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Fittest footballers in the world

Sun 15 November 2020 | 12:30

Having a fit body has always been a privilege for football players. Plus, it affects footballers' style of play, enhances their body strength and flexibility, and also, they can seduce any woman in the world and have a better chance to have a successful marriage.

In this article, we want to mention the 10 fittest players in the world of football. This can be a different list of players in various articles, but we do our best to show you a neat and reliable list.

Fittest football players in the world

So Let’s start with a really famous player. A name that came to your mind immediately with no doubt!

Cristiano Ronaldo

When we talk about a fit player with stunning muscles, there always comes one name to our mind. Yes, you guessed right Cristiano Ronaldo known as CR7.

Just by looking at his posts on his Instagram, you notice most of Ronaldo’s pictures and videos are about his healthy lifestyle. Ronaldo has a home gym in his house in which all the family members workout.

With a healthy diet, enough sleep, scheduled work out, strong and motivated spirit,


has an incredible lifestyle everybody wishes for.

Reportedly, he at the age of 35, has the body of a twenty-year-old person, and his body fat level is 7 percent that is really impressive.

At the Juventus press conference, he said: “I am good emotionally, physically that’s why the way I came here makes me proud. I am different from everyone else. From all the players who are 32,33 or 34 years old.”

Well Mr. Ronaldo, if we were you, we would be proud of ourselves too.

His diet includes a high level of protein, complex carbs, vegetables, and fruits. Good to mention that Ronaldo’s enough sleep, has an important role in his healthy lifestyle.

With this amazing workout and diet plan, it is obvious that nothing can beat Ronaldo, one of the

fittest football players in the world

, even Coronavirus. 

Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos who is the defender and captain of

Real Madrid

and Spain national side is another player to be considered as one of the fittest soccer players in the world who catches many football fans’ eyes.

Like Ronaldo, his workout is intense. “My training routines at home are usually focused on functional and isometric exercises, always ending with some cardio work”, said


about his workout routine.

As all his attitudes are doing better every year, it is not surprising when we see him training hard, working out day and night, and sticking to a healthy diet plan.

“I usually take a coffee, some whole grain bread with protein like turkey breast or a poached egg and a piece of fruit”, Ramos said about one of his meals in a day. 

With 82 kilograms weight and 183 cm height, his BMI equals to 24.5 that shows he is really one of the fittest football players in the world. Ramos is a key player for his club and the national side.

If he wants to stay with his teammates and help the club to gain more achievements, Ramos has to stay fit and strong. So rock on Ramos!

David Beckham

The third player on our list of

fittest footballers in the world

 is the former English player of Real Madrid and

Manchester United

. His name reminds us of all those golden days of Soccer history. Yes! That's right! We mean David Beckham. 

From 1992 to 2013 he could catch many girls eyes and hearts around the world. A handsome good-looking man with a stunning body. Worth mentioning that he has always been attractive and breathtaking whether when he was a player or the times after that.

When he was a professional football player, his daily diet was a combination of a high percentage of protein like fish and chicken fillet and a minimum amount of fat which was obtained from olive oil and yogurt.

Of course, vegetables and fruits had an important role in his diet. David Beckham is 183 cm that is below the average height of many famous men we know.

His weight is 75 that is 7 kilograms lighter than Ramos. Well, he has not played for 7 years and he certainly lost some of his muscles. But that does not mean he quit working out. Turns out he likes outdoor running and cardio training. As a retired football player, he really has a fit body. Now we all know the reason.

Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand, the former English player who played for Manchester United, is a little bit different from other players we mentioned. His name is definitely among the

most fit football players around the world


Ferdinand quit playing football in 2015. Many players usually enter the world of management after retiring from playing football. But Rio chose boxing in 2017.

Well, he was one of the fittest players back then. You can imagine what his shape of body turned into when he became a boxer. Do not need to imagine though, just check out his pictures and videos on social media. As he shows on his Instagram, Ferdinand does many hard and motivating exercises with a resistance band, kettlebell, med ball, and many things. Ferdinand also has a fitness academy named DNAfit Academy based in Peckham, his home town.

People can order their DNAfit kit, send their DNA sample to the specific labs, and receive their fitness plans after 10 or 15 business days. It seems not only Rio cares about his body shape and healthy life, but he also helps people to have a healthy lifestyle. This is great, especially for the people of his town where life expectancy is low. It is time to talk about the fifth person on our list of the

Most fit soccer players around the world


Robert Lewandowski

One of the best strikers of the world and

Bayern Munich


Robert Lewandowski

is definitely one of the fittest footballers in the world. he is known for his long shots, finishing and passing abilities.

But when Lewy was younger, he was not as strong and fit as he is today. At the age of 18, Robert was a skinny boy and even his home town club did not pick him.

But things were not supposed to stay the same. With the athletic background in his family and a nutritionist and karateka wife, it is not surprising that Lewy changes to one of the

most fit footballers around the world


We all consider Levandowski as a world-class football player.

Speaking of Athletic background, Robert’s father, Krzysztof, was a Judo champion and a soccer standout, and her mother, Iwona, was a volleyball player. Robert’s height is 1.84 and his weight is 80 kilograms. The BMI equals 23.6 which is pretty good.

Leroy Sane

Leroy Sane

is the German winger of Bayern Munich and Germany national side. Leroy undoubtedly is one of the fittest footballers in the world. He succeeded to change his body shape through numerous hard practices.

His ability to control the muscles of the upper body is wonderful.

There is a short video of him showing that Leroy wonderfully moves his chest muscles as if he wants to show the whole world he can be as fit as the

fittest soccer players in the world


Leroy was a normal and pretty skinny player back in 2019 and he is totally a different person in 2020 thanks to his willpower and vigorous workouts. Sane is actually a real version of Bruce Banner and The Hulk.

Leon Goretzka

Having a muscular body is not a key skill for a football player. But players like Ramos and Ronaldo have always catched the headlines because of their great physiques and muscular body. They even earn money from their body. But we do not want to talk about them right now.

In the seventh item on our list of

fittest footballers in the world

, we want to mention

Leon Goretzka

who really surprised football fans around the world.

About 5 months ago, Bayern Munich published two pictures of Goretzka before and after quarantine. He managed to change his skinny and very normal thin body to a real wonder! Thanks to Bayern Munich fitness coach, Holger Broich, who helped Groretzka to turn into “Hulkretzka”.

Most of us spent lazy days and became fat during self-quarantine but what Goretzka did, astonished everyone. That can be the main difference between normal people and one of the most fit football players around the world.

He just stuck to many intense pieces of training especially with dumbbells and also a healthy diet plan with a high level of protein. Well done Leon.

Zinedine Zidane

The French Manager of Real Madrid has always been one of the fittest footballers in the world. Even after 14 years of his time as a player, Zidane has a great physique.

He’s always been obsessed with having a good and prepared body. When he joined Real Madrid as a player, the medical staff were really impressed by his body and they claimed Zidane had the body of a Marathon Runner.

After training with his other teammates, he worked out individually which was really effective. Well, that’s not easy to be one of the most fit soccer players around the world. During his playing career, Zidane’s body fat level was low. It’s shocking when you realize that his body fat percentage is still minimal after all these years.


also cared about his eating habits and diet plans. As a manager at Castilla, he paid special attention to his players’ diet and all the players had to eat lunch after the training.

Edinson Cavani

The Uruguayan Striker of English club, Manchester United can be the eighth pLayer on our list of fittest footballers in the world.

Edinson Cavani

is known for his goal-scoring talent and eye-catching techniques and also his ripped and stunning body shape. He always focuses on leg-based training and weight lifting exercises. We do not need to mention that Cardio training is an inseparable part of all football players. Cavani’s favorite part is weight lifting that he does after training with his teammates.

As he cares about his healthy life and the shape of his body, Cavani omitted junk food and consumes those kinds of food that include protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates.

The Uruguayan striker’s height is 185.4 cm and his weight is 75 kilograms. Well, he can build more muscles and gain more weight. But Cavani likes his current body shape and so do many of his fans.

Adama Traore

Adama Traore is a Spanish winger who plays for Wolverhampton Wanderers. No one can deny that Traore is one of the fittest footballers in the world. He impressed everyone with his stunning pace and strength.

The way he plays and beats defenders is something you can talk about for hours. This is one aspect of Adama’s life. Another aspect is his training and bodybuilding workout plans. Traore Muscles remind us of The Hulk. Whenever Traore is away from football and all those exciting moments with his teammates, you can find him in the gym working with dumbbells and other fitness facilities. But one interesting fact about Adama Traore is that he has never lifted weights.

“No, I haven’t lifted a single weight. I know people won’t believe it, but it’s true.” what?! Are you kidding us Adama?

Then, what does he do to have a great and muscular body?

He instead chose strength training. He is a very agile player thanks to his special pieces of training with his coach Darren Campbell, who had won the Olympic gold medal.

“He used to tell me I didn’t have to go 100 percent. Maybe at 70 percent, you can still beat a player.” Traore told Athletic about his coach, Darren Campbell. Adama is a young, talented, and agile player that has a bright future. He can play for the greatest clubs around the world and be one of the most fit footballers around the world for many years.

Here are the 10

fittest footballers in the world

. Certainly there are many fit payers that we cannot mention all of them in today’s article. What about you? if you were supposed to make a list of fittest footballers in the world, what would it like? Would it have similarities with our list? Tell us in the comment section.

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