfielder.

Julian Draxler and Sethanie Taing met each other in Paris. Shortly after the footballer ended his relationship with the German, Lena Stiffel, he decided to give love a new chance. This time the Sethanie Taing relationship starts with Julian Draxler.

The midfielder, Julian Draxler and the mode, Sethanie Taing began to make their relationship public, and in their official accounts in Instagram, Christmas 2019 by sharing their first photograph as a couple. Since then Julian Draxler and Sethanie Taing have become devoted, not to mention that the young Frenchwoman has become generous support, on and off the pitch, for the German player.

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Sethanie Taing Lifestyle

If there is something that really fastenings the attention of this young woman of French / Cambodian origin, without a doubt, it is her spectacular figure and Sethanie Taing Lifestyle, and it is that, a large part of it is due to the fact that she is always in constant movement, Sethanie Taing Lifestyle as a professional dancer and Choreographer, in fact, has faced collaboration with great artists from France, such as Matt Pokora.

Sethanie Taing Lifestyle

is about her interests, opinions, behaviors, and behavioral orientations of an individual, group, or culture. The broader sense of Sethanie Taing Lifestyle as a "way or style of living" is a combination of determining intangible or tangible factors such as her demographic profile, whereas intangible factors concern the psychological aspects of her such as personal values, preferences, and outlooks.

The lines between Sethanie Taing Lifestyle and the everyday doings that signal a particular lifestyle become blurred in modern society. The cornerstone of Sethanie Taing Lifestyle construction is consumption behavior, which offers the possibility to create and further individualize her with different hobbies or services that indicate different ways of life

Sethanie Taing Lifestyle during lockdown is tried to stay her in shape and motivated but now grateful that was as hard as it got for her. With the world going through what it is at the moment causing many people to lose their loved ones and livelihoods Sethanie Taing feels beyond grateful for getting through the crisis pretty much unscathed so far.

Sethanie Taing is back doing what she loves in the studio, and even on stage spreading the joy of dance to a live audience once more. Sethanie Taing Lifestyle is to now spread that joy a little further and help someone who means a lot to her.

Sethanie Taing Net Worth

Sethanie Taing Net Worth

as her value of all the non-financial and financial assets owned by her minus the value of all its outstanding liabilities is under reviewed as an unknown one among the Facts about Sethanie Taing, Julian Draxler's new girlfriend. Since financial assets minus outstanding liabilities equal net financial assets, net worth can also be conveniently expressed as non-financial assets plus net financial assets.

Sethanie Taing Net worth or wealth refers to Sethanie Taing Net economic position: the value of the Sethanie Taing assets minus liabilities. Examples of assets that Sethanie Taing would factor into her net worth include retirement accounts, other investments, home(s), and vehicles. Liabilities include both secured debt (such as a home mortgage) and unsecured debt (such as consumer debt or personal loans).

Typically intangible assets such as educational degrees are not factored into Sethanie Taing Net worth, even though such assets positively contribute to Sethanie Taing overall financial position.

For Sethanie Taing, net worth can be used for the value of her estate when in probate. In personal finance, knowing Sethanie Taing Net worth can be important to understand her current financial standing and give a reference point for measuring future financial progress.

Sethanie Taing Professional Carrier

In addition to her passion for dance as

Sethanie Taing Professional Carrier

, Stephanie Taing has also done some work as a professional model, since, through her official Instagram account, she usually posts the results of her farfetched photoshoots with her almost eighty thousand followers, letting her curvy figure shine.

Choreography as another Sethanie Taing Professional Carrier is the art or practice of designing sequences of movements of physical bodies (or their depictions) in which motion, form, or both are specified. Choreography may also refer to the design itself.

Sethanie Taing creates choreographies by practicing the art of choreography, a process known as choreographing. Sethanie Taing Professional Carrier is used in a variety of fields, including ballet, opera, musical theater, cheerleading, cinematography, gymnastics, fashion shows, ice skating, marching band, show choir, theatre, synchronized swimming, video game production, and animated art among Facts about Sethanie Taing, Julian Draxler's new girlfriend.

In the performing arts, Sethanie Taing Professional Carrier applies to human movement and form. In dance, choreography is also known as dance choreography or dance composition. Sethanie Taing Professional Carrier in choreography can be both challenging and fulfilling. A large part of her job is to make sure that the routine is pleasurable not only for the participants, but for the audience as well. A lot of time is spent inventing new dance moves and editing routines.

Sethanie Taing Professional Carrier needs to have a good ear for music, as they have to listen intently to the piece of music being used and create dance routines listed in the Facts about Sethanie Taing, Julian Draxler's new girlfriend that work with the production or performance.

Sethanie Taing works very closely with dancers, teaching them by example and by spoken instruction. Sethanie Taing may spend weeks or months providing direction and encouragement to the dancers, inventing and arranging the choreography, and of course making the necessary changes and tweaks to perfect the dances. Needless to say, there is endless practice involved.

In theatre, Sethanie Taing Professional Carrier also needs to read through a script and interpret each song in order to create dance sequences as one of Facts about Sethanie Taing, Julian Draxler's new girlfriend. One of the most important things when doing choreography for theatre is to make sure the movement follows the original interpretation. Sethanie Taing Professional Carrier can also help actors and singers develop their characters, selecting rhythm and pacing to enhance their performances.

Sethanie Taing has distinct personality. She tends to be artistic individual, which means she is creative, intuitive, sensitive, articulate, and expressive. She is unstructured, original, nonconforming, and innovative. She is also social, meaning they’re kind, generous, cooperative, patient, caring, helpful, empathetic, tactful, and friendly, one among many Facts about Sethanie Taing, Julian Draxler's new girlfriend.

Sethanie Taing Leisure activities and Favorites

Suspend the Myths

Sethanie Taing will always second guess this activity, she still believe she has got two left feet.  Sethanie Taing Leisure activities and Favorites are not expecting to show up convinced that she is already a great dancer, it is the opportunity to show she what is possible.

Show Up

Set her appointment, tell everyone about it, stay accountable, and show up so she can win this first, most important, fight with her comfort zone.

Sign Up

Yes, among Sethanie Taing Leisure activities and Favorites, learning to dance will be an investment.

As a first time investor in dance lessons she is not expecting to immediately connect with all of the wonderful byproducts this activity has to offer right away.

Lesson Frequency

This is the name of the game.  If she forgets everything else, and just master this, she will quickly (emphasis on the word "quickly") learn to dance, and she sees the value of the activity.

Have Tunnel Vision

It can be easy to fall into dysfunctional comparisons as a dancer.  The fact about her dance journey is unique.  There was a catalyst that prompted her to pursue the hobby, and the dancer she is developing into won't look like anyone but she.... but with much greater dance skill.

Group Think

Regardless of the dance, taking consistent group dancing develops her balance, her role, and her confidence. Hen, group think is one of Sethanie Taing Leisure activities and Favorites.

Party on the Regular

A practice party is like a lab for Sethanie Taing Leisure activities and Favorites and private dance lessons.  She works on her leading and following, pressure test new moves, alongside her every step of the way.

Challenge the Comfort Zone

This might sound crazy, but there will come a point when walking into the studio is easy and does nothing to rattle her comfort zone anymore.  So trying a small in-studio event to keep her comfort zone from getting too comfortable is one of Sethanie Taing Leisure activities and Favorites. 

Team Teaching

Sethanie Taing has her own unique ways of communicating information. Team teaching as one of Sethanie Taing Leisure activities and Favorites is designed for her to benefit from the strengths of each teacher involved on her program.

Dance Shoes

Definitely a great one in the list of Sethanie Taing Leisure activities and Favorites is purchasing pairs of dance shoes as a great way to get her feet better connected to the floor, and her brain better connected to her hobby.

Plan the Next Program

She knows how of dance lessons will grow exponentially from lesson 1 to lesson 10 the program that she first puts together was done with more faith than experience, but guesses what?  Her next program will be something that she'll plan as a dancer, and not as someone just dipping their toe in the water of Sethanie Taing Leisure activities and Favorites.

Share Dance Journey

Whether her journal, write a review, video a testimonial, invite a friend, or just go out of her way to smile and introduce herself - paying it forward is essential to the positive and inclusive atmosphere among Sethanie Taing Leisure activities and Favorites. 


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