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Top Facts about Romarey Ventura, Jordi Alba's Stunning Wife

Sat 21 November 2020 | 6:30

Romarey Ventura is well recognized as the wife of Jordi Alba who is one of the famous football players playing for both Barcelona and the Spanish national team. In the following article, you will find out exciting top facts about Romarey Ventura, Jordi Alba’s stunning wife.

Romarey Ventura as a Spanish Instagram star, has been a brand ambassador for Valeria Savannah clothing. Under the name of her spouse, 

Jordi Alba

, she gets more attention and become more famous. However, the current article has a closer glance at the top facts about Romarey Ventura, Jordi Alba’s stunning wife.

The following text indicates top facts about Romarey Ventura, Jordi Alba’s stunning wife:

 In order to investigate the life of Romarey Ventura as the stunning and famous wife of Jordi Alba, the following text reviews the most significant top facts about Romarey Ventura, Jordi Alba’s stunning wife, such as facts about her biography, both professional and personal life, her amount of net worth, variety of her social media accounts and so on.

Romarey Ventura Biography

Romarey Ventura biography

 has some mysteries and unknown facts about her parents. Romarey Ventura was born on 10th of May, 1991 so she is 29 years old (as of 2020). She is famous and best known for being the wife of Jordi Alba who plays as a left-back for both


and the Spain national team. As above said, there is no valid information about Romarey Ventura parents and any probable sibling(s).

Romarey Ventura Quick Facts

Some of the quick facts about Romarey Ventura are as follows:

  • Real Full or Birth Name: 

    Romarey Ventura

  • Nickname: 


  • Career:

     Former Nightclub Promoter, Ambassador, and Social Media Personality

  • Famous for:

     Being the Wife of Jordi Alba (Spanish professional footballer)

  • Age (As of 2020):

     29 years old

  • Date of Birth (DOB), Birthday:

     May 10, 1991

  • Height:

     around 162cm

  • Native land/Birthplace: 


  • Ethnic Group: 


  • Sex: 


  • Sun Sign (Zodiac Sign):


  • Father:


  • Mother:


  • Siblings:



Source of Income: 

Being an Instagram Star


Body Measurements:


Romarey Ventura Education

One of the top facts about Romarey Ventura, Jordi Alba’s stunning wife is her Educational status. Surveying the

Romarey Ventura Education

, we found that she studied Tourism at the University of Spain and she already got her bachelor's degree.

Romarey Ventura Net Worth

 Read on the facts to find out

Romarey Ventura Net Worth

, it is necessary to say that her estimated Net Worth as of 2019 is about $100K-$1M (Approx.) and Romarey Ventura Net worth as of 2020 is under review. Another fact in

top facts about Romarey Ventura, Jordi Alba’s stunning wife

is that her primary income source is Instagram Star.

Romarey Ventura Social Media Accounts

[Facts about Rebekah Vardy, Jamie Vardy's Wife] Having a variety of social media accounts among top facts about Romarey Ventura, Jordi Alba's stunning wife is a remarkable fact. In fact Romarey Ventura social media accounts are very active and reliable source of information for being aware of any news moreover top facts about Romarey Ventura, Jordi Alba's stunning wife. 

Romarey Ventura social media accounts

includes: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok, Wikipedia and her Website. It is crystal clear that she has plenty of fans and followers in each of these social media accounts and altogether too

We assume that one fact in the list of

top facts about Romarey Ventura, Jordi Alba's stunning wife

is that Romarey Ventura is the type of person that earns money from her social media accounts so it seems her remarkable activity in this field is something more important than a show off and a competition with other famous people with the same position for having more fans and followers; it is the matter of increasing the amount of money since more fans can bring more money for her.

Romarey Ventura Instagram

Romarey Ventura Instagram


is very active and full of pretty pictures of this stunning lady, her kids and family. As aforementioned being an Instagram star could brought her lots of money and considers as her source of income. So it is not wrong to say that her Instagram account means a lot for her!

Romarey Ventura Instagram

ID is 


. At the moment this Instagram page is verified with 1,313 posts, 488k followers, and 632 followings. It is notable that she has a website (the hyperlink of website is mentioned in the following titles) which belongs to her brand an active 


 and a


too. If you are the fan of both Romarey Ventura and the great footballer, Jordi Alba, we recommend you to follow Jordi Alba Instagram page with this ID:



Romarey Ventura Twitter

Romarey Ventura Twitter

 is also very active and she hits the headlines most of the time.The latest Tweets from Romarey Ventura can be followed or subscribed to on 


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Romarey Ventura Facebook

Romarey Ventura is on Facebook too. Click here and join 

Romarey Ventura Facebook

 to be aware of more top facts about Romarey Ventura, Jordi Alba's stunning wife.

Romarey Ventura YouTube

Romarey Ventura YouTube

videos are available and almost all of them indicate the love life of Romarey Ventura and Jordi Alba. For sure many untold and lesser known facts are hidden in these videos.

Romarey Ventura Tiktok

Romarey Ventura Tiktok

is sometimes available to give her fans more information about her. Romarey Ventura will make her Tiktok account active for a while for any reason.

Romarey Ventura Wiki

Romarey Ventura Wiki

 is one of the her available social media accounts and a reliable source of valid information that includes top facts about Romarey Ventura, Jordi Alba's stunning wife but some of the Ventura biography is missing from the Wikipedia as of now but some wiki sites have indicated it.

Romarey Ventura Website

Romarey Ventura


is related to her shopping app called 21 Buttons. To become aware of the details of her activities, you can refer to Romarey Ventura website.  

Romarey Ventura Personal Life

One of the well-known personal top facts about Romarey Ventura is that she is Jordi Alba wife. In fact, this is the reason of her fame. One of the top facts about Romarey Ventura, Jordi Alba's stunning wife is the quality of her love life with the great footballer, Jordi Alba. Some believe that

Romarey Ventura personal life

can reflect the deep connection and support of the couple which makes them the best famous couple ever known.

One of the reasons that can show the quality of their love and attention to each other is that they often post their pictures on their variety of their social media accounts. Before getting married, this loving couple dated for a long period of time with each other as a girlfriend and a husband.

Romarey Ventura Children

Read on the fact to find out

Romarey Ventura children

, we could mention that the Spanish professional footballer, Jordi Alba, became a father to a child named “Piero”, moreover Ventura had to accept the responsibility to take care of the child as a mother. Romarey Ventura and Jordi Alba welcomed their first child as a son on January 18, 2018. The good news was shared by the great footballer, Alba from his official Instagram profile stating that both his wife and his child are fine.

Romarey Ventura and Jordi Alba announced via Instagram that Romarey Ventura is pregnant with the couple second child in 2020. One of the top facts about Romarey Ventura, Jordi Alba’s stunning wife was a written by her on her official Instagram account saying that: "Happy to announce that we will soon be four",

The Alba-Ventura family was in luck. Romarey had given birth a daughter, named Bruna, the second daughter of the relationship between Romarey Ventura and the soccer player of the FC Barcelona. “Bruna Alba Ventura had the weight of 3,280 kg. One hand, “We love you”. Romarey Ventura, Jordi Alba's stunning wife wrote in her Instagram account.

On the other hand, Jordi Alba also wanted to welcome his little girl into the world. “Mom and Bruna are great. You’re a champion Romarey. We love you little one”, wrote the professional footballer, Jordi Alba in his Instagram account too.

Career and Professional Life

Read on the fact to find out about

career and professional life

, it is necessary to express that Ventura is a model. Some of the photos of Romarey Ventura have gone viral through social media where Romarey Ventura is found kissing her husband near the ground.

There is not any need to introduce the professional life of her husband as Jordi Alba is one of the famous football players playing for both Barcelona and the Spanish national team. It is remarkable that Jordi Alba mostly plays as a left-back footballer but is good at left winger too.

Romarey Ventura Hobbies and Favorites

Read on to find out the

Romarey Ventura free time activities

, we realize that as a professional Instagram Star she spends many hours in social media even on her free time. As stated in Social Media, she is the mother of two children and loves spending time with her family.

One of the top facts about Romarey Ventura, Jordi Alba's stunning wife is that her all life are her two children, so she spends more of her time with her family. Romarey Ventura is a good mother although she is a stunning model.

The fitness of her body indicates that Romarey Ventura free time activities must include sport and spending time in gyms and activities around sport fields. Romarey Ventura loves hobbies that will also help her be a better model, improve her confidence, and expand her worldly knowledge.

Modeling and being the Instagram Star for Romarey Ventura are two exceedingly multi-faceted career, and that revenue a whole collection of skills is indispensable to be great at it. Then, her free time activity should be covered by her work. Not only does Romarey Ventura need to be healthy for the physical demands of shoots and being on her feet for hours at a time, moreover it takes self-assurance, preparation, competence, and more.

These facts would be very interesting for Romarey Ventura and other models to improve the mentioned features in free time activities. Learning a lot about the history of fashion and fashion modeling, dancing and swimming, taking acting and comedy classes, Yoga and photography would be included in the list of interesting stuff for Romarey Ventura free time activities.

Some Interesting and Must-Known Facts


some interesting and must-known facts

that no one tells you about Romarey Ventura below:

  • In Biography facts, According to CelebsCouples, Romarey Ventura is single.

  • Romarey Ventura is one of the most popular Spanish Instagram star.

  • Romarey Ventura naturally posts lifestyle photos and selfies to her Instagram account.

  • Over 480,000 followers on her Instagram is among the most interesting facts about her.

  • Before fame, Romarey Ventura initially posted to her Instagram account in August 2012.

  • Romarey Ventura has been a brand representative for commercial brand of Valeria Savannah clothing.

  • The interesting fact about her family life is that Romarey Ventura has been in a relationship with soccer player Jordi Alba. The result of their marriage are two lovely kids, a son named Piero and a daughter named Bruna.

  • Romarey Ventura is the noteworthy other of a professional soccer player comparable to Georgina Rodríguez.

  • Romarey Ventura was born in the Year of the Goat. The individuals with Chinese zodiac Goat are normally tender, polite, filial, clever, and kind-hearted people. This group of people have special sensitivity to art and beauty and a special fondness for quiet living. Their strengths are gentle, softhearted, considerate, attractive, hardworking, and persistent, despite they can be indecisive, timid, vain, pessimistic, moody, and weak-willed. Their lucky numbers are 3, 4, and 9, moreover their lucky colors are green, red, and purple.

One of the top facts in the list of top facts about Romarey Ventura, Jordi Alba's stunning wife refers to this fact that Romarey Ventura’s life path number is 8. As you may know, Life Path Number 8 represent 'The Power Player'. The individuals who walk a Life Path with Number 8 have incredible strength of will and are able to endure anything. 8 reminds us the soul has a mind of its own and lives on, no matter what. Its energy is Eternal Life. The values are authority, material things, success. In fact, the challenges are to learn when exerting control is helpful — and when you're better off letting someone else take over.

Finally the last top fact in the list of top facts about Romarey Ventura, Jordi Alba's stunning wife indicates that Romarey Ventura’s birthstone is Emerald. As you may know Emerald was one of Cleopatra’s favorite gems. It is notable that Emerald has long been associated with fertility, rebirth, and love.


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