Most Red Cards in Premier League History

Thu 19 November 2020 | 16:30

In this article, we will address an interesting topic. A topic called most red cards in Premier League history, some of which names will definitely surprise you.

When it comes to the

most red cards in Premier League of all time

, we subconsciously think that these players must have been violent and ruthless. In fact, it is not wrong to say that this list can be published under the name of "the most violent players in the history of the Premier League.”

Ever wanted to know who owns the most red cards in EPL of all time. Which players are on the list of

most red cards given to players in EPL history

? These questions are certainly interesting, but you will not recognize how interesting the subject is until you read the SportsMob article on the history of the

Premier League

in red cards.

List of Most Red Cards in EPL of All Time

No player in the history of the Premier League has received as many red cards as Duncan Ferguson, Patrick Vieira and Richard Dunne. They are the “Bad Boys” of Premier League. However, when it comes to the player with most red cards in premier league history, the list does not end here.

Rather, we are going to talk about a lot of players, many of whom are well-known and some of whom are on this list because of their violent background. If you also want to get information about

most red cards in premier league of all time

, stay tuned.

10. Steven Gerrard

Who would have thought that Steven Gerrard, one of the most good-natured players in the English Premier League, would be ranked tenth in

most red cards in Premier League history

list? Without a doubt, the position played by Steven in


required aggressiveness, and it was such that Gerrard had to make risky tackles in some important moments of the game so that the team doesn't concede any goal.

However, considering that

Steven Gerrard

was a gentle player, it cannot be believed that he is on the list of most red cards given to players in EPL history. Steven Gerrard has been sent off six times during his time in the English league, three times with a straight red card and three times due to successive yellow cards.

Of course, as mentioned, violence was not in the nature of Steven Gerrard, and the only reason he is on the list of most red cards in the EPL of all time is because of his position on the field.

9. Joey Barton

Unlike the previous case, Joey Barton is quite worthy of being in the rank of most red cards in Premier League of all time. The man who was called "The Bad Boy of the Premier League” has been sent off 6 times, 5 times with a straight red card, and 1 time with successive yellow cards.

Joey Barton also had to be violent on the pitch, but sometimes his violence went beyond the game and turned into a personal conflict. It can be said that Barton liked a little mischief and always wanted to hurt his rivals psychologically. There is a lot to be said about Barton. Controversial English football player whose name was associated with trouble. Barton was convicted twice in court.

His first conviction during his time with Newcastle United was a six-month prison sentence for a fight and assault on a nightclub, and his second conviction was for his time with Manchester City, which he was sentenced to four months in prison due to a fight and attack on his teammate in the

Manchester City

, but this sentence was suspended for 2 years.

Barton once entered a sidewalk in Liverpool at 2 A.M to be sentenced to 77 days in prison. Actually, he could be the player with 

most red cards in premier league history

 with some more effort.

8. Nemanja Vidic

Nemanja Vidic joined Manchester United from

Spartak Moscow

in 2006 and played for the Red Devils until 2014. Vidic played 211 times for United during this period.

In addition to being on the list of

most red cards in EPL of all time

, Nemanja has some important achievements. Vidic won 15 trophies with Manchester, including one Champions League and five Premier League titles. 

The Serbian defender, along with Rio Ferdinand, had built a strong defensive line. Alex Ferguson was also very interested in him. Aside from his excellent technical performance, the main reason for Vidic's popularity was his seriousness, hard work and courage in the game. It was often seen that Vidic put his head in front of the opponent's attackers, something that less defenders do.

Nemanja Vidic, who is one of the best defenders in the history of Serbia, has been sent off 6 times, 2 times directly and 4 times after receiving successive yellow cards.

After Vidic,

Manchester United

did not see such a defender in their defensive line, and the Red Devils have been suffering from defense problems for several years.

7. Alan Smith

Alan Smith was one of the most hard-working and tireless football players who always tried his best on the field to win his team. Alan Smith, who spent his best days at

Leeds United

, also has played for Newcastle United and Manchester United.

Alan Smith was one of Sir Alex Ferguson's personal purchases, which means that Smith had a lot of talent, but still, violence was evident in his game. Smith was a striker but had many abilities that allowed him to play in midfield.

One of the most exceptional scenes of Alan Smith is related to the match against Aston Villa. In that game, Smith made a very serious mistake on Alpay that remained in memories. On November 25 vs

Aston Villa

, Alan Smith decided to hit Alpay with his elbow in a physical fight and was sent off with a straight red card. This scene has been the headline of newspapers and media for a long time.

Alan Smith had so many similar mistakes in his career that made him find a way into the list of most red cards in premier league history. Alan Smith is ranked seventh on the list of most red cards in premier league history and has received seven red cards during his playing career, most of which have been straight red cards.

6. Roy Keane

We all know Roy Keane with his violence and different personality. One of the most famous scenes on Roy Keane goes back to Manchester United's game against

Newcastle United

. Newcastle were ahead, and the final minutes of the game were running out.

The ball went out near the corner and Keane wanted to get the ball into the game quickly. His verbal confrontation with Shearer caused Keane to lose his temper and hit the ball to Shearer and then the fight started. The referee came and gave a red card to the experienced

Manchester United

player. Keane became more irritated and intended to strike and beat Shearer.

In fact, this intense and serious midfielder was so prejudiced that he was ready to fight with the opposing players on the field. It worth noting Roy Keane received 7 red cards throughout his career of which 4 straight red cards and 3 successive yellow cards.

5. Vinnie Jones

The controversial player was sentenced to fines and social services during his time in

Queens Park Rangers

for participating in a fight as well as showing criminal acts. 

After retiring from football, Vinnie Jones also engaged in a fight inside the plane. Unlike many of the players on the list of

the history of the Premier League in red cards

, Vinnie Jones has always been a popular figure in British football, captaining Wimbledon for many years and becoming a world-class actor after retiring.

Vinnie Jones was one of the scariest players on the pitch during his playing career. No wonder no player wanted to fight with Vinnie Jones because Jones could be very cruel and violent at times. Vinnie was a defensive midfielder. He used to destroy the rivals' game. That's why his opponents were always afraid of him on the field. His excessive violence for catching the ball made him the most hated player among the opponent's fans.

Vinnie once said about the cause of his violence in football:

"When I was 12, I signed a contract with


School but my parents separated and I was not able to play football for three years. I became aggressive, I left home but returning to football saved my life. This was my second chance. I needed it. For example, when I knew that the opposing player had left his wife, I would do something to make sure he is going to remember this issue on the pitch."

By the way, it is better to say that Jones has been sent off 7 times during his playing career.

4. Lee Cattermole

Lee Cattermole has established himself as one of the toughest players and midfielders in his 271 Premier League games. He is well-known in the

history of the Premier League in red cards


Lee Cattermole was one of the tough-tackling midfielders due to his lengthy disciplinary record. Lee Cattermole was sent off seven times during his playing career, which is probably one of his most famous jobs in football. Many know him for being on the list of most red cards in

Premier League

history, but in general, it can be said that Cattermole has always been popular among the fans and tried to do everything for the good of his own team.

Lee Cattermole has just retired from football. In fact, a few months ago, he decided to retire at the age of 32. The only thing that will not be forgotten from the memories of football fans is Lee Cattermole's violent behavior and fighting spirit.

Lee Cattermole spent most of his playing career at Sunderland and then Middlesbrough F.C, before eventually ending up as one of the "Bad Boys" in the English Premier League.

3. Patrick Vieira

When Arsene Wenger joined


in 1996, he quickly began to look for talents. He did it by turning Patrick Vieira into a fantastic star. In those days, no one knew anything about the quality of Patrick Vieira, who did not have a good position in AC Milan. Many even criticized Wenger for buying this starlet. In the first 45 minutes of his first game, Vieira convinced Arsenal fans that how he could be useful to the team.

Patrick Vieira was fast and had long legs. He could go wherever he wanted in the midfield. In fact, his style of play and the position he played required him to be a warrior and to destroy the rival game. Patrick Vieira became an irreplaceable player, not only at Arsenal, but also in the French national team, and played for many years as one of the best defensive midfielders in the world and the Premier League.

Patrick Vieira was the main leader and star of his team in the season when Arsenal became the undefeated English champions. No one can deny that

Patrick Vieira

was a nightmare for rival midfielders because all the players were afraid of having a physical fight with him or taking part in battles. Patrick Vieira has been sent off 8 times, twice directly and 6 times after receiving successive yellow cards. In short, Patrick Vieira is the third

most red card in the premier league of all time


2. Richard Dunne

Richard Dunne was an Irish footballer. He's retired from the game now. The last club he played for was Queens Park Rangers and

Aston Villa

as a midfielder.

He's standing on the no.2 rank of

most red cards given to players in EPL history

with 8 red cards. Three of them he received with Everton and five with

Manchester City

. He made 431 Premier League appearances, including 253 for Manchester City, and somehow, he is considered as one of the icons of Citizens.

Richard Dunne was an integral part of the club before turning into one of the great giants of the football world. He even captained Manchester City and was popular with the fans because he did his best to win his team.

These days, Richard Dunne has become a pundit on BT Sport and critiques Premier League games. Dunne is well known for his record of most red cards in Premier League history.

1. Duncan Ferguson

Duncan Ferguson was one of the most talented strikers of his generation, having spent his best days at Everton. Ferguson spent three different periods at


. He spent a season (1994) on loan at Everton and then returned to Rangers.

Everton was pleased with Ferguson's performances and decided to buy him permanently. Also known as "Big Dunc" and even "Duncan Disorderly", Duncan spent two seasons at Newcastle and returned to Everton to play another six seasons at the club. He is now one of the legends of the Toffees.

The Everton Scottish striker, who has always been in various struggles and even played as a

Glasgow Rangers

player, was sentenced to three months in prison in the Scottish Premier League.

Although Ferguson made a big mistake on the pitch, the court ruled that he should be convicted off the pitch. This incident caused a lot of controversy in its time. Ferguson was convicted four times on various occasions, with three cases being fines only. Duncan Ferguson has a history of two fights with a taxi driver and one fight with a fisherman.

Duncan Ferguson has been sent off eight times, six times with a straight red card and twice for successive yellow cards. It may not be an honor, and there is a good chance many football fans do not welcome this title, but Duncan Ferguson tops the list of most red cards in Premier League history and looks set to remain unrivaled for a long time.

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most red cards in premier league history

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