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Tottenham most expensive signings ever

Who are amongst the most expensive Tottenham signings of all time? How much have the Premier League club spent on bringing in their most expensive transfers? Follow us below as we take a gander at some of the most expensive signings in Tottenham history and see how they have fared in their careers.

The English Premier League has always been one of the best and most thrilling leagues in the world and has attracted millions of viewers from all around the world for decades. With clubs such as Manchester City and their archrivals Manchester United and Liverpool spending hundreds of millions of Euros on signing new superstars each season, perhaps few have enough time to pay more attention to other clubs such as Tottenham, who spend relatively less money to bring in new talents every now and then.

Of course that certainly does not mean that the English club don’t spent as much money as some of the other top clubs in the world as they surely do splash the cash when they feel the need to. Even though they have not managed to win the league title ever since it was rebranded as the English Premier League, Tottenham are considered to be a top club in the English top-flight and have more than enough supporters to claim their position in the top-5 spot in the league without being called one-season wonders.

Perhaps you too are eager to find out more about

Tottenham most expensive signings ever

as we all wonder where all the money has gone throughout the years, how the English club have spent their resources and whom they have signed in recent seasons. So read on as we provide detailed information about the most expensive Tottenham signings of all time and get to analyze their careers with the Lilywhites.

Tottenham most expensive transfers ever

Unlike other clubs such as

Real Madrid



, who have spent significant amounts of money to sign world-class players in the early 2000s when other clubs could only dream of spending in such a lavish style, Tottenham most expensive signings ever have all arrived at the club in the 2010s, which shows that the highly inflated transfer market has affected each and every club in Europe.

From the likes of Lucas Moura and Heung-min Son, to Davinson Sanchez and Moussa Sissoko, there are some interesting name amongst the players who have cost Tottenham the most money throughout the years. So without further ado, here is everything you need to know about these footballers and their respective careers.

Lucas Moura

  • Transfer fee: €28M

Lucas Moura attracted a lot of attention during his spell at Sao Paulo in Brazil and managed to earn himself a big-money move to

Paris Saint-Germain

in the summer of 2013. He rose to prominence while playing for the Parisians and gained global fame as an effective winger in the Ligue 1. The immensely versatile winger is able to play on either side of the pitch, which is exactly why he is usually deployed amongst the starting-XI.

He made a total of 229 appearances for PSG and managed to score 46 goals while providing 48 assists in the process. Such stats were obviously outstanding for a forward of Moura’s caliber, but the French club simply wanted more from their players. That is why they opted to sign the most expensive footballer in history by splashing an eye-watering fee of €222 to sign Neymar from Barcelona in 2017.

With Neymar and Mbappe’s arrival at PSG, Moura’s role as the club’s main winger was overshadowed by the presence of such world-class players, which is why he opted to join


for €28 million in the 2018 January transfer window. The Brazil international earned a spot on the list of

Tottenham most expensive signings ever

with this move and has since managed to become an important asset for the English club.

The 29-year-old winger has already made more than 175 appearances for the Lilywhites and has managed to score 35 goals while adding a further 22 assists in the process. At least Moura got to win several trophies during his tenure at Paris Saint-Germain and can now put in all his effort into his game without the pressure of not winning a major trophy.

Heung-min Son

  • Transfer fee: €30M

Perhaps there are only a few players in Tottenham’s history who can be as loved and cherished as Heung-min Son. The South Korean forward is obviously a fan-favorite as his personality and work ethic have impressed everyone in the world. Son used to be a

Bayer Leverkusen

player before becoming one of the

most expensive Tottenham signings of all time

. He joined the Bundesliga side from Hamburger SV for €12.5 million in the summer of 2013 and earned a spot on the club’s starting-XI from the very beginning.

He went on to score a total of 29 goals while providing 14 assists in the process of 87 appearances for Leverkusen across all competitions, which was more than enough to convince Tottenham to pay €30 million for his services in the 2015 summer transfer window. The 29-year-old winger has been nothing but incredible since joining the English club and has been a vital part of the Lilywhites from the very beginning.

He formed an iconic duo with his current teammate Harry Kane and the two managed to terrorize the opposition defenders for a good couple of seasons before Kane’s poor run of form started in the 2021-22 season. Being on the list of Tottenham most expensive signings ever, Son has played in more than 300 games for the Premier League side and has already managed to score more than 110 goals, providing 75 assists in the process as well.

The former Bayer Leverkusen man is yet to win a major trophy with his current club, but the respect and the love that he has earned throughout the years is certainly enough for the Korean winger to stay at the English side for as long as he is needed. After all, Son is still one of the most expensive signings in Tottenham history and might stay that way for some time.

Erik Lamela

  • Transfer fee: €30M

Next on our list of

Tottenham most expensive signings ever

is Erik Lamela, who joined the Premier League side from

AS Roma

for €30 million way back in 2013. He had initially joined the Italian side from River Plate for €17 million two years prior to his move to England. The versatile winger made a total of 67 appearances for Roma during his stay at the Serie A side and managed to score 21 goals while providing 13 assists in the process.

These stats were more than enough to attract quite a lot of attention from many big clubs in Europe. In the end, Tottenham successfully signed Lamela and the Argentine earned a spot amongst Tottenham most expensive transfers ever. The Argentina international did not get to earn himself a spot in his first season in the Premier League, but got to become a vital part of the club from the 2014-15 season, during which he made a total of 33 appearances in the English top-flight alone.

Lamela went on to appear in 257 games across all competitions for Tottenham and managed to bag himself 37 goals and 48 assists in the process. These stats might not be what some of the other top clubs in Europe want, but they surely were enough to make Lamela a fan-favorite amongst the Lilywhites. Of course the love was not enough to keep him at the English club as Lamela joined


on a free transfer deal in the 2021 summer transfer window.

Even though the Argentinian winger is not a regular starter for Julen Lopetegui’s side in the Spanish top-flight, he has already managed to score 4 goals while providing 2 assists in his first 15 appearances for Sevilla. In the end however, Lamela can always boast about being on the list of Tottenham highest transfer fee paid ever.

Sergio Reguilon

  • Transfer fee: €30M

Sergio Reguilon used to be one of the aspiring left-backs at Real Madrid who dreamed of replacing Marcelo as the club’s main defender at the left flank. However, the Spaniard failed to achieve his dream just like many others who tried to do the same during the Brazilian legend’s prime days. Even though the likes of David Alaba and Ferland Mendy have basically managed to do that by replacing Marcelo on the left side of the pitch, Reguilon is not a Real Madrid player anymore and he does not have the chance to compete for that same position right now.

The Spain international is one of the most promising left-backs in the world, which is why Tottenham opted to pay €30 million to acquire his services from Los Blancos in 2020. Being an original Real Madrid Castilla product, Sergio Reguilon rose up the ranks to join the Spanish giants’ senior squad in 2018 and managed to impress his manager during that single season that he spent at the club. But everything changed when Reguilon was suddenly loaned out to Sevilla in 2019.

The Spaniard got to improve his game even further at the La Liga side as he attracted a lot of attention with his outstanding performances throughout the 2019-20 season. His performance during his loan spell at Sevilla proved to be more enough for Reguilon to become one of the

most expensive signings in Tottenham history


The former Real Madrid left-back has turned into Tottenham’s main defender on the left flank and has already made more than 50 appearances for the Premier League side. Aside from his defensive prowess, Reguilon is quite an effective crosser of the ball and has racked up 3 assists in the 2021-22 season in his first 15 games.

Roberto Soldado

  • Transfer fee: €30M

There are many Spanish footballers on the list of

Tottenham most expensive transfers ever

and the English side seem to be quite interested in signing more and more Spaniards each season. Way before Sergio Reguilon’s arrival, it was Roberto Soldado who joined the Lilywhites from Valencia for €30 million in the summer of 2013. The highly prolific striker proved to the world that he is indeed as lethal as center-forwards get with a total of 82 goals and 16 assists in 141 appearances for the La Liga side.

He scored an incredible 24 goals in his last 35 league games for Valencia and attracted global attention for his goal-scoring feats. Many clubs came in knocking, but it was Tottenham who in the end got their hands on the creative striker. While Soldado was considered to be a world-class forward with a lot of potential and everyone expected him to deliver big during his debut season at Tottenham, the Spaniard simply failed to live up to the billing as his form declined week-in week-out.

Being on the list of Tottenham highest transfer fee paid ever, the club’s supporters rightfully expected to see something spectacular from Soldado during his stay in the Premier League. Yet nothing came of the center-forward as he scored 16 goals and provided 11 assists in 76 games, before finally joining Villarreal two years later for almost half the price Tottenham had initially paid for his services. The 36-year-old is currently playing for Levante after having joined Fenerbahce and Granada throughout the years. Perhaps the former Spain international might be thinking about hanging up his boots in the near future.

Steven Bergwijn

  • Transfer fee: €30M

It is simply uncanny how Tottenham have managed to pay exactly €30 million for almost all of their most expensive signings. It seems as if there was a limit on the spending budget despite the club earning much more every season. Steven Bergwijn is yet another one on the list of Tottenham most expensive signings ever to have joined the club for exactly €30 million. He joined the Premier League side from

PSV Eindhoven

in the 2020 January transfer window and has since been struggling to find his feet at the English club.

As an immensely versatile winger, Bergwijn used to be an incredible asset during his time at PSV, for whom he made a total of 149 appearances and managed to bag himself 31 goals and 41 assists in the process. However, everything has changed for the Dutchman since his move to the English top-flight as he is yet to get familiar with the play style and the physical requirements of the league. The 24-year-old is still talented enough and has the potential to turn the tides in his favor in the near future.

After all, there is certainly a reason why Steven Bergwijn is on the list of

Tottenham highest transfer fee paid ever

and why Tottenham have paid such a whopping amount to acquire his services. The Netherlands international has already made more than 60 appearances for the Lilywhites, but is yet to make an impact at his current club.

We will have to wait and see if he can finally live up to the billing by delivering on his promises, or if he is going to leave the club to join other top clubs in Europe such as


, who have been linked with the Dutchman for some time now. 

Giovani Lo Celso

  • Transfer fee: €32M

Every functioning team needs a fine central midfielder to dictate the rhythm of play and make the team work like clockwork. That is why Tottenham decided to pay €32 million to sign Giovani Lo Celso from Real Betis in the 2020 summer transfer window. Lo Celso made a total of 45 appearances for

Real Betis

during his single season with the La Liga side and managed to deliver an impressive performance throughout the whole campaign with 16 goals and 6 assists in the process.

That is why Tottenham made the right choice by signing such a versatile midfielder to roam the middle of the park and give certain shapes to the whole squad from that central position. The Argentinian footballer was a vital part of the club’s tactics during his first two seasons at the club. His third season, however, has been an utter nightmare both for Lo Celso and Tottenham. With constant injury woes and fitness issues riddling the midfielder’s life, the English club have been forced to sideline the former Betis man to adapt themselves to the new situation.

Lo Celso has only played a total of 210 minutes in the Premier League so far this season and is far away from being in his best form. Few could have imagined that one of Tottenham most expensive signings ever could one day live a life full of injuries. For the time being, however, that is exactly what Lo Celso is going through at Tottenham and only time will tell if the 25-year-old can bounce back to regain his form in the near future.

Moussa Sissoko

  • Transfer fee: €35M

Next on the list of Tottenham most expensive signings ever is Moussa Sissoko, who joined Spurs from Newcastle United for €35 million in 2016 and left the club to join Watford for a mere €3.5 million five years later. The immensely versatile midfielder was an integral part of Tottenham during his spell at the Premier League side, for whom he got to make a total of 202 appearances and managed to bag himself 5 goals and 16 assists in the process as well.

Sissoko was mainly deployed as either a central midfielder or a defensive midfielder, which allowed the Frenchman to go deep to cut the opposition’s passing lines, while keeping the possession of the ball for his side as well. Being amongst Tottenham most expensive signings ever, the France international did everything in his power to help his side win a major trophy. But it was to no avail as Spurs failed to win a single trophy during Sissoko’s spell at the club.

The 32-year-old is still a quality midfielder and has managed to make more than 15 appearance for Watford in the new season. The Frenchman is already his side’s captain despite arriving at the Premier League club in the summer transfer window. Of course Watford have not been doing so well in the league as they are battling to avoid relegation by staying just above the relegation zone.

Davinson Sanchez

  • Transfer fee: €42M

It seems that the market inflation has affected all the clubs in Europe as even Tottenham have been forced to pay more than their usual €30 million to acquire new players in the past few seasons. They actually signed Davinson Sanchez from Ajax for €42 million back in 2017 and things have not been going as planned in the current season.

The Colombian rose to prominence as an exciting prospect during his days at Ajax, for whom he made a total of 47 appearances and even managed to bag himself 7 goals and 2 assists in the process, which was much more than what the club’s supporters had asked of a center-back. Sanchez earned a place on the list of Tottenham most expensive signings ever after his move to the Premier League club and quickly earned a spot amongst the starting-XI.

He proved his worth by becoming the club’s main center-back in his first season in the English top-flight. Yet the tables have turned since then and the Colombia international is now struggling to get proper game time under Antonio Conte. The 25-year-old has made more than 160 appearances for Spurs throughout the years and is still talented enough to earn himself a regular starting position in Conte’s tactics. He can even leave the club if the current situation persists long enough.

Tanguy Ndombele

  • Transfer fee: €60M

Just like Giovani Lo Celso and Moussa Sissoko, Tanguy Ndombele arrived with a lot of promise in the 2019-20 season. He joined the Lilywhites from Olympique Lyon for a whopping fee of €60 million and went on to become an integral part of the club’s tactics in his first season. Things got even better in Ndombele’s second season at Tottenham, but everything has gone sideways for the Frenchman since Atonio Conte’s arrival.

With the Premier League side constantly changing managers, almost all the players have been struggling to adapt to the shifting environment, which is why even the likes of Harry Kane have been struggling to find their best form in the new season. The 24-year-old midfielder has appeared in more than 85 games for Spurs throughout the years and has managed to open the scoring on 10 occasions so far.

Conte seems to prefer the likes of Hojbjerg and Harry Winks in the middle of the park, which has pushed Ndombele into the sidelines for the time being, even though the France international is currently the most expensive signing in the club’s history.




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