Footballers with funny names

Sat 21 November 2020 | 12:30

We all have definitely heard awkward, funny, or hilarious names in the world of football. These funny names will be remembered so much easier than regular or normal names.

Funny names are usually one of the factors to bring a smile on people's face when they hear them. Such names are more funny especially with famous people. There are many footballers and stars in the football world to be called with these names.

In today’s article, we want to mention some hilarious footballer names of all time. This is a very interesting and funny article, so stick with us and have fun.

Funniest football players names

We prepared a list of

funny soccer player names

for you that might be different from those names in your mind . So wait to the end to compare our list with yours.

Brian Pinas 

You may laugh or bite your lower lip when you hear his name, but Pinas is a real name. Brian Pinas is a former professional Dutch player who played for clubs like Feyenoord, Newcastle United, and Groningen.

Pinas is the coach of the Feyenoord youth team and signed for the club in 2018.

Fabian Assman

Fabian has a funny last name, and many of you may wonder why he didn’t change his name? This is because he is an Argentine Footballer and this funny and weird last name is not inappropriate in Fabian’s country.

So do not criticize him. Walter Fabian Assman is an Argentine football player who plays for the Aldosivi club. He joined the club in 2018. Fabian started his playing career with club Independiente in 2007.

Mark De Man

In the next item on our list of

footballers with funny names

we reach another funny name that probably most of you have not heard of: “Mark De Man”.

As we can say “Mark the Man” in the English language, is the name of a Belgian retired football player who played for clubs like

RSC Anderlecht

, Beerschot AC,

Roda JC

, and Bierbeek that was his last club. Mark De Man is a complete sentence rather than a name. Mark the man! Ok sure. No offense Mr. De man. We are just kidding you.

Wolfgang Wolf

Wolfgang Wolf is a former football player who is originally from Germany. Mr. Wolfgange retired from playing football in 1993 when he was playing for an unknown club named VFR Mannheim but before that, he played for famous clubs like


and Stuttgarter kickers.

If you have watched football matches during those years, specifically Bundesliga competitions, you would have known him for sure. In 1993, he chose football management. Wolfgang Wolf retired from management career in 2020. His last club was

FC Lokomotive Leipzig

in which he worked as a sporting manager.

Dean Windass

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The fifth item on our list of footballers with funny names is Dean Windass. Mr. Dean Windass is undoubtedly one of the football players who have the

funniest names in soccer history


He is an English retired footballer who played for 12 clubs during his playing career. some famous clubs he played for are

Sheffield United

, Sheffield Wednesday,

Hull City

, and Middleborough.

Windass is currently the manager of East Hull. You may think that his last name is inappropriate but an ass in British English means donkey and is not as rude as American English people define that.

Nortei Nortey


hilarious footballer names of all time

, Nii Nortei Nortey has a really funny name in terms of pronunciation. He is an English football player who plays for Queen of the South.

Nortei speaks British so his name is pronounced similar to Naughty Naughty. This is not so surprising If you have not heard his name. Well, that is because he has played for unknown clubs in England, Wales, and Scotland which you might not know of at all.

Nortei started playing professionally with Welling United in 2015 and then he joined


in 2016. You can google his playing career if you want. We do not want to bore you with lots of names here.

Danny Invincible

Another item on our list of

footballers with the funniest names

is a retired footballer. Danny Invincible has a hilarious name which you can remember for a long time.

His last name reminds us of the 2003/04 Season when The Gunners won the Premier League title without losing even one match. Danny Invincible is an Australian retired football player who was born in 1979.

He announed his retirement from playing career in 2014. Invincible has played for clubs like Ermis Aradippou, Swindon Town, Kilmarnock FC, and Army Utd that was his last club.

Unlike his last name, Danny Invincible never managed to win a title with any of the clubs he played for. Sadly he does not have the chance to hold any silverwares as a player.

Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink

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Wow, such a long name! we wonder how they print his name on his shirt. That could be really tricky. If we consider the length of the names of footballers with funny names, he would definitely have the funniest name.

Anyway, Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink is a retired football player since 2012. Worth mentioning that his first name actually is Johannes. This is a funny or weird name for many football fans, but maybe people in Netherland consider it as a normal name.

Vennegoor of Hesselink has played for several famous clubs like




, and Hall city. So most of the football fans may probably know him or have heard about his funny and long name.

Danny Drinkwater

When we talk about the

funniest football players names

, Danny Drinkwater immediately comes to our minds. Most of us have known him since he played for Leicester City from 2012 till 2017.

He managed to win the Premier League title with

Leicester City

in the 2015/16 season and won the FA cup title with Chelsea in the 2017/18 season.

He started his playing career with

Manchester United

, but he never played even one match for the Red Devil. Drinkwater has a really funny last name that can be also a very positive health message to people. If you want to be healthy, drink water.


Javier Hernandez

Balcazar is a Mexican football player, who is widely known, especially for the time he played for Real Madrid club as a loan player.

Chicharito is a funny nickname that he chose for himself. Chicharito means “the pea” in Spanish language and he picked that because of his father who was known as “El chicharo”, which is related to his green eyes.

Chicharito has green eyes like his father. Although it is not his real name, Chicharito is a funny nickname that everybody remember. He currently plays for

LA Galaxy


Creedence Clearwater Couto

Creedence Clearwater Couto is a Brazilian retired football player who played for many Brazilian clubs between 2002 and 2016, Except for one Belgian club he played for, in 2005.

Although he is from Brazil, his last name has a meaning in the English language. Maybe that’s why we think Clearwater has a funny name. Because of this meaning he is on our list of 

footballers with funny names

Charlie Oatway

You might think "what is funny about his name"? But wait a minute. Charli’s real name is Anthony Philip David Terry Frank Donald Stanley Gerry Gordon Stephen James Oatway.

Do You think we made that name up? Just check out Wikipedia. Apparently, all his relatives pick a name for him and did not compromise over one name. Thank God he has a different short name.

The most interesting point is the name Charlie does not include in his real very long name. Charlie Oatway retired from his professional playing career in 2009. He played for clubs like

Cardiff City


Brighton & Hove Albion

, and 5 other English clubs.

Danger Fourpence

Danger Fourpence is a Zimbabwean football player who plays for Kiglon Bird FC in Zimbabwe. Actually, people speak 16 different languages in different parts of this country and the English language is one of them.

So Danger is probably from English regions and his name has the same meaning in English spoken countries. Anyway, he has a funny name and apparently there are many football players in Zimbabwe that have funny or weird names.

Limited Chicafa, Zambian Laughter Chilembe, Gift Makolonio, Givemore Manuella are a few examples of Zimbabwean players with funny names.

Chiqui Arce

Francisco Javier Arce Rolon known as Chiqui Arce is a Paraguayan Football Manager. He is currently the Manager of club Cerro Porteno which is based in Paraguay.

During his playing career, he played for

Cerro Porteno

, Gremio,


, Gamba Osaka, Libertad, and 12 de Octubre and retired from playing football in 2006.

Chiqui is the Spanish equivalent of "short". We do not know why he picked this nickname for himself. Maybe because he is relatively short. But it is just a hypothesis.

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Danny shittu


Danny Shittu is another Danny on our list of footballers with funny names. Danny Shittu started his Playing career with

Charlton Athletic

. But he is best known for the time he spent with

Queens Park Rangers

from 2001 until 2006.

Shittu helped the club to win the Football League championship in the 2010/11 season.

Stefan Kuntz

Kuntz is a retired football player who is originally from Germany. He is currently the manager of Germany national side U 21. But this is not his first experience.

Mr. Kuntz was in charge of several German clubs like Karlsruher SC, LR Ahlen, Bochum, and FC K’lautern. If you remember the 1994 world cup, you probably remember Kuntz who played for Germany's national side at that time.

David Seaman

David Seaman is the most famous one among the players on our list of footballers with funny names. Who does not know Seaman these days? He is the former English goalkeeper that played in 2 of the most famous clubs in England for about 14 years.

We all remember him since he was the goalkeeper of


and soon realized and memorized his funny and easy name. He appeared in 405 matches for The Gunners within 13 years. 

Rod Fanni


The person on our list of footballers with funny names is a player from France. Rod Dodji Fanni is a French football player who plays as a defender in the Montreal Impact club.

His last name is some how similar to the word funny. Right? Although Rod Fanni has played for many clubs in France, England, Qatar, and the USA, he is relatively an unknown player for many football fans.

But now, many of you know him because of his funny name.

Peter Pander

Who are you thinking about right now? That famous cartoon character with pink color? That’s because Peter Pander has a funny name that reminds us of the pink panther, the funny character that most of us spent our childhood days watching him doing hilarious things.

Peter Pander has a very similar name to Peter pan who is a fictional character created by J.M Barrie. Peter Pander can be a fictional character rather than a football character.

He worked with



Borussia Monchengladbach

as a director of football and now he is currently retired.

Milan Fukal

Milan Fukal could is the next on our list of footballers with funny names. You may think that his last name is inappropriate but who knows? in the Czech language, it might be a very normal name.

He is a Czech retired football player who played for various clubs including 

Hamburger SV

, Borussia Monchengladbach, and some other clubs from Austria and Czech Republic.

He retired in 2018. Milan Fukal has not yet signed with any clubs for the management career.

Kevin Lasagna

Last but not least, on our list of funny soccer player names is Kevin Lasagna. Such a delicious name he has! Kevin Lasagna has the funniest name in soccer history.

Whenever we hear the commentator call his name in a match or see his name on his shirt, we get hungry. Well, you can clearly guess where he is from. Like lasagna, Lasagna is from Italy.

He is currently playing as a forward for


Calcio and joined the club in 2017. One interesting fact about

Kevin Lasagna

is that he never played for any clubs outside Italy. He is a pure Italian player with a pure Italian name.

These are some of the

footballers with funny names

. If you know other players that we did not mention on our list of footballers with the funniest names, tell us in the comment section. Also don't forget to check out Sportmob website for more interesting articles and football news.

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