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Facts about Natalia Barulich, Neymar’s New Stunning Girlfriend

Thu 19 November 2020 | 12:30

Neymar has just got one new girlfriend; and who is that lucky woman? Natalia Barulich. In this post we are going to cover some top facts about Natalia Barulich, Neymar’s new stunning girlfriend.

We are going to let you know about Natalia Barulich net worth and salary, Natalia Barulich childhood and personal life, Natalia Barulich body measurements and age, her social media accounts and indeed many other facts you might not imagine.

If you remember from our previous post about Neymar’s latest girlfriend,

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, you will surely know that Neymar broke up with Bruna Marquezine. And now he’s just got a new American girlfriend with Cuban-Croatian origin who is not only a model, but also a singer and DJ.

Top Facts about Natalia Barulich, Neymar’s Latest Girlfriend

Ok, we just promised you to let you know about some top facts on Neymar’s new girlfriend, Natalia Barulich. Let’s get on it then!

Natalia Barulich Childhood

Before we are to top

facts about Natalia Barulich

, let’s know a little about her childhood. Natalia Barulich was born on January 13, 1992, in California, USA. So, by now, she’s almost 29 years old (exactly 28 years and 11 months). Even as a child, Natalia loved music and dancing. She started singing at an early age of five - in a choir, in fact - and later also performed in musical theatres.

Natalia’s training for ballet started in her childhood and extended into her teenage years. She got trained for ballet actually for 16 years and even later performed as a professional ballerina for 5 years, although it’s quite some time that she has quitted that profession for modelling. During her early youth years, Natalia also formed a music duo called Atmshre with her violinist friend, Esther.

These two - we mean Natalia and Esther - got actually acquainted to each other in a musical event where Natalia performed as a ballerina and Esther as a violinist. They even released a song together named “Don’t give up featuring Ben Carrillo”. 

Here is what Natalia once said about her love for music and dancing: “I was in choir ever since I was like five or six years old. I always loved music, and I loved dance music from a very young age.” And what more on

Natalia Barulich’s childhood

? As a child, she also loved the top celebrity singer, Britney Spears.

Natalia Barulich Parents and Family

And what about

Natalia Barulich parents

? Unfortunately there is not enough information on this, like we don’t know what the name of Natalia’s parents is or how old they are, however, we still have some information like Natalia’s mother is from Cuba and her father from Croatia (he was born in the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb).

Although we don’t know much about the identity of Natalia’s father, we still know that he’s a businessman. We also know that Natalia is closer to her mom than her dad. She sometimes shares photos of her mother on her social media accounts.

Natalia is quite reserved about her family and even has not shared any information about her siblings or the number of them. So, that also has remained unknown to us. The only thing she has shared about her family is that she is not the only person in her family with a love for music.

Natalia Barulich Age and Body Measurements

Here are

Natalia Barulich body measurements

in detail: Natalia Barulich is 5 feet and 7 inches tall which actually translates to 1.71 meters. Almost tall for a female; Natalia only weighs 50 Kg, so by that height we can say she’s a slim type, and even a super slim one, as really it is so. Natalia’s breast, waist, and hips sizes are 34, 25, and 35 cms respectively. And her shoe size? It’s 8. Also her bra size is 33B.

Natalia has light brown hair and hazel eyes with a tint of grey. She’s white in ethnicity which is almost clear from her photos, although she’s half-Cuban by origin. About Natalia’s tattoos we have no information at hand, however, it seems she has apparently no tattoos as there has not been released any photo of her with tattoos as yet. And about

Natalia Barulich age

? As we already mentioned, Natalia was born on January 13, 1992, so by now, she’s almost 29 years old.

Facts about Natalia Barulich Personal Life

Let’s get to some facts about

Natalia Barulich personal life

. As already mentioned, Natalia Barulich is a model, singer, dancer, DJ, and former ballerina. Natalia formed a music duo with her professional violinist friend, Esther Anaya, in her early youth years and even has performed with her in several countries around the world including USA, Indonesia, and Morocco.

They also perform regularly at Encore Beach Club and Intrigue which are both night clubs in Las Vegas, and were the featured performers at the Guess and Gala - both brands - party in Barcelona in 2016. Natalia and Esther knew each other seven years before they formed their music duo, Atmsphre, when Natalia was still a ballerina.

We can say Natalia Barulich’s modelling career just got ignited from 2012 where she took part in Miss California competition. Although she didn’t win any prize, she won the hearts and appreciation of the crowd and not long later she started to appear on the covers of top fashion magazines, L'Officiel, Maxim, FHM, and Esquire.

She has also posed in advertising campaigns from Lingerie, Mercedes Benz - in the award-winning advertisement, Bespoke, Air France, Isaac Jewelers, Guess, Bentley, Nike, 138 Water, and even tech companies like Samsung, Target, Verizon Wireless, and Apple.

So by taking part in that number of advertising campaigns Natalia must have made a quite a lot of bucks, but that’s what we are going to discuss later under the title of Natalia Barulich net worth. We just forgot to say that Natalia has also appeared in some top music videos by Britney Spears, Calvin Harris and Jencarlos Canela. Ok, just add it to her music and dancing career!

Natalia Barulich’s Relationship with Maluma

Before Neymar, Natalia Barulich had dated the famous Colombian singer and song writer, Juan Luis Londono Arias, known as Maluma, for two years. This is also part of Natalia Barulich personal life, but since it’s not a trivial subject, we have included it under a separate title.

Natalia and Maluma were actually friends before starting to date. They first met in a music video set for Maluma’s single hit, Felices los 4, which actually made it to the top five on Hot Latin Songs by billboard.com. Natalia acted as a model in that music video.

This was actually the start of their relationship. They got a dog together later that year and named it Princess Julieta, and even created an Instagram account for it which still exists and you can follow (Just

click here


January 2018 was actually the date Natalia and Maluma’s relationship was confirmed in an interview that the famous Colombian singer had with Telemundo, the American-Spanish TV network owned by NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises.

“We have a good time together. We have fun, we care about each other, and we support each other. I think that's fundamental. In this moment we are dating and we like what we are living. I like her company and she supports me, she loves me, so you're seeing me how you've never seen me before,” said Malumo in that interview. Natalia also posted a photo of her with Maluma a few days later on twitter which confirmed their relationship.

Although Natalia and Maluma had confirmed their relationship in January 2018, they posted a photo captioned “Love of my Life.. Happy Anniversary” on Instagram in June 2018 which hinted their relationship had started long before they actually confirmed it! The photo showed them celebrating their relationship anniversary in a private jet.

Natalia and Maluma celebrated their second anniversary together in June 2019 while on a romantic tour to Greece and Spain. They shared a photo on Instagram kissing each other on the International Kissing Day (July 6) followed by another kissing photo captioned “Love of my life” just one month later.

They also shared a photo of them on Instagram showing them having lunch together in Beverley Hills after their European tour. The couple finally split in October 2019 after more than two years of dating, according to the Spanish-tongued American magazine, People en Espanol. They are still friends but dating different people. Natalia dates the Brazilian football star, Neymar, and Malumo the Canadian model, Winnie Harlow.

Natalia Barulich’s Relationship with Neymar

Just delving more into

facts about Natalia Barulich

we reach Natalia’s new boyfriend: The Brazilian star and the current PSG forward,


. Seems Natalia and Neymar have been together for a year or so - actually 3 months after Natalia and Maluma got parted. They confirmed their relationship officially back in February 2020, and as their Instagram photos show they are just more than friends!

They say Natalia and Neymar first met in Neymar’s birthday party and that actually marked the start of their relationship. Later Natalia posted a massage on Neymar’s birthday saying: “Everyone knows how extraordinarily talented you are, but if they could only see how real & beautiful you are inside your heart.

You have all my respect and honor bebe,” and next to it a kiss and a heart emoji. She also posted a photo of her in a beautiful white dress she had worn in Neymar’s birthday party on her Instagram with the caption: “When @neymarjr says to dress ‘White Casual’... ta da lol Feliz Aniversário Ney!!”

And about Maluma, what Natalia has to say? In a statement she shared with Page Six - a celebrity news website, she said: “I love Juan Luis very much, but at this time we need to take time for ourselves and our careers so that we continue to grow as artists and individuals.” This is as Maluma released a song titled “Hawai” after his break-up with Natalia which is actually about his feelings after the break-up; the song which was also mocked by Neymar and his friends.

And does


and Natalia have any children together? It’s not clear, and it doesn’t seem so - it’s still soon to talk about Natalia Barulich children since Natalia and Neymar are not married or that close. Natalia Barulich children may come later; just stay tuned!

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Natalia Barulich Net Worth

Ok, on our way down to the depth of the facts about Natalia Barulich we reach Natalia Barulich net worth. How much is Natalia Barulich salary? Is

Natalia Barulich salary

something set or doesn’t she receive something as salary at all? The answer is yes which means Natalia Barulich is not paid some set amount as salary.

Natalia actually earns her income from her modeling career - posing for several advertising campaigns, her music profession and indeed her Youtube channel. There are two stories concerning

Natalia Barulich net worth

. Some say she has a net worth of $600,000 and some other say that net worth is $18 million.

The only justifiable explanation is that those who say Natalia has a net worth of $18 million have not only counted in her income but also her assets. That’s what actually is said about Natalia Barulich net worth. Although there is a big gap between $600,000 and $18 million, both are big amounts, even if they are considered as the American model’s yearly income. Good for her!

Natalia Barulich Social Media Accounts

And what about

Natalia Barulich social media

accounts? They say Natalia Barulich is quite active on social media platforms with Instagram being the platform on which she is the most active as many other models and celebrities.



Natalia has 3.5 million followers and has posted 918 photos and videos. This is as the number of Natalia Barulich’s followers on




is 2771 and 38,833 as of now (November 19, 2020). Also on Twitter, she has posted 83 tweets since he has joined the social media platform (March 2012).

And now you see why we say Natalia Barulich is most active on Instagram. The number of followers she has on Instagram is by far higher than the number of followers she has on Facebook and Twitter; actually 90 and 1263 times higher respectively.

Also the number of photos and videos Natalia has posted on Instagram are more than 10 times higher than the number of tweets she has posted. The 29-year-old American model has also a

Youtube channel

with almost 11,000 subscribers which is, as already mentioned, one of her sources of income, too.

Some Fast Facts About Natalia Barulich

Here are some fast

facts about Natalia Barulich


  • Natalia Barulich’s zodiac sign is Capricorn.

  • Natalia Barulich’s favorite actor is Ryan Gosling.

  • Natalia Barulich’s favorite actress is Emma Watson.

  • Natalia Barulich’s favorite city is Miami.

  • Natalia Barulich’s favorite color is hot red.

  • Natalia Barulich loves Italian food.

  • Natalia Barulich’s hobbies are dancing, listening to music, singing, travelling, and shopping

  • Natalia Barulich has travelled to several cities around the world including New York, Amsterdam, Boston, and Paris due to her modelling career.

Natalia Barulich has a dog named Juliet for it she has also created an

Instagram account




source: SportMob