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Best football commentators around the world

Sun 22 November 2020 | 3:30

Commentators are an inseparable part of the joy of watching sports events, including football! Have you ever considered making a list of the best football commentators in the world?

Thanks to the commentators, watching a football match has been flavored with passion, excitement, and better comprehension of the pitch’s every little occasion for more than eight decades!


greatest commentators in the world

 are known for their unique and sophisticated voices, sharp viewpoints, enthusiastic characters, and being well-informed in football.

Their Contribution cannot and must not be underrated, for they are the ones who actually are in charge of our ears getting involved as well as our eyes in the process of watching a match and enjoying it.

Best football commentators around the world

Now, it’s time to look over the list which we have prepared of



best football commentators in the world

. They are picked based on various elements e.g. their popularity, long-term career success, professional characteristics, etc.

12- Alan Smith

Being a former high-level player himself, his comprehension of the game is a few steps higher than other colleagues of him. Smith played for Arsenal, Leicester City, and England national team as a striker. He has a style of commentating of which no dramatization or puffery would be delivered to the audience’s attention.

So many people’s familiarity with him is linked with him being appointed as the commentator of the famous video game series of EA Sports, FIFA, as a replacement for his colleague Andy Gray, and that’s what made him one of the most

famous football announcers around the world.

11- Andy Gray

Another former professional football player who played for various teams in Scotland and Premier League, such as

Aston Villa



. Before his entry to the television and becoming one of the most

famous football commentators around the world

, he did a brief job of coaching as an assistant at Aston Villa.

His golden era as one of the best football commentators in the world began to thrive in Sky Sports, and despite the fact that he had to leave Sky Sports due to the implication of some of the comments he made in his commentaries, and also several outside allegations of misbehavior, he is wildely respected by football fans around the world.

His style of commentary has always been unprejudiced and impartial. It’s fair to say that he is a football expert and the range of information he brings to the table is literally wide.

He had experienced commentating at EA Sports’ FIFA video game, as so many of his fellow commentators.

Gray is currently working with beIN Sports of Qatar as a TV pundit, and we can still see him in the list of the

current top commentators in the world


10- Peter Drury

Started in the early 1990s with BBC Radio, and became widely recognized as he began to work at ITV Sports as their second commentator.

If we look for some of the best soccer commentators right now, it’s impossible not to discern Drury amongst the higher-ups. He is currently the number one commentator in the Premier League. He also works for BT Sport as well as he covers Champions League and Europa League.

His unbiasedness and incredible outlining of situations, along with the enchanting voice of his, is what makes fans love him.  

09- Jim Beglin

The Irishman himself, Jim Beglin, started his career as a football player for the Irish club Shamrock Rovers back in 1980 and rose to fame in 1983, by joining

The Reds

of the Liverpool City.

Beglin’s career as a commentator began in the 1990s by co-commentating Premier League matches alongside Peter Drury. Even though he kept continuing his position as a co-commentator and barely has been a primary commentator, he actually is one of the best football announcers in the world.

Currently, Beglin is working for Premier League Production, BT Sport and CBS Sports. As so many of his colleagues, he took a glimpse of the world of video games as well. If you are a fan of Pro Evolution Soccer series, perhaps you would remember his contribution to the game alongside Peter Drury.

08- Jon Champion

Our next pick in the list of the

best football commentators in the world

is a very familiar voice to the Premier League’s fans. Another legendary commentator from the United Kingdom, Jon Champion.

Champion’s background is fulfilled with a broad scope of experience by working with so many TVs such as BBC Sport, ITV Sport, ESPN, etc. he started his career in the late 1980s in BBC Radio and managed to become one of the most famous football commentators around the world.

It’s not wrong if we’d say Jon Champion’s voice paints the screen with a color of excitement and delight. His voice is just as great as his ability at explaining scenarios and events of the pitch.

And in the matter of video games, between FIFA and PES, Champion contributed to the American Company, Konami.

The British commentator currently works at ESPN, his co-commentator for MLS’ matches is Taylor Twellman.

07- John Motson

A prototypical voice of the history of commentary, one of the

best football announcers in the world

with having over 2000 matches covered in his long and golden career, John Motson is 75 years old, English, football commentator who managed to be on any list of the best commentators in the world.

Subtlety and portraying the game’s actions as clearly as possible are things that he is recalled by fans.

He had retired himself from commentary in 2008, but continued to work in some other fields such as TV commercials. Furthermore, he announced his return from retirement in 2017 in contemplation of working for TalkSport.

06- Kenneth Wolstenholme

Kenneth Wolstenholme was a British military man, a DFC medalist who served in world war II as a pilot. When the war was over Wolstenholme had decided to become a journalist for BBC Radio in the form of a freelancer, and he began to work for television in 1950.

Having FA Cup final covered for BBC each and every year for 20 years, from 1951 to 1971, commentating on some important European Cup finals, and finally making that everlasting statement in the world cup 1966 final, made his memory as timeless as the quote itself: “Some of the fans are on the pitch… they think it’s all over… it is now!”

05- Ian Drake

The 66 years old British commentator, Ian Drake, is in the business with ESPN and BT Sport and he does both football, and boxing games. He has a background of commentating in the Premier League and UEFA Champions League when he was working for Sky Sports.

Drake accomplished to take part in 3 World Cups, including 1994, 2010, and 2014, both for ESPN and ABC, and still, his place is amongst the

current top football commentators


04- David Coleman

Another decedent name amongst the best football commentators in the world

just like Kenneth Wolstenholme. David Coleman was one of the most important faces of BBC Sports for about 46 years. Covering eleven Summer Olympic Games and six FIFA World Cups are the most significant part of his long and proud career.

Coleman’s way of narrating actions and events was indeed enthusiastic and his most famous phrase was “one-nil”!

He managed to be the first broadcaster to be the recipient of the Olympic Order award.

The British Commentator met his demise in 2013 at the age of 87, but his name will linger as one of the best football commentators in the world.

03- Brian Moore

Some people recognize him as the patriarch of English football commentary, the pioneer himself Brian Moore, is number three on our list for best football commentators in the world.

Mr. Moore acquired his first job back in 1954, as a sub-editor in World Sports magazine. His career as a football commentator began seven years later, in 1961, in BBC Radio.

The Kent-born commentator took the microphone at nine FIFA World Cups as well as Cup championship finals for twenty times. He also hosted ITV’s famous program “The Big Match” for 15 years, from 1968 to 1983.

He created some of the most unforgettable moments in the history of Sports Televisions, perhaps the most noted phrase, among all of them, is when he said "it's up for grabs now!" when Michael Thomas scored a substantial goal to win Arsenal the title in the late moments, during the 1989 league decider between The Reds and The Gunners.

The legendary broadcaster announced his retirement in 1998, after he took the mic at the 1998 World Cup final, and passed away three years later, on September 1, 2001, at the age of 69.

Moore craved his name on the top of the table of Greatest Football Commentators in the world forever. his legacy has been and will be honored by the generations after him.

02- Clive Tyldesley

Born in Radcliffe, Lancashire, Clive Tyldesley is the senior football commentator in ITV, who took over the position that had been graced by the legendary Brian Moore for many years.

Four times winner of the “Royal Television Society Sports Commentator of the Year” award, held the microphone at four World Cups, four European Championships, and 17 UEFA Champions League finals.

Tyldesley had also worked for BBC for four years from 1992 to 1996 before he rejoined ITV for the second time.

While Tyldesley is one of the current top football commentators, he has a special place in the history of broadcasting as well, particularly for ITV community worldwide.

The 66 years old Lancashire boy had performed a huge role in the Video Game series EA Sports’ FIFA over the years as the lead commentator.

on July 14, 2020, ITV announced that Clive Tyldesley, will no longer be the senior commentator on the television channel, and he will be replaced with Sam Matterface from next season.

Even though ITV showed appreciation to the commentator by describing his collaboration as “superb work”, Tyldesley expressed his dissatisfaction by releasing a two-minute video on Twitter on which he stated that he is “upset, annoyed, baffled” and added, “I have not stepped down, I have been moved aside.” The famous broadcaster agreed to remain as the second commentator on ITV for the seasons ahead.

Nevertheless, Clive Tyldesley is one of the 

best football commentators in the world

, no matter he will be doing his job as a senior or not.

01- Martin Tyler

With nearly 50 years of experience, Martin Tyler’s name undoubtedly comes to mind when we think of the 

greatest football commentators in the world


Having worked with Sky Sports and 

Premier League

 Production as the leading commentator, Tyler has brought about some of the most memorable moments to audiences’ attention. Even though his style of commentating might be rolling over the circumference of theatrical form, but he does the job in a way that is unique and unforgettable.

Tyler is also in the midst of famous football announcers around the world who lent his voice to the video game industry. From 2006 to 2019 he cooperated with EA Sports in FIFA, and his job had been loved by the fans around the globe.

Alright, this was our list of 12 best football commentators in the world, including pioneers of the business and the 

best soccer commentators right now

. of course, there could be some other names included in the list, but as for now, this would be the ones we’ve picked as we looked for best football commentators in the world.


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