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Top Facts about Marcus Rashford

Tue 17 November 2020 | 6:30

Known as a prominent and successful footballer, Marcus Rashford, has mostly become the talk of the town because of the crucial role he has had in launching the poverty food campaign.

The 23-year-old footballer, who was born on Halloween on 31 October 1997, after many ups and downs in his life, finally could reach the position he is now in and deserves it. Rashford is one of the youngest and most famous footballers in the world, who gained it very early and not only through sports but also through his participation in solving social problems. So, if you are interested in getting to know him better, we suggest you to read our article on Facts about Marcus Rashford.

Top Facts about Marcus Rashford You Might Be Interested in

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Marcus Rashford took people’s attention not only because of his profession but also for his brilliant role in charitable activities. Now it is time to go through facts about Marcus Rashford, and the first part of the article is devoted to general information which, is presented below.

  • Full Name: 

    Marcus Rashford

  • Date and Place of Birth: 

    31 October 1997 - Wythenshawe Manchester, United Kingdom

  • Height & Weight:

    Marcus Rashford height is 180 cm, and he weighs 70 kg

  • Age: 


  • Playing Position: 


  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Favorite Footballers: 

    Maradona, David Beckham, Ronaldinho

  • Favorite Cell Phone: 


  • Favorite Car Collection:

     Audi, BMW

Marcus Rashford Childhood and Parents

Rashford spent his childhood with five siblings and his single mum. They grew up under the same roof, and although his mother worked full-time, she could not earn enough money. Growing up in Wythenshawe, Manchester, Rashford attended a primary school where the number of pupils who were receiving free school meals was twice the national average.

Based on the facts about Marcus Rashford, although he enjoys his life as a successful footballer in a massive mansion in one of the city’s fanciest areas, he does not forget his difficult upbringing. They also had some days that, despite his mother’s hard-working effort, they could not afford to provide food.


Marcus Rashford childhood

, his parents split, and Melanie raised him and his siblings, Dane Rashford and Dwaine Maynard on her own.

In March 2020, buying his mother a new house, Marcus Rashford hit the headlines that FourFour Two magazine depicted his generously move as a gift for repaying all hard-working she went through in raising the

Manchester United


Marcus Rashford Girlfriend

Next on our list of facts about Marcus Rashford, we want to talk about his girlfriend and marital status. The 22-year-old girl, Lucia Loi, is

Marcus Rashford girlfriend

. She is his childhood sweetheart, who he has been dating for the last four years. She has worked as a PR account executive for a Manchester-based PR company. Since her job includes networking and events organizing, she is good at handling the popularity which comes from being in a relationship with an England footballer and seems a good fit for Rashford. 

Showing her support for the Manchester United star, Lucia Loi spotted in the stands during the England versus Colombia match.

Fitness, art, cooking, and traveling are the things that this stunning brunette has described as her interests via her work bio. 

Although it seems that they have been in a relationship for almost two years or longer, she has just shared a sweet snap of themselves on her Instagram account to wish Marcus a happy birthday back in 2016.

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Marcus Rashford Social Activities


facts about Marcus Rashford

, paying attention to his social activities looks interesting. In public viewpoint from people as old as Marcus Rashford age, spending time with friends might be expected, but social matters look more crucial for the English forward Marcus Rashford. Some facts about Marcus Rashford social activities are as the following.

Last Christmas, by starting an initiative to support Manchester’s homeless community during the festival period and with the support of some companies, Marcus tried to prepare shelter, warm clothing, sanitary, and boxes which, were distributed to people in greater need.


The next occasion is about February 2020 that Rashford got an invitation from one of his young fans for being a judge at his school for a poetry competition that they wanted to hold on World Book Day. In that competition, deaf students had to write poems, so Rashford started to learn sign language in preparation for the meeting of kids. 

Since due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all schools across the country were closed, the children who were feed by the food of free school meals were at risk of going hungry. Reviewing his childhood at free school meals, Rashford, by becoming a partner with Fareshare, a national network of charitable food distributors, started to help children who are not getting at school and so free meals will not be available for them.

The next item is about giving the Manchester United ticket to John Burk, a lifelong Manchester United fan, who had planned a celebratory trip to England after he had beaten cancer. Becoming alerted to the campaign on social media, Rashford gave some tickets for United’s premier League game against Brighton in November 2019. The 22-year-old footballer also helped in sorting out John’s accommodation and finally gave him a signed United shirt after the game.

In 2017, after the terrorist attack at Manchester Arena happened, Rashford and his teammate,

Jesse Lingard

, went to Manchester Children’s Hospital for spending time with those children who had injured. By giving shirts of United to those children who had treated at the hospital, they also tried to put smiles back on children’s faces and show how much they wanted to support the families and the victims of the attack

Since receiving presents on people’s birthday is enjoyable for most people, Rashford, on his 21st birthday in 2018, decided to hand out some of his gifts so, as a response to the group of young trick sang Happy Birthday to this United star, he handed out £20 notes to each of them.

Marcus Rashford in “Child poverty task force”

.To help poor children, he has joined a group, child poverty task force, which is supported by major supermarkets. Despite pushing ministers, he has been trying to expand the Free School Meals scheme and make some school holiday activities for poor adolescents. Besides, he has asked supporters to raise the amount of money which is given to parents to able them covers the expense of preparing healthier foods.

Launching a charity event to provide food for poor children, Marcus Rashford welcomed the government’s U-turn over providing free meals for disadvantaged children who do not access to free meals of schools during the Christmas holiday. After the phone conversation between Rashford and Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, announcing a £170million donation to the Campaign for Hungry Children, Rashford said how much he was proud of all who had united behind his campaign and moved by their empathy and understanding.

Then, he promised, for the rest of his life, to continue his support to eradicate child food poverty. Marcus expressed his motivation for the campaign as he does not want any child to go through, what he went through, and no parent to experience what his mother did. These days that economic situation has been affected by the Corona Virus, Marcus Rashford, the Manchester United forward, has drawn widespread applause for the role in highlighting the issue of food poverty.

He could tackle his plans, and also because of his success in the free school campaign and defying the odds, he hailed as a hero.

Rashford Tattoo and Their Meaning

In the list of facts about Marcus Rashford, now is the time of talking about the tattoo issue. There are 12 tattoos on Marcus’s body, which in the following, we are going to take a look at their meanings. 


  • There is a large tattoo of a scroll on his left shoulder and upper arm and the words “Family Forever” with the names of his family members and his grandmother above it. They represent how much he loves his family and adores his grandmother. 

  • Praying hands tattoo, containing two hands with a rosemary bead necklace beside the word, grandmother, is on his left arm that could mean his tribute for her. 

  • Eye and Writing Tattoos have covered the inner side of his left elbow and forearm, which are surrounded by some little stars. 


  • A dandelion tattoo that looks a bit lovely contains a withering dandelion in the wind and the words Always in My Heart, which have been surrounded by small dandelion seeds on the upper side of his left forearm.

  • A bug tattoo has covered the upper side of his left forearm just below the dandelion tattoo. 

  • A face of a lion tattoo is on his left hand because he thinks that lions are a symbol of ambition, and his personality matches with it.

  • A black banner and unfinished flower tattoos are on the upper side of his right forearm that some parts of the flower are invisible and seems they have hidden under the banner.

  • There is a pair of angel wings tattoo on the back of Rashford, spreading across his upper back and joining at his spine. These wings depict the person who wishes to achieve freedom and independence, and his wish is flying to the heights of success. 


Another tattoo of the face of a lion is on Rashford’s left pec that represents some characters of his personality.

There is a bit long writing tattoo that covers the right side of Rashford’s chest.

The tattoo of the big house, which contains some trees and a small boy playing football in front of it, is on the left side of his body. The boy in the tattoo is Rashford, and by this tattoo, he wanted to depict his passion and love for football since he was a child. 

The last tattoo is about a logo containing the letters M and R in a merged design in a shield that has wings and rays of shine coming from its behind. 

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Marcus Rashford Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

Having over 8 million followers shows,

Marcus Rashford Instagram

could be a great way of earning money through advertisements. This amount of popularity is not just limited to

Marcus Rashford Instagram

, and he has over 2 million followers on Twitter and his Facebook page, which is liked by around 1 million people.

Marcus Rashford Career

Marcus’s brilliant childhood was spent on Fletcher Moss Rangers, a junior football club, and since he was so talented, he was in the spotlight. Continuing learning at the academy of a famous club and being at the center of coaches’ attention made the background of Marcus Rashford career.

Marcus Rashford age

was only 5, when he began his sports life, by scoring in his first-team debut at the UEFA Europa and his first Premier League against Arsenal appeared great. His streak of scoring continued in Manchester derby match, the League Cup, and the UEFA Champions League. The powerful shots of the wonder kid of the English football league, Marcus, deserved him to play for the Under-16, the Under-18, the Under-20, and the Under-21 international teams. Then he started his senior career as a forward with Manchester United. Becoming the youngest player in England by scoring in his first international match while a senior, being selected for the UEFA Euro because of the mind-blowing performances can make 2016 a lucky year for him.

When the English striker spoke about the time he had been invited to Roy Hodgson’s Euro 2016 squad, he described his feeling as dreamlike and something that does not seems real. He believes we have to be ready for any chance coming, such as what happened to him. He was looking for a way into United’s 21s side, but all of a sudden, he appeared and in the first team.  

His boyhood fans who are worrying about the gossips of joining him to Paris Saint-German and Barcelona do not need to take them seriously because he looks like to be a star of Old Trafford for years to come. 

He is still committed to realizing his dreams of being a Euro 2020 hero, and a year later than planned can be like an opportunity that works out perfectly for Rashford. 

Rashford has described the role that Manchester has had in shaping him as a player and person. He depicted the opportunity of wearing Manchester’s shirt as a privilege and known Manchester United as a place which has been everything in his life since the days he was 7. So, giving and doing everything to this club to deliver the success that it deserves is his main aim. 

All in all,


, who is familiar with being in the international spotlight and becoming the youngest player ever to score a goal at the World Cup, wishes Marcus good luck for Euro 2016. Those days Pele was a little bit younger than Marcus, and because of all these similarities, he wished Marcus the same chance that he had had. 

Marcus Rashford Transfer Market

Based on Marcus Rashford Transfer market stats, he has played a total of 226 games for Manchester United Club in which scored 74 goals and provided 24 assists to his teammates. Considering Marcus Rashford Transfer market stats might be the reason for his recognition as one of the best forward in the world. 

Marcus Rashford Boots

The global sportswear brand, Nike, has sponsored him, and according to the deal, it has a £6.300-payment for every day of a year, which totals will be £2.3 million a year. The Nike Phantom Elite is the one he currently wears. 

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Marcus Rashford Net Worth, Salary and Wage


facts about Marcus Rashford

, one of the popular topics which people are interested in is

 Marcus Rashford salary

 and net worth expressing in the following. After signing his latest contract extension for another four more years with Manchester United, Marcus Rashford salary increased significantly, and it made him one of the highest-paid players in the team.

Being a club hero and the face of this new-generational United side has depicted him as the future of the club and got compensated him handsomely. Spears, the British finance magazine, has estimated

Marcus Rashford net worth

to be at £65 million, which is an astonishing and a bit unrealistic amount for a 23-year-old and then in 2019, A massive hike happened in the amount of his salary and increased it from £20.000 per week to a £10 million salary. 

Now that he has graduated from the Manchester United youth academy, his earning of £200.000-per-week is incomparable with the low one he had early in his career. Based on how Barcelona expressed its interest in the England international player, not many people can say that Marcus Rashford salary is more than he deserves. 

That’s all we’ve got on facts about Marcus Rashford. Do you know any other interesting facts about the young brilliant talent? Let us know in the comment section below.

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